Defective Artwork on CD

If you purchased a copy of Let's Leave This Town in 2003, your copy may have defective artwork (the music on the CD is exactly the same). The easiest way to identify these CDs is that the original correct version have CDs that are blue in color. The defective CDs are a regular silver color on both sides of the disk. If you did buy one of these CDs you can exchange it for a correct copy. Simply send us booklet and the CD itself (you don't have to include the plastic case or the back cover). We'll send you back a brand new copy (including plastic case and all) and we'll also throw in a free CD single.

Just mail the CD and booklet to:

Train Wreck Records

22 Jones St.

Suite 6E

New York, NY 10014

We'll do our best to return a correct copy as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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