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TOUR NOTES – NORWAY – SWEDEN Sep 18 - Oct 2, 2010


Ronny & a friend drove the band back to Lulea. BIG THANKS! Then it was a beautiful, most comfortable & relaxing train ride 4 hours north to Kiruna – the ore mining town – also home to the famous Ice Hotel & FAR MORE IMPORTANT, THE WILLY CLAY BAND!!! We arrived just past 2:00 PM.

YVONNE (Orjan's wife & my dear friend since last year), picked us up at the train.. so GREAT to see you, Yvonne!!

We are staying at a very cool place, THE ARCTIC EDEN.. cool & perfect – with it's authentic local Indian décor & artifacts (each room a design treasure) - except… I can't open a window… a big thing for me - & NO controlled ventilation!!!! Ouch!! It's a good thing I have my fan. John would say later it was a problem for him as well – otherwise this place is AWESOME!



So good to see Bjorn's wife SARAH & 2 year old son (HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLAF!!!!). He is soooo cute!!! I loved watching him run around during sound check – Mostly running to poppa Bjorn!!

BIG THANKS FOR YOUR HELP WITH THE EQUIPMENT, JOAKIM.. & thanks for the kind words later!

Great to see my old friends, Arthur & Louise, who own & operate this warm, great place.
I've been looking forward to this for a while. Hope to see the boys, 4 year old twins, Emil & LEON, next time. They can run around during my show, anytime!


As Simon was opening I was outside taking care of some NY business by phone, but from what I saw, he made his usual VG connection.

Then we began – again, with a short 50 minute set, followed by a long one. The band was great tonight. Orjan & John played some awesome solos, & the audience showed their appreciation, erupting in applause here & there. And Bjorn & Tony were so soulful all night.. & their solo on Wild Thing was so fun & cool. THE NEW UKRAINIAN'S (The band's new name), were on fire tonight!!!! Way to go boys!!

I loved playing all the stories & songs of YONKERS NEW YORK songs, BASTARD BROTHERS & HEY JONNY & all. The stories are what totally connects me to the audience & they change from day to day as other things creep into memory. And I loved singing the "best of" songs, like I NEED SOME HELP WITH THAT

But this was MEAN BASTARD night!!!! I've been waiting for this for a long time!!

Here's the story:

Orjan asked me to write a song in preparation for the dark days. In case you don't know – there is about 2 months of total darkness from mid-Dec to mid-February but the dark creeps in strong starting in November. So, at Orjan's request I wrote "I KNOW DARK", which, from now on, - on NOVEMBER 1st - will hopefully welcome the time of year when the sun starts to disappear.

Note: this was among the 15 songs we recorded 2 weeks ago in Halden, Norway.

The song has a serious "La, La chorus". I rehearsed it with the audience. Then the song began – and it was chilling from top to bottom – and the chorus sounded like we all were in church – and that's where we were – in Arthur & Louise's church.

Here are the lyrics:


I know dark – I know that dark
He's a mean bastard – uh.. huh
When he comes to town – he don't make a sound
He just sneaks around - He's a mean bastard

Singing .. la, la, la, la, la – la la - no, no, no
La, la, la, la, la – la la – let my people go

I know light - I know that light
She's a sweet sister – uh..huh
But she's gone again – (when) her flame went dim
That's when Dark slipped in - He's a mean bastard

Singing .. la, la etc… no, no, no
La, la etc – let my people go


As the shadows fell – on the Ice hotel – dark cast his spell
He's a mean bastard
Let the candles burn – let then shine so bright
"Till it's day for night – for that mean bastard

Singing .. la, la, la, la, la – la la - no, no, no
La, la, la, la, la – la la – let my people go.

Aside from "I KNOW DARK" and the YONKERS songs, I loved THE WAY OF IT tonight. There is a total connection again & again with this one.

At the shows end, Yvonne requested HOLY SHIT – which I performed in solidarity with the prisoners. Thanks Yvonne, this was so reverent & chilling – I loved playing this tonight. A rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE ended it.

Great to be back in Willy Clay territory. I LOVE this place & the people. I look at it as the Swedish YONKERS. There is such good "heart" here.

See you all soon!


SO GOOD TO SEE YVONNE & BIG HI TO BJORN'S mother, Marie.. so good to see you again!!!.. hi to Johana.. & LOVE.. nice to see you … good luck with your music, LOVE… best with your awakening Johana.. OK … let's see what tomorrow brings…

BIG HELLO TO TONY, lead singer & songwriter of the WILLY CLAY band … & lovely girlfriend, Malin… thanks so much for coming by, Tony… Malin… look forward to seeing you again.

Note: C'mon Tony .. the world needs the Will Clay thing… get to work!!!

HI ASTA.. (front row!!) .. great to see you tonight!!! .. see you soon!! ..

HI REINE & MATTHIAS.. don't forget the train song!!! .. look forward to that.. not sure about the BIG SPEAKER REPEAT.., or whatever that was.. it's probably good & cool .. but I'm pretty sure about the TRAIN thing .. so get to work .. & count me in!!

Hi Kent .. good to see you!!! .. hope to see your dogs .. & more important .. your kids next time!!!

HI ROBIN… great talking to you!! .. best with your graffiti art .. and all else .. you're a great guy!!

So sorry friends Arne & Cecilia couldn't make it .. hope to see you next time!!

Thanks JOAKIM for helping with the sound… great to see you!! … Hi Pelle (with the George Strait T-Shirt).. nice talking with you.. & you AKE .. thanks to both of you for the kind words..

Hi Freddy, Reine (& friend & songwriter, Matthias).. good luck with your songs.. see you soon!! ..

GREAT TO SEE REETTE & JONNI (soo pretty) & "friend" , MAGNUS… what a great guy!! .. so good to talk to you!!! .. thanks for the nice words!!

So good to wind down with you, Louise .. & Arthur.. best with your renovation.. hope to welcome in the dark with you next year!!!

And to all the others.. big thanks from me & the boys for a special night!

See you soon!

Sep 28, 2010 – HEADING FOR PITEA

We are picked up at the hotel at noon by a two-car caravan for our short (less than one hour) journey – slightly south along the Baltic sea – to the friendly, warm (not necessarily in temperature) sea town of Pitea.

I ride in the shotgun seat, with the ruggedly handsome and graying booker / proprietor of our Pitea venue (KROKODIL), a guy named Ronny. The conversation with this stoic - seemingly very shy fellow, goes as follows:

After 3 or 4 four minutes:

Me: "So you booked us at the venue tonight?"

Ronny (almost whispering): "yes."

Then a minute or two of silence – then

Me: " Is it your place?"

Ronny (slowly): "Yes"

Then silence for another few minutes.. then

Me: "Are you by any chance a musician"

Ronny (several seconds later -still almost in a gruff whisper): "Yes… A singer-songwriter" .. then continuing after a delay of another several seconds, "I don't play an instrument"

I digested what he said for a minute or so (thus far, about 20 minutes have passed), & then I responded

ME: " Is that how you make your living?"

After several seconds pause he answered.

Ronny: "No" … then after another several second pause he said ……….
"I'm a comedian."

Oh man! I about fell on the floor! That was one of the strangest and most enjoyable (and finally funniest) conversations I've had in recent memory! And for the rest of the journey, I got a fuller look at the life and character of Ronny Eriksson, who I find out rather quickly is a rather famous and loved political comedian in Sweden.


What a wonderful place to stay – old character, with elegant living quarters, dining rooms, bars etc. And a great, kind staff!! This is our favorite hotel of the trip, thus far.


Ronny and wife Ulla's venue is only a few-minute walk from our hotel. What a great place. Housed in a very old smallish corner structure on a walking street two blocks from the Baltic sea, the venue has two main rooms – one for the music (holding about 125 people) – and one, a little store that sells - aside from coffee, sandwiches, candy and cakes - the most interesting precious merchandise (baskets, miniature moving vehicles cars, wagons, trucks etc.), hand bags etc. – all made from scraps by the poor folks in third world countries.

What a warm, wonderful vibe surrounds this place, managed by new friend, Ronny, his wife, Ula & young son, Joseph.


The stage is small, but large enough to just fit the band in comfortable fashion. A good guy and pro soundman, Hakan, has us sound checked and ready in minutes. BIG THANKS HAKAN!


Oh, was this awesome. Tony Leone and I had the salmon. The rest of the band had meat dishes or pasta. Everyone raved.


Again Simon opened and connected and we were on stage right behind him for our first set.


This was an amazing audience – totally with us from the start. I felt so comfortable, that I went deeper into the YONKERS NEW YORK stories than ever before. I can't remember having a better time on stage. And the band felt the same thing & played so inspired tonight!

We totally connected with BASTARD BROTHERS, SWEET TEQUILA BLUES, HEY JONNY and the new Jill Johnson duet FOREVER GOING UNDERGROUND brought big, long applause. ANGEL OF THE MORNING, at the end of the set, was totally chilling.

But the thing I remember most was somewhere in the middle of the set.

I told the story of meeting Ronny – similar as I told it above - and the audience roared! At that point I felt like I was totally, "one of them" And that's the way I felt for the entire night.


We started with the audience singing along with DANCE WITH JESUS, then shifted gears to a prisoner favorite, I NEED SOME HELP WITH THAT. The boys played so killer on this one. I had total chills.

Then it was off to THE CHAT & CHEW (the nightclub in ARDSLEY, NY back in the 50's) with SAW MILL RIVER ROAD – with it's BIG RIVER and ENDLESS SLEEP interludes – then the full BIG RIVER which felt so good and country and cool. I think Johnny Cash would have loved it.

Next came the song that Johnny Cash recorded of mine, CLEAN YOUR OWN TABLES – inspired by last night's request from my journalist friend Rolf Nilsen from Lulea - which had the audience singing along & brought great response. THANKS ROLF – thanks to you, I think that song may be a permanent fixture from now on!!

After that great fun, came another one of the major highlights of this tour. It was a performance (with total audience participation & reverence) of a song that I recently wrote - at the request of Orjan Maki - which "celebrates" the coming of the ominous dark days. The song is "I KNOW DARK", and tonight it was so, so chilling.

This warm audience quickly learned the "La La" chorus (not such a simple one) – and for three plus minutes it was like we were all in church somewhere in the north & I didn't want to leave this place.

A similar chill-connection continued with THE WAY OF IT, always one of my favorite moments in the show. After a rockin' "I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE", we closed in solidarity to prisoners with a touching, NORTAJA PRISON.. which had several openly weeping.

TONIGHT WE PLAYED FOR WONDERFUL NEW FRIENDS. IT WAS THAT WAY FROM BEGINNING TO END . The band was so awesome & so right "there". I'll never forget this celebration!! Hope to see you all soon

Said hi to several, including:

Annelie .. so good to see you & friend Ingrid (and you later) .. hope you enjoy the CD… Hi GERTRUD WESLEY! - my namesake .. thanks for the solidarity hug! See you soon!! .. Mats & son Jacob .. so good to see you!

Hi Christoffer & Marcus.. nice meeting you guys!! .. BIG HELLO TO LENNART .. big thanks my friend for making the long trip!!! .. hope to see you soon again… Hi Margareta (with the beautiful penmanship) .. thanks for the kind words!!!

Hi Anders & Anna-Lena.. Hi Mats!! .. great to see you … I'll send Kendel your regards!! Hi Enar… so good to see you!!

BIG HI to Helen .. Bjorn's teacher … back to work! – you're too young to retire! .. AND BIG HELLO to THE YOUNG JOHNNY CASH of Petea, FREDERIK .. great to see you my friend .. best with your own music!

HI LARS!!! GREAT TO SEE YOU AT THE END – thanks for coming by right after work!! I'm in solidarity with you - you know that!!! So glad NORTALJA PRISON moves you as it does me. You look healthy and great – keep up the good work…. NOW…. BEHAVE!!

A HUGE HELLO TO MY NEW FRIEND, STEFAN, who manages (owns?) the biggest and certainly one of the best record stores in Sweden, BURMAN'S MUSIK in UMEA.. Thanks for the support over the years! I've never signed so much vinyl and so many CDs for one person.. was it about 40 or so … AMAZING!

Wonderful talking to you, Stefan.. yes, I'll tell Kendel how much you love her stuff – referring to her ALRIGHT DYNAMITE as "the most sensual CD in your store!" Yeah… she is amazing!

It is now a dream of mine to one day play at your CLUB LENNART (named in honor and memory of Lennart Perrson) - hope we can figure that out.

Again.. big thanks ANDERS for setting the table here. It was great to see you at the show. Hope we can have dinner or something next time! AND RONNY .. good to get to know you a bit on our drive and loved playing the Krokodil. Big thanks to Ulla .. hi to Joseph. Best of luck with your tour!


We check into a very nice hotel, The Park Inn, at the airport (we are heading north by plane in the AM), then head for one of my favorite places, The AKKURAT – the best scotch/ beer bar/restaurant on the planet – which is just south of The Old Town & looking down on it. My old friend, owner Stene is there to greet us and help us unload. SO GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, STENE!



After waiting a bit for the back-line (amps etc.) to arrive from Nortalja, great soundman Jona checks us rather quickly. Good friend Anders and new friend Kristin (from Orebro) make the trip to support us!!! So good to see you both– big thanks for making the trip!! Friend Per from Nortalja & his friend Jesse are there as well. Good to see you!

We all sit down in the back room and enjoy one of Stene's magical AKKURAT meals. Thanks Stene and to all who put that together!


The AKKURAT has a good-sized stage that overlooks the an open area about 30 feet deep. Off to the right is the large bar that wraps around to the right. And on the far right is a large area for standing and further right is an area for about five tables. On the far left there are a few similar tables So the audience you play for is fairly deep in front but quite spread out to the left & right.

During the show, because the stage is at a decent elevation, I had no problem seeing and connecting to the audience in all areas.


Tonight the AKKURAT is absolutely packed. An area that you might think would hold 100 comfortably is holding well over 200 tonight. AND IT'S AN AWESOME BUNCH – 98% comprised of huge fans. I can't remember ever feeling more connected to an audience. And that connection started from the minute I got on stage, until the show ended.


Simon did a fine 3 song set to open and we quickly followed, dividing our show into two sets.


Again, the connection was immediate. We ripped through the story and song of THE REAL THING. The band was awesome – and they stayed on fire for the whole night. The stories and songs from YONKERS NY, BASTARD BROTHERS, and HEY JONNY all connected - as did the Chip & Carrie hit SWEET TEQUILA BLUES and the JILL JOHNSON duet song, FOREVER'S GOING UNDERGROUND.

Magnus Olsson, the brilliant Swedish drummer that played with us during our Norway run, was attending tonight. We invited him on-stage to take over the drumming for Tony Leone (Tony shifting to shaker) and played TOO DYNAMIC - a song written in response to a strange review of our live show by reporter in Upsala, Sweden some two years ago – which the audience seemed to love. Then, with Magnus still drumming, we ended the set with a chilling version of ANGEL OF THE MORNING, which had that special thing from beginning to end.

This was inspired set – the musicians were on fire, and the audience was on fire - and I fed on all that.


Then the big fun started! We all went to church with DANCE WITH JESUS – what a great call and response thing it was. Then it was back to a YONKERS connection with WITHOUT HORSES/ And then SAW MILL RIVER became a special art piece tonight as a talkative table on my right became part of the story – as the character in my song, JOE (leader of The Hudson Valley Boys at the CHAT & CHEW Bar) chastised the noisy ones as he "called me up on stage" to sing BIG RIVER and ENDLESS SLEEP.

I should hire those "talkers" for the next show as that additional "annoyance" led to something very special for the band and the audience. This was huge fun! And when the noisy ones realized they were now part of the show, they took it in good spirit and were reverent from there on. Never before have I felt so "at the Chat & Chew" in a performance of this song.

We paid tribute to our friends in the far north with a special new song I KNOW DARK (in which I call DARK a "mean Bastard", which we just recorded in Halden. This was extra special, when many in the audience started singing along to the "LA, LA's" in the chorus. Bjorn & Orjan may begin an annual New Years like celebration on NOV 1.. to welcome in the "MEAN BASTARD" .. calling it The "MEAN BASTARD DAY CELEBRATION" – I love that!

Then the band (now called the THE NEW UKRAINIANS) & I made a special presentation to our new great friend & tour manager Peter Soderlind – a proclamation, making him an "HONORARY NEW UKRAINIAN" – This was actually a touching moment filled with great appreciation to a wonderful guy!

After a few others and a warm and special CHARCOAL SKY, we totally rocked with WILD THING - and thought we'd ended with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE. But the audience kept applauding and clapping in unison, which led to request - which led to my favorite show ending – EVER.

The request was by a lovely girl named Anna, for DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, which I dedicated to those behind bars – as that song was a favorite during last year's prison tour. The band helped create a chilling atmosphere & the audience response was overwhelming.

On the heals of that I played the song I wrote especially for prisoners, "NORTALJA PRISON", which brought misty eyes (including mine) and the most amazing response ever – as cheers of compassion and solidarity with the prisoners erupted at several points of the song.

What a blessing it was to be part of this spirit tonight. I'll never forget this one!



Great to see my old friend Runer's nieces, Annelie & Emilie who are here with there friends, Jonas & Victor & Robin..- BIG THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! – great talking to you!

Great to see Mia, Stene's sister! It's been 6 years. So glad you were here tonight! It was great talking to you at the end. Hi to BENGT! I'll tell Carrie you sent regards.

Hi to Goran, Leffe & Hasse .. thanks for the kind words… Hi to Orjan's fiancé Yvonn's cousin Marie – great to see you after the show! – HI MAGNA .. big thanks for the clear message of support – I liked that! .. Hi Alexander .. good to see you! .. Hi Bjorn .. thanks for the support.

Good to see old friend, ESA .. BIG THANKS FOR THE DISC WITH PICTURES – I put them safely away this time!! Hi Ola .. GREAT to see you .. big thanks for your comments – much appreciated .. Big hello to my old friend (and God-spirit), Torgny (THUNDER & LIGHTNING) .. good to see you all these years .. I think you own EVERY CD .. & the vinyl (new & old) as well.

GREAT TO SEE OLD FRIEND & FAMOUS ACTOR, LENNART & HIS FRIEND, EVA after the show -- so good relaxing with you – I'll look forward to our "magical" performance – whatever that will be!! BIG HI TO MY OLD FRIEND CRISTER (HAKAN'S BROTHER) .. great talking to you as always .. glad to see you made news! Here's a toast back at you!! – NICE PICTURE! .. love to Marianne! GUSTA! – Hope you enjoy the vinyl! Great to see you!

ANNA .. so glad you asked for "DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE" .. one of my favorite moments on stage – ever! Hi Malin.. so glad you were there to feel the Nortalja Prison vibe .. you as well Charlotte – Big love to all of you!

Hi Anna & Malin. & OVE .. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THOSE HEARTFELT WORDS!! They touched me! Hi Holding .. so good to see you again & again .. thanks for your support with all the CDs!! Hi Jens!! – nice talking with you at the end!!

Hi to my terrific wedding friends from Nortalya – Leffe, Lotta, Andreas & all .. and friends Ann & V??? .. so good seeing you before and after the show. Hope the Portugal "honeymoon- sort – of" trip goes well – wish I could have seen you in Nortalja!

BIG THANKS TO STENE and GREAT STAFF.. MANJA (BIG LOVE TO YOU!!), Ida (GREAT TO SEE & TALK TO YOU!!), thanks Emily, .. Anders & Andreas .. big thanks!

See you all soon!


Hi Ida - so good to meet you – thanks for the pillows and the good talk. I loved that! I'll look forward to seeing mom (Eva) tonight - and you if possible (not counting on that)- then you or you and your boyfriend sometime soon in New York.


We took a 11:30 hotel shuttle to the airport. I must say the SAS check and the security was simpler and smoother than any in recent memory, which left me time to relax at the gate and work on my tour notes.

We arrived in Lulea at about 2:45. I was surprised at the weather and the terrain. We waited outside - 60ish degrees with the sun shining warmly – with upper New York State-like pine trees surrounding us.

A nice guy named Hans, drove us to our comfortable Quality Hotel and I was checked in and down in the lobby at 3:30 – all smooth and painless!


I had heard about this great guy in this town – often in the same breath as the late Lennart Perssons – the brilliant and much-loved musicologist from Malmo.

For the better part of an hour, Rolf & I traced my footsteps from the time I first heard country music on the radio until – talking about old heroes (his & mine) and friends such as Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams and the like.

Note: A few years ago, Rolf lost one leg due to doctor's error. But he feels great - and now in his 50s, still does his work with the passion of a man just out of high school. This is a wonderful, honest spirit to be around.



The venue is a pretty little theater in a large complex that seats 250 or so. After my interview with Rolf, the band and I did a quick sound check with Jonas ("Jonny"). Nice work Jonny – sounded great!!

Note: Since Rootsy (Hakan & Bjorn) booked this venue on their own they were hoping to have at least 100 tickets sold to profit. But due to a Monday night show and press (all great) running a bit too late to influence attendance (though awesome for the big picture), the attendance was slightly below that. But a wonderful group they were!


We did one long show tonight with many of the YONKERS NEW YORK stories and songs being among the highlights ( i.e.: BASTARD BROTHERS, WITHOUT HORSES, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD).

Aside from a totally warm/fun audience interaction with DANCE WITH JESUS and an amazing interaction with JOE FRASIER – which found me telling more personal reflections of Frank Sinatra than I anticipated – the big highlights for me were dedications to our new friend Rolf Nilsen – BIG RIVER and two songs I hadn't done in years, CLEAN YOUR OWN TABLES – the song of mine that Johnny Cash covered – and the song my brother Barry & I wrote in tribute to our grandfather (THE COALFIELDS OF SHIKSHINNY), which seemed loved by this warm group of folks and gave me chills

We ended the show with a beautiful ANGEL OF THE MORNING, a rocked-out WILD THING, saying a final good-bye with our tribute to prisoners, with the song NORTALJA PRISON.

I loved tonight. It was extra special that new friend Rolf Nilsen was here!


GREAT TO SEE ORJAN'S SISTER, ANITA … Big love to you Anita – I loved your smile!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

GREAT to see new friend Ida's mom & grandmother as soon as I left the stage!! Hi Eva & Britt Marie – I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD BE HERE!!! So nice talking to you. I can see where Ida gets here warmth & good character from - hope to see you soon again!!

Hope Lars-Uno enjoys the CD, Britt-Marie, send him my regards!!

Hi Peter (mainstay of the ROOTSY FORUM) .. so good to see you again and again – appreciate your support! Hi Maria from THE SWINGING DOORS .. I'd love here your versions of any of the C & C songs .. send them if possible!

Hi Lilla ,, great to see you MAUDE .. thanks so much for the kind words! .. hope to see you soon again..



Sep 24, 2010 - OREBRO

We left Torsby at about 9:30 AM, heading for our next venue in one of my favorite places in Sweden, Orebro. It's the home of a now good friend and awesome booker/promoter/record store owner, ANDERS DAMBERG – who earlier in the month hosted a hugely successful festival here where 150 bands (all sorts of music) plated over a period of one week. In the van I did an interview promoting our Saturday show in Oxelosound – a seaside place I've never been to.

I stayed in this town for a few days about six months ago, using it as a hub for some prison shows and a show in this town at the Skandic Hotel, hosted and booked by Anders. We arrive at a the Clarion hotel at around one PM.. I stayed here at this warm, upscale hotel last time. A kind fellow name Johan has our keys ready and we're resting in our rooms in minutes. BIG THANKS JOHAN!


KLUBB 700 is a little theater-club located in a large theater complex. It holds about 125 and Anders says it's been sold out for a few days. It's only a ten-minute walk from the hotel. We pass Anders amazing record store on the way, where there is a large "arty" display of several of the posters advertising our show in the front window.

We arrive at about 4:30. Soundman Christofer and helper Emil have good sound for us in minutes, so we're able to head for an early dinner at a an excellent Anders-suggested restaurant that has seating in an outside area along a rather wide, trendy shopping-row cobblestone street. It's about 75% outside – a perfect setting to relax with the band and have a special dinner before relaxing at the hotel in advance of our show.


This was special from beginning to end. The band (now known as "The New West Ukrainians") was firing on all cylinders!!

Just for reference, the band is:

JOHN PLATANIA – lead guitar
ORJAN MAKI – pedal steel
TONY LEONE – drums

Note: since our awesome recording sessions in Halden, Norway, where the boys played with such uninhibited passion, this band has become known as THE NEW WEST UKRANIAN'S – in honor of some passionate young freedom loving Ukrainian friends of mine from New York … see previous notes for a further explanation.

Again, this band was on fire tonight.

Back to the show:

The Yonkers NY songs and stories flowed through the show in a sort of magic way. I've wondered why these behind the scenes stories of my family history and the history behind the hits and other songs play as well here in Sweden as in the US. Later, Peter (our friend and tour guide from BOX WHISKEY) told me that Swedish people want to go deep into all that stuff – they don't like brushing over stuff they're interested in. When he said that it all became clear and seemed so, so true!

And so the stories were treated with as much reverence as the songs with applause and cheers breaking out for not only the songs, but the stories of BASTARD BROTHERS, WITHOUT HORSES and SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, with its BIG RIVER reprise.

We played lots of songs tonight, including new ones.. JOE FRASIER (lots of cheers and interaction on this one) and SOMEWHERE IN SOME TOWN with it's tribute to real home grown towns, that as of yet – have not moved out to the highways.

Two requested songs, BLACK and BLUE AMERICA and I AIN'T LEAVING WITHOUT YOU were definitely favorites – as was the final songs, THE WAY OF IT (which is far more touching and reverent in person than the fun album duet version with John Prine) and I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE – which rocked big-time at the close of the show.

On the day before his birthday, Orion Maki stood tall tonight. He and John Platania got several deserved ovations for brilliant solos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!

What a great return to Orebro -


My GREAT friends Lars and Marita and Anders and Maria – so good to see you again. Looking forward to relaxing and catching up!!

My young friends in the front row – Mettias, Stefon, Emil, Aders and lovely Lina – a very inspiring group!! I was hoping to see you all at the Clarion later – next time I hope we get a chance to wind down together. Lina, if you send your address to, I will send you the latest CD. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Nina – great to see you and Håkan. Thanks to all of you for the kind words. Hope to see you soon.

Hi to friends Peter (in the wheelchair) and Aleta – who were off to my left during the performance – great to see you again. Big thanks for the kind words!! Hi to Krister (very tall!), lovebirds Kristin and Anders, Lars and Lars and Lars again.. all nice guys with much appreciated kind words and good spirit .. big thanks for that! Hi to Anders' cohort and friends BENGT LENNART .. great spending time with you later.

Hi to Mats and Jack – Mattias and Marcus and Håkan – I'll play "7 DAYS IN MAY" for you next time! – that's a promise! – Hi to Inger and Irene .. and Hans and all the rest!

This was a special night! See you soon.

BIG THANKS ANDERS! – see you soon!

PS great to wind down with Anders, and friends Christine, Bengt, Simon, Peter (from Box Whiskey) and Bjorn at Bishops after the show. Anders plus – see you in Stockholm!

Sep 25, 2010 – OXELOSUND


The entire band is so appreciative of the efforts Peter has made. To be clear, Peter offered his services for these few days as a friend and fan – not for compensation. And the truth is he's as good a tour manager as we've ever had. He's a safe and solid driver of our van, helps with all loading and unloading, advances all the shows and hotels and sells CDs. In other words, The New Ukranian's don't have to think much about anything except making music! WHAT A BLESSING!! HUGE THANKS, MY FRIEND.

BY PROCLAMATION, Orion, Bjorn, John, Tony, Magnus (in abstention) and I – hereby officially name you – PETER SODERLING – an OFFICIAL member of THE NEW UKRAINIAN'S


Back to our travels:

It's about a 3 hour trip from Orebro to this seaside town. With Peter at the helm, we arrived at our destination – a Best Western Hotel set back in a humble shopping square - approximately 500 yards from the theater complex where will play tonight. What a blessing!!


The venue is a mid-sized theater in a large simple post war structure. Our show is part of the TOWN CULTURAL FESTIVAL.


Again, it is an appreciated perk to have our hotel only minutes from the backstage door. When we arrive, we are greeted by a great team - Malin, the young kind stage manager with the sweet smile and her assistant friends, Annallee, Veronica, Lina. All great girls! Good to meet kind host Marie a bit later.

Soundman, Anders, a very proficient and kind guy, had us sounding very good in short order. After check, we were served a very nice dinner in our spacious downstairs dressing room area.


Then it was back to the hotel where I could get on the Internet and do a bit of work on organizing THE FIRST AMERICANA LIVE IN NEW YORK mini-festival, which I am hosting from Oct 20 through the 22 in New York – at the Rodeo Bar and Hill Country – two awesome venues!! My friend Jon Langford, a brilliant paintings and sketches artist, as well as an awesome performer, just sent me a "Langford" poster for the event. It's AMAZING! BIG THANKS JON!

Also had a few minutes to refine a new song, "SCREW ALL THE (US) PERFECT PEOPLE", which I may perform for the first time in the Willie Clay hometown of Kiruna.


I loved this show. The band and I felt a very warm vibe from the audience from the very beginning, which enabled us to "live" the Yonkers NY songs and stories and not just perform them. Again, as has been the case throughout this tour, the stories were met with as much enthusiasm as the songs. What a nice thing.

It was Orjan Maki's birthday today, so his pedal steel playing was featured throughout the show and his (and John Platania's) solos were revered by this warm audience.

BASTARD BROTHERS, WITHOUT HORSES, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and CHARCOAL SKY all connected with this audience in a special way. And the JILL JOHNSON duet song, FOREVER'S GOING UNDERGROUND (these folks obviously LOVE Jill Johnson!) sounded so chilling to me and connected big time.

But probably my favorite moments of this "lived in" show, was a chilling "BLACK and BLUE AMERICA", a requested " MICHAEL'S SONG – written for a homeless friend from NEW YORK. And after soulful versions of ANGEL OF THE MORNING and WILD THING , another big highlight for me, a sweet and touching THE WAY OF IT, ended the show.

This was a VERY special night! Big thanks to all who attended!


Special hi to our old friends Lars and Marita and Anders and Maria, who made very long distance journeys to join us at the last two shows. BIG THANKS! See you soon!
And special hello to Ander's brother and his wife, Arne and Inge. So good to meet you! Hope to see you soon again.

Hi to Tomas and Katharina, Anna, Kristina .. such nice, warm people with kind words – much appreciated!! Hi LASSE, who has all my albums except "… JUKEBOX". It's so good to finally meet you!! Hope to see you soon again!

Hi Agneta.. so nice to see you. And hi Inge and Anders .., hope to see you both soon. Hi Gunilla and Mariette and Suke! and Peter - good to talk to you.. thanks so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me.

Special hello to Sirkka (originally from Finland .. many years ago) .. so good to meet you and GREAT to meet your daughter Helena.. Helena, it's hard to believe that you have a daughter 15!!! - and a vinyl-loving one at that! Hope daughter Fanny likes the album. Please tell her I will look forward to seeing her one of these days!

Again.. big thanks to Anders for the great sound tonight.. and host Marie.. nice to see you! AND SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR NEW FRIEND, MALIN! - and our other great new friends, ANNALEE, LINA and VERONICA! The entire band thanks you all for your efforts and kindness.. hope to see you soon!

Note: Hi to proprietor Mats at the local pub, who served us decent scotch and a good local brew at a private table downstairs – a very good way to wind down after a terrific night.

Also.. good to see reporter Anders and kind photographer Helena in the AM. Thanks for the good questions and warm spirit. See you soon.

September 20, 21 & 22, 2010 – RECORDING IN HALDEN NORWAY

The idea for this album began two years ago. In response to a review of my first show with my new friends - musicians from Sweden – in which the main criticism was that our show was "too dynamic." When the comment was read, the band broke out laughing.

But the truth is, I wasn't laughing – and that night I wrote a song in response, called "TOO DYNAMIC". We played the song to great response throughout that tour. Many other songs, inspired by thoughts and episodes from the road, followed, including "Outside The Human Condition". And when played, they received similar response. My Swedish friend & bass player (from the great Willie Clay Band), Bjorn Petterson suggested I record these songs with the band that shared many of those memories.

So here in Halden (again, a place where I feel very comfortable), we recorded 15 "road inspired" songs with Bjorn Petterson on bass, Orion Maki on pedal & lap steel, brilliant young Swedish drummer, Magnus Olsson with the addition of the soulful John Platania on lead guitar and an amazing Norwegian keyboard player, Goran Grini. WHAT A BAND!

We recorded at Athletic Studios in Halden, which has the rep as being the best studio in all of Scandinavia. After recording there these past few days, I would put it at the top of the list of all studios I've recorded in EVER/ANYWHERE. Aside from the warm and soulful main room, the wonderful analogue recording decks and antique state-of-the-art sound board, which are meticulously maintained, the main asset to this studio is it's owner/engineer, Kai Anderson. Not only is he as proficient as any engineer I've work with, but his above-and beyond qualities - his passion, his warmth, his honesty and his kindness - coupled with the great vibe of these heartfelt musicians, put this is at the top of the list of any studio experiences I've ever had.

ALBUM TITLE – "All The Perfect People" – featuring some humorous songs like "TOO DYNAMIC" and "I USED UP ALL MY SICK DAYS, SO I JUST CALLED IN DEAD", combined with some serious ones like "ME & ROHILLIO" and "NOTHIN" and warm, sensual ones like "WEAKER MOMENTS" - all with an uninhibited spirit.

BAND NAME - Sometime during the course of the sessions I told the band about some new Ukrainian friends of mine from New York. These are young girls (early 20's) are filled with humor and energy for learning new things and a love for music including mine. But all are dead serious when reflecting on Russia and Ukraine and the tragedies and horrors that have been part of Putin's rule (i.e. his control of dissent with threats of imprisonment and death – acts he continues to carry out).

Although this album is not a political statement of any kind, it is a total celebration of free spirit with its no-holds-barred lyrics and subject matter as well as the organic interaction among the musicians. At some point the band contributed the passion and spirit of my New York friends by calling themselves THE NEW UKRAINIANS. After a while the "NEW" was dropped, and CHIP TAYLOR & THE UKRAINIANS seems to have settled as our moniker.

RELEASE SCHEDULE – We have been planning a first quarter of 20011 release of "ROCK & ROLL JOE" by Chip Taylor, Kendel Carson & John Platania (a sort of sharing the spotlight and lead vocals thing like THE HIGHWAYMEN did) – which is a tribute to musicians who never got their just "due".

But this Halden-recorded album seems so immediate, it seems like it would be a shame to wait too long for its release. It will take a month or two to mix and finish, but when that's done I don't believe it will stay hidden long.


This is a magic little sandwich / cake shop hosted by now good friend Tomas – that turns into a venue on certain nights. This is one of them. Old friend & engineer , Obal does a great job getting rich, warm, sound in this charming room. By show time, the place is packed. It's great to see old friend Eric, new friend Per & wife Gretta - and VERY special to see my friend from our hotel (THE GRAND HOTEL), lovely Maria and very inspiring new friend Malin! The truth is, I sang many of the songs tonight with my focus on the second-tier area, where the inspiration was coming from.

THE SHOW – After Simon Lynge does his as-usual solid set, which shows off the virtuosity of his guitar playing and his clear, warm voice, we hit the stage at 8:15.

As usual, I kind of lose myself in the spirit of Yonkers NY and Hakan's "best of" selections.. With all the Yonkers stories and great solos by John & Orian, the time passes quickly. Highlights for me were ALL those stories, BASTARD BROTHERS, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, HEY JONNY, SWEET TEQUILA BLUES, FOREVER'S GOIN' UNDERGROUND, BIG RIVER, WITHOUT HORSES (total magic tonight!)

After soulful versions of ANGEL OF THE MORNING and WILD THING and a loose version of a new song, "I USED UP ALL OUR SICK DAYS, SO I JUST CALLED IN DEAD" (the audience seemed to totally get into the fun of this one) dedicated to our friends at the great local bar "THE LAST JOURNEY" – which has a sticker on its wall with that slogan – we finished with my tribute to the prisoners with NORTAJA PRISON – which brings tears to many eyes – including mine – every time.

The show lasted over two hours, but with the great interaction with this warm audience, it didn't seem nearly that long.


It was very good to wind down with Eric, Per & Gretta and say a close good-bye to Maria & Malin. I wish you guys all the best. Would love that picture of Maria, Malin & me.. can someone send it?

Big thanks to friend Tom Skejekleseter, who handled the booking of the show, the hiring of the studio, the hiring of our new friend and awesome keyboardist, Goren ?? THANKS FOR ALL TOM.. YOUR SPIRIT IS ALL OVER THIS ALBUM!

Thanks Tomas for having us.. good to see brother in law Torbod.. please say hello to wife Camilla & dad Torbin .. wish they were here!!

Halden, the sessions and this show will be warm memories to keep. Thanks to all who have been part of that!


Great to wind down with friends, several who attended the show. Great to see Eric , Chris & Rich.. bartenders from this great place .. and good to hang with proprietor Magna, who is finally back from tending to family matters. See you next year in Austin!

Kai.. so good talking to you .. look forward to that dinner with Oscar & Heidi & John, next time we're in town! Hi to Kai's best friend "Big Daddy, "Thomd???" – was that it?? .. hope to see you next time… Hi & best to Eva.. thanks for the kind words.. best with your own music!!

Thanks to all said hi .. can't wait to come back!!


With Bjorn at the helm, the band left Halden at 8:30. I did a warm, VG interview with a journalist from the Stockholm area, Magnus, which pretty much covered the inspirations of the road .. current & future music .. an covered for the first time thoughts about the new recordings & the band, including thoughts about the naming of the band, THE UKRAINIANS which has created some Internet buzz. I think Bjorn Petterson & Orion Mackey haven official "band" picture floating around some place.

RADIO SHOW .. we stop an hour short of Torsby, in a town called Karlstad so I can do a cool little interview with an informed host, Per. Big thanks my friend. We arrive in Torsby at about 3:00 PM


We are greeted by Bo Willebrand..and soon meet his other co-workers Anders and soundman, Michael – all warm, GREAT guys! What a team!

The Stjarnan is a cool, pretty little theater with a full stage. We sound-check fast and find an AWESOME meal waiting for us! BIG THANKS TO KERSTIN .. This is one of my all-time favorite meals.. Oxen steak, mushroom laced potatoes, wild vegetables and common ones.. just awesome flavors.. WOW!

WELCOME TONY!!! - First, a big salute to new drummer Tony Leone who now takes over for Magnus Ollson, who will continue with pop star, Melissa Horn. GOOD LUCK MAGNUS! BIG THANKS! Tony has played with great artists, including Levon Helm .. we're so fortunate to have him join us.


Oh, I loved this!

After a fine opening set by Simon, we're on stage by 8:35. Again the time flies by.

This audience seemed so in-tuned to the Yonkers stories. All those were highlights for me. One of my favorite moments was when we played HEY JONNY , which tributes ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK as being the start of Rock & Roll – and off to the back right aisle was a five year old boy that started dancing with reckless abandon! That IS what this stuff is all about.

BASTARD BROTHERS, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, BIG RIVER, DANCE WITH JESUS (AWESOME TONIGHT!!), WITHOUT HORSE, ANGEL OF THE MORNING .. the therapeutic chorus of WILD THING was as awesome as I ever heard it .. GREAT JOB! .. these were all major highlights.

But probably the biggest highlight for me was a touching version of THE WAY OF IT.. where I felt a total connection with these great folks! WE finished with a slammin' version of I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE – WHAT A NIGHT!


Said hi to several, including:

The five year old dancer, Sixten & dad Richard … so great to see you guys! Thanks for the kind words Richard .. so glad you made the trip! ALSO SPECIAL HI to JONATHAN .. a young guitarist who was attending his first concert with great mom, Maria .. hope to see you both again!

Hi Göte – great to see you .. hope you enjoy the listen!! Hi Gtoren .. thanks for the kind words.. Hi Kjell! .. good to see you! .. Hi Lars! .. hope you like the CD.. see you soon… Hi "L.P." .. great to see you.. Hi Rolf .. good to see you after the show .. Stephon.. big thanks for the GREAT safety guitar!

Hi to the able assistants, Thomas, Erik & Simon.. hope to see you boys soon!

THANKS BO & ANDERS & MICHAEL .. you boys are some kind, warm & totally professional team.. my entire band & I, appreciate all your efforts!! BO.. special thanks for the wonderful GLENFRARCLAS 15 year old single malt. This stuff is AWESOME!

NOTE: Along similar lines, my great friend Peter from the amazing Swedish single malt company, BOX WHISKEY, arrived in time to sell CDs .. of course he brought a special cask strength bottle of Laphroig .. seleceted by legendary head distiller, John McDougall.. this stuff will be well enjoyed and appreciated – THIS IS AWESOME STUFF AS WELL! And so.. the finest whiskey in the world will accompany us for the remainder of our journey .. and I will certainly savor my "allowed" two full sips a day! Big THANKS to Peter, John & Bo (and Bo's friend who made the Glenfarclas selection!)

Note: This tour has been booked by old friend Håkan Olsson & partner, Bjorn Petterson. The plan is to rehearse for two days in Halden, Norway, then play two shows on southern Norway. After that, we are to return to Halden to record songs I've written on the road these past years. After 3 days in the studio & one show in Halden, we'll cross the border and play several shows in Sweden – first heading north.. then winding down several days later with our final show on the southern tip.

Sep 15 2010 – John I arrive in Oslo .. met by old friend & great Norwegian music tastemaker, Tom Skjeklesater. We arrive at our hotel in Halden in mid afternoon. For the next few days John & I battle the jet lag thing.

Sep 16 2010 The Band arrives!

Orian (pedal steel), Bjorn (bass) & Magnus (drums) arrive at about 4:30 PM.. after traveling from the north of Sweden for the better part of the day.

REHEARSAL – Håkan & Tom have secured rehearsal space for us at the studio where we will record in a few days. We work for a couple of hours, then head for a relaxing good dinner at a new restaurant that's housed in the confines of the newly built, The Thon.

The next day we rehearse back at our modest, but warm & homey hotel, The Grand Hotel – we like this humble, soulful place. Håkan arrives at mid day & after rehearsal, we have a great sit-down meal at a terrific Indian restaurant near our hotel.


It takes us about 6 hours – including an hour ferry ride to reach this city in the southern tip of Norway. This is a charming place. Much of the town is geared toward accommodating the Protest Festival – devoted to better understanding of social issues. Music is only a small part of the festival. There are lots of panels & discussion groups.

PANEL – discussing humor – topics & attitudes.

I've been asked to start the panel off with a few songs. I enjoyed weaving hints of the topic with THE WAY OF IT, ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING. This was a surprisingly fun thing for me very kind & warm folks to play for & talk to. After the songs I head for sound check with the band.

Note : Big thanks to Nilmi, a writer in her own right, who was our escort to & from the event. Nilmi wrote a recent syndicated column in the newspapers referring to the importance of family values, in particular referencing the blessings of not-so-politically correct stay-at-home-moms. All the best Nilmi .. big thanks!



After the panel, we went quickly to the main auditorium on a hillside on the outskirts of town. Soundman Chatill & Maris had us sounding good in seconds! GREAT JOB BOYS! This allowed us to head back to the hotel for a bit of dinner & well needed rest before taking the stage.


Loved this!! We played for several hundred enthusiastic folks. THE BAND SOUNDED AWESOME!!! .. Håkan has released a BEST of called CHIP TAYLOR – JAMES WESLEY DAYS. - a very cool double CD. Most of our show draws from those songs.

When we played a new song, FOREVER'S GOING UNDERGROUND for the first time, there was absolute silence and the applause after went on for quite a long time. That was a wonderful feeling for us on stage & set the tone for the rest of the show. As well as dancing & moving with all the fast ones, these folks got the sensitivity & warmth of the ballads as good as any audience in recent memories.

And the Yorkers NY songs seemed so revered. , SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, HEY JONNY, CHARCOAL SKY… folks here really got the passion of these. This was a great group to play for!!

We played for the better part of an hour & a half – & because of the warmth from these new friends, it felt much shorter. I hated to leave the stage.

We ended with a soulful WILD THING & a chilling NORTAJA PRISON.


Hi KARI.. great seeing you at this show & the panel. Thanks for the interview & the enthusiasm .. & byes, I would very much like to hear from you regarding your movie Johan & would love to be involved with Johan II. And I'll look forward to listening & discussing your music with you. Hi to camera man Tom?? (is that right?) .. tell him big thanks!!

Hi to MC Lasse, & wife ??? & Friend??? .. great to see you.

Hi Tine .. thanks for the SEVEN DAYS IN MAY request.. hope to see you soon. Big hi to WALTAR.. thanks for waiting for me to sign.. big hi to your dad, Gunner, .. tell him I wish him well.

Thanks to Håkan's new "find", Simon who did a fine job opening for us.

SPECIAL THANKS TO SVEIN INGE for inviting us to be part of this important event! Would be honored to do it again next year!!!


This is a VERY cool place to play. It's like a small jazz room that wraps around a corner building in a little city square. It reminds me a bit of The Turning Point in upstate New York. Except it has a city vibe. I LOVE PLAYING HERE!!

The bartender/ booker, Chetill, greats us – manager Martin arrives soon & great & kind soundman Hans arrives at 6:00 & we are very happy with the sound in seconds, allowing us to quickly head for a needed bite to eat!

Just before show time I said hi to a couple of nice folks.. Terill & Jan who had seen us last year when we were in town with Kendel Carson - & a very nice guy Blorn who said some very nice words about my YONKERS NY CD. That set a nice tone for me to take the stage

The opening act --- a talented artist named Simon – who is also distributed by Håkan Olsson's Rootsy Record label – is opening for us on this tour. He's from Greenland & sounds a bit like Paul Simon – sings & plays great. He does a fine job warming up the audience – we're on stage at about 9:45.


Well .. you had to be there! This was as intimate a show as I've done – many are these days – but this room & this audience certainly brought out the best of the "living room" vibe.

AND THIS BAND WAS SOOO AWESOME!!! .. John Platania KILLED.. as did Orion & Bjorn & Magnus…. What a band!!!

There were far too many highlights to mention .. the whole damn show was a highlight for me.. I just loved being on THIS stage .. playing for THESE GREAT FOLKS tonight!!

The Yonkers NY songs totally connected .. as well as the "best of" selections .. we played so many tonight.. a couple of great memories might be .. a requested TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER (my Janis hit)… & DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE.. & THE WAY OF IT.., & SAW MILL RIVER ROAD .. & JOE FRASIER .. & SOMEWHERE IN SOME TOWN.. you see .. I could keep going.. it was just one of those amazing special shows

Said hi to several after the show, including:

Øystein - Great seeing you front & center .. you have such a great way about you .. I'd love to see you at my shows anytime!!

Big hello to my Rotterdam new friends, Lou, Thea, Els & Anton… so great to see & talk to you … & SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO GRANDSON JASPER ON HIS CHRISTENING!!!!!! What a special day!!!! .. hope to see you all soon!!!!

Hi Liv.. so glad your dad, Leif suggested you come tonight (we saw Leif at the Protest Festival last night)_– you were a great addition!!! Hope you enjoy the CD hope to see you & dad soon!

Hi Knut .. great to see you .. thanks for your comments about the band!!! I'll pass it on to them!! See you soon!! // Hi Magne .. & Tom .. & Bjorn.. so good to see all of

Hi Jon & Inge .. so glad you were here tonight. Wish I had more time to talk to you. I loved seeing you from the stage!!

Big thanks to now old friend .. venue mgr, Martin.. Chetill (thanks for your nice comments.. hope your friend enjoys the CD!)… HANS … GREAT SOUND!!!! HUGE THANKS!!

And to all the others that were here .. Big thanks.. this was special.. see you all soon!!


Aug 19, 2010 – 230 ELM (an estate-like house) Southampton, NY

The show tonight is a benefit for Jr Golf in the area. It was put together by my friend & local beloved pro, Bobby Joyce.

The venue is a cool place – located just east of the main town in a residential area. There's a large catering-like area in the main floor of this lovely old white "house", with a generous stage on the right & large bar behind.

By the time John Platania (Gtr), Tony Mercadante (bass), Tony Leone (drums) & arrived for sound-check, just before 5:00, the sound system was in place we sound-checked in short order. Big thanks to Doug for letting us use his terrific Bose sound system & for having it ready for us!

Note about the sound: The sound system is a strange one – one cylindrical monitor/ loudspeaker that handles the entire room & the stage as well. I worked once with this system in Holland & had trouble with it – not so here – this one is amazing!!

After a good dinner at the ocean, some 10 minutes away, we relaxed in the downstairs area of the venue (a former 50's bowling alley area) - &, after a kind intro by friend Bobby, we were on stage at just after 8:00.


What a great group of folks to play for - most there to benefit Jr golf. We started into our Yonkers journey. By the time we reached the end of our first set, we had introduced the folks in song & spoken word to my mom & dad – Barbara & Elmer - & my "BASTARD BROTHERS" Jon & Barry, traveled to a cave in Miles Square Woods, had a hospital visit with my mom, Barbara, had a barbecue at my folks house with my Mafioso friends – including an opera singer (in WITHOUT HORSES).

The spirit in the room was so great tonight & so focused, that I felt I had a bunch of companions during every part of the journey – and that made it better for me & the boys. And, speaking of the boys (Tony, Tony & John), they were just awesome this entire night. It was great to know that their brilliant work was being so appreciated!

We ended with a very inspiring ANGEL OF THE MORNING, with lots of folks singing along. We then took a short break & were back on stage in short order.


We started with the title song, "YONKERS NEW YORK", & had folks singing along to the trials of growing up a Yonkers's boy. Soon it was off to the Chat & Chew in "SAW MILL RIVER ROAD" .. a place that some in the audience actually remembered!!! BIG RIVER & ENDLESS SLEEP totally rocked tonight!!! At some point we all played Gin Rummy with my dad in the story & song of GIN RUMMY RULES, which folks seemed to love – and we all found out who Ernst Lubitch was.

WILD THING totally rocked tonight – as did a requested I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE. We closed with a reverent HOLY SHIT!!

It was a night to remember!! Big thanks to all who attended. As we were leaving Bobby asked if we'd do it again next year. I readily accepted that invitation – So – see you next year!!.


Old friends Pat & Larry Lombardi – great to see you guys again. Thanks for the kind words. It's always great to have your spirit around!! – Hi Vince & Lisa - great talking to you all as well!!

Hi Norman .. good to see you … & great to see my horse-shoeing friends, Drew & Dave!! I'll keep brother Tuff Birdsall's name in mind – I'm sure we have NYRA friends in common.

Big Hi to Michael Apell & friend Joanne – Michael was at the forefront of getting Bruce Springstein signed to Columbia Records & produced his first two records & co-produced his third. He was instrumental in his success - no two ways about that - & Bruce's first (less bombastic) albums are treasures in their innocence. GREAT meeting you both!! .. Michael .. remember .. "Outside the human condition is a place I want to dwell – where NO man stoops in anger .. & everyman wishes you well" .. see you soon!

And a very special hello to Susan (Hobbs) .. who used to visit my mom, with her kids, at Christmas. Thanks sooo much for sharing those treasured thoughts with me, Susan - I will share them with my brothers & Joan. Hope to see you very soon!

Hi Mary & Christine. Thanks so much for the kind words & proud thoughts of your students. Hope to see you soon!! Hi David .. so good to see you!! BIG HELLO TO DELORES!!! Thanks for the GEORGE JONES COMPARISON.. I'M SURE THERE'S SOME TRUTH IN THAT .. He is amazing!! – BIG HELLO TO YOUR GRANDSONS, BOBBY & EVAN!!! WHAT GREAT GUYS!! – Thanks so much for your help with the CDs!! . GREAT JOB!!

GREAT TO SEE LEIF, MY BARTENDER FRIEND FROM PARNEL'S (53d & Second). Big thanks Leif .. I'll dedicate HOLY SHIT to you next time. And thanks to my new friend Vinnie, who drove out from New York City with dog Highway to catch much of the show!!! See you both soon - much appreciated!

And hi to bar manager Tim .. and lovely Jaci, Ashley & Wendy .. and nice waiter, Tommy!! .. great to see you guys during & after the show – hope to see you soon again!!

Thanks Bobby!! – best of luck with the Jr. golf program!! WE LOVED TONIGHT!!! - see you next year!!


It's been a couple of months since my last shows in Holland. Friend & great bassist, Tony Mercadante picked me up at 1:20 at the White Plains train station - we headed straight up route 684 to Pawling & the venue where we met John at about 2:30.

We love playing this place, run by friend Phil & his kind wife Mary – a very nice lady who I met for the first time on arrival. Mary is a behind the scene treasure. Aside from prepping the place during the day, she makes brilliant, elaborate, delicious deserts that folks rave about.

          photo by John Beach

The staff here are great bunch of folks, including host & Maitre De, Ricardo, cook Eric, sound man Scott, head waiter Peter??? (is that right?) & the busboy & waitress staff including lovely waitress Sam. It's sort of a theater / dining place – with very good sound. Again, we're happy to be back. Thanks for having us Phil.

I had been in a bit of a funk these last several days & getting back together with John & Tony totally lifted my spirits. It's amazing how much power is in friendship. And simply put, we are the very best of friends. We spent the next several hours catching up with personal stuff & rehearsing.

We had a solid sound check with great engineer Scott, who made a special trip to check us earlier than normal. After a great meal, thanks to chef Eric, we were ready for the show.

Thanks to Bill Bachmann, who did a fine opening act. We were on stage shortly after 9:00.


This was one of my favorite shows in memory. We based the show on my latest album, YONKERS NY - in song & stories. And I went wherever the moment took me – from stories about Frank Sinatra – to my Mafia friends in high school, to a Monday at the train station with my mom, Barbara – dad Elmer - & my BASTARD BROTHERS, Jon & Barry.

This was an awesome audience to play for!!!! Highlights were far to many to mention as, if pressed, I'd include the entire YONKERS NY songbook plus all stories, plus the new JOE FRASIER & a visit to my KING RECORDS past, with MIDNIGHT BLUES & LITTLE JOAN.

John Platania & Tony Mercadante were totally magic tonight!!!! & the audience let them know it!! Great job boys - the band is back!! .. Big hi to Yonkers friends, John Beach & family .. great to see you guys & talk about the Yonkers old days.. see you soon!!

Huge thanks to all who shared this special night with us!

SAID HI TO SEVERAL, including:

Special hi to my great friends, Gerard & lovely wife Shelley. Gerard is the proprietor of my "home away from home" – the amazing La Mangeoire Restaurant (53d & Second Ave in NYC) If you want a special treat, stop by Gerard's place for an awesome dinner prepared by 5 star chef, Christian & served by a great staff. I guarantee you will not regret it & more than likely, I'll be sitting at a table next to you.

Again Shelley & Gerard, so special to see you guys. Your words meant a lot to me. Congrats to Sarah (& Steve) - send her my big love. And big hi to Adam - hope to see him next time!

Big hi to old friend, Ed Solin & lovely wife Rory. SO GREAT TO SEE YOU GUYS!!! Ed, it's been too long - far too long - just GREAT catching up with you!! Rory, how do you do it – you haven't changed in all these years!!! You look amazing!!!.. OK… you too, Ed! Also .. hi to friend from the North Lake years, Chris Cassone. Thanks for stopping by Chris - best with your own music!

Hi Rollo (Phil) & lovely wife Pat - wedding congrats!!! It's about time!!! It was so good to see you guys again… Hi Dean.. nice talking with you .. hope you enjoy the CD… Hi Ann.. so good to see you!! .. big Hi to Anne & Liz' friend .. can't quite remember your name.. saw you right after the show … Anyway.., it was GREAT to see you again! Big thanks for saying hello!

Hi Howard! (Tony's co-worker) So glad you were able to come.. nice talking with you .. Great meeting you Bill – WELL DONE!! .. hi to lovely daughter, Alissa & so good to see Rise .. with the two "dots" over the "i" .. all the best.. hope to see you soon!!

Great to see my old grammar school friend, Bill Kraft again & again – it's always so good to see you at these shows Bill, It means allot to me. Also great to see my old schoolmate from Stepinac, Bill Wetzel.. thanks for coming, Bill .. hope all's well. Let's catch up soon!

And Chuck & Mary .. & my Joan…. Big thanks for sticking it out!!!!!! Love you guys!!

See you all soon!!!

Jun 11, 2010 MOJO AWARDS

I was invited to be a presenter and since Mojo is pretty much the music "bible" of our day (Uncut is great as well) and has been a huge supporter of my recent work, this was some honor for me. I attended with Richard England from Cadiz distributor (distributor of my stuff in the UK). Richard is also a film co-producer of the coolest rock/documentary on the planet, OIL CITY CONFIDENTIAL, directed by infamous Julien Temple (Sex Pistols/Rolling Stones). It chronicles the life & death of the great rock-punk band from the 70's, DOCTOR FEELGOOD. The film is awesome! Another at the table was the lead singer of that band, AXEL - a great, honest & humble character - I love this guy!


I presented the CLASSIC SONGWRITER AWARD with lovely and off-the-wall (in a good way - very nice) actress/ singer PALOMA FAITH. The winner was a deserving ROY WOOD, who wrote several UK hits in the 60's & 70's and founded or co-founded three hit bands, THE MOVE, THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA and WIZARD. Roy's a humble, nice guy. It was also very special to meet his proud, sweet daughter, HOLLY as well. Great to see you Holly!!

Friend EMMYLOU HARRIS was there to present an award to The McGarrigle Sisters.. to Anna (wonderful sis Kate passed away in January). Also there receiving were Kate's brilliant & warm kids, RUFUS & MARTHA WAINWRIGHT (dad is my old friend Loudon Wainwright from the 70's Warner Brother days) It was wonderful to feel the spirit of Kate on stage with all of them

Martha kindly put me on the guest list for their sold out tribute to Kate on Saturday.. more about that later.. THANKS MARTHA.. much love!!

Also receiving awards were a great new group from Texas, MIDLAKE - a sort of a cross between RADIOHEAD and FAIRPORT CONVENTION – but VERY original, with kind messages in the cloak of old diary-like text.

and DUANE EDDY won a big award and it was great to see him. WHAT A WARM, HUMBLE MAN! He worked hand and hand with Lee Hazelwood. Somehow through that connection seemed to know me instantly. Although I don't remember meeting Lee, we shared the same friends & came from a sort of similar place musically. Lee recorded my Storybook Children with Nancy (a duet with Lee). Sorry I missed saying hello to Duane3's wife, (?? EED??), whom he sweetly mentioned in his acceptance speech..

Said hi to Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) who was there to accept his HALL OF FAME award. That was doubly nice when I heard he had wanted to say hello. But stuff like this always makes me wonder when the great, soulful John Platania will start getting that sort of deserved hero worship.

A big hello and thanks to the MOJO folks - Phil, Daryll & all, who, at every turn, made me feel so welcome. Big thanks boys!!! See you next year!



This might be my favorite of all the shows I've ever attended - not just because of the great music - but mainly because of the soulful stuff that took place on that stage. The tears and passion of Anna, Rufus & Martha really got to me. Their dear friend Emmylou Harris was so brilliant and so warm., And it was great to see the others.. Nick Cave… my friend, Linda Thomson, new friend Richard, son Teddy and so nice to meet daughter Kamila at end.

Again, Rufus & Anna and Martha moved me so much tonight. There was so much family love on that stage. It was a show I won't forget.

Thanks Martha.. hope to see you very soon!


All "good" hotels are pricey these days.. but for between 140 & 200 pounds .. this is reasonable… as this is THE ROLLS ROYCE!

If you go, say hi to mgrs, Banni & Chris.. and great desk folks, Sophie, Maria & Varna.. and bell guys Brian & Paolo.. They are awesome!… Suggestion - if you decide to stay there, call Banni or Chris in advance and ask them to save you a room facing Great Russell Street .. as the daylight shines through clear & bright.. a nice way to great the day.

May 5-19, 2010 - The Netherlands Tour

May 19, 2010 – arriving in EINDHOVEN


Since this is the last show on the tour, we have asked the tech folks at the theater if we could have a late sound check. They cordially agreed. We arrive at 5:15, load in & head for our tour ending dinner with old friends Leanne & Martin & Bert Pjipers & wife Reitje & our new tech friend, B.J.

We choose a great restaurant called THE GOUCHO (part of a chain, found in several cities in Holland we loved the one in Leiden). After some good food & celebration, we're back for sound check at 7:15.


VINCENT (sound) & HENK (lights) are so easy to work with. We're ready in minutes. BIG THANKS – it would be great to work with you again!


This theater is amazing - certainly one of the best sounding rooms on the tour. Because the sound was so rich on stage, John was in an amazing comfort zone. And as soon as we took the stage & played THE REAL THING I knew this was going to be a great JP night. John's rhythm playing & solos on that song & HEY JONNY were off the charts. He was magic all night & the audience let him know it at every turn.

We played another long show tonight & John & I went lots of new places & took lots of chances. The YONKERS NY songs & stories connected as usual, but the thing I'll remember was the latter part of the show.


First, my old friend Rose & her family & friend were in the audience. In their honor, I played "ROSE OF ARNEM TOWN" which I wrote for Rose a couple of years ago. That song & the story about our meeting is in my book/CD, SONGS FROM A DUTCH TOUR. I loved playing this tonight.

After a fun & rockin' WILD THING, I asked that the lights be turned partly on so I could see the folks. Henk obliged quickly & I felt even more connected to this warm group. When I asked for requests, some real magic happened.

After a requested YONKERS NEW YORK – the title song of the current album - someone asked for a TAYLOR/RODRIGUEZ song, LETS LEAVE THIS TOWN. I told the person that I didn't do C&C duets, but I would play a new song Carrie & I just recorded & I played "THE NEW BYE & BYE", which will be released in September as part of a "best of – with new songs". The song starts out with Carrie singing:

"What the hell are you doing?? YOU untrustworthy bastard!!

The audience seemed to absolutely love this one!

Immediately following we played a requested JOHN TUCKER IS ON THE WAGON AGAIN which is always a nice memory for me. Then it was my new song – written two days ago - DUTCHMAN BLUES, which reflects on my warm feelings with all things Dutch. We left with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE & a warm/reverent HOLY SHIT.

What a nice ending to a wonderful tour.


First.. BIG HELLO TO ROOSE ("Rose" – to me), her "too perfect & kind" (only kidding) boyfriend, Steve, mom & dad, Jan & Antoinette, aunt Els & husband Bert & one of Rose's former teachers, TOON. So great to talk to you all.. that will be a great memory from this tour

Glad you're home Rose. Best of luck with your thesis.. though I'm sure you won't need that - so good to see you again!!! Steve – really good to see you - best with the good/kind work you do.

HI Christine .. nice to see you as well! Hi Ton.. all the best.

Hi to great friends, Jan & Dini.. thanks for all the support always. Hi Lilian & Rien.. so good to talk to you.. Hi Chantal.. hope you like the CD .. thanks Rob.. see you soon.. Hi Arianne & Victoire (almost forgot the "i" .. nice to see you.. Hi Lie.. & Hans.. & Josette

OF COURSE GREAT TO SEE MY GREAT FRIENDS, LEANNE & MARTIN & GERDIEN (will I ever get that right??!!) .. & so good to see you RALPH (Leanne's brother) & friend CARMIN.. so great talking to you, CARMIN' .. thanks so much for those kind words – that meant a lot to me. See you next time with your "request".

THIS WAS ANOTHER SPECIAL TOUR – ONE I WON'T FORGET. Warm thanks to all who were a part of it.

May 17, 2010 – ARRIVING IN ASSEN (for show in Spijkerboorg)

With great memories of Rotterdam – specifically our show at The Walhalla Theater – we headed northeast & arrived at our Best Western Hotel (HOTEL DE JONGE) some two hours later at about 2:30. This will be our home for our show tonight in Spijkerboorg.

I worked on a new song I started last night – not sure I'll have the courage to do it tonight – called DUTCHMAN BLUES. After a very good radio interview with a nice guy named Frans, we headed for the venue in a neighboring town.


Our friend/ tour manager/driver, Milan lives in Gronnigen, a large city just north of Assen. He's lived there for years & still he has never heard Spiijkerboorg – only a half hour away. So, we know this venue is going to be in quite a small town.

We travel the pretty country roads about 25 minutes north west of Assen, passing the little towns of Gasteren, Anloo & Annen –with their beautifully manicured old 1800's homes – often with thatched roofs – often resting beside little farms or flower gardens – and arrive at a little theater in Spijkerboorg at about 6:00.


As we pull in to the theater, we are greeted by Jaap, the promoter – Frans, the DJ that did such a warm/nice interview – Berlina, the kind manager of the place - & Cees, who will do our sound today. Simply put, all these people seemed like good folks & made us feel totally welcome.


It doesn't take long to get good, simple sound & Cees, leaving John & me to rehearse a bit – preparing for our "duo" show. As Israel checks for his show, we meet the owner of the place - another warmhearted guy named Willem. BIG THANKS FOR HAVING US WILLEM!!


Israel opens with a nice solid show – including in his set one of my songs, HOLDING ME TOGETHER, for the first time. Thanks Israel – nicely done. He makes great connection with this audience & I invite him to sing another, before John & I take the stage. Off-mike, he performs a song about being drunk & hurt – I mean REALLY drunk & REALLY hurt. I like this one. Israel leaves to a very warm response.


This was a special one right from the beginning. A GREAT LADY NAMED LOUWKE – a big fan of mine for years - was celebrating her 60th birthday with family & friends. After a big sing-a-long HAPPY BIRTHDAY we began our show in dedication to her.

The Yonkers stories & songs connected immediately. The truth is, I LOVE telling the Yonkers stories – but never more than tonight. I totally "lived" the stories with the audience as I told them – so the connection was as honest & warm as it's ever been.

There was lots of good-natured humor mixed in with serious stuff – & lots of country songs mixed in with some of my rock & roll hits that I don't often play – like I CAN'T LET GO & ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME.

But it was the simple warm things that connected us in the most special way – like SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, CHARCOAL SKY, a requested BLACK & BLUE AMERICA, a bit of LUCINDA WILLIAMS, "LAKE CHARLES", for some visitors from Louisiana – JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON AGAIN, a requested SEVEN DAYS IN MAY ..

& the new song, DUTCHMAN BLUES (a tribute to my Dutch friends new & old). That was chilling!

By the way, John was so soulful tonight. I was calling for songs we hadn't done in a long time – yet he followed my every move with such grace. And the audience constantly showed their appreciation for the "magic man"! GREAT JOHN!!

We ended our two hour show with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE – and when we got our second standing ovation, we played HOLY SHIT, all singing the chorus together to end the night.



First – HI LOUWKE – so glad you & your family & friends celebrated your birthday with us tonight. I loved talking to you & your husband Arnold – who, knowing you were a Chip Taylor fan, bought you GASOLINE back in the day – when he was courting you – to get on your good side! Soon after, he bought LAST CHANCE & the rest – It was so special to sign those precious "gifts" for you & Arnold tonight. It meant so much to me!

Hi to sister, TIENKE (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AS WELL!!!) .. hi to the rest of the family, including HARJAN, son of Louwke? (or Tienke??) & girlfriend Cindy – all such nice warm folks.

A VERY SPECIAL HELLO TO ROELIE & FINKE .. my thoughts are with you both .. tell Jannes ( a fan for a while) I will look forward to seeing him when I come back next year –– JANNES.. I had three stents put in my arteries last February.. I hope you soon feel as good as I feel now ..

Roelie - Ad's spirit will be in my thoughts/ I am SO glad I got the chance to meet you tonight. We are totally in this together.

Hi EEF - a fan from GMT & beyond!! - so good to see you .. thanks for those kind words about Black & Blue America (Nobel Prize etc.._) & RIA, It was so good to meet you – hope to see you next time as well.

HI MARTHA (DJ at the station) .. Thanks for the SEVEN DAYS IN MAY request.. HI JO .. so glad you both were here!

Hi to Sjoerd ("Stewart" in the US).. good taking to you .. you as well, Fenny - Hi Albert – hope you enjoy the CD .. Willem.. nice talking to you .. hope to see you next time.. HI HARRY & JANNIE, ERIK & KIENA.. so good meeting you all .. hi WOUTER.. good to see you!!! .. Hi Henk.. nice to see you as well!!

Hi Egbert .. nice talking to you.. best with your own music!!



The northwest part of Holland is known as the Friesland region. I'm not an expert on the history of this but a local young lady named Erika told me that it all goes back to Medieval times. For a time, Friesland was part of Germany. Then came wars & treaties & now Friesland folks are spread all over the place. But their "home" is here in the north and the cities we're about to visit, Leeuwarden & Drackten, are part of that region or province.

Frieslanders are proud folks – they have their own language, which they speak mostly among themselves. Many have been my friends & fans for a while & I am looking forward to seeing them!


We have a show far north in Drachten tonight then, after a day off; our next show is in neighboring Leeuwarden. Since the towns are only ½ hour apart, we have decoded to spend all three nights in Leeuwarden.

Milan has chosen as our "home" for those days a place on the outskirts of town called the WESTCORD, part of the WTC chain.. He's on the spot with this selection as we've just had three days at the great GOLDEN TULIP HOTEL in Leiden. He knows we want a very comfortable, but affordable place. He says this one is all of that – let's see.

It's a two plus hour trip from Leiden to Leeuwarden. With Milan at the wheel & some good conversation, the time passes quickly. We arrive at the WESTCORD at 2:00 PM. MILAN DID GOOD – THIS IS AN AMAZING PLACE!!

THE WTC (THE WORLD TRADE CENTER??!!) is a big black-box looking building. Inside that "box" it's fresh & spacious & brand new. The rooms are space-age-like – lots of shiny glass & steel & leather – something you might expect in a Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. There is also a health club, good bar/restaurant & A CASINO ATTACHED!

For three days – we will GLADLY take "glitzy". This is a very cool place!! Normally, the hotel costs over $250 (US) per night. Milan managed to get it for half price! GOOD WORK MILAN!!

We just found out that, for the first time, there is a change of schedule for sound check at this venue. We don't need to check until 6:30. This gives us a few hours to rest or whatever. I check out the casino. It's glitzy & OK – the folks are nice there. One problem – black jack is dealt from an auto-shuffling shoe, so my edge* would be lost. So there's no sense in playing here tonight.

* As some of you know, I was a professional "card-counter" playing blackjack years ago – banned from many casinos in the US. A card counter loses his advantage when the cards are constantly shuffled, which is the case with the shoe mentioned above.

May 12, 2010 – DRACHTEN / VENUE - LAWEI

This is a small, lovely theater, holding about 200. All the theaters we played so far, kind of go straight back – more length-wise - in a sea of new red (seats). This theater is spread out more to the left & right & only about ten rows deep. The seats are, for the first time, a different color here – a fresh gray. As usual in these places, there's a good bar area to meet & greet folks after.


When we arrive at 6:30, we are met by our now friend Ghislaine (tech for our entire tour). "Chris", as she suggests we call her, has already coordinated with the tech folks here – Willem (sound) & Jacko (lights) – great guys! We sound check in minutes & have a few minutes to hook up to the Internet & relax before show time.

Immediately after sound check I meet the managing director of the theater Alfred – a great guy. We have a few laughs


By the way – this is one thing different about this tour than those of the past. At every venue, all of us are hoping to hook up to the Internet as soon as sound check is over. Most all places now have a way to do that.


We found out in advance that this theater has a washer & dryer – perfect for me as I'm almost out of fresh clothes. Milan handles that chore for me – what a guy!!


This is one that I won't forget. Immediately after Israel's 30 minute set - after a quick (one minute) change over by our tech Chris & a helper - we were on stage at about 8:35.


As soon as we hit the stage there was an instant connection with these nice folks. After a warm welcome & the friendly intros of Kendel & John, we ripped into THE REAL THING. Then it was the good-natured fun of BASTARD BROTHERS & a rockin' HEY JONNY that sealed the YONKERS NY connection.

We ended this set with a soulful Angel Of The Morning & Kendel's rousing TEN LOST MEN. We left to one of the biggest ovations on the tour. We felt like we were playing for a bunch of old friends tonight.


As we've done for the past several shows, we paid tribute to friend Fred Boenig's son Austin with FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER. The warmth of that moment filled the room & would stay with us for the rest of the night.

The set – although over 90 minutes in length –seemed to fly by. There were so many highlights. As we neared the mid point real magic started to happen.

SAW MILL RIVER ROAD felt so good & special. BIG RIVER brought it's usual over–the-top reaction & totally rocked, with awesome solos by John & Kendel. Then there was total connection to Kendel's BIG TRUCKS. We had SO much fun with that!! Immediately following that fun came the therapy of a loose & rockin' WILD THING with a great audience sing-a-long chorus. I loved all of this!


After that presentation, I began the story of my first Holland visit back in 1975, which led to my hit here, SAME OLD STORY – which we played with many singing along. Then came a fan-requested / reverent version of JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON (the flip side of the single back in'75). AGAIN, I could see many in the audience singing along reverently with this – I loved that!

Finally, again – at the insistence of fans – we ended the show with everyone singing along to Kendel's BIG TRUCKS!! – one more time again!!!! What a fun way to end this wonderful, memorable night!!



Hi Hanneke .. from Continental .. in charge of the logistics of our tour – BIG THANKS HANNEKE .. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!! Hope dad, Hans, enjoys the CD .. & HI TITIA (mom).. so good to meet you!!

Hi Annie .. nice meeting you.. HI TO OLD FRIEND WIETSE .. great to see you again!! Hi KLAAS .. was it you who bought the vinyl?? .. anyway .. great talking to you.. Hi Mei & Jelco .. & HI CAREL.. who saw me at the Paradiso back in the day.. I'm looking forward to that tape!! Great talking to you!!

Hi Rinus.. & Wobbo.. a fan/friend for a while .. so good to see you again!! .. Hi Geert .. & Willy & LUUTZEN.. so good talking to you.. Big hi to ROB & ROMMY .. so great to see you here.. Hi JAN-DURK .. hope brother Geart enjoys the CD .. hi TJEERD & GEKE .. & JAN.. Hi WOBBO & TINI

What a great wind down to a great night – hope to be back soon!!


This is at least the third time I've played this theater complex over the last several years. We're upstairs tonight in a pretty little theater. Again, it's a state-of-the-art pace. Similar to most of the others, it's new, with a sea of red (seats) rising above us from a "stage" which is actually ground level with the front row.

Note: I forgot to mention this before. The artist actually looks up – not down – to see his audience. It feels good to me.


We're on a new schedule again here. We arrive at 6:45 – greeted by a nice guy - stage hand, Harold, who helps us load & guides us upstairs to the stage area.. .. . Again, the stage is totally ready for us – mikes & amps in their perfect places. Soundman, Renza, has good sound for us in minutes & lighting lady, AnnaLuka gets her lights the way she wants quickly, so we have time to hook up to the Internet, call home & take a deep breath before show time at 8:30.


As soon as I hit the stage I asked our lighting friend, Anna-Luka to raise the light level in the theater enough for me to see the faces. Immediately I knew I was playing for friends & that was what this show is about – playing for a bunch of Friesland friends

The stories were the highlight tonight. I could see the folks traveling with me as I recalled my early days in Yonkers with my family – my BASTARD BROTHERS, Jon & Barry & mom & dad, Elmer & Barbara. They seemed to totally get into the spirit of a Monday at the Nepperhan train station talking to the conductor, Harry, in CHARCOAL SKY. And they journeyed with me to the CHAT & CHEW, with SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, like they were in that place with me on that Friday night. I got the feeling the Voights would have felt right at home growing up here in Leeuwarden.

Kendel & John were awesome tonight again & the audience let them know it. Kendel's TEN LOST MEN & BIG TRUCKS brought huge reaction. The ending was quite touching tonight. I felt the audience right with me as I recalled my first journey to Holland in 1975.

After a rousing version of my hit, SAME OLD STORY, we began a NEW segment of the show called, THE MILAN MOMENT, whereby our tour guide & good fiend, Milan, requests a song that we HAVE NOT prepared. Tonight he chose DOREEEN, DOREEN a song from my songs FOR A DUTCH TOUR book/ album, inspired by a lovely Maastricht girl.

After a guitar change – to Israel's waiting Gibson - due to a broken string - we played a requested JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON AGAIN, & then ended – or so we thought – with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE. When the crowd gave us a standing ovation, I was quite touched & played one more in the spirit of this special bond. There were some misty eyes in the house – including mine – as we played our final song, GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK.

What a special night.


Big hello to Fedde, who requested two of my favorites, Michael's Song & WHAT WOULD TOWNE'S SAY ABOUT THAT – played JOHN TUCKER in that same spirit to end the show.. great to see you Fedde, I'll have my song book ready for all requests next time I see you.

Hi brother Gerrit.. so good to see you both in the audience tonight. Thanks for bringing your brother – see you both next time.

Hi Piet (a fan for a while) & wife Jelly .. who thanked me for SAME OLD STORY ..much appreciated.. hi Linze & Margaret .. BIG thanks for my "all things Fryslan" lessons (ie: "FRIES are FRIESLANDERS .. according to REAL "FRIES" folks!!! .. get it?? – GOT IT!!). GREAT TALKING TO YOU!!! ..

And thanks for the memories of radio station .. OMROP FRYSLAN.. that was a special show & memory!! I wrote SHOTGUN MAN for Carrie there. Margaret .. thanks for telling us about that great review of our show from a few days back! So glad you saw it. Look forward to seeing you both next time!!
And hi to Eddie & Thea .. so nice talking to you …

BIG HELLO & THANKS TO THEATER MANAGER, PIETE (formally from the Zaandam theater) .. for taking the time to say hi before & after the show. Hope to see you again, Piete.

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR NEW FRIEND & tech supervisor for our tour,, GHISLAINE – this is her last show with us – her husband, B.J., will take over that job for the next few days & then we will celebrate together on the last day of the tour in Eindhoven on May, 19. SEE YOU THEN "CHRIS" – big thanks for our little gift!! - MUCH LOVE!!

Thanks to all for another "magic" night.



LOVED THIS!! –Our friend Bert Pjipers & friends sponsor little afternoon venue. It's great to see Bert, wife Rieje & son & daughter Ton & Jannie soon after arriving at 1:00 PM..

We're the first act of seven. After a quick sound check with Jan Willem (JW) – we're on stage at 2:00.

THE SHOW – This was special. We felt an immediate connection with these folks. We opened with THE REAL THING again – this was so special today .. with cool little 50's riffs coming from John's guitar in between lines from the verse – then we went back & forth with blasts of YONKERS NY & songs from Kendel's album.


A big highlight for me was the little chorus of CIRCLE OF TEARS dedicated to Diana in memory of her recently departed dad, Sief, who loved that song.

This was such a warm way to spend an afternoon on the way to a show tonight in Apeldoorn.


Hi Diana.. I'll try to remember the entire version of CIRCLE OF TEARS for next time – much love to you! Hi to old friends Paul & Yvonne from Harlem.. good to see you again & again..

Good to see singer/songwriter Naomi & husband, Greg .. best of luck today - & hi to Paul from Heaven magazine .. thanks for the nice article - & Paul, tell your daughter, Robin, I'll look forward to having dinner with both of you next time you're in new York. All the best!

Hi Hans .. thanks for your support over the years.. great to see you!! Hi Gerard & Marcel & Rogier & Peter.. & Lidija .. so good talking to you all. GREAT to see you again, Jos.. your great future starts now!! Best of luck!!

Big thanks to Ghislaine's husband, BJ, for stopping by & checking out our show & set up. BJ will be our tech supervisor for the remaining four shows.




Since we're coming straight from an afternoon show to this one, B.J. made arrangements for us to show up right before show time & plug in & play.

We check into our hotel at our VERY good Best Western hotel in Apeldoorn at 5:30, have a few minutes to relax & arrive at the venue at 7:00 – on stage at 8:00.

Again, we split the first set with our friend Israel, who does another fine job opening.


The thing I'll remember most about this show & that made it SO, SO special, is the great friends who were here. I'll mention all of them later.

Anyway.. this was another total, living-room-like connection. Highlights were far too many to mention. I loved all the Yonkers NY songs again tonight. BASTARD BROTHERS, HEY JONNY, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD & CHARCOAL SKY were so special. Kendel was awesome .. John brilliant as usual. Every night he brings new, inspired magic – he did amazing stuff on Kendel's OH BABY LIE DOWN tonight – he always amazes me – he alone is totally worth the price of admission

Aside from OH BABY…, Kendel's TEN LOST MEN & BIG TRUCKS killed tonight. But probably my biggest memory will be – first, Milan's, (MILAN'S MOMENT) choice of HOLY SHIT… which became a total prayer. and by far my favorite moment of the night, GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK.. dedicated to my great friend, Matin, who very recently lost his brother, Jack .. right on the heels of losing his mom.

Much love to you Martin.


So great to see old great friends, Leanne & Martin (& Geraldine) .. who have been so much a part of my love affair with Holland since 1975. Thanks you guys – great hugging & talking to you - see you in a couple of days!

Big hello to old great friend, Isis & mom Gerda, who have been there from pretty much the beginning as well. Isis, it's so good to see you looking so good. Congrats with your new job. Like mom, I'm so proud of you!! See you soon, then again & again.

Hi Birgit & Rudiger so wonderful to see you.. what a great spirit you bring – see you in Eindhoven!! – Hi Ziggy .. always great to see you. Big thanks for the MICKEY BAKER CD .. we can't wait to hear it!!

HI DINI & JAN .. wonderful to see you front & center again. You are special friends .. what a nice thing for me .. see you in Eindoven.. Hi EP & NICO .. so good talking to you..

HI GEESJE & HANS .. so good talking to you both .. thanks for the WILDWOOD FLOWERS memory (the show you & friends (WF) booked at Café De Paris .. hope we can do it again.. tell Cor I sent my big regards .. HANS .. so glad you are feeling good again.. my best wishes to you always.. you are special, kind folks..

Hi Ryan & Hans .. great to see you at the end.. Thanks for leading the "GROOVY" in WILD THING … WELL DONE!!

THANKS TO ALL FOR A SPECIAL NIGHT .. I'm writing this from my hotel room in Apeldoorn. In a few minutes we are heading for our afternoon show in ROTTERDAM.

Talk to you soon!

May 16, 2010 – HEADING FOR ROTTERDAM (for an afternoon show)

The last time I played in Rotterdam was on Nov 16, 1975, at a theater called THE LANCAARN (the "Tourch") Shortly after that performance Warner Brothers released my single, SAME OLD STORY & within weeks of that performance the single went to the top of the Dutch charts.

I remember feeling a total connection with that audience. It's been a lot of years. I'm wondering if the connection will be anything similar to that today.


We arrive at 1:30 & are greeted by the smiling faces of tech trainees Maurice & lovely Julika & another extraordinarily kind staff person, Marcella. Soon we meet a terrific lady, Rachel, who manages the theater.

The venue is as pretty a little place as you'll ever see. It's more like a little old Parisian café with the stage area right in front of us at floor level as we walk in - with about 100 antique theater seats rising to the right.

Our sound tech BJ is there waiting & within' minutes, with joint efforts from Maurice & BJ, we're very happy with the sound.


      photo by Jeroen Louis

I have to find the right words to tell you about what happened here in the next couple of hours. For me it was the most precious/special connection show in memory. Simply put, I can't think of a show I've ever enjoyed more than this one.

Kendel, John & I were totally comfortable & loose from the start - in large part because this wonderful audience was so welcoming. We started with THE REAL THING & followed it with an awesome, viby version of Kendel's OH BABY LIE DOWN. I can't remember that ever sounding better. And with that, Kendel's connection with this warm audience was totally sealed.

Then came the stories & songs of YONKERS NY. & this audience was totally "there" on that journey back in time. BASTARD BROTHERS, HEY JONNY, WITHOUT HORSES, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD were followed by BIG RIVER & mixed with TEN LOST MEN & BIG TRUCKS & all totally connected.

CHARCOAL SKY sounded so magical this afternoon, as did ANGEL OF THE MORNING (Kendel's harmonies sounded so beautiful to me today). And WILD THING totally rocked – John was awesome & the audience let him know it - & the therapy sing-a-long was off the charts & so much fun!!

But the part of the show I'll remember most was the end - from the story of my first visit here in 1975 to the performance of SAME OLD STORY to the requested STORYBOOK CHILDREN, SON OF A ROTTEN GAMBLER & BLACK & BLUE AMERICA – all of which, though not prepared, sounded so fresh & chilling. It amazed me that – not only did I remember these songs – but that Kendel & John played & sang with me like we had prepared them. I think the comfort zone we had with this audience had a lot to do with that.

And that was the real story here this afternoon - the total connection all of us on stage felt with this warm, wonderful group. This was special. And it does not get better.


Hi ANNET .. so great to meet you finally .. thanks so much for your support over the years & BIG THANKS FOR BRINGING YOUR FRIENDS, ROBERT, OLGA & WIM.. so good to meet you all – hope to see you soon again!!


Hi Djan & Francoise .. so good to see you,, Hi Bert & Nicole & Betty & Henk.. it was so good to talk to you .. thanks for the kind words. HI KEES & ANKE!! .. & MARTIN & CORRIE.. so good to see you!

Hi Janneke & Jeroen.. & Lea & Elly & Bob – so glad you were here.. thanks for the kind words as well.. HI TINI & JAN.. good to see you.. & BIG HELLO TO JOOP & the CHANGE OF KEY gang.. DANIELLE & multitalented, MARYKE.. all the best with your own music .. thanks for the kind words..

AGAIN .. BIG THANKS ROCHELLE.. thanks SO MUCH for your warm welcome & total hospitality! .. Hi MARCELLA.. so good talking to you after the show!! .. hope the picture turned out OK .. , Hi JULIKA.. so good to see you as I got out of the van.. & when we left.. you're special!! Best of luck with whatever you choose.. & MAURICE.. great to see you when we arrived.. & when we left .. all the best with your tech studies!!



After a comfortable couple of hours in the SAS executive lounge at ARN airport in Stockholm – compliments of Kendel's frequent flyer privileges – it was a short plane flight to Amsterdam's Skipold Airport. There, we picked up a 9 passenger mini-van & with Kendel at the helm – arrived at our modest hotel in Zaandam – the Bastion.

John Platania had arrived earlier in the day & was eating dinner, drinking his second gin & tonic & smiling as we arrived. After a good meal & OK red wine & some good talk, we hit the sack at about midnight.

May 6, 2010 – ZAANDAM

Our opening act – a singer/ songwriter from New York, Israel ?? arrived at Skiplod at 9:00. Cordially, Kendel got up early to meet him. After a leisurely morning & early afternoon, we all headed for our first Dutch tour venue.


When we arrived at the side loading area, we were met by old friend TON DERKS (GREAT TO SEE YOU TON!!!) & our new sound & stage advance person, Ghislaine – who would take charge from now on in (husband Bart-Jan will join us later). Also there to greet us were kind theater stage hands, Walter (lights) & Chris (sound) & Meich. We unloaded & were sound checking soon after.

Then it was back to the hotel to freshen up, back to the theater for a good dinner. We were on stage at 9:30 – after a very good opening set by new friend.


After THE REAL THING, we paid tribute to a good friend, who just lost his son in Afghanistan. I spoke to my friend (Fred) just before we went on stage – he asked if we'd sing DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE for son Austin, which we did & the audience seemed to get lost in that moment with us.

Then it was YONKERS songs with Kendel here and there. This is the first time back for John Platania. Despite jet lag, he was his special self.

My favorite part of the show – aside from the intimate YONKERS story-songs & Kendel's great ones - was the requested JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON from my THIS SIDE OF THE BIG RIVER album (a success here in 1975) & a reprise of my 1975 hit, SAME OLD STORY, which followed a rockin' WILD THING & a chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING (Kendel sounded so soulful tonight on that one).

We ended with a rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE & left the stage to warm & loud applause. This was a great beginning for our tour. IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!

Big thanks to all for this kind "welcome back!!"

SAID HI TO SEVERAL, including:

HI STEVEN (tech director of the theater) .. big thanks for all your help.. & so great to see your new bride (& mom of your kids), Marloes. Maloes, Steven said you bought your first Chip Taylor CD when you were 16 - big thanks for that!! God bless you, Steven & the boys. Hope to see you soon. Next time let's celebrate!! Again, BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!

Hi to kind & lovely manager of the theater, Cecile .. BIG THANKS CECILE. Thanks for you "welcome" - hope to see you again. Hi to Peter, thanks for getting the CD from Train Wreck early on. Hope to see you soon. Hi to RANKO - so great to see you in the audience with dad, KLAAS & mom, CISCA. Take care of the vinyl collection!!!

Hi Nico & Hanneke.. & Jaap .. & Joni .. Nico ..& Rob .. & KASIA .. my Polish friend..from Kryzstov Zanussi territory.. great talking to you.. Hi Chrystal .. at the bar.. hope you enjoy the CD!!

This was a special night .. thanks to all!


Kendel at the wheel – about a 2 hour drive down toward Belgium and west – close to the North Sea. We arrived at this beautiful, quaint town & our Tulip Inn at about 2:00. After a bit of time to ourselves we're off to sound check.


What a beautiful place!!! This was once a church & much of that feeling remains. The tech crew, Jan & Gert are waiting – Stefan (lights) arrives a bit later. The sound is awesome – we're checked in no time & head for a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant.


Simply put, this is one that was magic from the beginning. It gave me such a warm feeling to see this audience from the stage – so many smiling, familiar faces. It was like playing for family in my living room.

John & Kendel played so inspired tonight & Kendel songs, TEN LOST MEN, OH BABY LIE DOWN, SEVEN SHADOWS & BIG TRUCKS were cool, sexy & totally connected. Highlights were far too many.

Again, I loved the ENTIRE show tonight – everything felt so honest & inspired. The YONKERS stuff – with all the stories – BARRY GO ON, HEY JONNY, WITHOUT HORSES (that was so special), CHARCOAL SKY (oh yes… that too!!) & SAW MILL RIVER ROAD .. with the BIG RIVER & ENDLESS SLEEP tributes - totally connected.

Another special memory from this night was the requests, BLACK & BLUE AMERICA & STORYBOOK CHILDREN. I hadn't done either of those in a while. With the right audience, uncharted waters can be the most magical course. And that's the way it was tonight!

When we left the stage our kind tour tech friend, Ghislaine, said – "are you OK, Chip, you played for over two hours. Do you need a rest before meeting folks & signing CDs?"

I laughed – I had no idea we played for that long – it was such a smooth journey!

This was one for the books!!! Loved this.


Because of the lengthy show, many had to hurry for transportation at shows end. A big hello to all of you – thanks so much for sharing this night with me!!

But I did say hi to several, including:

Old friend Martin.. great to see you my friend. My thought will be with you through these tough times. We'll toast Jack in song when I see you next in a few days.

Hi Francis & Pia – you are both such great characters in the CT story – it seems right you end up together at these shows. Wonderful to see you – love to the kids.

Hi Giel & Tito .. & Piel, Peter * Hilde (Matilda) .. so nice talking to you.. big hi to John & Renee .. from Belgium.. wonderful talking to you.. yes.. I'll remember GRANDMA'S WHITE LEBARON for next time!!

BIG HI & THANKS TO THE STAFF, JO JO, DOREEN & DONNA .. great to see you .. we appreciated your kind spirit. Hope to see you soon again.

May 8, 2010 - RADIO WEST in DEN HAAG


It was so nice to be greeted by Marian at the reception area, who invited us to relax in the waiting room & have coffee. THANKS MARIAN, so nice to meet you!

I LOVED THIS!! New friend Hans guided this interview-mixed with recordings – asking very good questions about the old days & current ones with a special reverence to both. We talked about the history of WILD THING, ANGEL OF THE MORNING, I CAN'T LET GO - & one I hadn't heard for a while, WORRY by JOHNNY TILLOTSON. Hans combined that with talk about THE REAL THING (C&C LIVE) – which he called "the best song he ever heard" - & two songs from YONKERS NY - CHARCOAL SKY & HEY JONNY.

This was as comfortable & informative a discussing about my hits (& recent works) as any I remember. BIG THANKS HANS!! Hope to see you at one of our shows!!



Honestly, we were not happy with these accommodations. It's a fairly large restaurant/hotel complex – run by Japanese folks. Maybe it was because it was the weekend, the hotel part seemed empty except for us (I heard later that during the week the place is quite crowded) A seemingly not-so-cordial "chef" checked us in. I'm quite sure it was a language barrier, but with other things not to our liking, we'd choose not to stay here again.

I hate to complain as some of the folks here were quite nice. But the first impression was not great, so we'll stay somewhere else next time we visit this town.


This is a town filled with good memories. I played a Sunday afternoon show here at a local hotel (Hotel Toure – I think?) during every tour from 1997 through 2001 – booked by old friend Cor Sonne. It was always like a vacation stop for me – arrive Saturday afternoon- good dinner – good whiskey – good friends. – sleep late – wake up – roll out of bed – play music for nice, kindhearted folks .. then dinner & whiskey again.. then a good sleep, before moving on. What a life – how I Loved that.

Then my friend, Dale Watson came to town for one of those Sunday shows - & in late night "bar closed – fit", he trashed the place. And there went my vacation Sundays in ALPHEN AAN DE RIJN.

But we're back in town - & those memories are with me. Tonight we're playing a little theater in another side of town. I'm really looking forward to this.


We're staying pretty far outside of town, so tonight we decide to sound check, have dinner close by & stay at the theater. – rather than travel so far to go back to our uninviting hotel.

We arrive at the theater through the town maze, at about 4:30 & sound man Bert, lighting tech, Kees, & helper Vilco greet us – all good guys. The soundboard is a digital one, & the last user had made the sound of each channel far too bright for our liking. But before too long, Bert got it sounding simple & solid. With that safely out of the way, we headed for a nice dinner at a good Italian restaurant just around the corner, where server Sonna was so helpful. SORRY YOU HAD TO WORK SONNA – we'd have loved to see you at the show!! – Next time!!

After dinner, we rested in the spacious green room area at the theater where we met the theater mgr, Lot ("Charlotte"). SO NICE TO SEE YOU, LOT – thanks to you & all the staff - we love this place!

I rest on a sofa & actually sleep for about ten minutes – a first for me!! I wake a bit refreshed & ready. Kendel & John are in a great mood as well. I'm sure this mood will carry forward to the show.

Were on stage at about 9:30.


As I hoped it would be, this was another very special one for the books! Again, it was like being in someone's living room. All the stories from YONKERS connected big time. I'm always a bit nervous that there might be too much of that – but they have been such a comfortable fit for these past shows.

Note: After the show several folks would say how much they loved hearing the stories & how different & special that was.

Again, one song into the set,, I paid tribute to my DJ/record promoter friend, friend Fred Boenig, who lost his son, Austin in Afghanistan a few days ago. We played "FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER in his memory. The audience was totally with you & Austin in spirit again tonight, Fred. I will take you both with me throughout this tour. GOD BLESS YOU, MY FRIEND– see you soon!

Moving on:

Kendel said later that BASTARD BROTHERS was a total highlight for her (as a listener). In retrospect, I guess it did have a very special thing tonight. Somehow I think it brought folks closer to the loving relationship I had with my warm & amazing mom, Barbara.

Kendel, John & I had a special togetherness on stage tonight – we just had a lot of fun playing for these warm, kind folks. And individually, both Kendel & John shone big time! All K's songs were special - TEN LOST MEN brought huge applause & was certainly a huge highlight!

SAW MILL RIVER ROAD was so touching for me tonight. I could see several singing reverently along with the chorus by the time it came around again. And a reverent recall of Johnny Cash's BIG RIVER brought huge response – as did ANGEL OF THE MORNING & a totally reverent/fun version of WILD THING

My '75 hit SAME OLD STORY ended the main part of our show. Although we encored with requests, I CAN'T LET GO & ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME (my TROGGS FAN CLUB FRIENDS calling out for that one) – which I loved, by the way – the truth is I felt this audience "got" my true country heart, & the words from SAW MILL RIVER ROAD seemed to get to ring truer than ever tonight.

"It was country & it was country & it was country again
& sister Susan just loves what the neighbors can't stand"

There were lots of "sister Susans" in the audience tonight – & you all were awesome!!! Big thanks to all who shared this night with us!


Because there is an opening act (new friend Israel is doing a fine job) & our show goes on for about two hours (though it certainly doesn't feel like it), many in the audience have to head home rather quickly at shows end.

For our next show in Leiden, I have decided to split the first half of the show with Israel (play for about 20 minutes immediately after his 30 minute set), so we're further along our Yonkers journey before the break - & before the second half starts. Hopefully, this will leave more time to spend with fans at shows end – I'd like that.


It was so great to see old friends Gerard & Co(o)ck before the show. Thanks so much for making the trip from Haarlem & beyond! - sorry you had to leave before I came to the bar area after the show. I was hoping to see you. SEE YOU SOON AGAIN!!

HI ROB & PEGGY .. great talking with you guys!!! Rob.. loved the Ray Davies stories!! Hope to see you both very soon! Hi Piet, great to see you again & again.. thanks SO much for your support!! Hi to Rob & Ton.. & Corrie & Mieke.. Hi Alex.. tell Paul Hooper I sent my regards..

HI WIJNAND & ELLEN.. so good to see you front & center. Thanks for your support through the years (solo, with Carrie & now).. much appreciated!!! Hi Ineke.. good to see you!!!

Hi William (Willem) & Caroline… so glad you checked youtube & showed up!! It was great seeing you in the audience & talking to you after the show. Love to the girls., hope to see them one of these days. Hope they like Kendel's great CD. It's so hard to believe you guys have an 18 year old!! Hope to see you next time!

PETE & PETER (TROGGS FAN CLUB FRIENDS) .. always special to see you guys .. Big, Big love to Jacqueline .. & big hello to REG & Barbara & the boys .hope to see them soon!!

THANKS TO ALL – see you soon


May 11 – MILAN IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Our tour mgr/driver for the rest of the tour has arrived!!! Milan & I became friends about three years ago when he first road-managed one of our tours. And since then, every time I return to Holland I ask that he join us. He was in Germany with another band until now.

Kendel picked Milan up about 20 minutes away in DEN HAAG. As I return from a walk through the canals, he's waiting in the lobby. WHAT A GREAT REUNION!!!!!



It's only a five minute drive from our hotel to the venue, located along one of the canals in an area close to where I've been walking every day. We arrive & load in at 3:30. By the way – this is a constant ritual as we're on a union schedule with the tech (sound & lighting) folks at every show (load in at 3:30 – check at 3:45 – finished by 4:30).

We are greeted by a great lady, Natalie, who guides us to the back side of the venue where we meet sound tech Jimmy & sound man Tim, two GREAT young guys!!

The sound is AWESOME as soon as we plug in. We're ready to go to dinner at 4:15.

It's only a two minute walk to our favorite restaurant in Leiden – THE GOUCHO. After a quick meal we had back to the hotel for a bit & to relax.

Just before we get on stage, Bart – the kind, warm managing director of this & another theater in town – stops by to welcome us. BIG THANKS BART!! GREAT TO SEE YOU!!

We're on stage at 8:15.


Usually Israel plays a short first set and, after a 20 minute break, we're on stage for two hours – where many in the audience have to quickly catch transportation home.

Tonight we decide to tack on 20 minutes of our show on to the first half so we can "say hello" to the audience before the first break. Actually, this was suggested by our friend & colleague (distributor) here, Bert Pjipers ,when we first arrived in Holland – but an unusually stubborn me didn't listen to him. Right Bert?!

The changeover from Israel's show to ours takes a bit more than I expected – 3 or 4 minutes - but once we're on stage we quickly realize that this new format works BIG TIME!!!

The communication with the audience is there from the start. We get a great welcome as soon as we hit the stage from this seemingly shy & reserved (but soulful) audience. After I introduce Kendel & John we breeze through THE REAL THING, OH BABY LIE DOWN, BASTARD BROTHERS, HEY JONNY & ANGEL OF THE MORNING .. & the connection with these nice folks is sealed.


Tonight, for the first time, Milan is selling CDs at intermission & Kendel goes back to say hello to the folks & sign CDS.


We start off with FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER – as a tribute to Austin Boenig (our friend's son) who lost his life last week in Afghanistan.

From there the show seems to fly by with the great spirit of the YONKERS NY stuff – in story & song ( AGAIN, FOLKS HERE LOVE THE YONKERS STORIES!) - mixed in with the cool Kendel songs. I LIKE TRUCKS, which has been missing in other shows due to time constraints - totally connects tonight.!

Highlights for me were again far too many to mention – but let's go with SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, which I could see was totally connecting with these kind folks tonight as many were singing the chorus by songs end, SAME OLD STORY (my #1 hit in Holland in 1975) - with the story of my first visit here in the 1975 & a requested JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON AGAIN (the flip side of the hit).

We ended with a rousing I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE & returned to the lobby to say hello to folks soon after.


Hi Sjoerd .. great to see you! Thanks for the JOHN TUCKER'S ON THE WAGON request – I loved that tonight!! Hi Monique – it was so great to see you again!! Thanks for the '75 memories. But you look too young to remember those days!

Hi Maggy & Huus (kind of like Hubert) ,, so good talking to you. Hi Wouter & Helga.. good meeting you both .. thanks for the kind words!! .. Hi Niclaas & Frea .. & AAD .. so good to talk to you .. HI GERARD & KEES .. so good to meet you guys .. thanks for making the trip from Amsterdam.. & Gerard, thanks for the nice words about THE GHOST OF PHIL SINCLAIR (my duet with Lucinda Williams).. he was a special guy!!

Hi Rudolf.. good talking to you!! A BIG HELLO TO FUTURE GREAT GUITARIST, Joe (great to see you Joe!! – thanks for coming!!) .. & dad Greg (originally from the south of Wales) & mom, Nelleka – great to see & talk to you all!! So glad Israel met & invited you. Hope to see you soon again.

This was a special night .. what a nice group of folks to play for.

Apr 23-May 4, 2010 Sweden Tour

Apr 23, 2010 – STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
Kendel Carson & I were supposed to arrive a few days ago but were delayed by the volcano ash. I arrive shortly after 11:00 (Kendel will join me in two days). Due to a quick turn around in Munich my luggage does not join me, but the folks at lost-luggage assure me it will be sent to the hotel.

I'm met by now good old friend, Bjorn Petterson (my great friend, Hakan Olsson's partner at a company called Rootsy that distributes our CDs & promotes & books us in this part of the world.

We wait for Orjan Maki, a guitarist from the great Swedish band, Willy Clay, to join us. He arrives at 1:30 & we make the one plus hour trip to Norrtalja, where will stay this night.

Note: Orjan wears a kind of be-bop 50's hat that sits & his hair flows down to his shoulders – an easily recognizable look. When he arrives he is greeted by a group of adoring high school kids – kind & serious in their demeanor. Willy Clay has gained that sort of reverence in this country in this past year. It's a nice thing to see as they're worthy "heroes.


Orjan & I will play three shows tomorrow at Norrtalja prison, then one evening show at a cool venue in a castle-like manor close to Stockholm. Great friend, Hakan Olsson & wife Monica will make the long journey from Malmo to meet us there. I'm looking forward to that.


I am so happy that Bjorn booked us here. This is the Rolls Royce of hotels in the area. We'll move to the castle for one night tomorrow, but otherwise we'll be here as a home base for several days

This is the place I came every night to wind down when I visited last year. My friends Lynn & Amanda are there to greet us, along with Anna (the kind girl who checked us in) & Camilla (who hooked me up to the Internet), & two lovely young ladies, both named Andrea.

After taking care of some Internet business, Orjan & I rehearse before heading downstairs for a great meal. After dinner I relax at the bar with my friends Lynn & Amanda, new friend, Andrea, & some nice folks who are part of tomorrow's wedding party (including groom Andreas & father in law, Leif).

FYI – Since my heart operation last year I DO stick to one single-malt scotch whiskey plus a non-alcoholic beer to finish up the night.
Great folks & a good Laphroig scotch - what a nice way to wind down my first day in Norrtalja.


This day was as important to me as any day – ever – in my singer/songwriter career.

Escorted by prison guard (& our tour-master), Bjorn Petterson, Orjan & I arrived at 12:30 – We went through a security check like you would at an airport, & then were guided to a large living room-like area which would be our performance space for the next several hours.

Note: soon we'll meet another Bjorn Petterson – bass player for the Willy Clay band – don't get confused!

The prison is divided into four cell blocks called "pavilions". Last year we played for inmates from Pavilion A & D in two different shows. This year we will play for Pavilion A, B & C. – three shows – each one lasting about 40 minutes, leaving me 15 minutes to linger & talk with the prisoners.

Last year, we recorded each show &, through our Swedish rep, Rootsy Music, gave a CD gift of those performances as a Christmas present. Throughout the day, the prisoners thanked us for that gift.


Many of these folks are in for life .. or a long, long time. I remember many of the faces from last year. I enjoyed every minute of this show & felt a deep connection to these men. We played THE REAL THING, DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE (A HIGHLIGHT AT EACH OF THESE SHOWS) These & several songs from YONKERS NY (BASTARD BROTHERS & HEY JONNY & SAW MILL RIVER ROAD were certainly highlights - as well as some hits.

In each show we ended with a song I had written for the boys last year – contained on the "live" CD - called NORRTALJA PRISON. Here are the lyrics.


You will play my guitar – walk my motorcycle shoes
You will ride my highways – and I will sing your blues
And I'll go right on singing – 'till there's nothin' left to lose
And we walk through the gates of Norrtalja Prison

Jesus was a lifer – if the truth be known
So don't go pounding on your chest or throwin' that first stone
'cause we're all in this together – 'till he says it's done
And we walk through the gates of Norrtalja Prison

Stephon's eleven years – are for hashish not cocaine
And Patrick, Matts & Dennis – their story's about the same
And Michael's doin' six years for stabbin' his father – for layin' his sister down

And I have seen those eyes before – and I will see those eyes again
You ain't so tough as nails – my good hearted friend
And when I return tomorrow we will walk through the gates of Norrtalja Prison

Smart folks – Marcus sold apartments – economic crime .. sell stuff you own

Marcus sold apartments – that he truly did not own
Hey Robbin did you steal computers – so you could shoot stuff up your arm
And Sasha did you try to kill someone – who meant your family harm
Someday we'll all walk through the gates of Norrtalja Prison

note to Robbin.. not sure you shot stuff up your arm .. poetic license


Hi to: Mattias.. good to see you again.. it was good for me to see how quickly I recognized you & many.. hope your garden blooms in the coming months.
Hi Robbin.. good to see your smile again.. Hi Meran, Aziz, Martin, Geage, Renaldo, Anders .. another strong memory from last year.. & Miller & Joe, Stephon (one of the "stars" of my song), Ismael & Reddy.

ALSO.. GREAT TO SEE THE KIND & MUCH LOVED "WARDEN" OF THIS PLACE, ANDERS.. who stopped by to see the performance on his DAY OFF. Anders has been a fan since THIS SIDE OF THE BIG RIVER – released in 1974,
In between shows Anders requested "SAME OLD STORY", from that album. It was good to play that song after all these years. Great to see you my friend!!


This was a new group of guys to play for. But the connection was solid & I'll look forward to seeing many of these boys again next year.
Note: I started standing up & moving & singing close to the guys here – busking style. That just felt like the right thing to do, I continued to do that for the next group as well.
Again.. highlights were similar to the first show.. definitely connected with DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, HOLY SHIT & NORRTALYA PRISON.. but perhaps the highlight for me was when I sang CHARCOAL SKY & said "God bless America & that charcoal sky" – one of the prisoners, ERGON said rather defiantly.. "MY COUNTRY TOO!!". So the next time I sang that chorus I changed the lyrics to "your country (ALBANIA) too!!)

Great to see you ERGON.. thanks for the lyric change! Hi to Afrim, Galchan, Mattias, Selman, another Methias (note the different spelling).. & Tommy & all the rest.. I'll see some of you next year! All the best.


This was a challenging group. But I loved every minute. Again, I performed standing up & moving around within the group.
One of the things I remember is as follows: As I told my story .. "for many years I was a professional gambler", it sounded to one prisoner .. was it Majdi?? .. that I said, "professional GANG MEMBER" .I replied, " no that was YOU.. I was the GAMBLER"!" – These boys had a very good sense of humor.

Another memory - when I sang HOLY SHIT & said "THE DEVILS IN THE CORNER OF THAT SMOKY SUBWAY ROOM", everybody laughed & pointed to the prisoner IN THE CORNER of the room.. just good hearted fun.. a wonderful spirit was in this room today.

Again.. DANCE WITH A HOLE TOTALLY CONNECTED. When I say connected, I mean all the prisoners got a serious message from the song - and the pulsing, simple rhythm of it helped bring the message further home. This was serious stuff. And after the fun of many other songs, the feeling & mood of NORRTAJA PRISON was totally reverent & serious. For me, this is as important as my music can be. Thanks for that boys.
Hi to ZAHER, MAJDI, BENON.. (I liked watching your foot tap.. it let me know I was in the right direction).. Hi to ascot-wearing "movie star"-like, Johnson. It was good to see you my friend.

Hi to Nolag, Zaher, Burba, Zegko, Rade (ACO), Munim, (FROM IRAQ).. thanks for your advice & tolerance .. I'll tell George (Bush) when I see him!)… Hi TO MY POLISH FRIENDS MICHAL, MARIUSZ, & KRYTIAN.. made me think of my friend, film director & humanist, KRYSZTOV ZANUSSI (from Poland).. a good thing!
Hi Stanley & Valeri, Seho & Abdalla Shakib.. & NO NAME!! – from Azerbaijan - I'll tell Angelina you sent your love!

Apr 24, 2010 – VENUE – THE SKEBO PUB.. IN SKEBO -

We've heard about this amazing venue for years. Back in the early Chip Taylor, Carrie Rodriguez days, two volunteer representatives of this place – ROLF & LEIF - came to a theater show we were doing in Stockholm, They invited us to perform here back then.., I FINALLY MADE IT!!!!

The community runs & owns this amazing place. It's a nonprofit organization run by amazing volunteers.
THE COMMUNITY THAT HOUSES THIS MUSIC VENUE SPRUNG UP 100 years ago - around a ore mining plant. That factory has long since disappeared.. But the amazing art community flourishes.

The SKEBO MANOR HOUSE, built in 1770, like a large estate house. This houses a world-class restaurant which features organically homegrown produce & game gathered from their own hunting grounds. It sits at the back part of a circular stone driveway, which has two carriage house sleeping quarters on either side.
BY THE WAY - My old friend Bjorn Petterson, bassist in the now-famous in these parts - Willy Clay band – flew in for this show .. GREAT TO SEE YOU MY FRIEND!
ALSO.. MY GREAT FRIEND HAKAN OLLSON & WIFE MONICA made the long trip from Malmo to visit & support us. It's always special when we get together – this is no exception!


Bjorn had just arrived – we had a choice – rehearse or eat an amazing meal. We chose the latter.

At 6:30, we ate an AMAZING delicious 5 course meal - each course described in detail by a wonderful hostess. Then Bjorn, Orjan & I. rehearsed for a few minutes. We were on stage at 9:00 PM


The venue was sold out. What a wonderful welcoming audience! After an intro from our wonderful host, Rolf, we began.

This was a show I won't forget. With only a 5 minute rehearsal before show time – only to brush up on the opening two songs – this entire show took on a unique character – one of a, "we'll figure this out as we go" attitude… & we won't worry about it."

And that's what brought the magic. It's what happens when musicians first learn a song. The magic often happens with innocence of the unknown revealing itself. Bjorn & Orjan & I were totally in that zone tonight!

From DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE through the journey of YONKERS NY - & into requests for long forgotten (or so I thought) songs such as SAME OLD STORY & WE COME UP SHINING - to the final curtain call of my tribute to the prisoners, NORRTALJA PRISON – this was as soulful a show as I've ever been involved with.
And this great audience was part of the magic from the beginning. They understood the situation with the lack of rehearsal time. And I could feel that they felt the heroics of Orjan & Bjorn as they forged into unknown territory. It's so special when an audience gets that!

WHAT A NIGHT! It doesn't get better!!

First, hi & thanks to volunteers Rolf, Leif (at the bar) & John. And yes, we'll come back – the sooner the better.
Hi Anna.. thanks so much for the kind words. See you at the ACCURATE on September 19th. Hi to mom Marie & friend ULLA..from Greenwich Connecticut (in the 80's) .. hi to Anders.. so nice to talk to you.. Hi Leif & Maria.. good to see you again!!
Special hi to Anders .. my friend in charge at Norrtalja prison.. & lovely wife, Britt-Marie.. So great to see you both tonight!! Big thanks for the longtime support. Hi to Bengt .. who brews the amazing local beer in the downstairs area.. And big hello to our new friend & music critic, Magnus, who requested WE COME UP SHINING.- that was special tonight.

NOTE: Magnus would write a glowing & magical article in the following days newspaper – BIG THANKS MAGNUS!!
Got a chance to relax with Hakan, Monica, friend Per & others before calling it a night. Can't wait to come back here!

Apr 25, 2010 – OBE PRISON

This is NOT a maximum-security prison. It's more like a camp with fences around it. The prisoners here are either in for lesser crimes (a lot of drug trafficking & drug using) or have been shifted here at the tail end of time served for more serious crimes.
We played here last year. There's not one prisoner from that group still here. They've all been let out.
Just before we played I said hi to a couple of prisoners, Peter & Jocke, with less than two months left to serve.
Again, we played busking style – with no mikes.. though Bjorn did amp his bass for a bit of presence.
This was nice group to play for – highlights were about the same as at Norrtalja.. let's go with DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHIE, BIG RIVER, HOLY SHIT, ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING..
HI to:
I've misplaced my notes here.. But I remember a few names:
Robin.. all the best in rehab.. & hope you make that hockey team. AND JONAS .. special thoughts of you, wife Jennie & son (almost 2 / Linus). I wish you the best, Jonas, with being a chef or whatever – SEE YOU ON SEPT 19th AT THE ACCURATE IN STOCKHOLM.- DON'T FORGET!! And Jocke & Peter.. nice talking to you guys. Hope to see you on the outside!


After the Obe show, Bjorn, Orjon & I drove to Stockholm airport & picked up a tired Kendel Carson. Kendel & I were driven straight to the ATELLET HOTEL, NORRTALJA - again - what a wonderful place to come to when you've had a tough travel day. Kendel was so appreciative of that. We arrived at 7:30 big thanks to Lisa for fixing us up a late dinner at around 9:00.
It was good to relax a few hours later with Lisa & Amanda (hotel staff) & Ryan (from Australia) before calling it a night.


It was less than an hours drive from Norrtalja to this prison. We arrived at about 9:00 AM. Eva & Katrin were our kind & warm hosts – AND STRONG! Each helped us load our sound system. BIG THANKS.. SO GLAD YOU WERE THERE TO GUIDE US THROUGH THIS SPECIAL DAY!

Johnny Cash recorded a live album here some years back, playing from this same stage. I feel so honored to share that memory & that stage with the folks here.
The thing that separates this prison from others is that the inmates do ongoing therapy – 12 Step OR a thing called Cognitive Therapy. Each inmate chooses which he'd rather do. The latter is, from what I gather, sort of identifying your weaknesses & meeting them head on & fixing them for the future – NOT – AS 12 STEP DOES – "confessing" your past sins.

Eva & Katrin suggest that a combination might work better, but they say all these inmates tend not to come back again as the ones housed in "no therapy" institutions.
I LOVED THESE SHOWS TODAY!! I allowed a good 15 minutes to talk to the prisoners & totally enjoyed that. And Bjorn & Orjan were just great… & the inmates showed a lot of appreciation for their efforts


The audience response to DANCE continued to be amazing.. definitely a favorite.. & at every show the prisoners sang along with WILD THING There was amazing camaraderie between us & prisoners today - and the song, NORRTALJA PRISON, sealed that deal at every show.


Hi to: Peter, hash dealer, Jonas.. hi to son Carl (Calle), Jonas .. it doesn't seem fair to me.. best of luck.. Hi Gary .. 3 to go .. see you soon.. Hi Amir (the welder) . I'll see you on the outside!! .. Hi Hisham.. keep up the good work .. hi SAMIR.. my Polish/Iraq friend .. great talking to you… Hi Magnus.. for the sake of NADIN.. you'll make it I'm sure.. Hi Kim (armed Robbery).. sounds like you're on the right path .. one more year - no turning back now!!
And all the others .. this was a great thing for me – loved talking to you all – best of luck!!

Hi to: Alphonse .. 6 to go .. you'll make it my friend.. hi John.. 4 years .. see you soon!!.. Hi Henok Major .. 3 to go.. lookin' good!! .. Hi Robertino.. hi Stephon .. 2 to go!! – good work.. Kristeffer .. 5 total? .. all the best.. hi Reine Bergsfron?.. only 3 to go .. keep it up!! .. hi Michael.. 9 to go .. you'll do it .. see you next year!!.. Hi Vasco..
& Jojje.. great talking to you – I know it's unfair.. great talking to you.. come to one of my shows when you get out & tap me on the shoulder.. I'll look forward to that!!.. Hi Kristian.. 2 will fly by!! .. see you soon.. hi Jorgenlysr .. drugs I think .. not fair.. hi Viberg .. 3 to go.. keep it up.. Hi Peter, Lee, Karlsson, Niklas, Henhe, Andreas, Axelsson, Kamal .. all in 3 to 5 rage .. all the best .. I'll look forward to seeing all you guys again!!

Cell Block H-3 & H-4
Hi boys.. Keneth – 2 to go - & Mats – 3 plus.. Geogen – 7 - & movie star Balla (from Gambia) – drug dealer .. great talking to you .. no reason for you to be here!! .. back to your economic studies!! .. Eva told me!! .. Hi Jamal.. bad deals here .. all the best.. thanks for the kind words re: the NORRTALJA PRISON SONG ("Stephon's 11 years are for hashish NOT cocaine").. I'll be thinking about you.. Joachim.. nice talking to you
Hi to Alexander (helped girlfriend escape from prison.. got put away himself & they found girlfriend, Olivia .. now she's back in as well.. OK, Alexander.. we'll say hi to Olivia next week & send your love .. hi Ronnie.. another bad deal.. best of luck..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAFI!!!.. great sharing the day with you.. Hi Mattias.. thanks so much for the kind words .. hope you get a break..
Hi to another Stephon (Gullberg) .. hard to believe you're a bank robber .. you look more like a professor.. I'll try to get you that CD..
Bjorn said .. one of the guys said.. "this was so nice.. he took us to another time & another place for a while" .. thanks for that.
I'll take you with me boys.. all the best!!
Special hi to guard Justine & ex-husband AKE. Hope to see you at a show soon, Ake .. thanks for the support over the years.

Apr 27, 2010 – NORRTALJA

VENUE - THE TEATERN – GUEST APPEARANCE with Eilen Jewel & band (Jason/ drums – Jerry / guitar – Johnny / upright bass)

Our promoter, Bjorn, booked Eilen & her great band tonight & since we were in staying in town asked if we would stop by & do a guest appearance. We readily accepted.

We last played on the same stage with Eilen & the boys two years ago at the Americana Festival in Nashville. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!


It was just Orjan, Kendel & me tonight as Bjorn had to head back to Kiruna for a Willy Clay TV filming.

This was a wonderful group of folks to play for and friend John from local great band, SIXPACK HOLLIDAY, got us some good sound to work with.

It was good to hear Kendel performing again. She was awesome tonight. Highlights of our mini-set were many .. but lets go with Kendel's OH BABY LIE DOWN.. which set a good tone for the rest of the show. CHARCOAL SKY was chilling tonight.. BIG RIVER & WILD THING totally rocked.. & again .. the chilling show stopper was the song for the prisoners, "NORRTALJA PRISON" .. this was magic.. I heard later people were openly crying.. I was on the verge myself.


Eilen was a bit ill .. maybe severe jet-lag, but YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE KNOWN IT. SHE AND THE BOYS WERE AWESOME TONIGHT.. so glad we all could be together again.

Hi TO:

Big thanks to my Atellet Hotel staff friends who stopped by – AMANDA, LISA (& BJORN) & CAROLINA.. I love you guys.. thanks so much for the support .. (& THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!! .. that was so touching!!)..

Hi to Leif .. good to see you again!! .. big hello to Marie!! .. hi SVEN.. thanks for coming by.. what a nice surprise!..

Hi to Peter & lovely Nathalie at the end.. hope you enjoy the CDs.. I'll look forward to seeing you next time .. & HEARING ABOUT YOUR WEDDING!! .. right Nathalie!!! .. stay in touch through TRAINWRECKRECORDS.COM

Said hi to several others but misplaced notes with names.. big thanks to Christina, Hakan & the great staff!! .. hope to see you next year!!


Big thanks to all here .. Sanna, Amanda, Lisa, Andrea & Andrea, Karin & all the rest .. this was like a vacation for me thanks to all of you!! …hope to see you next year


Kiruna is Willy Clay territory. All the boys in the band are from here so I've heard about this mining town for years now. Most folks that live here have something to do with mining ore from the adjacent mountain. The tunnel for the excavation has traveled clear under the town & the word is that for safety reasons, the town will soon have to be moved. For a few months in the winter there is NO sunlight. In my brain I've imagined this as a tough town – a dark & dingy one - one you didn't want to set foot in.

As our plane lowered for landing & I looked down at the terrain I realized my mind had played tricks on me. This, in fact, was beautiful territory. It reminded me of northern New York state – not even so far up – maybe the Catskill region. When I exited the plane I took a deep breath of the cool mountain air. Although it was close to freezing (yes it is cold up here), the sun felt warm & I felt warm enough in my blue jean shirt.

Big thanks to Yvonne (Orjon's wonderful girl friend) for picking us up – driving us to our extremely comfortable & MODERN Scandic hotel to check in - & then having us to her home for a GREAT meal!!! What a blessing!!

SOUNDCHECK AT THE VENUE – Within walking distance of the place, this cool little modern pub-restaurant has warm, welcoming vibe. This is the first music venue for this place. Bjorn Petterson – bass player from Willy Clay – has booked this show for owner Arthur, who is hoping to do a series of these type shows in the future.

Bjorn would play bass for us tonight – as well as be our sound engineer & host. When Kendel, Orjan & I arrived Bjorn had the equipment ready for sound check. But more important .. lovely SARAH was there with the great little boy, OLOF.. the cutest guy in the universe!!! GREAT TO SEE YOU SARAH!!

We practiced a few Kendel songs & then headed back to the hotel for to relax before show time.


GREAT TO SEE YOU TONY!!! Congratulations on all your success .. you all deserve it!! THE WORLD NEEDS WILLY CLAY!!

THE SHOW – The show is sold out. Ten tables holding about six people each line up in two rows to the back, where it's standing room only at the bar.

This was magic from the start. Although the audience gave shy response to the performance at first, we could tell from the look on the faces that we were connecting big time. By the start of the second set, the responses were looser & far more vocal. There was an amazing camaraderie with the audience & the performers tonight. We were in it together – AND MAGIC HAPPENED IN KIRUNA TONIGHT!!

There were far too many highlights to mention. Kendel was awesome & much appreciated. Her TEN LOST MEN, SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES & OH BABY LIE DOWN all killed. BASTARD BROTHERS, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD with the BIG RIVER tribute, DANCE WITH JESUS & HEY JONNY all had a special connection.

But the ones that left me with chills were DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, I NEED SOME HELP WITH THAT, NORRTALJA PRISON & a requested THE SHIP – these were so special tonight – in big part due to the soulful performances by Otjon, Bjorn & Kendel –

I LOVED THIS NIGHT – Big thanks to all who were part of it.


HI to:

Special thanks to owners Arthur & Louise (at the bar) – loved being here – thanks for the kind words, Louise.. that meant a lot to me. Arthur, well done my friend – all the best with future shows!

Hi Arne.. thanks for the invite to the ICE HOTEL & the kind words – see you & Cecilia in the AM .. THANKS FOR THE NICE WORDS CECILIA.. & for recovering from your operation quick enough to attend tonight! See you in the morning.

REINE .. SO GREAT TO SEE YOU & LOVELY SANDRA.. loved talking to you.. that was special for me. Hi Anton. (brother of great Willy Clay lead singer/ songwriter Tony.. so good talking to you & friends .. hi Mattias (hope friend Janne enjoys the CD) & Erik .. Harry .. hi Tobias.. & Tommy & Ann Christina .. so good talking to you!!

Hi Kent .. (dogsledder & big WILLY CLAY supporter) .. great talking to you… Hi Jonas (cousin of Willy Clay drummer Freddy – Freddy .. thanks SO much for being here tonight

Hi Joakim .. glad you were out of the ground tonight. Stay safe my friend – I loved talking to you. AND BIG, BIG HI TO BJORN'S MOM MARI & FOREVER FRIEND / OLD BOYFRIEND, Janne .. hope brother Roland enjoys the CD as well .. good talking to you…

Hi Sarah.. THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR BEING THERE.. Bjorn gave me your message .. thanks for that!! AND BIG HI & LOVE TO YVONNE.. great meeting Tim .. hi to him.. & hi to Robbin.. hope to see him next time!! By the way.. you're man was AWESOME .. & so soulful tonight!!!!!!

Apr 29, 2010 - THE ICEHOTEL – Jukkasarvi, Sweden (near Kiruna)

We met Arne at the show at our show at Arthur & Louise' TRADGARN last night. Arne is an artist / entrepreneur – one of the founders of this now world famous place – which happens to be only 15 minutes drive from our Scandic hotel

Arne & his lovely artist wife, Cecilia offered to pick up Kendel & me at the hotel this morning & give us a quick tour of this trendy hotel made of ice (The ICEHOTEL) before taking us to the airport.

First stop – their lovely little cabin on the Torne River opposite the hotel grounds. What an amazing little getaway place – precious & perfect ,, with a working old 78 player sitting next to us & old time music as our background. After good, informative conversation – i.e.: The Sami Indians (Laps) from 100 plus years ago.. the English smarts that helped get the ore from the Kiuna mountains.. the neutral position Sweden took in WW II .. the Germans securing access to the Norwegian port & getting their hands on the ore from Kiruna .. etc.. etc… & very good coffee, we wound around to the other side of the river to visit THE ICEHOTEL.

AMAZING – a 40 room hotel / with bar & church & lobby .. all made from the river's ice .. all designed by the greatest designers on the planet – all for rich/elite guests to spend ONE NIGHT IN A FREEZING ROOM!! Who would have guessed this would fly!! – But fly it does!!! BIG TIME … The art IS truly amazing .. as is the JAMES BOND-LIKE ice cutting room where blocks of the river are cut by monster machines to form the fabric of each room.. We overlooked this from our walk way above.. like Bond's GOLDFINGER .. strange / crazy stuff ..

Oh yes.. the guests can retreat to warm cabins for a longer stay .. which most opt to do.

Huge thanks to our new friends, ARNE & CECELIA for this amazing adventure!

Words to a recent song came to mind:

"Nothing – nothing – it comes & goes
And you're left with nothing – nothing I suppose"

Apr 29, 2010 - ARRIVING IN MALMO

Old friend & mgr/distrib for us in these parts, Hakan Olsson, picked Kendel & me up at Copenhagen airport & drove us to our Malmo hotel – this time the cool, elite/ with old fashioned flair – SAVOY HOTEL – with great, great restaurant & world-class single-malt bar attached.

Kendel is still jet-lagged & opted to call it a night. Hakan & I wound down at the bar with his wonderful wife (& my great friend as well) Monica. After two hours worth of good food, whiskey & conversation, I called it a night as well.


Jill is an amazing vocalist – in the tradition of Anne Murray & Dusty Springfield & Evie Sands – a one-of-a-kind. She is at the forefront of the soulful Swedish country music scene, and a few years ago went to the top of the charts here with an amazing version of ANGEL OF THE MORNING. Last year she joined me performing that at my show in Goetenberg .. now she's invited me to join her here.


It was great to see Jill again – along with now friend Lotta (Jill's amazing background singer). When we arrived at 4:30, we were greeted by Johan – Jill's tour mgr (& great guy) & within minutes we were sound checking. Jill invited Kendel to join in playing fiddle on Angel Of The Morning. The idea was – that after performing that with Jill & her awesome band – led by guitarist, Goaran – Kendel & I would perform a song by ourselves. We chose Charcoal Sky.

As we rehearsed Charcoal Sky I invited the band to join in if they saw fit. During the first rehearsal of the song they joined in & were amazing!! By the time we finished the second run through we were totally locked - what a blessing!!


Jill put on a charming warm, magical show – lots of good hearted fun ( it was in Swedish & I'm not sure what she was saying that brought the laughter) - & lots of great performances by Jill & her amazing band.


Jill graciously introduced me & after a few kind words back & forth, we performed a chilling duet of ANGEL OF THE MORNING, which the audience seemed to love. Kendel joined in on fiddle with the other strings beautifully.

Then it was a journey back to a Monday with my mom & dad & my brothers on Charcoal Sky .. & Kendel & the band killed - & I got lots of chills again.


Said hi to many, including:

Hi Anke & Klaus & Bjorn (bought CD for Mimi .. hope she enjoys it!!). & Kimmo, Kterina & DAVID (who would surprise me & Hakan & family with some good English stout back at the hotel bar later – BIG THANKS MY FRIEND!!!)

Hi Johan & Marie .. & big hi to Sven.. a fan from way back who has all my old vinyl albums & latest CDs (including all C&C duets. Hi Mats & Tamara.. & Glenn & Frederik - & Johan, Paul

BIG HI TO MY NEW FRIEND GABBIE & HER FRIEND, Karina ("Korina, Korina.. where you been so long").. loved having fun with you guys!!! .Hi Pemilla & Jonny – a huge Johnny Cash fan – thanks for the kind comparison .., he's my hero as well .. Big hi to Elinor & John (BOCIJ) .. good talking to you all … & hi Denice .. hope to see you all next time!


Wonderful to wind down with Hakan Olsson & wife Monica & MY GREAT FRIEND – THEIR DAUGHTER ELIN.. she is absolutely a one-of-a-kind!!!! (Elin is now back in Malmo, working at the concert hall where we just played) We all shared a lot of good laughs & warm talk together. It is SO special to be together!


For an hour or so, it was Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez night at the Savoy .. as our duets constantly were streaming out of the sound system. I had no idea why. I found out later that the unassuming bartender that had been waiting on us these past nights, Daniel, was a fan of my music, including all the C&C duets – a fan of the WILLY CLAY BAND loved their honest – guy next door approach & heartfelt music - & a fan of Hakan Olsson's amazing ROOTS.NU web site. GO THERE – YOU'LL FIND OUT WHY!!!!

Thanks for the beers, David!! And Big thanks Daniel – you made my night!!!

May 1, 2010 – HEADING FOR GOTEBERG (another "guest" with Jill Johnson)

Friend Hakan Ollson picks us up at 11:00 – With good conversation, the time flies by – arrive at the hotel by 2:00 – sound check at 4:30 & after a quick meal at a local pub, we're ready for our "guest" show at 7:00.


Again Jill is so cordial before the show with us (& during the show with the audience the band).. Great to meet Jill's kind-eyed husband, Hakan (what a nice guy) who spent much of the night holding & dance-walking their new sweet/ delicious three month old (as of yesterday) baby girl, Bonnie.


Jill warmly introduces Kendel & me - then Jill & I talk a bit before beginning our duet of ANGEL OF THE MORNING. I begin the verse & it is total chill time when Jill enters with:

'I see no need to take me home
I'm old enough to face the dawn"

The chills continue as our voices hit the chorus. Again, in the tradition of Dust, Evie Sands, Anne Murray & the like - .. Jill Johnson is one of THE great SOUL/ pop voices of our time. And with this awesome band plus Kendel & the string section – this version of "Angel.." is amazing!

After ANGEL, Kendel & I begin CHARCOAL SKY - my journey back to a Yonkers New York train station – on a Monday - with my brothers & mom & dad. By the second verse the band joined in & tonight – Lotta (one of the greatest soul-background singers I ever heard - joined in singing the chorus & band leader / ace-guitarist Goran split the solo with Kendel & was amazing!! What a train ride it was! And this audience seemed to love the journey!!

Big thanks to Jill, Lotta & the boys!!


Said hi to several, including:

Frederik, Mona, SIV (hope the close up picture turned out OK! .. hi to Emil & Loec from France.. & Josefin & Susan.. & Mikael.. & Roland.. & Belinda


Jill & I have decided to record a new song of mine, FOREVER'S GOING UNDERGROUND. If all goes well, we will release it on Chip Taylor "BEST OF" scheduled for released by Hakanm Ollson's ROOTSY label in Sweden in September. It will also be available on a Jill Johnson compilation.




After the show it was great to see my friend Peter from BOX WHISKEY – located in the Box region, about two hours north of Stockholm – nestled on a river only a few miles inland from Sweden's east coast.

We talked for a while in the dressing room – then headed for our cool little boutique hotel to continue our discussions. The hope is that BOX WHISKEY & Chip Taylor can partner up for some special events.

Peter is here with cohort & BOX board member, Anders. Under the tutelage of John McDougall (head distiller of Laphroig & Springbank), Anders has been mastering the craft of distilling. That expertise, coupled with the selection of Barley (smoke dried, clean air dried - or otherwise moisture reduced) will go a long way in determining the characteristic of BOX whiskey – stay tuned!! But, whatever the characteristic - one thing for sure – this will be amazing stuff!

For the time being BOX imports choice selections – mostly suggests from John MacDugal) – THESE ARE AWESOME SELECTIONS !!! Their homegrown BOX stuff will be flowing in a few years!!


Again, the purpose of our meeting tonight was to organize Chip Taylor / BOX WHISKEY events.. hosted by legendary head-distiller, John McDougall.

By evening's end, Hakan Olsson, Anders, Peter & I have agreed we will team up for several shows/ tasting beginning the end of September. These get-togethers will be held in exclusive manor-house hotel like places.


Check the website for further info!


I've been fighting off a cold – swollen glands / fever etc., for a few days now. Contac, vitamin C & a sleeping pill help me get through the night. I'm not too bad in the AM – but it's lurking.


After breakfast, Hakan escorts Kendel & me to the train station. It's a very pleasant two-hour ride to Orebro, where Orjan - fresh from his heroic performance with the WILLY CLAY band at a festival in Bergen, Norway – is waiting.

We check into our new "home for three days" – The Clarion – a very comfortable place to call home! BIG THANKS TO CARIN for taking the tome to get me a fan & hook up my Internet.


Just before leaving for the venue for sound check, in our lobby, Kendel & I meet Orjan's sister, Kerstin, brother-in-law Mats & our kind host / producer of this show , Anders. I've seen Anders several times over the last few years. He had booked an earlier show (last Wednesday) but due to the volcanic ash problem, it was canceled. He put this show together at the last minute.


We walked down friendly town streets & arrived at our venue – the SKANDIC GRAND HOTEL at about 5:30. After a brief sound check with Anders modest but solid system, we had a good dinner there & were ready for the show.


THIS WAS A MAGIC NIGHT!!!! I'm never quite sure if folks will "get" the stories or if we should just play the songs. It was clear early on that this audience loved the whole picture – stories included. So this became "the best of Chip Taylor, Kendel Carson & Orjan Maki" – as intimate as you can get.

We played for about 50 minutes .. took a 15 minute break & then played for the better part of two hours.. & the time just flew by.

Aside from several great highlights from Kendel's two albums (OH BABY LIE DOWN, RIBBONS & BOW, SEVEN SHADOWS & I LIKE TRUCKS, , this was a YONKERS NEW YORK night – all the stories & songs from that album – BASTARD BROTHERS, HEY JONNY, WITHOUT HORSES & CHARCOAL SKY totally connected with story & song.

And another special thing about this night's performance was that new stories arose from old ones. I thought & shared things I had never talked about before (including the BOX WHISKEY / HEART OPERATION story. And all of us were totally lost in this sort of off-the-cuff thing together & THAT WAS MAGIC FOR ME – REAL MAGIC.

After a rockin' WILD THING, we ended with a wonderful/ reverent sing-a-long version of HOLY SHIT .. & closed with my tribute to the prisoners, NORRTAJA PRISON. Thanks to all who were here for bringing out the honest-best in all of us!


Note" lost my notes .. so a few from memory:

Hi Peder & Elita?? .. so good to see you both.. Hi Sten & Hoken.. & music-lover Leif & lovely daughter, Evelyn.. hope to see you next time – don't forget .. best with your studies.. Hi MARIA ("Mary, Mary") Great to see you at the side of the bar.. best with your music.. hi Frederik & Anna??? – what was the second part of that.. it was so great to see you later.. thanks so much for the kind words!!.. Hi Kerstin (another one) .. Hi Goran!! .. nice talking to you

Hi Lena .. good to see you .. Hi Stigbjorn – nice talking to you.. Hi Hakan.. great to talk to you as well .. Hi Krisin & Erik & Lennart.. thanks for the kind words

Kersten & Mat .. so glad you made the trip .. it was so special spending time with you!!

And to all the others .. this was special.. I'll look forward to next time

God Bless/ chip

– in Frovi, Sweden (close to Orebro)

There are about 350 women prisoners in Sweden - as compared to 6,000 plus men prisoners. The prison we are going to houses most of Sweden's women prisoners – about 200. It's a maximum security facility. The crimes they are sentenced for varies – lots of drug stuff – stealing – battery, murder, etc.

A great guy named Hakan is in charge of social activities for the prisons in this area. He meets Orjan & me at 3:00 PM at our Orebro hotel. Hakan has a strong tie to the prisoners and is a wonderful force in bringing a better look at their plight. He is their voice so to speak.

As a side, the singer/ songwriter in Hakan, is recording songs written by the prisoners & will perform them at various functions.

We travel about one hour to the prison. AGAIN, THIS IS MAXIMUM SECURITY – BUT YOU COULD FOOL ME. This "camp" sits on a hill in a pretty countryside area. On top of the hill is a beautiful manor house the holds staff & some prisoners. Spread out below are three or four dormitory-like buildings, immaculate in their appearance.

After going through a solid security check I am greeted by the head master of the prison, Britt Marie, a kindly looking middle aged woman who thanks me profusely for taking the time to come here.

We find our way to the back to a small theater-like room. This is the best performing area by far that we've encountered on this prison tour. The room is in a clean, new building & is equipped with a good sound system & rolling new theater chairs. It's set up for about 20 people.


Orjan & I are performing as a duo today as we did earlier in the tour. It's a minimalist sound set up (we're using ours, not theirs) but that's fine for today as this is more a "living room" atmosphere.

This was a great bunch of ladies to play for. They seemed shy at first – so was I. But together we slowly connected to the songs & the stories. They seemed to love "Bastard Brothers" & rocked & smiled to "Hey Jonny". There was lots of singing on ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING made them smile/ We closed with NORRTALJA PRISON .. & I witnessed lots of tears & felt close in spirit to these ladies.

Talked to several including:

Hi Susie – see you at the ACCURATE in September!! Look forward to that .... Hi Nina.. good luck in rehab .. . best of luck with your boys.. Hi Annette .. good luck when you get out on Oct 27.. it's around the corner.. Hi Ing Marie – nice talking to you.. Hi Ruth .. & hi to the kind woman on the right side (almost in the center) .. grey sweater.. was hoping to say hi to you .. I liked seeing you smile from the stage.


There were a few more ladies here for this show - a few cliques of two or three friends who seemed to have a nice bond.. a fun group for the most part – but there's always a serious/sad side as well. But LOTS of hope here.

We made a connection quick here. I honestly thought I'd have trouble with Aisha (a pretty young black 19 year old) & her friends.. But they were soon swaying back & forth to the music. Most were smiling at BASTARD BROTHERS & rockin to the rhythm of BIG RIVER. Most all sang on ANGEL OF THE MORNING & LAUGHED & SANG ON WILD THING. Again, I closed with the solemn NORRTALJA PRISON.& once again I was touched by the feeling in the room.


Hi To:

Hi Florence .. like Marcus .. sold "phony" apartments .. serving 6 months & smiling .. 800,000 crowns waiting. Ouch!! EASY MONEY IS NEVER GOOD MONEY .. .. take care Florence .. stay straight.. hi to Ceila.. visited dad 5 days.. got 5 years!! .. (DRUGS).. Ciela says .."good thing I didn't visit him 10 days!!".. these guys have a good sense of humor

Hi Nantale .. got 5 years (drugs) .. only a bit to go.. sorry about your baby .. God Bless Nantale.. Hi Sazan.. hope you can work out being with your child.. stay safe.. HI ROSITA!! – I think .. the pretty Jamaican girl - GREAT TALKING TO YOU .. YOU WERE GREAT TO PLAY FOR!

Hi Theresa .. less than 2 .. good luck!! Stay safe.. Hi MAUVA.. only 2 months to go.. good luck .. stay clear of Rosita!! .. Hi Patricia.. 7 big ones .. only one plus to go .. you know what you have to do .. do it!! .. you know the consequences.. like a guard told me ..It's better with open windows!! ..

Special hello to the older woman in the back right who seemed troubled .. but sang to ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. then relaxed & smiled to the MARCUS story (sold apartments he didn't own).. God Bless .. wish I could have said hello


Thanks big time to the kind staff – it was wonderful to see you guys/ladies there in camaraderie with the prisoners .. enjoying the show.

TRIBUTE TO ORJAN – just wanted to call special attention to Orjan's playing today. He is a very soulful player & simplicity is his virtue. With one note he can touch the sadness in you to make you cry. He was magic today. The prisoners loved listening to him (me too!) & they let him know it.



Prisoners here are either sentenced & waiting to be shipped out to a certain prison or waiting to be sentenced by the court OR waiting while their sentence is appealed.

The building is sort of a modern looking large office-like structure in a corner of town. But once inside there is no mistaking this for anything else – it IS a prison.

We arrived at 1:00 and with less security fanfare & were escorted past a hallway with cells on either side. No mistaking these for hotel rooms, the doors are solid & heavy & lock & open only from the outside. I was allowed to inspect one – not bad – toilet & TV in each .. but, of course – no open windows.


We played three shows in a living room area for 5 or 6 prisoners at a time. THE REAL THING seemed to always get things started in a good connecting way. DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE also connected in a special way & somehow all the prisoners smiled big time with Bastard Brothers. ANGEL OF THE MORNING is quite well known in Sweden .. all were way into that .. as well as WILD THING .. & NORRTALJA PRISON connected as it always does

But the big thing was the one on one & I left plenty of time for that. Orjan was there to translate for me .. With many, I needed that.


REBER .. who gave me some lyrics for a new song .. "easy to hate .. hard to love" .. I love that!! Thanks my friend.. three years total.. drug related stuff.. but not much time to go.. best of luck!! .. Hi NENET .. from SERBIA.. I liked this guy.. he was caught stealing .. says they got the wrong guy .. he was an innocent driver?? will be deported when released in a few months.. says he doesn't deserve to be guarded or watched .. he laughs a sarcastic laugh when he points at the guards. They laugh back..

Hi Daniel .. 6 months .. drug related .. GERRY .. oh my goodness!! This is a nice guy to talk to.. been in jail 22 times .. since he was 17 .. now 50.. convicted this time of stealing (cars.. joy rides.. not selling) & ASSAULT while drunk .. he says his friend did it but the bad guy his friend hit, in a drunken stupor, pointed the finger at him. Gerry probably do two years .. being sentenced in a few days.. but he now has something to live for .. a girl with a drug problem.. THE PLAN is to get out & into rehab with her.. oh Jesus.. good luck Gerry.. I pray you do that!

Christian is a GRAFFITI guy.. got drunk .. did it overtly & got caught ..serving 4 months ..says the art doesn't work unless it's illegal!!! When he gets out he'll do it again.. continuing with government sponsored art schools for another six years.. then he'll sell paintings .. he does that too!! .. but graffiti seems to be his passion

Hi to Mohammed .. from Iraq .. smuggled cigarettes .. again.. he says he was just a driver.. picked them up in Stockholm.. got stopped caught.. he took the blame.. he's a good guy.. this seems wrong .. Hi Gunner .. another assault while drunk .. assaulted a friend who turned him in .. says he needs help

Note: LOTS OF DRINKING INDUCED CRIMES HERE – ALCOHOL SEEMS LIKE A BIG PROBLEM .. vodka, beer .. cheap whiskey.. anything


Hi to Patrik .. nice talking to you .. sorry you had to go.. I think it was AMPHETAMINES .. dealing & using .. & an unrelated.. assault .. ?? .. not sure about that.. you said AMPHETAMINES calmed you down.. ( I thought it did the opposite) .. I wondered how you're able to survive your "habit" here .. you say .. in prison you get some sort of less potent substitute.. if you get a doctor to say you have an ADD problem.. which I guess he says you do… best of luck

Hi to Frederik.. out in 3 weeks .. good luck .. your boy needs you.. Hi Timmy .. assault / robbery / drinking.. grand larceny because an apartment was within the car garage structure .. hi Marcus.. 6 to 8 months for assault & drinking .. got off easy as it was second & third offenses .. best of luck

Note: lots of second timers & cries for help after release. There's something good about all these folks.. it's a hard spiral to stop .. but some have done it (like Johnny Cash ) & some will do it here.


Apr 1, 2010 - Fall River, MA - VENUE – NARROWS CENTER FOR THE ARTS

There's been extremely bad flooding in the area – a national emergency. I 95 was closed part way in the area & we were detoured on the way up. We had thoughts of that on our journey & dedicated this show to those effected.

This is one of my favorite places to play – nestled along a river bed in Battleship Cove in Fall River Mass. The venue is in a huge loft space on top of a warehouse like building – where the harbor can be viewed behind the stage. Old country-club like tables, seating four, are surrounded by old church pews aligned straight in the center area & at angles to the stage stretching out far to the left & right. The lobby/ gallery area has beautiful art displays by local artists – amazing stuff!

It was great to see old friends, Patrick & Louis when I arrived & to soon meet the other great staff folks, Marilyn, Lisa, Kathy, Carol, Kathleen, Herb, Steve, Robert & all several old friends. I last played here 5 years ago with Carrie Rodriguez – we've been looking forward to playing this venue for a while. The greeting by our old friends was a wonderful "welcome home".

The sound system here is as good as it gets. Patrick & Lois had us checked in short order. After a quick dinner at a quaint local restaurant, we were back in time to catch a terrific opening set by Louis – great job my friend. We were on stage just before 9:00 PM.


This was fun & loose. We played several from YONKERS NY as I told the stories about growing up in that town as a lonely country & western music lover – playing music in local Irish bars & finally finding a way into the music business. We mixed those with several from Kendel's great album & others - including a couple of unusual requests, which I'll mention later.

Highlights were far too many, but let me name a few. First, DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOE.. with references to my grandkids – had some special magic again tonight - mixing elements of simple family humor with deadly-serious stuff. All the Kendel's were so viby … Oh Baby Lie Down & TEN LOST MEN & SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES .. WOW!!! .. she was on fire!!

Also loved.. HEY JONNY, CHARCOAL SKY, YONKERS NY & a chilling at times, rockin' at times, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD was so special… but probably my favorites were the fan requested (by friend Sandy) HERE I AM.. a national chart record for me (#1 in this area) back in 1961 ------ & a song I wrote for Carrie (requested by Charlie), WAS THAT FOR ME, from C&C's first duet album. I hadn't played that one for 7 years or so – the last time as a request from Carrie's grandma, Frances I was so surprised that the lyrics came like I had written it yesterday & the band was AWESOME on this one .. & come to think of it.. for the entire set– JUST MAGIC!!! Way to go boys!!! (& girl!!!)


Said hi to several, including:

Old friend Sandy & friend & Gerry.. thanks for making the trip – loved playing HERE I AM for you .. you're special!! SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!! - Charlie.. so good talking to you… so glad you asked for, WAS THAT FOR ME.. I got such chills playing that tonight!

Hi Jean & Nevell .. great talking to you before the show… Hi Milton.. thanks for coming again! .. see you next time.. Hi Lynn & Tim.. so good talking to you .. best to IAN… Hi Jan & Tim .. thanks for the kind words --- almost forgot- TIM!! – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hi Tom – good to see you before the show with kids Noah & Sarah..

AGAIN.. so good to see great volunteers.. Lisa, Kathleen, Carol & Herb, It was so good talking to you all.. & thanks Robert for help with the CDs.. & big thanks to Patrick & Marilyn for having us.
I hope we can come back here before too long. We LOVED being part of the magic of this amazing place!


We cut four new songs. What a magical session! The Chip & Carrie vibe was never better. Hopefully we'll schedule a release sometime in early fall & we'll play some shows at that time. I'll look forward to that.

Mar 17, 2010 - SXSW ROOFTOP SHOW

It's great to be with bassist Kevin Smith again. Kevin played often with Carrie & me a few years ago. He's been on the road with Dwight Yoakum & the Derailers, but tonight he's with Kendel, John & me.

Sixth street is nuts tonight. This is a rooftop show & the madness of the street is there in the background. But on stage we're in our own world. This was more rockabilly in attitude than we've ever been and I loved every minute.

HI TO MY FRIENDS FROM OSLO, NORWAY .. John & Irving .. – AND HI TO HIROSHI from Japan. A fan from back in the GASOLINE days, ??? now books artists like Tom Waits & Guy Clark in his country. He's invited us. Sounds like a great idea to John, Kendel & me. Let's do it!!


This is an unofficial SXSW venue hosted by great friend & brilliant musicologist, John Conquest. We ALWAYS look forward to this one – it doesn't get better than this!

This is an outdoor patio event. And we couldn't have picked a better day – 75% & the sun is shining!! Big thanks to Kyle Kegerreis – on loan from Carrie - for playing bass with us today. GREAT JOB KYLE!!


We mixed it up with some YONKERS NY songs, some Kendel gems & some of the hits. Lots of highlights.. including BASTARD BROS, HEY JONNY (DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE), KENDEL's SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES, WILD THING & ANGEL OF THE MORNING………..

but probably the biggest highlights for me were SAW MILL RIVER ROAD (with tributes to BIG RIVER & ENDLESS SLEEP)

AND most special of all, JESUS CHRIST – DON'T LET THE CACTUS FALL.. my tribute to this wonderful/ soulful place .. in camaraderie with those who are making a big effort to keep it's doors open.

Kendel & John were awesome today .. as was KYLE, who was quite a hero to all of us for filling in so amazingly at the last minute. BIG THANKS MY FRIEND – WELL DONE!!


Great friends Terry & Alyce & friends!! Alyce.. so good to hear your "late night" radio story.. So good to see you always!! Hi to my old friend Sonny Rhodes & friends, Sylvia & Bobby Joyce, Ed (Strayhorn), & Dave (Gabby).. Great to see you all – Thanks for the ride Dave – much appreciated!! Hi to Jim & Cathy from Brookings Oregon ( The Pistol River Clubb.. let's see if we can get there.... so good to see you again!! Thanks so much for the kind words!

Hi Richard (from Brighton).. great talking to you!! Hi to Margaret (from Manchester) .. glad to hear the town is doing more "Americana" music.. maybe we can get there & see you before too long.

Hi John.. Sverre.. nice talking to you.. HI TO OLD FRIEND MARC MUNDY & friend from the station, OBIE.. great to see you both.. love to Barbara.. Hi John.. please send Kate my love & good luck in school .. hope to see her next time!! Hi to Todd .. from Marfa!! .. whose BORDER BLASTERS did such a GREAT job backing Kendel two years ago at SXSW..

Hi Sandy from Houston & sister Nancy from Connecticut!! Great to see you both!!.. Dave (from the GASOLINE DAYS.. works in Parks & Wildlife)) .. it was so nice talking to you .. look forward to seeing you again..


What a day!! THANKS JOHN!!! .. there's nothing better than this!

Mar 18, 2010 – 10:00 PM – John & I just rehearsed with SUN VOLT bassist, Andrew Duplantis for an unexpected important show tomorrow. What a talented & nice guy. Looking forward to playing with Andrew for the first time!!

Mar 19, 2010 – 1:00 PM – DAY STAGE – CONVENTION CENTER


Live for SXSW & aired for PACIFICA RADIO / HOUSTON & taped for future broadcasts on all Pacifica stations

At the last minute Bryan Owings (our friend & Buddy Miller's awesome drummer) joined us – along with newcomer, Andrew Duplantis on bass

WHAT A BAND .. one of my favorite shows ever!! Amazing sound .. Big thanks to sound man, Nick!! – NEVER BETTER MY FRIEND!!! .. we played YONKERS NY stuff.. some of Kendel's .. some hits.. after a standing ovation from this great group of folks, we closed with JESUS CHRIST – DON'T LET THE CACTUS FALL.. with several singing along… this was one to remember. I'm happy it was taped.. maybe we can find a way for fans to hear it before too long!

It was great to see some old Austin friends after the show ( HI MOLLY!!) & SXSW assistants Anne & Margaret (filming) – very special folks .. as well as friend Ralph McLean from Belfast.. so good to see you Ralph.. hope to see all my Northern Ireland friends before too long. Please tell them I miss them big time!


Tony Mercadante met me at the North White Plains train station at 10:20 AM. After a 2 & ½ hour staright-shot ride up the NY Freeway, we arrived at the station for taping our "live: show at 1:00PM.

Great to see my old friends, Starr (who greeted us at the door) & DJ hosts Dave & Chris (Weink). I get a very warm feeling being at this place with these kind folks. The station is housed in a cool, modern – state-of-the art building.. sort of in a business park in no-mans-land. It's a good thing Tony & I had a GPS or we'd have had a hard time finding it. John Platania, with NO GPS was a bit late – way out of character for him!! With John's influence, I'm early for everything these days. He's as prompt as you get.

Once settled, we played four Yonkers songs before Dave did a very good & interesting interview, which he would edit together with the songs for airing at about 5:00 PM. BIG THANKS GUYS & MUCH LOVE STARR – LOVED THIS!! - SEE YOU SOON AGAIN!!


It was great to be back in this town playing again – haven't been here in four years or so. And this venue is quite special. It's a little theater-like place in a former large stand-alone-bank – a big old World War II era construction (a large cinder block, with it's certain charm). Our "green room" was the former bank's vault;. By the way, a "green room" gets it's name from the first TV live shows, with the idea that .. this was the last room, after makeup, that the "guest" would relax in, before going on camera. The room was considered a GREEN LIGHT (as opposed to RED light) area. In other words you had the GREEN light to go on stage from there. Get it?? I never understood that until I asked the question yesterday.

We sound checked with great guys (& pro guys) Adam & Danny, then went back to our Hilton Hotel to freshen up & have dinner. We were back at our "green room" by 7:30 – on stage shortly after 8:00.


This was a very warm group of folks to play for. It definitely had that "in-your-living room feel. After THE REAL THING, we played a very unique version of DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE. This is getting to be one of my favorite songs to perform these days. Within the framework of one song, it shows an honest sense of humor combined with dead-on serious passion. I like that.

Then we started the YONKERS journey. And as happens every night, unusual twists & turns in the road happened. As I relived the events of the YONKERS days tonight, I found myself talking more about the KING RECORDS days & recording sessions & the BRILL BUILDING days, which for me was the 1650 BROADWAY days. I love going there.

There were lots of highlights for me tonight, but SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, BIG RIVER, CHARCOAL SKY (with John's awesome soulful, soft guitar riffs), YONKERS GIRLS – with TONY & JOHN'S off the wall "answer" vocals & a reverent version of the title song, YONKERS NEW YORK come to mind.

And there was a another total first tonight. Somewhere toward the end of WILD THING .. I sort of drifted back to the earlier days & played the first song I wrote, FADED BLUE & the first song I had published, JUST A LITTLE BIT LATER ON DOWN THE LINE.. then we came back to WILD THING and blasted that one again – ending with a great audience sing-a-long. That was a fun journey.

After a special request of WITHOUT HORSES (certainly another highlight).. I think from Maureen & Matt (big thanks for that!), we ended with a rousing version of I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE.


Big thanks to all who attended tonight – this will be special memory for me.

Said hi to several folks after the show including:

Special hi to old friend Mindy & husband Steve – so good to witness your YONKERS REUNION tonight!!! God Bless!! It was just GREAT to see you guys again!! Hi to Tom & Mary Anne .. thanks so much for the kind words!

Hi Johnny – so great to see you in the audience & after. Thanks for sharing thoughts about THE TROUBLE WITH HUMANS. It's certainly one of my all time favorites as well. I think/hope you'll really like YONKERS. Hope to see you soon!

Hi Susan .. good to see you .. & hi Barbara.. hope son-in-law Bobby enjoys the YONKERS journey. Hi Brian., thanks for taking the time to say hello. All the best with YOUR writing.. Hi Kim.. God Bless!! ..

Barbara & Matt .. so good talking to you .. I'm sure the Bill Moyers journal stuff is great – looking forward to reading that. Big hello to old Café Lena friend, Tarryn & husband, John – great talking to you .. best with your song decisions.. don't forget .. stay true to your own gut.. life is short! Hi Reggie.., heard so much about you from John. All the best to you & Kim. Hope to see you guys soon. And a big hi to friend, Chris Weink – thanks for stopping by .. see you soon.

BIG THANKS FOR HAVING US HOWARD! I truly hope we can do it again.


                                                                  photo courtesy of John Beach


This is a homecoming of sorts – just the other side of the Hudson River is Westchester County, my growing up stomping grounds.

It's JP, Tony Merc & me tonight as Kendel is back in Canada recovering from a cold. Tony & I take a 3:51 PM train out of Grand Central. His car is waiting. After a short drive across the Tappan Zee bridge & back along the Hudson on 9W, we head down hill toward the river to the quaint little town of Piermont. The venue is on one of a few blocks whose storefronts look mostly like fronts of little old Cape Cod homes. We arrive at The Turning point at exactly 5:00 (load in time). An always, a punctual JP (John Platania) arrives at the same time.

Owner/ mgr/ soundman, John McAvoy, greets us at the door. We set up our equipment in minutes & finish sound checking by 6:00. It's been a few years since I played this place. I had forgotten how comfortable a venue this is to play.

The artist "green room" is on the third floor. We adjourn there to relax & are served some decent club food by our very nice waitress, Kim. It's always good hanging out with Tony & John – three old best friends who've been through the music wars together.

I'm a bit anxious to see who will attend. Supposedly there has been a good advance sale. But most of my Westchester contingent is unable to be there, so I'm not sure who these pre-sale folks are.


As we hit the stage, I realize that I have NEVER seen many of these faces. My daughter, husband Frank & friends are here .. my wife Joan & best friends Chuck & Mary & a few other friends & neighbors are here. But for the most part I'm seeing new faces. I quickly learn what that's all about.

When I say, "We'll get to YONKERS NY songs in a few minutes.", the audience cheers! So that was it. Later, I would find out that most of the new faces were YONKERS folks, who had heard about the album in the New York Times or other local press. I absolutely loved playing for these warm folks tonight.

We started with THE REAL THING – my tribute to country music & the race records from the south (which later became known as "rhythm & blues" records). Next, I had some serious fun singing DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOE & teasing my daughter for not letting my granddaughters (11,8 & 6) come to the show to sing it with me. Actually they were home studying for some big school tests tonight. Hopefully, they'll be there next time!

As is usual these days, after a few planned opening songs, we started with the YONKERS NY songs & stories. Each night the stories take a bit of a different turn as I recall different events along the YONKERS path. And as the stories take new turns, so does my song selection. Tonight, in the middle of the YONKERS songs, I started drifting back to the first songs I had published.. & some of my first "small" successes, with my first song produced by Chet Atkins for THE BROWN FAMILY, "SPRINGTIME" .. then, "ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME".. an R&B hit by Water Jackson & covered by Dusty Springfield.

Then it was back to Yonkers with SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, WITHOUT HORSES, YONKERS GIRLS & others.. then a mad rockin' WILD THING.. & a reverent/crazy HOLY SHIT .. & finally my tribute to MT VERNON bars & my country band, The Town & Country Brothers .. with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE.

This was one hell of a night!! And Tony & John were awesome!! .. It's so easy to play with these guys.. as I drift all over the place, they stay right with me at every turn.. & they are just amazingly soulful players. THANKS BOYS!! AND big thanks to all who shared this YONKERS thing with John, TONY & me.

Hi to:

Big hi to daughter Kelly & son-in-law Frank & their friends, Liz & David.. thanks SO much for coming!! Hi & love to Jack, Sara & Luke.. David.. hope your dad enjoys the listen!!

Hi to my Mema & Chuck & Mary .. & Marge & Dave .. thanks SO much for coming you guys .. hope to see you soon…

Hi Sherry – it was so good to see & talk with you at Parnell's in New York.- & such a nice surprise to see you with your dad. Henry (a Roosevelt High alumni)– so good to meet you . Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you next time…. Hi Eddie & Jimmy & Maureen .. who saw brother Jon in White Plains not too long ago… nice talking with you

Hi Larry .. from Yonkers DMV.. tell those boys, their Yonkers buddy sends his best regards. Hi George.. nice talking with you .. Hi John (Beach) .. another ROOSEVELT HIGH friend .. & son David (hope the picture turned out OK) & wife Elaine.. wonderful to see you guys..

Hi to Billy Vera's friend, Jim Murphy (Stepinac grad).. nice talking with you Jim.. Hi Diane & Carol ..great friends of my old buddy Gene Borek's family .. so glad to see you both!! .. send my best wishes & love to Colleen for her 50th!!
Hi Tom (Staudter) .. good seeing you again.. look forward to talking to you soon! I'll let Heinz know.. call him. And.. a big hi to Barbara (a great Yonkers girl!!) & friend / husband? Larry .. great seeing you guys!!! Hi Jack & Lynn .. so good to see you!! And hi Marie.. missed you tonight .. hope you're feeling better .. much love!!

Again.. big thanks for having us John.. thanks Kim & Stefon.. see you guys soon


Mar 1, 2010 - New York City



THE SHOW (& a bit of history)

Paola rented this space for one month to showcase her IVANA HELSINKI clothing line as well as showcase rough cuts for her upcoming film – to be released sometime in 2010.
This was a last minute thing as Paola wanted to get one screening/performance "under our belt" before I head out for Texas. LA & Sweden & Holland.

John Platania was there to join me – Paola's movie contains seven short 'love" stories that take place during the course of one week - at one hotel – in one room – in Marfa Texas.

John I& I stood at opposite sides of a viewing wall and played eight songs (a the theme song & a song representing each story) for invited guests. As we played, sketches & collages of the film were shown (without sound) against the wall.

This was an amazing event! First, I LOVE this little film (& all of Paola's work; she's a one-of-a kind!) & I LOVED writing these songs. Also - I never performed in this manor before – watching a screen & reliving a bit of the stories as I played & sang. It was a whole different thing – one John & I both found totally inspiring.

Paola will schedule other such music/screenings for after I return in late May. At that time we'll make sure we get a mailing list out to friends.


Big thanks to Yukka, who was there to greet John & I when we arrived. Hi & thanks to terrific singer/songwriter, Alexa, who set up the sound for us. Hi Kristina!! Hope to see you in Stockholm in April! Hi Cat & Anne from Denmark – great seeing you both – thanks for the kind words. Hi Lea - so good to see you - look forward to seeing you & the kids in your new film .. please say hi to Lee. Hope to see him one day soon. Hi to Eddie & friend.. name on the tip of my tongue – can't quite get to it. So nice talking to you both. Special thanks to my Joan & Mary & Chuck for hustling down from Westchester to get a bit of the vibe of this.

And hi to all the other nice folks. John & I will look forward to doing this again soon. And speaking of John (Platania), he really shone bright in this setting – great job John!!



In mid-February 2009 I was "rushed" to the hospital – pre-heart attack. Laying on the operating table, I was given a choice, open heart surgery the following week or a few stents NOW. I chose the "now" offer . - ending up with four stents in two arteries & feeling better than I had in ages. Part of my rehabilitation was to take good brisk walks, fifteen to twenty minutes in duration.

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning in early March, I took a 30 plus minute walk from my apartment on 54th street and First Avenue in midtown Manhattan to Prince Street & West Broadway in the Soho section of town – some 60 blocks. The purpose of the walk was to visit THE NEW YORK FILM SCHOOL.

I had passed the school many times over the years and wondered if some connection there might do me some good – either learning film making, taking an acting course.. or investigating the possibility of fitting my music together with a quality student film. On this March day that was loosely my plan.

I loved this walk & it's dual purpose dynamic. I was getting solid heart-exercise & fulfilling a sort of fantasy - one that shyness, really, had kept it on the back burner for a while. The fantasy was finding a good film project in its early stages & convincing the director that my music might be a good fit. Other people usually did that for me. Several of my songs had been integral parts of films, but it had been several years since that was the case.

Ok… so there I was. On the third floor of the building, at the School's welcoming area, talking to a student whose particular expertise was sound engineering. He explained a bit about the school & what was going on that day. He was a Polish fellow named Pawel - a very nice guy – and easy to talk to.

I shyly explained who I was, what I did etc. I inquired about student films being made that might be a good fit for my music. HE HAD AN IDEA. A student from Finland, Paola Suhonen, was in the early stages of preparing for her thesis film. He had been impressed with her previous work & thought her new film would be quite good.

Pawel gave me Paola's email. When I got back to my apartment I emailed her. This was her response, which copied new friend Pawel in the process.

"Hi there!
Thank you so much for your email--I´d love to do some co-operation, if you feel that some of my projects would fit to your visions. And thank you Pawel for recommending me:).
I'm right now working on my next short film--called 7th Heaven love ways--and here is the description of it:"

This is an email I will treasure over the years – what a magical beginning!

I was over-the-top impressed with the attachments, which contained, not only a description of the project but a film "montage" of it as well. It also gave me a look at her previous work, including film work done as an introduction to her clothing designs for a company she co-owned with her sister Periotte called "Ivanahelsinki".

And that was it! For the next several months – extraordinarily inspired by Paola's script - I wrote songs for the film - which Paola loved. At some point Paola asked me take a leading role in one of the stories, which I did – loving every minute of that 'Marfa, Texas" experience.

So now this - the first screening/music performance of "7HEAVEN LOVEWAYS" - & more to come. I can't wait. Hope to see you at one of these soon!

Feb 23, 2010 – KUT RADIO – 1:00 PM

This was a half hour plus LIVE radio show at one of THE great college supported stations in the country. Good to see my friend Jay Trachtenberg, who did a very relaxed in-depth interview in between YONKERS songs and Kendel's OH BABY LIE DOWN. Loved this Jay.. great to see you.

Big thanks to soundman Cliff – thanks for being so ready and making it so comfortable for all of us.

Feb 23 – 8:30 - THE CACTUS CAFÉ

This is going to be a special night. First, because I simply love returning to this place (I always felt it sort of inherited the soul of The ARMADILLO, which was the most soulful venue on the planet back in the day). Secondly, as there is a huge controversy going on in town as to the possible closing of this legendary place (due to budget problems of UT, which owns the CACTUS), I want to be here to lend my support in person. The rank & file local music lovers are up in arm.

We arrived at 6:00 for a smooth sound check with great engineer Joe. So great to see old friend – bartender/ mgr Chris. Also .. Dave Jacques wife Lemesa & son (2 year old Henry) stopped by - great to see those guys. Lemesa is so nice & lovely & Henry.. well he's GREAT & quite a character. He's shy but has a wonderful little back & forth with his dad.. & that's so great to see.

In minutes Joe had us sounding good so we had plenty of time to head across the street for a damn good simple Mexican dinner. Big thanks Joe.


It was great to see so many friendly faces as we headed for the stage. We divided the show into two parts at old-friend & mgr Griff's request. I liked that as we could take some chances & perform more songs.


After THE REAL THING, a couple of Kendel gems & a very off-the-cuff DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, we got into the beginning of my YONKERS NY theme.. with the stories & songs of BARRY GO ON, BASTARD BROTHERS & HEY JONNY All of those connected big time with this warm, wonderful group of folks. We saved the rest of YONKERS for the second set, ending the first with Kendel's AWESOME performance of SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES (the audience LOVED THIS!) and finally a beautiful/ chilling (at least for me) version of Angel Of The Morning.

I felt a kind of magic on stage - Kendel, John & David were awesome and I was very loose & comfortable. As I left the stage I couldn't wait to get back up & see where this good vibe would take us.


After a fun YONKERS NY & a very spirited fiddle tune by Kendel - so appreciated by the audience - we went back to the stories & songs of Yonkers. The stories & songs of Gin Rummy Rules, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD & CHARCOAL SKY all connected with this nice group of folks – as did Kendel's awesome/ fun performance of I LIKE TRUCKS

We slipped in a new tribute to the "Brill Building " era. 1650 BROADWAY, which folks seemed to like a lot. THEN WE BLASTED OFF WITH AN AWESOME WILD THING. Then came the most chilling part of the night. I had just (that day) finished writing a tribute song for the Cactus. I decided to take a chance & perform it. The audience seemed so glad that I did. It was received as it was intended - with total reverence.

Here are the lyrics:

Jesus Christ - Don't Let The Cactus Fall

Like an old man with hollowed eyes – that stoops to hear a baby cry
Or his old lady - that runs to help him – each time he calls
Will we not walk with heads bowed down – in the UT side of town
Oh Jesus Christ – don't let the Cactus fall

Some will say - who gives a damn - for this sacrificial lamb
Well Townes and Lu and Guy & Joe & Ray(& Griff) have answered that call
Texas poets and some friends – and I am proud to stand with them
(Singin') Jesus Christ – don't let the Cactus fall

The Armadillo may be dead & gone – but Armadillo spirit lives in this room
And how I love to hear the sound - of my voice off these walls
My boots cross these floors

Like an old man with hollowed eyes – that stoops to hear a baby cry
Oh Jesus Christ - don't let the Cactus fall
Oh Jesus Christ - don't let the Cactus fall

(In the spirit of Joe Gracey – & passion of Eddie Wilson
Oh Jesus Christ - don't let the Cactus fall)

Performing this song here for the first time tonight certainly will be a treasured moment for me. This was magic!

We ended with a rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE & a reverent HOLY SHIT, which ended up being another chill-time event! I just loved this show & this entire night!

Great to say hello to special folks including:

Rick & Bobby .. great to see you guys at sound check. Rick.. thanks for selling the CDs & all the kind words! Hope you enjoy the CDs

Hey Sonny (old friend) .. so great to see you. Thanks for bringing the crew.. golf pro J.L., wife Dawn & their son, Cole & all the rest. J.L.- big thanks for little "how to" book I'll glance & pass it on to my boy, Kristian.. he'll love it!

Hi to my GREAT friends Pat & Terry (I just love seeing you every time!) - & friend Rush (LAST CHANCE FAN) – thanks for the kind words. Hi to Dean & Lynn from Toronto.. so good seeing you both after the show. I was so glad you stopped to say hello.

Hi to new bartender Andrew & songwriter Pablo - so happy to hear the show might have got you back on track with your own work. All the best with that.

HI MEREDITH (MONA) – my new friend & Roller Derby girl. I'm so glad you made it!!! It was so good to see you & April later!

Big thanks to all for a very special night!

Feb 24, 2010 11:00 AM - KXAN TV

What a nice thing. This NEWS station is big time in Austin & yet all the staff were so kind & warm. It felt like you were in the living room of a bunch of friends.

Big hi to switchboard ladies, Suzanne & Carolyn.. so nice to see you.. LANEY (host/producer) - BIG THANKS FOR THE CORDIAL WELCOME. We all just loved this!!

ON AIR – 12:20

Chris ( a proud dad with two little kids .. 2 & 4) was a terrific host ..…so simple & solid… well done Chris!! After a short interview, we played CHARCOAL SKY & at the end of the show we ended with a rockin' HEY JONNY.

Hi to: great staffers Kip & Easy (EZ??). Great meeting you guys! Big hi to my friend & legendary reporter, Jim Swift. So great to see you at the end, Jim, hope Katy makes it to WATERLOO.

Hope to see all you guys soon. What a nice way to spend a couple of hours!

Feb 24 - RECORDING SESSION.. 3:30 – Ryan Joseph's place near WATERLOO RECORDS - thanks for the invite, Ryan!

For the purpose of recording our CACTUS CAFÉ tribute song, "JESUS CHRIST, DON'T LET THE CACTUS FALL"

Big thanks to Randy from the Texas Music Group for suggesting this place! And HUGE THANKS TO ENGINEER NICK for recording the song - well done my friend! What a wonderful blessing to be able to get this song recorded at the last minute!

And big thanks to John, Dave & Kendel.. for putting off breakfast & LUNCH to help document this song!


What an event!! I was so surprised that there were so many people here. I'm guessing the TV show helped! Absolutley LOVED THIS!!!

Playing the Waterloo when so many people attend is like playing one of the coolest venues on the planet. From the beginning I could see smiling/ friendly faces throughout the store.

We played several from YONKERS N.Y. The audience was way into that!! HEY JONNY, BASTARD BROTHERS & CHARCOAL SKY all connected. Then we played the hits, ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING. The audience was so totally into those as well. Leaving a monster chorus of WILD THING on these walls seems like a yearly jolt of therapy for many – including me! This was totally an "in it together" thing.

Then came the show stopper. When we played JESUS CHRIST - DON'T LET THE CACTUS FALL you could hear a pin drop. I got such a chill. There was total reverence in this room. Folks simply love this song. Hopefully we can release the recording soon.

Hi to:

Great to see Leslie, Katey & Carol.. Love you guys.. big thanks for the support ALWAYS!! good to see you.. wonderful work gathering signatures for saving the Cactus!!! – hi Vincent .. great to see you again & again!!!.. hope the retirement treats you OK.. on second thought… GET BACK TO WORK!!… hi to Dennis from Yonkers & Sunningdale.. great memories… Hi Earl .. loved talking to you .. thanks for the great words!!..

Hi Craig… hi Kate & John .. so good to see you again & again… hi Kevin.. thanks for the kind words!! .. hi Scott .. great to see you… hi to my old Columbia records cohort, Roger & lovely wife, Dorothy. Roger, big thanks for the support from the past & now .. between you & me.. HELLO ATLANTA was one of my favorites as well. Hope to see you soon again.

ALAN .. huge thanks for ALL the support .. see you next time!! … Hi Maria .. tell David I hope to see him next time!!!! .. hi DORA .. big thanks for attending your yearly WILD THING therapy sing-a-long!!.. hi Erick.. see you next time!! .. hi John & Pete & Penny & all the rest… GOD BLESS .. WHAT A DAY!!

ALSO!!! - Great to see my ROLLER DERBY GIRLS new friends, Meredith & April (Mona-Littlemore & APE SHIT… really! .. that's their Roller Derby names!!) .. hope to see you guys very soon!! If you don't have my email, contact me through the TRAIN WRECK RECORDS site. I get those emails!

Feb 24 – 7:00 PM - TV - CHANNEL 8 TV

– on a rooftop of LONG CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS .. overlooking the city

We filmed a very cool spot for now & for SXSW. Big thanks to host & good friend, ANDY LANGER (great job always Andy!!). Hi & thanks to all the staff .. Eddie, Jennifer & all - what a GREAT bunch. And what a terrific way to end the day.. & our Austin visit!!

The good news is we'll be back soon for SXSW. Can't wait!

Feb 20 - 2010 – HOUSTON

3:00 PM - John Platania and I arrived yesterday – had a good dinner, talk … rehearsed a bit. We're ready for Kendel Carson & David Jacques when they arrive at our hotel – Kendel in from Vancouver.. Dave from a John Prine show in New Jersey. We kept one room for the band – to shower & change etc.

note: it's a special thing for us to be with David Jacques.. friend John Prine's awesome bassist for many years.

4:00 PM – THE MUCKY DUCK - we arrive at the venue for sound check. My friend & owner, Rusty Andrews, is there waiting for us. Rusty will double as bartender/ soundman, as my friend Shane is taking the night off. Once Rusty gets the monitors & mikes ready .. we check in minute – in time for a nice meal – ready for our early evening (6:00 PM) show.

Great to see Rusty's better half, Theresa & the lovely, great staff; COURTNEY, LONNIE, TIFFANY & MELISSA.. big thanks girls – see you soon!

Big thanks to friend (singer/songwriter/bassist) Jack for hauling his bass over for the show. And thanks Jack for staying and being part of the great vibe tonight.

6:00 PM – THE SHOW

This is the first time we've played this Sunday/ early show, so we didn't know what to expect. It wasn't as full as normal, but these were great folks to play for – and we saw many new faces.

After THE REAL THING & two great Kendel songs (Oh Baby Lie Down & Ribbons & Bows) .. we started on the YONKERS NY songs & stories. As we got going, this was as magic as YONKERS gets. I could feel right away that the audience was way into the story. And that resulted in telling parts of the story for the first time. The band was awesome – and much appreciated by this great group of folks – and, as usual, they stayed with me at every turn.

Some highlights for me: BASTARD BROTHERS (told more of that story tonight), a requested GIN RUMMY RULES .. again this was a more in-depth look at the gambling stuff than I've told before.. CHARCOAL SKY .. this story & song gave me total chills tonight from beginning to end. And the band totally rocked on HEY JONNY.. JP & Kendel solos were AWESOME .. as was Dave's solo on WILD THING! – which totally rocked as well.

We ended with a great – off-the-cuff HOLY SHIT.. with all the folks singing along. This was a special evening – one I won't forget.

Said hi to some great folks, including:

Special hi to my friend Andrew Danzig, who a few years ago, interviewed me for Rolling Stone in New York .. & now works for the Houston Chronicle. ANDREW WAS THERE WITH HIS GREAT DAUGHTER (3?), HAZEL.. who helped me re-write HOLY SHIT – to get rid of the bad word.. so now it goes

"HOLY COW – here & now
I love my new friend Hazel…. BOW WOW!"

Which Hazel & I WILL sing together next time I'm in town!!

Big hello to my old friend Kyle Rhodes & a friend of Kyle's dad, Sonny.. Jim Woodson. Also hi to another Sonny friend, Jim Hard. Hi Gary .. who's dad is from YONKERS .. nice talking to you guys. Thanks for the kind words.

Big hello to my new friends at the center round table – Ruonda, Gerard, Martha & son Austin .. & opera singer/pastor Steven. It was wonderful meeting & talking to you all. Hope you liked the CD.. hope to see you all next time!

Hi Payton.. great to see you.. & Ken .. great to see you again & again. Big hi to Jason & Robert, who first saw Carrie & I with Robert Earl Keen years ago. Big hello to Clifton NJ friends John & Kate .. who have spent lots of time in the Westchester County White Plains area.. where I went to high school .. great to talk to you both. Hi Martin & Kent.. thanks for the kind words.. see you soon. Big Hi Dave.. say hi to my friends at THE CACTUS (record store) .. great talking to you.

Finally.. GREAT to see my old friend SHANE, who sopped by with his lovely friend Zena after the show. I'll forgive you this time Shane.. but next time I play here – you bartend!! None this "day off" BS.

Rusty/ Theresa.. BIG THANKS!!! .. I can't wait to come back - & Theresa/Andrew .. yes I will sing. "SON OF A ROTTEN GAMBLER" for you next time/

Anyway.. this was one to remember… see you all soon.


LOVE THIS PLACE! This is a town that totally rallied around the Chip Taylor / Carrie Rodriguez thing a few years ago. We were fan favorites on the big Mass station WRSI (The River) for two years in a row. It's great to be back.


Big thanks to pro sound man Jim for a quick / great sound check.. & hi & thanks to the lovely girls who took our dinner orders & served us the good food, ERIN & BLUE.. GREAT TO MEET YOU BOTH! .. Hi Neil.. great to see you. Tell Eric we missed seeing him.. we'll catch him next time!


Great to have the A-TEAM with me. Tony Mercadante on bass.. Tony Leone on drums .. & the legendary & AWESOME, John Platania, on guitar.

This was some show! After THE REAL THING & a tribute to the still persecuted FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIERS, the Hmong - we drifted in story & song – as usual these days - back to Yonkers with my brothers Jon & Barry & mom & dad (Barbara & Elmer) .. all based on my current album, YONKERS NY

And I loved all of that.. but somewhere in the middle this show took a turn & became one of my favorite shows ever. Not sure exactly how that happened. But at some point the folks in the audience started calling out for songs… like RED, RED ROSE.. which I hadn't done in a long time… & after that came the request for the song I wrote for Kendel Carson.. I LIKE TRUCKS.. which I had NEVER sung by myself. And many in the audience started singing long with these.. I particularly LOVED seeing our waitress, Erin, & the girls in the back smiling & singing along with TRUCKS.. great stuff!! .. & all of a sudden this became a total loose – "in your living room" - show.

For the first time EVER I sang the song that WILLIE NELSON recorded of mine (one of the first songs of mine recorded by another artist)… & that was chill-time..
& the audience seemed to LOVE it.. then .., the first song I ever wrote FADED BLUE .. including mentions of brother Jon's usual hysterical commentary about it… then.. the song that was most responsible for GETTING ME IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS… "SPRINGTIME"… which Chet Atkins heard & loved & produced with THE BROWN FAMILY (one of my favorite all time vocal groups!!.. never had done this song before!!

Then another BRAND NEW love song.. inspired by events at a concert in Greenfield (just up the road) about 6 years ago.. called "CUT OFF MY HANDS".. which everyone seemed TOTALLY into.. with most singing along.. loved singing this for the first time..
and recalling that magic

and then there was WILD THING.. that totally rock… & then a requested HOLY SHIT.. with everyone singing like we were in church… then it was over.. Thanks so much for all who helped lift this show in those directions.. that was some very special journey!


So good to see old friends .. SANDY.. will definitely sing HERE I AM for you next time!!! That's an absolute promise. BIG JOHN.. wonderful to see you again & again!! Stay feeling good!! Hi Gerry.. thanks for all the kind words & the R&R memories.

Hi to Maggie (her dad knew my dad from Sunningdale Country Club.. where he was the golf pro) & John.. great seeing my Yonkers friends!! Hope to see you soon.

Hi Chris.. yeah Bobby Fuller's Julie is my song.. haven't heard that in a while!! .. Hi Joe .. good seeing you boys!! … Hi Dan.. send regards to Al .. tell him I wish him good things & hope to see him next time.. Hi Wayne.. good to see you downstairs & later.. looking forward to the article about the new NY golf course.. good stuff!! .. Hi Dana .. good talking to you

So good to see Sue & Al at the bar (Fitz??? ) later.. thanks for the kind words see you in the fall.



Carrie Rodriguez & I are planning to record a few more songs in a few weeks. The plan is to release them with a "best of" in the fall & play a few venues. THE IRON HORSE is the first one that popped into our heads.. so… see you here in the fall!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!



We sound checked at the venue with excellent sound-person, Julianne. After some order-in Thai food .. we were on stage at 8:05.

Big thanks for the warm intro by my old friend, TOM JACKSON.. legendary roots DJ at a LOYOLA U radio station for many years. We dedicated this show to the memory of his late wife & my friend, Belle – an awesome lady. .. so good to meet Belle's sister Linda.. and other relatives & friends of Tom & Belle's.


I LOVE THIS PLACE & I LOVED THIS SHOW!! .. From the very start I knew it was going to be another special OLD TOWN night. And Belle's spirit was so with me the entire journey. It was like a bunch of friends sitting around a fireside & sharing intimate memories & thoughts.

We laughed, we got serious.. we went all over the place.. without a guide .. & that made it so rewarding for me & I think for all of us. And what an awesome audience!!! We were total partners in a journey tonight.

It was YONKERS stuff & KENDEL'S STUFF & LAST CHANCE STUFF (by request) & some hits & LOTS AND LOTS OF STORIES.. & anywhere we leaned we went.. whatever I was thinking I said.. it was that comfortable!

After all was said & done, we ended with a wonderfully inspired sing-along of HOLY SHIT. The perfect ending for an amazing night.

Big THANKS to all who attended


Said hi to several after the show .. including:

Estelle from YONKERS.. & friend, M??? .. sorry .. can't read my writing.. but, yes .. I did go to that music store in Yonkers. Hi to Michael .. Jim & Kathy.. Hi Rob .. saw last at The Hideout.. great to see you again.. Hi Dennis –

BIG hi to Mary & Gary .. please send my best regards to John (14) & daughter JAMIE (11) – tell them I hope to see them next time through (I'll invite them back stage if I know they're there)

HI RUSS & CATHY HAPPY 16 & ½ ANNIVERSARY.. so glad you celebrated here!! Hi Sheryll & Lawrence .. hope to hear from you Lawrence re: AMOEBA.. would love to do an in-store there.. also look forward to hearing about the other "house" thing .. let me know

Special hi to Tom's sis, Maureen.. & bro in law Don.. & cousins Kevin?? & Joan?? & all Tom's other friends.. & BIG HI TO .. Dave Jacques friends, Holly, Jamie & Mack.. Jamie .. look forward to seeing that JP picture you mentioned.

SEE YOU SOON TOM .. & LINDA.. I'll always look forward to that.. Hi Belle .. much love!!

Jan 14 – 15, 2010 – AMERICANA BOARD cocktail gathering & meeting.

The board members are great folks. The meetings were VERY productive. I think we set a good agenda & I'm confident we can forward our cause big-time this year. We voted David Macias from THIRTY TIGERS (a record company/ record distributor & more) as our new AMA Board president. He's a GREAT guy .. with good ideas. He'll be a great leader.


.. with legendary hosts Bill Cody & Charlie Mattos

Radio doesn't get better than this. The hosts are fun & extremely knowledgeable – about the music they play .. current events etc John, Kendel & I performed several LIVE songs.. I don't think Charcoal Sky ever sounded more passionate.. check it out.

We were filmed .. so.. if you want to see GREAT radio .. go to WSM & check the archives. I think the MUSIC CITY ROOTS SHOW is there as well


Kendel & I walked a few blocks from our hotel to the Sirius Offices. It's a promo for Yonkers, but Kendel has been invited to hang out.. we're both glad she did. The show was taped for airing on Elizabeth's "Apron Strings" show – which airs on Sirius's OUTLAW COUNTRY channel in a couple of days.

I loved doing this! Elizabeth is a terrific artist in her own rite …. she had a big country/Americana hit with "Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman" She's the real deal as a singer (country through & through).. & the real deal as a DJ/ host.. honest & warm .. knowledgeable & fun.. REAL FUN!!!! .. You've got to hear her!! She will DEFINITELY WAKE YOU UP & MAKE YOU SMILE!!

We talked about the YONKERS experience .. growing up there.. family etc.. each little discussion led to one of the tracks.. NO DICE, YONKERS GIRLS (which Sirius has been playing).. then Elizabeth's choice "WITHOUT HORSES".. Big thanks Elizabeth!! – it was so great

PS .. Elizabeth gave Kendel rough mixes of her soon to be released album .. just listened. IT IS AWESOME!!!! My new friend is truly a one-of-a-kind!


The venue is on the outskirts of town – about 30 minutes from the hotel. We need to be there at about 4:30 for sound check.

Kendel arrives at the hotel about 1:00. We rehearse a bit & head for the venue at about 4:00 PM. We're so fortunate tonight to be joined by two great friend & brilliant musicians.. Dave Jacques (bassist from John Prine's band) - & Marco Giovino (Drummer for Alison Krauss & Robert Plant).

When John, Kendel & I arrive at the LOVELESS CAFÉ at about 4:30, we're greeted by the nicest folks – including one of the producers, Todd, & sound crew & staff - GABE, NICO. David Jacques & Marco join us shortly

The barn is so cool & the folks running the event, Todd, John, Laurie, Nico, Craig & all - are as pro as you can get – & nice people! The sound check goes smooth as silk.. big thanks to Dan & the monitor engineer & stage guy.. all terrific & efficient.


Five acts comprise the nights show (Will Hoge, Jason Ringenberg, Viktor Krauss & Angel Snow, The Dirt Daubers & us) – WHAT A TALENTED BUNCH OF ARTISTS - kind of like the old Louisiana Hayride.. each artist does 4 or 5 songs. THE PLACE IS PACKED (500 plus) .. THE AUDIENCE IS AWESOME!!

David, Marco, John & Kendel were amazing!! We played THE REAL THING, SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES, HEY JONNY (DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE), CHARCOAL SKY, ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING .. & left to an awesome standing ovation!

Oh man, did WE LOVE this!!! Todd & John (the promoters) gave us an open invitation to return ASAP - & we're talking about getting Kendel back in the VERY near future to do her own show.
Great to see old friend & brilliant bassist, Viktor Krauss .. who accompanied the wonderful artist, Angel Snow. Also great to see legendary bassist Bobby Moore – one of THE most revered bassist of all times (played on many of my country "hits") – who was in attendance with a bunch of nice friends.. including Chips Moman's friend "Judge".. Big hi to you guys .. & lovely Whitney ( a big STONEY EDWARDS "BLACKBIRD" FAN.. which I wrote & produced back in the day).. you made my night Whitney.. much love!! .. see you soon.

Big hello to all the fans who had such kind words after the show.. look forward to seeing you all soon!

Jan 12, 2010 – NASHVILLE

The purpose of my visit is twofold. First, having just been elected to the AMERICANA BOARD – a proud thing for me - I am coming to attend the first Board meeting. Secondly, I have been invited to do a "special guest" slot at what I've heard is one of the coolest weekly events on the planet.

The event is called "Music City Roots" & it takes place every Wednesday in a large barn, part of a world famous road stop called The Loveless Café (known for their amazing home-cooking - biscuits, barbecue, jams etc.). The multitalented, Jim Lauderdale, co-hosts the event with Eddie Stubbs (THE legendary voice of THE GRAND OLD OPRY). It is aired LIVE on WSM, the most famous country radio station in the word. THIS A BIG DEAL!! Big thanks to friend Jim Lauderdale for telling us about this & helping hook it up.

AMERICANA (The AMA) is the home of such great artist such as John Prine, Steve Earle, Justin Earle, Lucinda Williams, Roseanne Cash, Lyle Lovett, Eliza Gilkyson, Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell, Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wiley Hubbard, David Rawlings, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Tift Merrit, Kendel Carson, Carrie Rodriguez, Elizabeth Cook, Sun Volt, Wilco and a host of others who don't compromise their artistry and are constantly striving to raise the bar on artistic achievement. I'm extremely proud to hang my hat there as well.

John Platania & I arrive in Nashville on Jan 12 at about 5:00 PM.. John from Albany.. me from LA. Kendel Carson will arrive tomorrow.

We are staying at the Sheraton Hotel, which will host the AMA Board meeting on Friday (Jan 15). We arrive at about 6:00.. in time to freshen up .. & have a good meal. It's very cold .. so it's a plus to be staying at a hotel with a VG restaurant. Great to be with my buddy John, and catch up with stuff. So.. a very good night!

GETTING READY FOR OUR SHOW AT THE BIRCHMERE (Alexandria VA) .. Brother Jon was supposed to join the fun. Due to pressing family issues.. we're not sure if he's going to be here..

I should know shortly… stand by

Dec 12th – WCVE – in RICHMOND VA (Live performance)
this radio show is recorded in an old farm house (NOT at the radio station) that doubles as a (real) recording studio. The idea is to record the singing and picking of "a bunch of friends sitting around the kitchen table" - 90 minutes worth of music that will be broadcast in 5 segments of 20 minutes each – and that's exactly what it was like.

We arrived at 2:00 PM – unbelievable home made food waiting!!! This was so much fun.. Page did such a great honest interview – in and out of our performances in this "back woods" setting. We touched on most all of YONKERS NY with the stories.. plus lots & lots more WITH GREAT HOST, PAGE WILSON! This was truly special!

So nice to see Vanessa, Michelle, Bruce (& son??) & Tim (from Merle Fest).. great being with you all.. loved this visit!

Dec 11 – So good to see the great KENDEL Carson who arrives from Canada.. she'll join us for the next several days!!


This might be the highlight of the entire trip – Sandy worked at the "Brill Building" of all "Brill Buildings" – 1650 BROADWAY… remember that – 1650 BROADWAY.. that's where I wrote my big hits .. that's where tons of the juiciest of all R&R originated.. not the more sterile environment of 1619 Broadway (the actual Brill Building)

GREAT TO SEE YOU SANDY .. thanks so much for sharing the memories .. those GREAT memories of those awesome days.. & that GREAT building.. & BIG THANKS for setting up the Laura Ingraham show & our Library Of Congress visit.

Dec 11th – THE LAURA INGRAHAM SHOW – at the Heritage Building
This was an absolute shock to me!! Laura, known as a conservative talk show guru.. is also a TOTAL MUSIC LOVER!!! – aside from being totally up on my new YONKERS NY CD, she knew lots of my earlier CDs.. for example.. loved "This Old Town" from my UNGLORIOUS HALLELUJAH album --- plus had Kendel's Alright Dynamite in her car .. her favorite new song being "BELT BUCKLE".. plus was way into all John's work with Van Morrison.


Loved our half hour plus with this great lady.. Big thanks Laura.. hope to see you at the show.. on stage with us .. singing WILD THING

Note: good sport that she is.. I think she just might do that!!

12:00 pm
Library of Congress – THE MADISON BUILDING .. the music Archives

Oh .. this was so great.. thanks Anne for taking the time.. spent an hour or so looking through the archives of scores, notes & instruments of old & modern day masters … with a request to house some of my stuff there.. what an honor!!

Purpose – to hopefully find a home for the Chip Taylor & The Grandkids CD (& future CDs)
What a GREAT label this is!!! – so many folk treasures – new & old – are treated with such love & care here. A&R director, Richard Burgess.. a well known producer/musician in his own right gave us the cooks tour.. great talking with him & Archivist, Jeff Place.

Richard & Jeff seemed way into my music & specifically the Grandkids CD.. This seems like a PERFECT fit to me.. hope it works out!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!

John & I arrive in Baltimore.. an hour later we check into our GREAT Hotel in Washington, The Embassy Suites at 4300 Military Road NW.. near FOX News – we'll do a TV promo there in the AM

Thursday, December 10th – FOX NEWS

The folks here could not have been nicer. Big thanks to our host, Pat Cororan.. & all the production crew.. Pat, Mark (c?) & Mark & Mike & On-air host, Audrey.. who was so warm & fun as well as being a total pro – LOVED THIS!!!! Big thanks to all of you – hope to see you at the show

Dec 8 – WKNBT – New Braunfels TEXAS.

John & I were so looking forward to this – an hour plus interview & retrospective (music & talk) with old friend & honest & brilliant radio host, Mattson Rainer – covering most all the stories & songs of YONKERS NY & a lot more. Loved every minute!!! Big thanks Mattson.

Check it out at

John Platania & I arrive in time in time to settle in our Extended Stay Hotel.. and have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Louie's 106 on 6th & Congress .. over the next few days we hook up with some old friends, Sonny Rhodes & Bobby Joyce, Jeff McCord & Larry Monroe.

Larry is involved in a benefit Christmas CD .. & so did a late night interview with me about the background of my song, CHRISTMAS IN JAIL, which will be part of that compilation. Loved this!! So good to see you my friend.


LOVED THIS VENUE & THIS COOL HISTORIC TOWN.. what an amazing, artistic vibe!! !! .. just 1 hour plus from New York City.. in beautiful upstate New York.. Kendel & I left the city at 1:30 .. took the scenic route along New Jersey's Palisades. We arrived before 3:00. John Platania was waiting & Tony Leone & Tony Mercadante arrived shortly after. John, Kendel & I had a bit of lunch at lovely little sandwich shop & then returned to the venue for sound check.

                                         photo courtesy of Susan of fotofino


This is an amazing place. Dating from the 1800's the main room is like a small cathedral.. with a ceiling that climbs a few stories high. About 80 comfortable, bridge-like chairs are set up to face a mini "stage" area that faces toward the front door.

Our host, Mike Jurkovic,, runs the events here & does sound as well. It's a minimal system, but, partly because of the acoustics of the room, the sound is AMAZING!

We sound checked in minutes & rehearsed a bit. The opening act.. singer/songwriter, Kari Spieler, - talented young lady from the area - sound checked after..,


Kari did a great job with her opening set. The audience loved her! GREAT JOB KARI!!

We started our set with THE REAL THING - my tribute to real country music & the race records from the south. From there we interspersed my new album YONKERS NY .. with songs from Kendel's latest ALRIGHT DYNAMITE, - with lots of stories mixed in. This was a freewheeling & loose as it gets.. again loved every minute of this show .. & LOVED playing for these great folks!

Said hi to several after the show, including:

Old friend & brilliant bassist, John "Skinny" Regan.. played on my GASOLINE album in 1971.. and has played with Peter Frampton ever since.. WHAT A GREAT REUNION!! Wonderful to see you, my friend!! Big Thanks for coming.

Hi to old friend (basketball team mate from 8th grade!!!) Billy Kraft.. always special to see you .. see you soon my friend .. call me about the benefit!

Hi to Cathy & Marry.. & Jason.. nice talking to you at the front door!.. hi Craig & Carol.. & Craig & Vicki.. thanks for all the kind words… Hi Phil.. & Carolyn from Yonkers!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Glad you & your friends celebrated here!

Hi Rosemary & Ron.. from Wappingers Falls .. save me those roses, Roesmary.. thanks for the nice words.. & hey Ron.. loved the DREAM WEAVER story .. what a nice song!!

Hi Emily & Rick .. & Sharon.. nice talking with you!!… also… GREAT to see you Steve.. thanks for coming .. you as well Ray.. always good to see you .. appreciate your support!! .. & hi to the other Steve.. wonderful to see you guys at the end!!

MIKE .. BIG THANKS … hope we can do it again soon!!

Nov 21 RADIO WNTI – 8:00 AM - Hacketstown, New Jersey

Kendel is just in town after recovering from THE BAD FLU.. we get up at 5:00 AM.. rent a car just past 6:00.. fight some detours.. & arrive at the station just past 8:00.. on air shortly after.

Loved this! .. Jeff's "CROW'S NEST" Saturday morning show at Centenary College is becoming a legendary thing. Jeff has GREAT taste.. loved listening to some cool edgy alt-rock/country as we were preparing to talk & play.. which we did for almost 2 hours.. Focusing on YONKERS NY & my history.. GREAT STUFF!! .. BIG THANKS JEFF & TO BRAD HUNT for setting this up!!

Nov 21 WXLV – Schnecksville, PA
– with great friend & host BIG KEV

After Jeff's show, Kendel & I had a breakfast at a VERY quaint-cool diner-like place in Hacketstown before taking our one plus hour jaunt to WXLV.. we arrive just after noon at the station which is on the campus of Lehigh Carbon Community College.. on air just after 1:00.

This IS a very cool thing!! .. First, Big Kev is one of the most passionate music lovers I have ever met. He always asks interesting questions & reminds me of some of my songs that I love.. but haven't played for a while. As he did today with "It's Different Now". It's certainly one of the truest love songs I ever wrote from my UNGLORIUS HALLELUJAH album .. & I haven't played it in ages. Kev's request will remind me to play it from time to time.

ONE THING!!! I didn't realize we were playing for an audience!! THAT WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE!! Big thanks to Judy, Debbie, Dawn, Mike & other nice folks who wandered by.. For an hour plus-plus.. we relived some of my history & played YONKERS songs.. with a brief excursion into the madness of Kendel's, I LIKE TRUCKS European & US success.,

Highlights for me were .. the Kev requested IT'S DIFFERENT NOW.. I was totally back in love again with that one.. LONG BLACK VEIL.. which I hadn't performed solo in years!! .. & CHARCOAL SKY.. which totally gave me chills!!

Again.. it doesn't get better than radio with my friend BIG KEV.. he's one of the brightest sides of what we call Americana music & radio .. keep up the great work Kev.. see you soon

with host & friend, Alan Colmes

Another late night free for all.. with a Alan & a couple of nice guys.. John.. a marketing guru & TJ .. a conservative comedian/radio host.. now from LA.. & a graduate of Stepinac High School in White Plains NY.. (where I went to school).. this show is fast & nuts..

Big thanks Alan .. for having me & playing tracks from my Album as bumpers.. also thanks to the call in guy who loved Emmylou's version of my song, SON OF A ROTTEN GAMBLER.. & my duets with Carrie..

Nov 10, 2009 – KBCO – interview with BRET SAUNDERS

This is a very big-time radio station & show. Bret was very UNLIKE most morning celebrity DJ's. I loved talking with him.. about old days with my brothers growing up & gambling etc. Bret's very professional.. but warm & honest.. an unusual, but great mix!! Big thanks my friend.. hope to see you one of these days!

Sep 8, 2009 – Mountain Stage


Assistant producer, Laurel, picked John & I up at 3:30 PM. We arrived at the venue in minutes.

It was great to see old friends, MC Larry Groce, producer Andy Reidenour & musicians Ahmed (new dad!!!.. congrats!!!), Michael, Ron & Bob.. and new bassist.. Ryan (Laurel's boy friend).

I sent a possible set list to musical director, Ron, several weeks ago.. & he & the boys delivered as usual. The band were absolutely ready! We rehearsed each song for just a minute or so. Because I shift moods within each songs framework.. depending on my moods, the emotion of the songs will be "discovered" on the spot. Within 20 minutes, we have a framework down, & the boys are totally ready for whatever happens. This is simply an awesome, unique band!! And background singer, Julie, is so prepared as well. John & I were looking forward to this, big time!


                                                                    thanks to John Darwin Kurc for photo

After a most kind intro by Larry Groce, with the amazing John Platania by my side, we begin our YONKERS NY journey.. in story & song. The audience is quickly into the YONKERS spirit, laughing at the fun of BASTARD BROTHERS.

Then we we're off to the movies (in song) with HEY JONNY (did you feel that movie).. and, again .. it's a total connection blast. But when we tell the story of my dad & mom & a Monday at the train station with the family & conductor Harry, with CHARCOAL SKY, there is total reverence.. & it's chill time. This song is becoming a lifetime performance high point for me & our fans. Folks are constantly telling me they get misty eyed when they hear it.. & it's that way for me.. every time.

After CHARCOAL SKY, we blasted a viby ANGEL OF THE MORNING & rocked with an awesome WILD THING!! .. THIS BAND WAS SO READY TONIGHT!! – Great job Julie & the boys!!! And, big thanks to this GREAT audience!!


Said hi to some folks in the lobby, including:

Hi John, Nadine, Heather & Chuck.. great talking to you guys.. hi Sue & Carolyn.. thanks for the kind words.. Hi Brenda & Laura & Zach & Becky.. who has 2 kids with the coolest names .. BRAXTON & GARRET.. great talking to you guys!!

Hi Drenda, Rick & Cris & Todd.. & Anthony.. who filmed an earlier interview with Larry Groce.. thanks for those nice words!!.. Hi Laurie.. my sort of "space cadet" new friend .. so nice talking to you.. thanks for the info about getting the C&C RED DOG TRACKS CD from the nice folks at Pandoras Mail Box in Blowing Rock NC.  I'll call Mardi (828 295 4238)

Hi Virginia.. & Theresa.. the nice ladies I met at the end .. & Cindy & Doug.. great to see you all!!

This was special.. big thanks to all!!


John & I have been looking forward to this… big time! I've done this show several times since my return to music in 1996. There's something about these folks & this place. It's like a family thing. It's like we're all somehow related.. & we can't wait to see each other.

After some last minute fortunate seat adjusts, we have a very comfortable flight on United to Washington DC/ Dulles. Then, after an extended layoff due to a flat tire, & a crazy/fast ride from a cowboy United pilot, we arrive in Charleston a bit after 9:00 PM. Big thanks to MT STAGE rep, Adam, who was there to great us. We arrived at our "home".. a most comfortable Marriott Hotel by 9:30.. just enough time to check in and hit the dining room for much needed dinner & drink.


This was a last minute thing… but we're glad we did it.

Just an hour plus south on I 80.. arrived at about 2:45.. on air with host DJ, Dave at 3:00. Lots of fun here.. catching Dave & the audience & MD, Tim up on the stories behind YONKERS ..

Note: I say "bastard" & "pissin" in BASTARD BROTHERS.. the former's OK.. bodily excretions is a no/no for many stations.. even the most liberal…found out a bit too late here.

Thanks for having us, boys. Thanks for the good conversation & the enthusiasm.. & the REAL THING memories. And hey Dave.. you sing a pretty mean BIG RIVER… well done! See you soon!

Nov 5, 2009 – KPFA – 8:45 PM .. host Bonnie Simmons

This show was amazing! Bonnie is another legend.. doing it great, for the best reasons, since 1969. And this station is one of the great FM stations of all time.

John & I played & talked.. Bonnie interviewed for 45 minutes. Lots of Yonkers NY stuff.. but lots of twists & turns in exploring my history.. Janis Joplin.. Garnet Mimms.. all over the map… LOVED EVERY MINUTE.. BIG THANKS BONNIE!! .. also thanks to Tony handling all the sound chores.. great to see you …

Note: To start the show, Bonnie paid tribute to Kendel Carson.. who is back in Canada recovering from THE bad flu.. by playing one of the tracks from her brand new 3 song single. The song, "SPARKLE NOT SHINING" (not released until this EP) sounded sooo awesome & chilling, it gave me an idea regarding it's possible use in a TV series that I may be musically involved in. THANKS FOR THAT INSPIRATION BONNIE.. I'll let you know if that happens .. & if it does, it will be totally because you played the song! It's amazing what power the airwaves can have. It reminds me of how WWVA from Wheeling VA totally set the tone of my life's direction. Nice stuff Bonnie – big thanks!!

Nov 4, 2009 – THE PALMS – WINTERS, CA

This was sort of a last minute booking. Big thanks to old friend David Femming for inviting us again to this legendary place.

We arrived from Nevada City at about 2:30, in time to rehearse with our "new" bass player, David Hayes (J.P.'s friend).. from Van Morrison's band!! Van's loss is certainly my gain!!


After sound check we caught five innings of the final game at an upscale bar/restaurant next door.. & had an awesome dinner!


Not a lot of folks.. but a special night nonetheless.. Dave was so prepared.. a quick learner.. BIG THANKS MY FRIEND!

This show got very loose.. very fast. For me, those are special shows. Again.. it was mostly YONKERS NY songs & stories.. but I veered off the path several times as certain memories floated in.. ie: Evie Sands story ending in the performance of ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME.. then the first song I wrote.. then.. an Elvis song..

Thanks to those who came along for the ride!

Hi to:

Kathy at the bar.. thanks for selling the CDs .. hope you enjoy the listen!.. Hi to friend, geologist Kate, who's students know brother Barry more than Jon or me!! … good stuff!

Hi to Michelle & Brian.. so nice talking with you!!.. Hi Steve & Jeanine.. thanks for the kind words.. & Terry.. & Chris.. hope to see you soon



KRSH – SANTA ROSA, CA – 3:00 PM.. with host Bill Bowker

It's great to see old friend Bill – a legendary DJ, who's been a sort of hero in this community for a while. We set up in Bill's studio in minutes & play a couple of songs from the new album (Bastard Brothers & Charcoal Sky). After some good conversation about the album and the road we say our goodbyes and John & I head a few miles up 101 for our next radio station visit.

Thanks Bill .. love to Lovana.. & friend, Wendy.. see you soon!

Also… great to meet Nate, the AAA program director for this station. Nate… big thanks for your support with HEY JONNY & Kendel's music.. much appreciated


We just heard that YONKERS was, not only the most added Americana record of the last two weeks, but also the most added AAA Radio record of the week! That's a VERY cool thing.. a first for me! This is the best start we've ever had. Nate, from KRSH, was one of the first ones on board.. again.. big thanks!!

See you boys soon!!

KRCB (an NPR radio station) – ROHNERT PARK, CA .. with host, Robin Pressman

Just down the road from KRSH.. we arrive at 4:00 PM .. on air in minutes.

So special to see old friend Robin.. originally from YONKERS!!! .. always love our conversation leading to not-typical song selections. I never know where it's headed.. but I always love our little journeys … loved this!! .. big thanks Robin.. here's wishing you all nice days with the new baby in the house.. much love!

KWMR – PT REYES, CA.. (with host Charlie)

Arrived in time for an awesome meal at a cool upscale place in town.

This was loose & so much fun.. such a nice back & forth with the three of us (Charlie .. a heartfelt musician as well).. all centered around the YONKERS NY songs & stories.

Here's a favorite memory.. Charlie leaving for a few minutes to check his notes as John & I played. When Charlie didn't return on time.. we hosted ourselves & kept going.. big fun .. THANKS CHARLIE .. excellent job.. loved this!!

Kay.. MISSED YOU!.. hope all is well!

- with host, CHE GREENWOOD

Our home base this week is a John Platania suggestion.. The WATERFRONT.. in Oakland .. at the Jack London dock area.. my room looks out to the water.. total vacation time!!

John and I got up early.. left at 6:45 AM to beat the traffic. John at the helm, we arrived in Nevada City.. a very cool little arty conclave.. around 9:45 - LOVE THIS TOWN!! .. sat in the sun & had a leisurely breakfast at a warm little coffee shop & relaxed.. then went around the block.. to the station & met our kind host, Che. We were on air in minutes.

What a wonderful thing this was. For the better part of an hour Che, John & I reminisced about old times, playing various songs from Yonkers, NEW YORK.. & interspersing the hits & others depending on where the conversation went.. just a great loose "lived-in" show.

By the end of the show several people had gathered outside the recording booth kind of cheering us on! What an awesome vibe. The local promoter, Paul, seemed like a great guy. He mentioned he'd like to set up a theater show for us ASAP. We're totally up for that!

BIG THANKS CHE .. great stuff!! Hi & thanks to station mgr, Steve Baker, musician / station librarian - Greg Pappin, DJ - Chamba Lane, & local producer - Paul Emmory, & volunteer Valerie. Great to see you all! Hope to see you VERY soon.

Nov 2, 2009 – WORLD CAFÉ – with host David Dye
(ISDN hook-up from San Francisco to Philadelphia)

Brother Jon, John Platania & I arrived at NPR station KQED in San Fran at about noon. The intention (& request from the World Café folks) was for Jon & I to do an interview (without "live" music) with David as he played songs from YONKERS NEW YORK. At the last minute I asked king engineer, Ceil, to set up an extra mike for John Platania's guitar, in case David changed his mind & requested a live song.


As usual, David asked some rather insightful questions.. Jon & I stumbled a bit with some answers.. but all in all it was great fun… and we did play a few live.. including BASTARD BROTHERS & Jon's reading of my first song ever, FADED BLUE.. as always.. he sang that one so warm.. with lots of feeling. That was certainly a highlight for me. Well done Jon!!

Big thanks to David & all involved with the hook-up.. Ceil, David Marks.. Willie (the garage guard).. & all. And special big thanks to brother Jon for all his support with the LA & San Fran shows..

We'll hook up again at the Birchmere in Alexandria Va (in the Washington DC area) on December 13.. then again on Dec 14 at The Living Room in New York … look forward to that.. hope to see lots of friends there!

Nov 1 – KPIG RADIO .. with old friend John Sandage.

This station is legendary.. & remains one of the coolest on the planet. It's always GREAT to be here & catch that KPIG spirit!

Arrived at 10:30 AM with JP & Tony Merc .. in time to say hi to some folks .. singer Sherry, Marki.. thanks for the breakfast spread.. old friends Tom.. Dave .. & old down-under friend Audrey Auld.. big hi & congrats to friend Bill back in Australia.. hope to go there before too long.

In short order we were on the air for a few memories w/ Sleepy John (Sandage) .. playing some new YONKERS NY songs.. including fan favorite, BASTARD BROTHERS.. & HEY JOHNNY (did you feel that movie).. a bit of ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. mixed with stories….. big thanks John… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! .. love to Betty.. see you soon!



Rooted in the great 60's traditions of "alternate". Antiestablishment (pop) music … standing for FREEDOM, TOLERANCE & INNOVATION .. in total opposition to music forced on unsuspecting humans.. resulting in a comfort palace for cool stuff … roots stuff.. the best of creative stuff… for many years housed down the block at an old former furniture store.. then moved around the corner to a former auto mechanic's garage…


WOW.. what a place!!! Just up the block from their viby former location.. this is a magical theater-like venue, holding upwards of 500... using the same old wood from the former old garage. It's a state-of-the- art place… WITH AMAZING ACOUSTICS!!! .. & with the same great folks running it as a non-profit art place for the benefit of local (San Fran area) residents.

We had done one of the last shows at the previous venue. It is simply wonderful to be back here & feel the amazing continuing spirit of what the name FREIGHT & SALVAGE represents.


We arrived at 5:00. Greeting us were old friends & volunteers… Tim & Alyce (from Yonkers), Bob (LAST CHANCE fan.. great to see you!), Keith (in the back).. Robin .. who would do an amazing job with the sound.. Andrea.. in charge of our well being & Steve Baker.. a guitarist & "recovering lawyer" who has managed the place with such passion for years.

Sound person, Robin, did an awesome job.. we were happily checked in short order.


What a nice thing – fresh from his first "guest appearance" with us at McCabe's in LA. Jon flew in & met us for sound-check. We stopped around the corner at a cool pizza place .. watched a bit of the Word Series baseball game. Big thanks to proprietor (Joe?) & kind & lovely hosts. When we returned Jon had fun mingling with the nice folks in attendance before show time. We were on-stage at 8:05.


For the better part of two hours we hung around the spirit of YONKERS NEW YORK.. in story & song.. Again. .loved every minute. Jon joined here and there.. with lots of off-the-cuff reflections Again, he was so charming & so warm & real!! Just loved doing BASTARD BROTHERS with him.. with all the ad-lib stuff.. and, as usual, Jon was AWESOME in his performance of the first song I wrote .. FADED BLUE. The folks LOVED this!!! Great job brother!!!!

Aside from the Yonkers songs, which are so much fun to perform.. some of the surprising highlights for me were requests from my 70's albums.. such as "GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK".. "SAME OLD STORY".. plus a reflection of my favorite Elvis song, "I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET HER", which I haven't performed in many years.

It was great to see friend & manager, Steve Baker, hanging out in the back & enjoying the show.. that was special. Thanks to all who attended!! This was a special night for two of the three BASTARD BROTHERS!

Hi to:

Tom.. & Yoko.. yes .. FADED BLUE can be found in my book/CD "SONGS FROM A DUTCH TOUR"… wonderful talking to you. Hi Shandon.. so nice talking with you as well.. big hi to sister Kathryn .. tell her thanks for those great performances of ANGEL OF THE MORNING!

Craig.. great to see you!! Thanks for the support with all those CDs .. great question about the dates.. I'll check it out.

Hi Michael.. so good to see you again!!.. BIG HI TO JOHN & ALYCE.. who celebrated their 43d anniversary here!! .. Jon & I loved talking to you.. hope to see you next time. Hi Greg .. thanks for your kind words about my singing & the songs…. Much appreciated.. see you next time.

Scott .. great to see you again with dad, Hilary!! Hilary.. big thanks for suggesting.. hope to see you guys every time I'm in these parts.. Hi to Paul & Joanne .. Michael.. such kind words.. Hi Christine.. hope to see you soon as well !

AGAIN.. huge thanks to ALL the volunteers.. & Steve.. keep up the GREAT work.. this place is simply magic.. always has been! I'm proud to be a part of it.

The Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse (Berkeley Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting Steve Baker, a guitarist and "recovering lawyer," who now manages the operation, came on board at that time. "The Freight already had the attributes of a community organization," Steve recalls. "The change-over was more of a formality and the success of our new group became obvious within the first year. Mayne Smith was the organization's first board chair. A talented songwriter and performer, he understood that the primary asset of any community organization is trust, and he set a standard for good faith and for commitment to service that continues to set the tone for the organization. Allison Fisher managed the club during that period. She was very effective at bringing new people into the audience, and after four years many of us were casting about for a way to expand our seating capacity.". Join with us to assure the Freight's future, and the future of the music we love.
We offer our sincere thanks to the folks at Meyer Sound for the generous support and assistance they have provided year after year. Their contribution has been indispensable in establishing the Freight is a premier listening room.

Oct. 30 –

I asked my brother to help get a doctor to look at Kendel.. which he did. The good doctor said Kendel was badly dehydrated & gave her IV fluid for a couple of hours. She felt & looked a lot better after that.. but she was still quite sick. He gave her some meds & said she'd probably feel better in a few days, but said she needed rest & suggested not performing for at least a few days. We decided to take no chances. We put her to bed and scheduled a flight for her to go back to Canada .. to her folks house. Hopefully she'll be better in a few days. But she'll stay off tour until she's 100%.

OCT 30 – rehearsing for our show at McCabe's LA

We had to make quick adjusts. Without Kendel this would be a different show. We decided to do a complete YONKERS NY show.. adding three songs from the album we had not performed. We had little time to rehearse.. but John, Tony & I sketched it out & headed for sound check.


Brother Jon agreed to do a cameo guest appearance – brave soul. He stopped by for a few minutes to rehearse as well. We're as ready as we can be under the circumstances.


Greg Leisz (pedal steel /dobro/ mandolin) was waiting for us. Great sound man Wayne had us sounding good in minutes, so we had an hour or so to rehearse there with the entire band.



There are thousands of shows in October dedicated to the memory of Danny .. who was tragically murdered in Pakistan a few years ago (Danny's birthday is Oct 10). I have been friends with his mom & dad & his best friend, Todd for a few years now. Wanting to be a part of the October spirit in his memory, we dedicated the show to Danny… and opened the show with I DON'T BELIEVE IN THAT.. a song I had written in response to his murder.

I found out after the show that Danny's folks, Judea & Ruth were in the audience. What a great & happy surprise!

After the opening song, we began our excursion into YONKERS NEW YORK. And what a journey it was!! I sang & talked & talked & sang.. BARRY GO ON (Put Yourself On The Mountain).. HEY Johnny (Did You Feel That Movie).. Charcoal Sky.. all magic interactions with this great audience .. I loved every minute!! The musicians followed me at every turn.. and Jon made his entrance.. here and there ..and was so charming!!

Later Killer Hale.. & the Blood Mountain Boys joined us.. Jon with them… & they were awesome.. just like last time!!.. thanks boys!!! What a night!!


Old friend & music business legend Al Schwartz was there .. hadn't seen him in 30 years!!!!!!! Great to see you Al… also GREAT to see Liberty.. from Boulder circa 1974!! Thanks for the nice words Liberty .. you look great!! Hope to see you soon!! Hi Dorato.. wonderful to see you!!

My boy Kris took off from babysitting chores with the amazing almost 3 month old twins, Ben & Jack.. THANKS MY BOY!! Hi Joe & Mark .. so glad you could come!!.. sorry I missed some of your other cohorts Kris, send them my best.. & tell them BIG THANKS for coming!

- Great to see the Killer's son, Tyler .. and girlfriend Lyndsey & mom Pat .. hi to The Keith's Tom & Mary Ann.. hi to Ken Rothstein.. originally from Yonkers!! Folks members of SUNNINGDALE CC.. where dad was the golf pro for his entire life!!.. Hi Crosby.. very best wishes with your music!!.. Hi to "pilots" Gerry & Marty.. great to see you guys!!

Hi to Rick & Joan.. from Bergen County!! . nice talking with you!!.. Hi Doug .. see you soon!

Oct 29, 2009 arriving LA

John, Kendel & I arrived at about the same time.. early afternoon. Kendel was trying to be a trooper. She'd been real sick for about ten days. She thought maybe it was getting better a few days ago. But the flu-like feeling was still there when she arrived – big time!

We checked into The Crown Plaza.. 1150 So Beverly.. we like this place a lot – reasonably priced and clean and comfortable.. & near good restaurants. Tony arrived about midnight



My new album, "YONKERS, NEW YORK will be officially released next week. At the last minute I thought it might be a good idea to shoot a simple video of "Charcoal Sky", which was a fan favorite on my recent tour of Sweden, England and parts of northern California.

The song recalls memories of my dad and mom taking my brothers and me to Nepperhan Train Station in Yonkers – one of our favorite things to do back then. In the song, dad speaks to a conductor – something he did often – and the conductor speaks to us about the importance of the steam engine trains. Here are the lyrics:

Charcoal Sky

Got a reservation – down at Neperhan station
Flatten your nickel's boys – and wave that train good bye
It'll be on time – it's the Hudson River Line
God Bless America & that Charcoal Sky

Boys this is Harry – he's the conductor for the Putnan Division
Now he's been doin' it for 18 years – and he's been my friend for nine
Harry this is Barry, middle son Jon and little Jamie
Tryin' to teach my boys about that Charcoal Sky

Repeat chorus

(Harry says) - Now since the 1860's, boys – we've been pushin' up steam
I still hear those wheels every time I close my eyes
And without that steam, boys – there'd be no American dream
Daddy said God bless you Harry – we'll see you by and by

Repeat chorus


Now wave goodbye to Harry boys – the caboose she's a rollin'
See him runnin' to catch up to her – don't he catch her every time
When he hops on board, boys - give a wave – it's time we started goin'
Soon around the bend we'll see that Charcoal Sky

Repeat chorus

I called my friend Bill Hurley, who has shot and assembled some great videos for Kendel Carson & me in the last few years. He and his cohort, Fred Boenig, decided on shooting the footage in two places.

First, at an old train station in High Bridge New Jersey (the last stop on the Rariton Valley train line.) – which had the feel and look of Nepperhan station. Then at Black River And Western Railroad, in Ringoes, New Jersey – where you can find some of the greatest old trains on the planet.


I left the east side of Manhattan 40 minutes before the train left Penn Station in New York. Due to traffic, I had to run the last few blocks- guitar and suitcase in hand – in order to JUST make the train on time. What a foolish thing! I would have had to wait two hours for the next train! And I experienced all those anxious moments.

So my suggestion – leave early – very early – for trains AND planes. Instead of spending the anxious minutes heading toward some place, be there comfortably already - negotiating a comfortable seat or smiling hello to somebody you would otherwise never had the chance to acknowledge.


One of my favorite parts of the day was when the train made it's final stop at High Bridge Station. As Fred and Bill set up for the shoot, I got to say hello to new friends, conductors Pam Dunston and Marc Sussman and engineer, Jack Dawes.

Aside from good general conversation with all, some things Pam said will stay with me – in a very good way!

Pam mentioned that her job had "humbled" her – made her more aware of the true beauty of many she came in contact with. It taught her not to pre-judge people. What great thoughts! Thanks for that Pam – I will devote a CHURCH OF THE TRAIN WRECK podcast to you and those thoughts very soon.

Meanwhile Pam.. & Marc.. & Jack.. click on "Church" on the main page to check some other podcasts. I think you guys would all like the "visit".


PS – also.. special hello to the VERY nice lady who was waiting with her husband for a train - & who was such a GREAT AUDIENCE for us as we prepared our shoot. Wish I had gotten your name! - HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! – all the best!


After shooting some great footage for a couple of hours at High Bridge Station, we traveled about a half hour away to RINGOES to our new location, The Black River And Western Railroad Station.

Again, one of my favorite parts of this visit was talking to some kind folks – Dick - the Forman at the station - and John, the engineer/mechanic. What great guys! – Also hi to new friend Gail who was there to greet us.

The stations pride and joy - their 1937 #60 steam engine - was housed in a special, locked up building of it's own. But Dick & John opened the big doors and in we went. For the better part of an hour we shot some great footage with that engine as well as interiors and exteriors of several other vintage trains.

GREAT STUFF BOYS – BIG THANKS! – hope to see you soon!

Big thanks to Bill & Fred for a great effort – MUCH APPRECIATED! We'll be on a CRASH COURSE to get this video up & SHOWING BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK – STAY TUNED!!


Festivals do not get better than this one. It is financed to the tune of about 8 to 10 million dollars by ONE music lover.. a great guy named Warren Hellman. It's held on 6 stages in Golden Gate Park.. the setting of each is as beautiful as you can imagine. – this year, the hea dliners are Emmylou, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, Robert Earle Keen, Little Feat, Bozz Scaggs, Nick Lowe, David Alvin, The Old 97s, Old Crow Medicine Show, Marianne Faithful.. just to name a few. Carrie & I played this festival twice in recent years and LOVED it.

The thousand or so musicians & managers etc.. are all treated like stars – separate rooms for each at the coolest hotels in San Francisco.. with shuttle rides constantly flowing back & forth to the festival grounds manned by the kindest folks .. i.e.: two lovely girls, Lemme & Jenny .. two old friends.. just out of college were our kind escorts. Great to see you guys!!! Big Thanks!!

When the festival folks were made aware that Kendel & I would be in the area, we were invited to take part in all the festivities. Badges were waiting for all of us.. Kendel, John, Tony & me.. which allowed us in each backstage area.. & to their big SATURDAY NIGHT private party at one of the coolest rock venues on the planet.. a place called SLIMS in downtown San Fran. BIG THANKS TO BONNIE SIMMONS…. & Dawn Holliday & Sherry, Chris, Allyson & all for the cordial invite & welcome!! – so appreciated!!

We drove from Santa Rosa & arrived at our AWESOME hotel in San Fran, THE GALLERIA PARK.. an old renovated structure.. now a state-of-the-art cool hotel.

A few hours later we had an early dinner at the hotel with Kendel's warm/kind folks, Del & Bruce. LOVED THIS.. they are such salt-of-the-earth people. We are all buddies now.. a very nice thing!

Note: I had banged my foot leaving the stage in Santa Rosa & my old drop-the eight-on-my-foot injury kicked in. .. Maria.. the kind bell-hop girl at the hotel managed to find me a cane in the hotel's "lost & found".. THANKS MARIA.. that's been a huge help. Also.. Bruce is suggesting a Chinese remedy.. & I'm paying attention! Thanks Bruce!


This was GREAT fun. For the next two days I got a chance to catch up with some great friends.

i.e.: David Mansfield.. the brilliant musician composer that played with me in the early 70's.. who went on to become famous with Bob Dylan on his ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW.. & star in- & compose the themes for the legendary film, HEAVEN'S GATE. David played with me at my mom's funeral. David was a featured guitarist on my return album, THE LIVING ROOM TAPES, back in 1997. Our paths haven't crossed in about 10 years. This was a magical reunion - a very important one for me.

Said hi to old friends Robert Earle Keen & band members, Marty, Rich & Charles Ray.. brilliant drummer friends Marco Giovino & Bryan Owings.. old friend Richie Havens .. (hadn't seen in 30 years!!).. old friend, Marshall Crenshaw.. new friend Sue from the BLUE RODEO crew.. Gary Scruggs, from the great Earl Scruggs Band & I got to say hi & share a few laughs about the festival name.. look forward to seeing Gary & the boys tomorrow. That's the way it is at a great festival.. you get to hang out with folks you admire & respect.. what a great thing. And there's no better festival for me to do that, than this one.

Oct 3, 09 - PARTY AT SLIMS

Kendel, John & I played at this cool place a little over a year ago. We LOVED the vibe & the folks who ran it. It was SO GREAT TO SEE lovely Nancy (who booked/managed the venue).. & lovely Colleen (so great to see you!) who was part of the staff & a great guy named Chris who was another host of the place. Colleen.. hi to dad, Bob. Very nice talking to him.. with special thoughts of your uncle (& my old school mate), Tom. It is a small world. Hope to see you in New York!

It's hard to explain this connection with these great SLIMS folks.. but it's a very nice thing .. & it was such a very special thing to revisit that.


These are two of my favorite people on the planet… Joe hasn't been able to speak for 30 years… writes his thoughts on a disappearing plastic pad… BUT in 14 days.. Joe will speak again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you Joe!! TALK to you soon!!

Oct 4, 09 – John & I are having dinner at a high-end restaurant near the hotel. Kendel calls from the festival.. says she's not feeling that well.. will pass on dinner. Two hours later.. she calls… ran in to Ry Cooder & wife … had dinner with them!!.. John & I .. well ../ we're just John & I.. well… hey.. that's the HARDLY STRICTLY FESTIVAL for you!

GREAT STUFF! Good night!

Oct 1, 09 - SAN FRANCISCO..

Joan & I spent some great time with son Kristian, wife Anna & OUR NEW IDENTICAL TWIN GRANDKIDS (7 weeks old!), BEN & JACK .. in LA. What an awesome week!! .. the kids are sooooo amazing!!

Now back to work


The band.. John Platania, Tony Leone & Tony Mercadante & Kendel & I…. fly in to San Fran at various times. We're in the van by 3:00 & head for one of our favorite places… Santa Rosa… KRSH territory.. with friend & legendary MD & DJ, Bill Bowker.. who I last saw at the hotel bar in Nashville at 2:00 AM… sorry to say, we closed the place!!


We make a quick stop at our hotel & arrive at the station just in time for sound check. Big thanks to Jonathan & old friend Pete for doing such an AWESOME job with our check.. we're ready in 10 MINUTES!! –

We get a chance to say hi to Bill Bowker & many station folks & friends before show time.. great friend Brian & Rock-guru David.. so good sharing stories.., hi Amanda.. great seeing you!!!.. & STEPHANIE - first came to station at the time of the Chip/Carrie concert 3 years ago.. so nice to talk to you!! & Anita.. so good seeing you again as well.... & Julie.. & John & the rest.. such nice folks…. GREAT TO SEE Bill's lovely wife Lavana.. & friend DAWN!!!!.. sorry we weren't able to see you later. ..also.. very nice to meet the gang from The Sorentino's (Dan, Rob, Ken & one other .. sorry… didn't catch the name)) .. a great local band who are opening for us.


THIS IS CERTAINLY ONE OF THE YEAR'S HIGHLIGHTS!! This is the first time I've met Kendel's sweet mom, Del. And this is the first time Del & Kendel's dad, Bruce are seeing us perform together!!!


This was so special & so much fun. It is simply awesome to play for these great folks & to have them witness a star in the making.. KENDEL CARSON. These folks are like family. Carrie & I played in this area at the legendary "house/concert/venue".. "STUDIO E".. WE ALWAYS LOVED THAT!!! And our last performance at THE BACKYARD was one to remember forever. AND THIS ONE WAS ONE FOR THE BOOKS AS WELL!! And what a wonderful thing for Del & Bruce to see & feel this special union with the folks, their daughter & all of us.. it doesn't get better.. it's a total team effort… the fans… this great station & artists like us… all in it together for the right reasons!

Far too many highlights to mention.. but the band & Ms Carson totally rocked tonight!! .. Jesse James, OH BABY LIE DOWN, BASTARD BROTHERS, Charcoal Sky… BIG TRUCKS… I loved SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES – it had that super serious rock & roll vibe I love so much - it showed the rock & roll power Kendel has… again, she was absolutely on fire tonight!!.. then we rocked the place with HEY JOHNNY DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE… & BIG RIVER… then a chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING led to a Bill Bowker tribute of WILD THING….

We encored with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. & left the stage a bit tired but feeling wonderful.. what a night!!

Hi to:

Tim.. thanks for the kind words… & for taking the pictures… hope you nail that song!! - hi Sherry.. good to see you again… great kids… Isabella & Jasmin .. so good meeting you guys… don't forget … NO vegetables.. just cake, ice cream & candy for a month or so.. DON'T CHEAT!!!

Kendel says to say a BIG hi to new friend JAKE.. sorry I missed seeing this special guy.. Kendel says he's AWESOME!!

Hi Garth (originally from Oregon) … thanks for the nice words… all the best with your own music… Hi Ken.. Hi JOY.. & Dave .. great to see you… thanks for the kind comments… Hi Bob… nice talking to you…

Heidi!! … are you OK? … was hoping to see you.. hope to see you soon

Hi to all the other kind folks who's names I missed or forgot.. hope to see you next time!

Again.. thanks to Bill Bowker & Brian, Dave & the entire staff for all the support.. & SPECIAL THANKS TO MD NATE FOR ALL THE AAA SUPPORT… It's wonderful to get such support from musical folks like Nate & Bill & this great gang, who nurture their ties to the community through good music… Bill & I discussed a return visit &/or a yearly Backyard Concert wrap up … it all sounds good to me. & Big love & Thanks from Kendel… see you all soon.


Sep 18, 09 – Lucinda Williams WEDDING

John Platania & I arrive in Minneapolis in the early afternoon.. The event is a show & wedding .. Tom & Lu tie the knot before the encore of her amazing show .. one of her best ever… then a simple beautiful wedding… then more ROCK & ROLL… then a great reception… an awesome night!!

Congratulations Lu.. it is so great to see you & Tom so happy.. & for John & I to share this night with you! .. Thanks so much for that! Much love!


All day long people were congratulating me on BASTARD BROTHERS getting such raves in the NEW RELEASE panel hosted by Sean Coakley & Leslie Rouffe from SONGLINES PROMOTIONS. It's a big deal every year at the convention. I honestly didn't know the song was in competition. Here's an email about that.

Thanks to everyone who submitted music and especially to those who came and participated in this year's Americana Music Meeting.

Here's how it worked: we played about 90 to 120 seconds of each song after which attendees wrote down a score from 1 - 10.
What followed were lively discussions on the relative merits of each artist/song as seen through the personal and professional biases of the listener.
Almost every song illustrated the wide differences of opinion within this hard-to-define genre of music.

The results are divided into three categories: the whole room, radio programmers and artists.

The whole room:

Chip Taylor "Bastard Brothers" 8.4
Rosanne Cash "Sea of Heartbreak" 8.14
Hank Williams Jr. "All the Roads" 7.45
Monsters Of Folk "Man Named Truth" 7.29
Blue Rodeo "Arizona Sky" 7.06
The Black Lillies "Little Darlin'" 7.06
The Wrights "The Way That I'm Living" 6.94
Dawes "When My Time Comes" 6.88
Jerry Lee Lewis "Here Comes That Rainbow Again" 6.83
Will Kimbrough "Three Angels" 6.25
Texas Tornados "If I Could Only" 6.21
Bruce Robison "Born To Roll" 6.08
Gordie Tentrees "Mercy or Sin" 5.23
Radio Programmers:    
Rosanne Cash "Sea of Heartbreak" 8.17
Chip Taylor "Bastard Brothers" 7.73
Hank Williams Jr. "All the Roads" 7.3
Blue Rodeo "Arizona Sky" 7.18
The Black Lillies "Little Darlin'" 7.09
Bruce Robison "Born To Roll" 7.08
The Wrights "The Way That I'm Living" 7
Texas Tornados "If I Could Only" 6.75
Monsters Of Folk "Man Named Truth" 6.45
Will Kimbrough "Three Angels" 6.36
Dawes "When My Time Comes" 5.82
Jerry Lee Lewis "Here Comes That Rainbow Again" 5.82
Gordie Tentrees "Mercy or Sin" 4.91
Chip Taylor "Bastard Brothers" 9
Rosanne Cash "Sea of Heartbreak" 8.2
Jerry Lee Lewis "Here Comes That Rainbow Again" 7.86
Hank Williams Jr. "All the Roads" 7.43
Monsters Of Folk "Man Named Truth" 6.86
Dawes "When My Time Comes" 6.71
The Wrights "The Way That I'm Living" 6.5
The Black Lillies "Little Darlin'" 6.4
Blue Rodeo "Arizona Sky" 6.13
Will Kimbrough "Three Angels" 6
Texas Tornados "If I Could Only" 5.2
Bruce Robison "Born To Roll" 5.1
Gordie Tentrees "Mercy or Sin" 4.6

Once again – a great conference and we hope to see ya'll next year!


Sean Coakley & Leslie Rouffe

So that was it.. what a proud thing to be in such great company. FYI - I'm looking forward to hearing Rosanne Cash's new record. I'm betting it's great. There's been some talk about her & I doing some shows together. I'd love that! Aside from being a one-of-a-kind artist, she's a damned nice person.


Just before the awards show, old friend Dave Jacques (brilliant bassist .. plays with John Prine) joined us for a quick rehearsal.. we're ready

SEP 17 - Sirius Radio ..

with friends Jeremy, Steve Popovich Jr & a quick on-air with crazy MOJO.. big thanks for having us guys!!! – see you soon

OUR SHOW – 3d & LINDSLEY – 11:00 PM

Big thanks to Steven & Mike (sound).. for being so prepared for us!!

What a great night this was .. the band & Kendel were AWESOME… & it was like Sweden/Norway/London .. in as much as the previews of my new CD, "YONKERS NEW YORK" seemed so "lived in" & appreciated.. & work so great with Kendel's garage/rock country thing… I am loving performing all this stuff! ..


Said hi to:

There wasn't much time to say hi to folks.. but I do remember a few names… hi: Jan & Caroline.. so good to see you guys.. maybe I'll see in Florida one of these days.. hi to Tim.. Vinny & Paul (from the UK).. & the fellow who came especially to see me from Alaska.. I hope we hook up again soon… BIG THANKS FOR COMING!!

Old friend Steve Popovich.. & friends .. thanks for the great words!!


Old friend Jesse Scott.. who was A&R director for XM Satellite.. before the merger.. now has a cool Internet thing going. She had a BIG TOURING VAN parked outside our venue & asked if we'd stop by to sing a couple of songs.

So we all crowded in the band & performed 3 songs.. w/great former XM engineers manning the controls. LOVED THIS.. THANKS TO ALL!!

A bonus was that I got to record a song I wrote for LUCINDA WILLIAM'S for her WEDDING… called "LUCINDA WILLIAMS WEDDING". I started writing it in Sweden.. and performed a bit of it there.. & everybody seemed to like it.. so it was great to finally "capture" it to give to Lu. BIG THANKS TO JESSE & THE GANG. LET'S DO MORE OF THIS TYPE RECORDING.. WHAT A GREAT VIBE!! I'll be in touch!


Sep 16, 09 - Nashville


FIRST STOP: Cincinnati

I flew in to Cincinnati from New York & was waiting for Kendel when she arrived from Canada. With luggage in hand, we took a taxi, just across the state border to Kentucky to radio station WNKU.

Our great promo/friend, Brad Hunt, has asked us to stop here to say hi to some folks at this VG station at NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY… as the folks here have been VERY supportive of our music. So glad we did!

RADIO STATION – WNKU – Big thanks to John McGue .. & pro cohorts Andrew & Bob.. Loved this – a much bigger production than I thought - LIVE w/video for later airing on cable.. VG interview with great host & a few songs.. look forward to seeing you guys soon … BIG THANKS!!

We arrived back at the airport in plenty of time to catch our 7:55 flight to Nashville.
It was a short flight & with the time difference, we arrived in Nashville shortly after 8:00. John Platania had flown in by way of Albany, & was already waiting for us when we arrived.

Kendel needed rest.. but John & I hustled to a place called Douglas Corner to see old friend & great soul/ songwriter, Donny Fritz.. and his great band .. including old friend, David Hood on bass.. with legendary writers Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham making special guest appearances singing a few of their awesome hits like Dan's DARK END OF THE STREET & Spooner's CRY LIKE A BABY. Meeting these guys was an awesome treat for me .. I probably shook hands with them back in the 6os.. but not since then.

John & I were invited on stage as well & we played Angel Of The Morning & Wild Thing.. with Donny & the great band. What a great night.


This is always a GREAT event … far better than the CMA.. as simply put, the music is far more inspired.. & the artists are mostly the real deal.. & the fans are AMAZING!!! & The AMERICANA ORGANIZATION simply puts on a HELL OF A SHOW highlighted be the awards show.


For me .. highlights were .. seeing friend Buddy Miller so healthy (Buddy had triple bypass surgery back in Feb.. the same day I was having my stents operation).. & old friend Jim Lauderdale.. do his same-old magic hosting… & awesome performances by The Belleville Outfit (great talking with you Phoebe.. hope to see you soon)… & Justin Townes Earle .. great stuff

Felt a bit bad for Kendel .. as she was #1 female on the AMERICANA CHARTS for well over a month & wasn't acknowledged with a spot on the show, but her "star" rose a bit late in the game.. hopefully the powers that be will give her just do next year.. but .. all that being said.. those in charge p ut some great artists & a terrific show on that stage



Hakan picks us up in our touring van at our hotel at 5:20 AM. By the way.. we stayed at the Raddison hotel here in Malmo.. & liked it a lot! W e arrive at the airport at 6:00 for our flight to London.

I'm halfway dreading this trip as I'm expecting to be detained at the border crossing
checkpoint at Heathrow. Two years ago our booking agent made the mistake of giving John Platania & me working papers for ONE YEAR.. He did that to save time & dollars in case we came back later in the year. What he did not know was that once you have working papers for more than six months, you need a VISA, which we never have. So John & I were detained for 3 plus hours.. mug shots.. finger printed.. etc.. with our passport stamped "DENIED ENTRANCE". They finally let us in, but the damage was done.

Every time John Platania has returned to play with Van Morrison, he's been harassed & detained. It's taken took 4 or 5 of those episodes to resolve it for him. Now this is my FIRST TIME returning .. & I'm expecting to be detained.

We arrive at 8:30 .. there is an almost one hour delay for other than EURO UNION folks to get to the check point. I have an understanding with Kendel & the boys that they will take the luggage & head for the hotel where I will join them later. The Euro Union folks have no delay.

At the check point .. I AM DELAYED! I am asked to have a seat while they check my papers etc. I am expecting the worst.. but after about 5 minutes.. they stamp my passport & INVITE ME IN!! - Miracle of miracles!!!

Kendel & the boys wait just outside the luggage area having an expensive BAD breakfast…. in hopes to see me, just in case I am not detained. I walk by without seeing them, take the fast train to London.. hop a cab to our cool low-budget hotel, THE HYDE PARK TOWERS (a Kendel find!).. have an AWESOME, inexpensive breakfast.. sit outside at a picnic table drinking good coffee & making Internet tour notes.

A haggard Kendel & band arrive an hour later… ah, the life!!



The manager Ed is waiting for us along with soundman, Patrick. The back-line (amps for bass & guitar.. & drum kit) is waiting (thanks to Heinz for organizing). We've had GREAT sound folks on this tour.. BUT NONE BETTER THAN PATRICK.. we are checked in short order.

MY OLD FRIEND, FLORENCE, STOPS BY WITH HER KIDS … cool/ handsome & sweet ALEXANDRE (now 13), who loves Physics… no surprise to me .. as dad, Gauillaume is a brilliant mathematics/scientist .. & lovely, sweet ARIAN (now 10).. who LOVES all studies .. especially art. IT IS SOOOOO GREAT TO SEE THEM!!!!! I last saw them several years ago.


While Kendel is off doing two interviews, the boys … Orjan (guitar), Bjorn (bass) & Magnus (drums) & I have a nice quiet dinner at an Italian restaurant around the corner from the club. After checking out some cool book/CD stores, we're ready for our show!


Well, simply put.. from start to finish - this was PURE MAGIC!!! We booked the show fairly late.. & it's a Sunday.. so I wasn't expecting a good turnout. The place was packed!! And what an audience this was. And totally because of the terrific interaction with this great group, we gave - & they got - the very best of Kendel & me… & this AWESOME SWEDISH BAND!!

Certainly this is on top of the list of my favorite UK shows ever.. and there have been several memorable ones.

It's hard to explain what this show has become.. part edgy, honest garage band rock & roll.. FEATURING THE NEW SENSATION, KENDEL CARSON.. & me from time to time - & part theater.. featuring an intimate exploration of my YONKERS, NY story.. told in spoken word & song.. & even this part of it has it's rock & roll garage edge.


We blasted THE REAL THING.. then roared with Kendel's medley.. OH BABY LIE DOWN & JESSE JAMES.. & the band was kicking & the audience was so totally with us…. & after the sweet RIBBONS & BOWS, we all got lost in the beat- poetry Lou Reed-like DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE.. it was like a spiritual thing..

Then it was some YONKERS NY stories & songs.. BASTARD BROTHERS.. which the audience loved, leading the way.. then HEY JONNIE, DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE with it's ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK interludes… which totally blasted this house!!.. then an intimate look at a years-ago -Monday in Yonkers with my folks & brothers in the story & song of CHARCOAL SKY.. which gave me chills from start to finish.. & from the reaction, the audience must have been feeling the same thing.

And mixed in with the YONKERS stuff were Kendel's mad-fiddling rockers, SEVEN SHADOWS ON MY GOLDEN ROSES & TEN LOST MEN… total crowd pleasers every night!!…KENDEL WAS so ON FIRE tonight!!! .. after a few others, we played an oh-so-sweaty ANGEL OF THE MORNING & a totally rocked-out WILD THING.. We encored with an amazingly chilling, reverent HOLY SHIT.. with the audience singing in solidarity with the Nortalja prisoners in Sweden.

Finally we said goodbye with our toungue-in-cheek ode to a Swedish reviewer.. the new song, TOO DYNAMIC.. the crowd seemed to love this one, many singing along by song's end.




ORYAN (guitar) – big thanks & big love to Yvonne.. what a special lady!
BJORN – tell Sara.. I hope to see her & your little boy.. hope you had that candlelight dinner with Sara that you've been longing for!
MAGNUS – hope things go well in Stockholm with your students & you can have some nice relaxing days .. say hi to your new friend, Jesse. Wish her the best with her music. I'll see you soon!


My music- aficionado friend from Cadiz, Richard England, remarked that he never saw a show of this length have the magical staying power of this one. This great band, had a lot to do with that. Richard and his Cadiz Distribution buddies talked to me about bringing this to theaters here. We'll talk more tomorrow.


Big hello to Richard & all the Cadiz folks.. Luke, Christian.. & Del (our great publicist!!) – we are totally in this together!! What a great thing!!

Hi to my great old friends Michael & Elaine … thanks for being here .. see you in New York!!… Hi Terry & Linda… so good to see you so often!! .. Hi to Korine .. from Brazil.. & old friend Ian.. great to see you again.. hi to Jan.. & big hello to David.. Lucy's dad… hi Michael.. thanks for the kind words

Hi Jeff!!! Thanks for bringing your son, Michael… Michael.. thanks for the support!! .. see you soon… Hi Kathy & Trevor.. & Kato (from Australia).. great seeing you!! –

Big hello to Paul Hitchcock (helping with regrouping of ULTRAVOX) & wife Pippa.. Paul.. please send Midge my best regards.. tell him I still have that leather jacket from Boulder.. & I look forward to seeing him again!!

Hi Bob & friend Daren.. so nice talking to you!… Hi DAVE .. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!… Hi Nick.. nice seeing you as well

Special hi to my old friends MIKE & PAUL.. great seeing you before & after the show!! .. I told the boys & Kendel how much you appreciated what they brought to the table!! Hi Alan .. great to see you & Karen…. SO GOOD TO TALK TO YOU HILLARY… thanks for the sweet words about what the show meant to you.. Big hi to old friend Joe & Carmel from Ireland.. yes.. I'd like to go back there soon.. YONKERS NY has such an "Irish soul".

Thanks to singer/ song writer Pat for taking so many pictures for different folks.. & for introducing me to Mick…. MICK, THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING TOGETHER THE GREAT ACE CHIP TAYLOR RETROSPECTIVE… It is my proudest compilation!!

Of course big thanks & hi to my friend Florence.. say hi to Garth.. wish he could have been here .. BIG LOVE TO ALEXANDRE & ARIANE

And a big hello to my friend Barry (great to see you before the show).. & to my great friend Tony Pankhusrt & friend Ed.. great seeing you over & over again!!

BIG THANKS TO THE BORDERLINE (Mean Fiddler) FOLKS… Ed & Patrick.. & hi to lovely Genna.. who runs the show here. Thanks for having us, Genna.. hope to see you soon..

Again thanks to these folks & all others who attended… this was one hell of a night!


I've played in this town a few times.. several in-stores at a great record store, HUGGET.. no longer in existence.. I have fond memories of that place.. (owned by Ralph & managed by a king fellow named Lasse). also played at a place called Pusterbik.. (loved that venue).. and other cool places. I've always loved the spirit of this town & always felt a strong connection to the fans here.

This will be the last day for tour mgr/booker/driver & great new friend, Bjorn. He's at the wheel gain as we enter Gotteberg at about 1:30.

All along Bjorn has been dreading driving in this town.. he says he always gets lost. Well, it's a self fulfilling prophesy… as Bjorn misses a turn & we end up exiting Gotteberg on the north heading for the island of Hisingen.. well done Bjorn!!!.. hell, it's always good to experience new places!!


We load in at 2:00.. . This is an amazing modern music/ club/ dining complex. There are two main music areas – one holds a few thousand… the other several hundred. We're in the latter tonight. Both these rooms are state-of-the-art music places.. with great music systems & acoustics.

Sound man Jan is great.. he starts setting up immediately, allowing us to go to the hotel to check in, shower & change & get ready to finish the sound check before Kendel & head for Gotteberg's big radio show.

When we come back to the venue at 3:45, Jan is totally ready. We sound check in minutes. BIG THANKS JAN!!


Hakan Olsson escorts Kendel & me to the station. Our cab driver, Miciel, is a great guy.. love talking with him about his job & kids.. he makes plans to pick us up for our return.

This was great. Hosts Frederik & Frida such nice folks. We perform Kendel's TEN LOST MEN & CHARCOAL SKY… & have some loose intimate conversation.. loved this!!! Big thanks Frederik & Frida.. see you soon.


There have been announcements & press about a special guest star appearing at tonight's show. Jill is that star. She's an amazing singer… in the tradition of Dusty Springfield, Evie Sands & Anne Murray… all great white soul singers. Jill has had several huge hits here .. including amazing versions of John Prine's classic, ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY & my ANGEL OF THE MORNING, which topped the charts last year.

It's great to meet her & her sweet/kind & very soulful friend & back up singer, Lotta. We rehearse a bit.. have dinner together at a private upstairs dining area.


What great turnout.. Lots of familiar faces .. & several new ones. This great bunch were with us from the opening note of THE REAL THING.

Again.. Kendel was so inspired in her fiddling & singing … the fans LOVED her!! And the band was loose & awesome!! .. Again.. garage band country rock at it's best… with a lot of story telling mixed in.

Highlights of our main show were far too many to mention… Oh Baby Lie Down.. an extended version of JESSE JAMES.. a rockin' TEN LOST MEN…………. I LOVED HEY JONNIE, DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE tonight - a tribute to Bill Haley & The Comets & Rock Around The Clock – two of THE most important events in ROCK & ROLL history… & extraordinarily important in my life.

Then there was a chilling CHARCOAL SKY .. & a soulful SAW MILL RIVER ROAD leading into Johnny Cash's BIG RIVER..


Jill & Lotta took the stage to huge applause. After some kind words by Jill, she sang an amazingly soulful version of John Prine's, ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY .. featutring great guitar & fiddle solos - by Orjon & Kendel with harmonies by Lotta & me. The audience absolutely loved this!!.

Then Jill & I did a duet of ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. with again soulful background vocals by Lotta… Again…the crowd erupted with applause & cheers.. this was a special thing for all of us.. Big thanks Jill & Lotta … hope to see you again soon!! You were awesome!!!

After rocking with Kendel's BELT BUCKLE.. we ripped into BIG TRUCKS .,.the crowd LOVED this!!!.. with everybody singing along & clapping. We ended with a soulful "HOLY SHIT" .. & a rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE

Thanks to all who were part of this .. this was an awesome night!!


Big hello to old friends Runer & Irena & Anders & Maria.. see you tomorrow!!!
And Latrs & Maria.. so wonderful to see you guys again & again … love to the family!!

Great to see old friend, Thomas, before the show.. hi to Lasse & Laika… & Stehon from Border Distribution.. so good to see you Stephon….

Hello to Magnum from daughter Marie… nice talking with you .. BIG hello to special friend DOROTA… so good talking to you.. thanks for your comments about BLACK & BLUE AMERICA… hope to see you soon!!

Hi to Anette… & Celia & Mats… & Michael.. & Agnetta.. great meeting you all. Thanks for the good wishes & kind words.

Hi Mille.. we'll get you a small T-SHIRT next time…Hi Ole… thanks for all the support.. look forward to the discs of the vinyl… big thanks!!…

A very special hello to my "old flame", Karin.. from the Hultsfreds festival in 2002 .. great to see you & new husband Nils (seems like a good one, Karin … I'm happy for you).. hope to see you both again.

WONDERFUL SEEING & TALKING WITH BJORN'S AUNT & UNCLE, Margareta & Ebbe.. loved meeting you both .. hope to see you soon again.. in a family setting

Great to see my old friend (& brilliant bassist) Petter Erikson & dad, Anders.. thanks for coming… hope to see you soon Petter! … good luck with your friend's new CD & tour.. hi to Bjorn's (bass player) .. home town friend, Frederik.. thanks for the kind words

Finally /… great to see Peter.. the kind & very knowledgeable rep of BOX WHISKEY DISTILLERY & DISTRIBUTORS… located in the north, outside the village of Koja. This IS the most exciting thing to happen to whiskey in Sweden EVER. .. Peter is also a great fan.. wonderful to see you & learn about BOX

Here's some of what I've learned:

The healing power of Mrs Wilberg's spring, combined with the distilling know-how of the master distiller John McDougall (head distiller at the amazing Laphroig & Springbank Distilleries. TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SCOTCHES!!), will lead to an awesome, Swedish single malt in the next few years.

And make no mistake – there will be none of that trendy/ crappy Sherry oak cask stuff here – this stuff will age in Bourbon barrels like the great ones. Like the simple beautifully silky 10 year old Springbank.. or the warm, amazing 10 year old Laphroig. The young BOX whiskey will be GREAT unique stuff!!

Meanwhile, they are importing some rare wonderful stuff, from the best distilleries in Scotland..

And … speaking of that .. PETER BROUGHT ME AMAZING SAMPLES… with the cool, underground-looking "BOX" labels… like the warm TULLIBARDINE, vintage 1989… great stuff .. THE ENTIRE BAND & HAKAN OLSSON & BYORN PATTERSON from Rootsy records LOVED THE SIPS!! .. congrats to John McDOUGALL & all …

looking forward to the next CHIP TAYLOR / KENDEL CARSON TOUR.. sponsored by the two coolest companies in Sweden… ROOTSY RECORDS & BOX WHISKEY (ADALEN DISTLLERI AB)… let's do this thing!!

Meanwhile… back to these great Gotteberg folks…so good to be with you all. We will share some good music & good whiskey together soon!


The drive from Halden to Uddevella is amazing.. beautiful little villages line several fjords along the way. We arrive in Uddevella in time for a bit of down time.


What an awesome place!!! It's owned & set up by musicians.. Thomas & Conny.. FOR MUSICIANS. A state-of-the-art venue!!


A terrific & kind engineer, Roland, takes quite a bit of time to get the sound just right. Again this is an amazing room. Normally it's heavy metal & rock bands that appear here.
But Roland works hard to get the sound warm & right for our concert. Big Thanks Roland!!!!


This was the surprise show of the tour! I had never played this town before, so I was not expecting the amazing response we got. A few great old friends showed up tonight, but for the most part, we were seeing folks for the first time. The audience surrounded us close to the stage and were totally with us from the minute we started the first note of THE REAL THING!! These folks made it easy to give the best of what we had to offer.

Note: A GREAT article in the local paper by a fellow named Erik was probably VERY responsible for this warm reception. Big thanks Erik!!

We played one long set – almost two hours long. They LOVED Kendel!!!!!.. She is a total star here in Sweden!! - Seven Shadows, Jesse James, Oh Baby Lie Down were all favorites.. & of course.. they went nuts with BIG TRUCKS.

They LOVED the YONKERS NY songs.. Charcoal Sky, Oh Jonnie DID YOU FEEL THAT MOVIE, & SAW MILL RIVER ROAD were highlights..

They sang with us on a GREAT version of HOLY SHIT .. we rocked together with TENNESSEE.. while a few couples were dancing!! – then, after a soulful, ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE, we put the instruments away.. & came back to say hello to some old friends & a bunch of new ones!!


Great to see old friends, Lars & Marita… & Anders & Maria & Runer & Irena. Just seeing these old friends was an absolute highlight for me. They've been with me from the first time I set foot in this country!

Hi to ANDERS & LILLY who traveled 4 hours to see the show. Great to see you again Anders.. so good to meet you Lilly. Happy to sign that great guitar, Anders … see you at OPAL DIVINE's in Austin!

Big hello to Caroline, Malin & hi to Gunnar.. too bad we finally got the camera working Caroline.. all the attempts were actually felt great!

Hi to Bjorn & Thom & Sten-Aka who has all my vinyl from the 70's .. thanks for the support, my friend. Hi to Hans, Sari & Lars & Harb??, hi Robert.. nice to see you all .. & Lasse & Peter…. Hi Inge & Magnus .. &, of course.. another Caroline.. who spoke with me at the end. Thanks for the invite to the little party.. great to see you & your friends!

Wonderful to see you Jenny .. & friend Jarmo .. hope to see you tonight in Gotenberg. And great to meet several new young friends, Henrik, brother Joakim & bAndreas.. hope to see you next time. AND A BIG HELLO .. to the tall guy Erik.. great to see you towering over the rest. Better late than never!

Thanks to bartender Dave (owner Thom's son).. who was there with a great Laphroig scotch the minute the show was over!! Thanks Dave.. see you soon

Wound down with great owners, Conny & Thom.. thanks for the kind words. LOVED BEING HERE!! This was a very special night!! We WILL see you soon again.

Sep 2, 2009 HALDEN, NORWAY

We leave Oslo at about 10:45.. head North & arrive in picturesque Halden at about 2:00. This is one of my favorite places to visit. The town sits in a valley with streams running through. It's a humble town… sort of like Yonkers, New York in spirit… but much smaller in size. This is a workingman's town. We are staying at The 20 GRAND HOTEL. There is nothing fancy or new about this place but I've stayed here every visit.. I love this place.. this something warm & soulful about it. There's a train track adjacent to the hotel & my room will face that… & trains will pass by every half hour or so… & I will love to hear that sound.

This is a music town. I'm not sure why.. but plenty of great musicians born & raised here. It's the home of the great DOWN ON THE FARM Music festival, partly organized by Tom Schekleseiter. who is the great music promoter who first invited me to Norway. He has booked our show here tonight.


ERLANDERSENS CONDITORI – one of THE most famous little bakeries in the world. It's been here since the mid-1800's. Owner Tomas & family have turned it into one of the coolest music listening rooms on the planet. It has the feel of the BLUEBIRD in Nashville.


After Kendel & I do an interview / performance at a local radio station, we do a quick sound check with engineer friend Geir. Shorltly after, we have an amazing meal at a wonderful little restaurant called ????.

THE SHOW – 9:10 PM

The place holds about 80 & is almost full tonight. We show started just past 9:00 PM. This was an inspired show. Kendel mentioned all the smiling faces & the great vibe. She was right – this was a wonderful group of folks to play for. Their great spirit brought out the best in us.

Again, we played lots from Kendel's new album & a few from her first album… Jesse James totally rocked & the audience loved it.. & I LIKE TRUCKS was again a show stopper. SAW MILL RIVER ROAD .. with it's BIG RIVER insert was a killer again tonight.

Perhaps the thing I'll remember most about this show was that we played a new song, TOO DYNAMIC – a response to a critics review of our show in Upsalla. He had said that the one criticism he had of our show was that it was that… "too dynamic". We all got a big laugh from that – that was a first!!

I had written this song the day after the review was published .. as a sort of therapy – response. The boys & Kendel have been wanting to play it ever since. Magnus, Bjorn & Orjan swear it's a smash hit. The other Bjorn says the same. He says it reminds him of a type of Tom Petty smash. I think the audience agreed tonight. They seemed to love it.

We ended with a prayerful, HOLY SHIT & a rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE. Haka LOVED this show. It was a hell of a night! Thanks to all for the great support!

Since we played a long show tonight, most of the folks had gone by the time we got back from the dressing rooms.

Hi to Jorn, Freddy, Heidi & all who were there.. thanks for the kind words.. we loved this night!

Big thanks to Tomas for having us.. hi to sister Camilla, brother Ketil & dad Torbin who helped with the chores tonight – great to see you all.


THIS IS A BIG DAY FOR ME – as we will meet my great friend Håkan Olsson (in OSLO), who will join us for the rest of the tour. Aside from being a great friend, Håkan is single handily the one responsible for helping build my fan base here. His record label & distribution company, Rootsy, is the most respected of its kind (roots based music) in Scandinavia.



OK…. I'll wait…. What's the answer??………… OK…. Unless you've been reading the tour notes, you'd never figure it out.

ANSWER: THERE ARE 2 BJORN PETTERSON'S…. one is our tour guide & booker… the other our bassist (from the Willie Clay Band)… They also room together!!! How confusing!!

They shared driving duties on this trip. Great work boys.

It was a beautiful "summer" day. Stopped along the way in a small pretty town for lunch. Arrived in Oslo at about 4:30.

All 6 feet 8 inches of Håkan Olsson WAS STANDING OUTSIDE THE VENUE WAITING. Great to see my old friend.


This is a terrific place to play… a very cool jazz venue / pub, that has recently opened it's doors to some Americana artists. A very nice guy Anders is our booker & host at the venue.

We put our equipment on stage & check into our most-cool hotel, HOTEL STEFON, across the street.


Martin is our sound guy.. we check at 7:00 PM & have a great meal across the street at the hotel. The big TV (TV2) station has called for an interview with me. Their rep, a very nice guy named Paul, does that just before the dinner.. then films some of our show.


We absolutely LOVE this venue (holds 150 or so) .. & THIS IS A GREAT. - TOTALLY INTO IT – AUDIENCE.

From the stage the audience is spread left & right, with the edge of the bar about 10 feet from the stage.. so you're sort of performing to two audiences at the same time… but somehow it works. We play two sets tonight.. lots of songs we haven't done until tonight… including NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM & I NEED SOME HELP WITH THAT.

Loved this show!! Kendel was awesome!!! Everybody is quickly getting to know why she's been the #1 Americana female Americana artist for the last month plus… she is so honest & viby (& friendly).. & gives 100% ALL THE TIME!! … The band is so spontaneous & garage-ready.. everything has an edge to it.

Highlights were too many .. all of Kendel's .. THE AUDIENCE LOVED JESSE JAMES, I LIKE TRUCKS.. & all the rest.. all the new YONKERS NY songs totally connected. CHARCOAL SKY always brings chills. BASTARD BROTHERS was another favorite… as well as DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM…. I NEED SOME HELP WITH THAT was very special tonight.. & the interaction with HOLY SHIT was amazing..

I broke a string on WILD THING, so I ended the show playing my baby TAYLOR guitar.. so glad I brought it… it sounded GREAT!!! We ended with a rockin' I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE… then said hi to several.


JOHNNY BORDEN!!!! GREAT TO SEE YOU – WISH YOU WOULD HAVE STUCK AROUND!!! Great to see Inge who made the long journey from just outside of Bergen.. thanks for all the support over the years my friend!!

Hi to Sue again.. .. & hi to your BC friend Nels.. nice to see you all night on stage left…. See you soon. Hi to Helge, who we saw at DOWN ON THE FARM… great to see you again… hi Hakon.. & Tor & Jon Vidor… & Jan… great talking to all of you!!…

Hi Tomas (our Norwegian distributor) .. so glad you were here!!.. Hi to my new crazy friend, Vidar.. thanks for the kind words… Bard… thanks for convincing him to come to the show… Webecca… GREAT to see you with these friends .. hope to see you next time … Hi Anders

Hi to another HAKON.. & friend John.. John .. hopefully I'll see your son, EVEN, tonight in Halden … I'll be looking for him…

Great to see Sven & kids in the AM/.. thanks for the kind words Sven.. I'll look forward to playing your "PROTEST AGAINST APATHY FESTIVAL" next year. That will mean a lot to me.

This was a VERY special night. Again, thanks Martin for the great sound. And BIG THANKS ANDERS FOR HAVING US & for the invite to return. Hopefully we'll do it again soon!

Aug 31 – ENKOPING –

We spend the night in Norrtaje. After a good night sleep, we drive about 2 hours .. about 40 miles northwest of Stockholm.. to Enkoping .. a little country town along Lake Malaren.


We arrive at this charming little theater/ restaurant at about 4:00… we're greeted by proprietors.. very nice folks… Claes (pronounced KLAUSS) & wife Pia. This is a very interesting place. Adjacent to the theater/ restaurant is a patio for serving food which can hold 40 or so. This small complex is kind of THE PLACE to go in town for good food & good music.

Behind the theater is a garden lined by a few small apartments… one is my home for the night. The far left "apartment" is actually Pia's antique shop – specializing in old post cards.. all catalogued immaculately… some with written messages… other odds and ends of all sorts as well as old vinyl recordings. It is a total labor of love for Pia.. & the look of the place reflects that.

The rest of the band will spend the night on Claes & Pia's SHIP HOTEL… a unique, cool boat/hotel a few minutes from the venue.


Soundman Daniel is GREAT… we finish checking in a half hour.. in time to rest a bit & get ready for the show.


SIXPACK HOLIDAY opens for us for the last time. I sit in my patio/ apartment.. on the computer, watching horse races from Saratoga, New York & listening to my favorite new band.. life is GREAT!!! Orjan is playing pedal steel with the boys… Kendel plays fiidle on one song as well… it sounds so sweet & honest.

I'm going to miss these boys… Anders, Niklas, Fredrik, Erik & Bjorn … hope to do this again soon!


The theater hold a bit more than 80 people when the chairs are set up. It looks like a full house tonight. The audience is different than Stockholm.. much more reserved & shy… but very warm & very nice. I like playing for these folks immediately.

We start with The Real Thing. Many in the audience seem to know the song & start clapping in time to the beat. We follow with a Kendel medley. The audience loves her right away. JESSE JAMES is a big hit with these folks. Again, the band is so great… so inspired. I am getting spoiled playing with these guys. This is garage band country/ rock at it's best. And for me, there's nothing better than that.

Again.. "DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE" is a highlight. We've never played it the same way twice. And that's the way this song wants to be. It finds it's own direction every night… and we just hang on.

BIG TRUCKS rocked big time tonight. From the stage, I love to watch the girls & ladies (& GUYS) singing along with this one!! It's obvious fun to watch the guys.. but more mysterious watching the girls… & again… lots of fun for me.

BIG RIVER rocks as usual.. ANGEL OF THE MORNING is so chilling tonight. And Wild Thing & Holy Shit are edgy & passionate in different ways. We encore with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. then end with a sweet, "ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE"

This a special night with some very nice folks.


Said hi to several, including:

Hi Tomas… thanks for getting the CD of LAST CHANCE (as well as UNGLORIOUS) to go along with your vinyl. And thanks for the kind words & good wishes. Hi Hilping… thanks for getting all the CDs .. and the nice wishes… Hi Roland.. we'll check out the Furuvik festival.. all the best… hi Monica & Bjorn.. nice to see you both in the audience!!

Great to see you Gary.. & mom, Heike & dad, Sten. All the best with your music.. I get the feeling it will be a good direction for you. Anytime I'm around your area.. say hello before our show & remind me of tonight.

Hi Thomas.. all the best to son James & daughter Theresa.. hope to see them next time. Hi Leif & Ove.. and Helena .. great seeing you all.. Hi Lasse .. & Gunella… nice talking with you.

And a special hello to Madde.. it was so nice to see you in the audience tonight. So glad you said hello. Hope to see you again.

Finally, all the best Claes & Pia.. hope you have a good year & that we see you soon again. Again, this was a special night.





5:00 – we sound check with our now, old friend – JANA… great guy… and great at what he does. Then we sit down in the spacious back room for an awesome dinner.. served by wonderful staff. BIG THANKS!


AGAIN… I LOVE WHAT THESE GUYS DO… The most humble people .. playing country/ rock TOTALLY from their heart… when "special guest", Bjorn Petterson is not singing lead, it's mostly in 3 part harmony… because nobody was a lead singer type … how cool is that!! THANKS BOYS!!! YOU TOUCHED MY HEART AGAIN!!


This was one of my ALL-TIME favorite shows. The place was PACKED!! – Several hundred jammed in. THE PERFECT AUDIENCE!!!!!!! .. dedicated this show .. & all these shows to my friend .. brilliant & much-loved journalist, Lennart Perssons .. who passed away earlier this year. I guarantee you that Lennart LOVED this show!!!

From the minute we started.. it was a total LOVE-IN!!! . with those on the stage & those off. We played one long set.. with a couple of encores.

The band was AWESOME… KENDEL WAS SOOOOOO KILLER… and I was totally lost in the spirit of it all.. This was as inspired a show as we've ever done.. because of this wonderful back & forth with the fans… BIG THANKS TO ALL!!!

FAR TOO MANY HIGHLIGHTS TO MENTION!! We played the epic SAW MILL RIVER ROAD for the first time tonight…. With the BIG RIVER/ ENDLESS SLEEP medley mixed in… loved that!!! .. All Kendel's songs were sooo rockin… SEVEN SHADOWS… JESSE JAMES… TEN LOST MEN… these were sooo sooo hot…Kendel blasted her fiddle all over the place tonight .. she is one of the best HILL/ROCK fiddlers in the universe.. & it was no-holds-barred tonight.. & the band simply kicked ass!

We ended with a great HOLY SHIT.. TENNESSEE.. & finally a beautiful.. "ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE"..




Great to see old, great friends Martin & Sophie.. & Albin ( so I don't forget)… with lovely new NEW girlfriend, the lovely LISA…GREAT TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN & AGAIN!!.. see you at the wedding… I won't forget!!! You are all very special to me.. we are in this together!!

Big hello to Hakan Olsson's brother Christor.. & daughter Marrianne & friend Erika… LOVED spending time with you!! Also GREAT to see friend Rune's niece.. Emily.. with kind boyfriend Johan.. loved talking to you both

Hi to our brilliant Magnus' roommate… opera singer.. the lovely Astrid.. & opera singer friend Andreas.. sincerely hope to see you again! Also hi to Tomas & Jurgen (also Magnus friend).. yes.. "genius" for Madnus seems to fit perfectly!! .. nice to meet you… thanks for the kind words..

Hi Nadia & Jonas (stage left)… great to see you from the stage & talk to you both.. thanks for the SOME OF US comments.. that had a special place in my heart.

Hi Anders & Bjorn & Irene.. Karen & Teresa.. so nice to see you after the show… Hi Kiell & Goneela.. glad you were here tonight!…

Wonderful to see brilliant & famous actor-friend Lennart & friend Eva.. thanks SO MUCH for being here!!! .. Hi Per.. so glad you brought son Johan… great talking to you Johan.. all the best with your music. Big hi to Peter from Germany… thanks sooo much for making the trip.. & thanks for the newspaper article about Kendel & me.. loved having that

Thanks to the folks off to my left.. with Per & Johan at the end… loved talking to you

Big thanks to the San Fran folks Debrah & Mike… so glad you stopped by.. big hello to all the folks on my right.. what a great bunch!!.. nice talking to several at the end. Hi Pelle & Marie.. good to see you!

Special hello to my artist friend .. the quite famous & most humble & kind Rootsy artist ANNIKA .. & friends Annalee?? & ?? .. so good to see you all .. what a nice vibe .. sorry you had to leave early.. but glad you were there for the rehearsal of SAW MILL RIVER ROAD.. Annika.. glad you were able to stay… wonderful to see you.. can't wait to hear your new CD.. I hear it's awesome!!

Hi to Elsa .. at the bar on right.. & friends Leif & Henrik.. nice talking to you all…

Wonderful to see my old friend & brilliant guitarist, Jonas.. see you soon my friend .. keep walking in easy directions.. the foot will heal .. & we'll bump into each other soon again!!

Finally… wonderful talking to the folks off the coast of Sweden.. Urika, Linda (0703 286), Niklaus, Niv & Tomas.. (116)… #s coded so I can remember!! … I loved talking to you… thank you for the phone # .. I have the feeling we will come there sometime in the not too distant future & we will see each other again… I LOVED TALKING WITH YOU!!

Again… thanks to all!! – This was a very special night for me… & Kendel… & the boys.. Big Thanks!!!!!!!

Bjorn.. selling CDs, driving, smiling … I don't thank you enough!!!

See you soon Stene… love to MANJA!!




To say that I loved doing these shows would be a total understatement.

We played for some folks that have been found guilty of horrible crimes & some inmates who are incarcerated for drug crimes who's severe punishment seemed way out of line. When our show was over, in each cell block, I spoke to most of the prisoners… & I'll admit to this… when all was said & done, there wasn't one person I didn't feel had a ton of good in them.. even the lifers.. for whatever reason.. some of the worst crimes imaginable… still… that's the way it was for me.


I'll simply say that these shows were among the most moving experiences as a performer that I've ever had…. We connected immediately with THE REAL THING.. They loved Kendel's songs.. and we totally connected with DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOE, just as we did at ABY PRISON the day before. CHARCOAL SKY brought tears & BIG RIVER absolutely tore the place down… And finally, HOLY SHIT seems to have become an absolute prisoners anthem.

Pavilion A

Make no mistake, we were playing for friends here. We were in it together. There were no emotional barriers. The connection was huge!! This memory & that connection will stay with me – it simply won't leave! Hope to see you boys soon.

Note: Bjorn did a recording of the show. We'll listen in the next few days. If it's listenable, we'll get CDs to all the prisoners.



Ciprian, Stefon, Christian.. who says his "victim" was coerced to lie on the witness stand, Mattias.. who works in the kitchen… in for life .. views this place as his monastery.. & finds his freedom in his heart… & thanks God he's not in a Russian prison..

Anders.. who openly wept for his crime.. says there is no family to visit… Niclas.. who wants to have HOLY SHIT (which we performed today at both shows) to listen to .. several made that request.. hello's to better days

Good to talk to all you boys.. you're in my prayers… & I'm taking your spirit with me.


Lots of over-penalized – to my way of thinking – crimes committed here.

Hi to:

Jonne .. 8 years more – Hashish.. Mats.. 5 years.. less for good behavior.. for battery.. has daughter.. a kind guy. I think he'll make it.. feel the same way about most of these guys… Patrik 5, Dennis 5 plus.. for 18 kilos of hashish.. Daniel.. a kingpin dealer.. but hash.. not cocaine… a few years left… Stephon.. 11 years. Hash again! .. this seems so wrong to me.. another good guy… Franco.. 9 years… hash/ amphetamine.. Henrik.. hash.. Sasha.. drug smuggler .. 1 plus to go…

Sasha .. attempted murder/// 8 years .. 5 with good behavior.. he swears the other guy was the bad guy.. another inmate backs him up…another Sasha .. a drug crime.. Wilson.. 6 serving months.. assault.

Robin stole computers.. I think to get $ for drugs.. he didn't make that much money.. & got nailed.. he humbly smiles at his "dumb" decision..

Best wishes to all of you.. look forward to playing for you again.. We'll be back.. but I hope some of you are out by then..


KATARINA & HAKAN'S PLACE… big thanks to you both…LOVED THIS

THIS IS SIXPACK HOLIDAY TERRITORY.. great to see those guys & their families..thanks, Anders, Eric, Niklaus, Frederik, John, Bjorn.. & all.. GREAT JOB OPENING FOR US.. You've all that special thing.. your heart is connected to every note you sing & play.. I LOVE THAT!!


The band was awesome tonight …. And the crowd was in a rockin' mood. We rocked them with THE REAL THING.. Kendel's OH BABY, LIE DOWN, SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES, JESSE JAMES, BIG TRUCKS… and DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE.

On the more intimate side, CHARCOAL SKY continued to be a favorite…. BASTARD BROTHERS had it's charm. We ended with rockin BIG RIVER, ANGEL OF THE MORNING… a wild, WILD THING & great, loose version of HOLY SHIT, where we changed the mood totally.. and brought everybody "back to church" with an off-mike reverent chorus. LOVED THIS!!

We encored with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE. Again, the crowd was awesome tonight!!! This is as fun as it can be!! Thanks to all .. see you next time!!


It was a little packed at the CD table when we finished. But remembered some of those we spoke to. Sorry I missed the names of many.

Hi to lovely Cecilia & husband Jonas.. Bjorn's great friends (with 18 month old daughter) .. I'll tell Lucinda she's got big fans here. Hi to ..Christer & Roger & Lilli-Ann… Jani.. from Finland originally.. Anders & Marie..

Leif , big hi to Maria.. hi Stefon.. Hi Veronica.. thanks for the kind words… Hi Anna-Karen from Mats… Hi Janne .. thanks for the nice words…, hope you enjoy the book .. big hi to Keneth (BIG RIVER VINYL) & Lotta… hope to see you tomorrow ..

Sven.. thanks for taking all the photos.. see you back at the B&B.


About one hour from Uppsala

Arrived at 2:30.. the boys set up our sound equipment in the recreation/gym room & in short order, we were ready for our show. Our new tour guide for a day, Hakan – a very nice , interesting guy - who works in prisons as an educator & researcher of sorts - is with us as Bjorn needed to go back home for a day to be with his family. Hakan introduces us to about 25 plus inmates (this prison only holds about 50 inmates), who wandered in from time to time as we were setting up – bringing there own chairs with them.

I loved this show. It wasn't like Folsom Prison Johnny Cash revisited. Now I'm wondering if Folsom was half-staged. It's different kind of feeling playing for these prisoners than I expected. There is a certain sweet seriousness that you get from looking at the eyes… the lonely searching eyes. Yes, they liked to have fun a bit & clap hands in rhythm to the up-tempo songs.. but they loved the real stuff.. kind stuff.. warm, human stuff - & we gave some of that today.

They loved Kendel.. but it wasn't cat calls and whistles.. it was respect.. mixed with some fun… it was more like we all went to church together for about an hour. They liked the hits … I LIKE TRUCKS.. ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING … but they LOVED "DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE"… & they LOVED an extremely reverent, "HOLY SHIT".

WE encored with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE .. and said hi to some great guys – inmates – as well as some very nice & respectful folks (men & women) in charge.

Special hello to:

Hey Jimmy.. nice talking to you (Jimmy is in prison as the result of an assault charge.. said it was 7 against him.. & he protected himself – confirmed by another inmate - I believe him).. great talking to you Jimmy.. take care of that little girl of yours.. don't forget .. looks can be deceiving to those who can help you on your way in life… make an effort not to look so tough.... maybe lose the nose ring and chains when you get out.. all the best.. look me up

Hey Michael.. one month to freedom.. good luck!!.. as I told you, I went through something similar.. I allow myself one/two drinks a night.. click on the CHURCH OF THE TRAINWRECK at my web site… If your going to drink, no more than 2 a night from now on… AND DON'T DRIVE if you're doing that.. if I can do it.. so can you!

Hi Nabil's your angel here!! – hope all is well - sounded like you got a bad shake . great talking to you… you too Abde – (Abde says he got what he deserved maybe.. not complaining)… both Abde & Nabil are here on gun related charges … both good guys & smart.. with kind eyes.. I wish you both all the best…Hey Nabil!! .. don't over sleep next time your Angel's in town!!

MARCUS.. serving 19 months for fraud… Marcus is clever & a GREAT salesman (& a good chef)… sold apartments he DID NOT OWN.. for lots of $.. hence the stiff sentence.. they have ZERO tolerance for economic crimes in Sweden… good luck my friend.. put that clever mind to work for all of us.. otherwise, looking forward to having some of your sushi in Denmark..

Hi Michael (stabbed his father to protect his sisters… his friend .. who made no excuses for his own crime.. said Michael was a hero.. I believe that to be true) .. bad break.. congratulations on handling it well... best of luck on the outside…

Imad .. nice talking to you.. you know what you have to do! Do it!.. & Timothy & Jonas.. & all the rest.. loved talking with you all.. what a great bunch - you all can bring a lot of good stuff with you when you get out..… keep in touch!! THANKS FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS!!! We'll take those good wishes with us as we go.

With respect

Your friend/ chip

Aug 28 – 6:45 – BACK AT STEN'S B&B in NORRTALJE


I have invited the boys to join us for our BORDERLINE SHOW in London on September 6.. the boys have accepted the invite.

Kendel & Bjorn (our bassist from the Willie Clay Band) book the flights. WE'RE ALL SET!!


This was great!!!! And much appreciated!!

Again.. Bjorn Petterson, in conjunction with Hakan Olsson have put this tour together for us. Bjorn is driving the tour Van for the first half- Hakan the second. Tonight is our only night off. Our shows tomorrow are in Bjorn's hometown, Norrtalje.. so tonight we party with his friends & family (wife Annja.. daughter Thea (9) & son Victor 11) .. including all band members & friends of his band SIX PACK HOLLIDAY .. WHAT A GREAT BUNCH OF FOLKS!!

9:30 – After some great food & good conversation, Kendel & I head back to our B&B for some needed rest.. the rest party on.


heading for Marfa TX by way of El Paso (by plane .. then car to Marfa)

PLAYING A small PART IN A small MOVIE called "7 HEAVEN LOVE WAYS" .. doing some music for it as wall .. I am LOVING THIS PROJECT!!!! .. I'll fill you in another time ... stay TUNED!!!!!

Aug 24, 2009 – heading for Sweden

NEW GRANDKIDS!! – on a personal note – after a somewhat troubled pregnancy, my sons Kristian's wife Anna gave birth to identical twin boys, Ben & Jack 3 weeks ago.. Joan & I just got back from LA visiting.. all are doing great.. blessed again!!

Aug 25 – Kendel & I arrived in Stockholm

Picked up by new friend (& booker) Bjorn .. a great guy.. prison guard much of the time… .. also bassist in garage/country band "Six Pack Sunday".. who will open for us for a few shows.. head a bit north.. on the ocean.. to our B&B for a few days… Thanks to proprietor Sven.. we'll be quite comfortable at your great/ cozy place for a few days


this awesome quaint venue/ cool restaurant is where we'll play in a few days .. & rehearse with our Swedish band tomorrow… owners Christine & Hakan could not be nicer … after coffee & delicious cinnamon rolls (I'm on a diet .. I cheated … had a bite).. we did an interview with a terrific journalist Eva..

then, after picking up a cell phone & a bit of rest.. we have a great lunch at the Theater restaurant.. another interview with another gifted journalist Theresa & after, some pics with photog Maura .. great folks!

A bit of sleep… then awesome dinner at Christine & Hakan's (again!! – WE ARE SPOILED ALREADY)… a nightcap at a local hotel/bar with cordial hosts Lynn & Lisa.. say hi to Linda & Lisa, Magnus & Richard at another bar/restaurant on the way home… back to our B&B.. sleep for a few hours… then get up & write this…. Hope I can go back to sleep!


There's a lot of songs to learn.. big thanks to all the boys for coming so prepared!! We worked hard from morning until dinner time.. sketching out about 30 songs.. a tiring, but productive day.

Here's the band line up.

Bjorn Petterson – bass (from The Willie Clay band)
Orjon Macky – electric guitar & pedal steel (from the Willie Clay band)
Magnus Olsson – drums (from the pop/ rock band, OH LAURA.. which currently has a big hit, "RELEASE ME"… based on a SAAB commercial)

Aug 27 TV 4 – National TV SHOW - STOCKHOLM

What a great thing … wonderful hosts Steffo & Jenny are so easy to talk to.. & totally interesting & interested … a terrific combination! …thanks to Joanna & the entire staff

played JESSE JAMES & CHARCOAL SKY… the band, Bjorn, Orjon (on pedal steel!!!) & Magnus.. WE'RE AWESOME!!…

left the hotel at 2:45 AM to do this show… no sleep, but it was well worth it


This is one of my favorite places to play!!

great to see my friend Katalin when I arrived.. on a very sad note, her long time dear friend & mgr of the place .. & GREAT GUY, Ulf, passed away this year.. seeing him was always a special thing for me to look forward to.. His spirit will be all over our show tonight.

4:00 PM.. after a very nice local radio interview with Jonas .. talented booker for KATALIN.. we rested for a few hours … FINALLY!!!! … then sound checked at the venue – BIG THANKS to sound man Anders... awesome sound!!!.. & very fast!! ..

A wonderful meal!!!!!.. at the venue on the outside porch… lovely area … thanks to host NANTON who was so kind & cordial



Our new friends, SIX PACK HOLIDAY did an awesome job opening the show!! .. this cool band is made up of a bunch of friends in their 30's… with families… who decided to get together & have some fun… they're damned good… & the audience loved them..

The band features our driver/booker, Bjorn Pettterson (on bass) & his friends.. including another "Bjorn Petterson" (OUR BAND BASSIST for this tour (from The Willie Clay Band) … yes… you got it right .. two people in ONE band .. with EXACTLY the same name!!! … Oh, by the way… they are rooming TOGETHER at the hotel!!!


Loved this.. what a great bunch in attendance.. many old friends.. & some new ones. We played several songs from Kendel's new CD. Something special is happening here. The band is really kicking in on these in such a way.. that, combed with Kendel's awesome performances, is helping the passion bleed through on songs like SEVEN SHADOWS ON MY GOLDEN ROSES, TEN LOST MEN & others… so that these songs feel like serious rock & roll, which is what the best of this music is all about… & the connection in that spirit was there BIG TIME …

Also, what pleasantly surprised me was the awesome support & reverence for the new YONKERS NY songs.. & the stories attached to them – CHARCOAL SKY, featuring Oryon's pedal steel playing, gave me total chills… and the audience seem to be feeling the same thing..

BIG, BIG thanks to all the boys in the band… who are stepping up BIG TIME… GREAT JOB!!!! … We ended with a very cool & viby HOLY SHIT.. then rocked with I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE… WHAT A SPECIAL NIGHT!!

Said hi to many, including:

Christofer & lovely Camilla.. expecting their baby daughter in 2 weeks!!!.. Great to see you.. God bless… Hi to lovely Marie Therese.. & young looking dad, Roger & friends.. thanks for the nice words..

Hi to Par.. & Lasse at the bar… hi Calle… & Lasse & Dan…. Lars & Krister.. big hi to Johan .. glad I turned you on to some good music a few years ago… hi John… nice talking with you

Hi to huge WILD THING fan, Erik.. & girlfriend EBA & friends, Hasse & wife Matia.. we'll celebrate your 60th here!!! ..

Big hello to Isa.. & husband HAMPUS .. sorry you couldn't be here… thanks for your big support.. I think the SONGS FROM A DUTCH tour will be out in CD form soon

Hope to see you both next time!!

Hi to Erik.. Bjorn's great co-worker & friend Erik.. thanks for the kind words.. & the info re the WILLIE CLAY BAND & the B&B AMERICA influence..

Hi to hi John .. hope 2 year old daughter likes the CD!!..
And to all the rest, who's names I missed … thanks for a great night.

Again.. special thanks to KATALINA & all the nice folks here! (NANDON, ANDERS, JONAS & all) .... hope to see you soon.

Aug 27 - 11:30 PM

HEADING FOR BED!!// KENDEL & I have been running on fumes for the last few days…. hope we get a few hours of good sleep tonight.

July 14 – 12:30 PM Austin


John is a one-of-a-kind guy – so is his magazine – he gets to the heart of stuff quick.. & he knows what's passionate & what's bullshit. His pamphlet-like mag is the #1 underground music journal in the world.

Kendel will grace the cover of his next issue .. & this interview with both of us is as daring & edgy as it gets. Very cool insight John… we loved talking to you.

JULY 14 – 2:30

News 8 – with Andy Langer

Just a quick cool little promo piece about Kendel's new album on the roof of the Time Warner Cable building in downtown Austin.. with the U of T Tower in the background. This clip will run several times today & tonight.

By the way… there's a huge heat wave in these parts .. it's 102 degrees … hotter on the roof .. but it takes only 5 minutes or so. We play a bit of TEN LOST MEN, talk a bit with Andy/// then back to the hotel.

JULY 14 – 8:00, New Braunfels TX

KNBT TAVERN IN THE GRUENE (100 seats or so) - New Braunfels TX – hosted by friend Ray Wiley Hubbard… produced & co-hosted by friend Mattson Rainer.. THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!

LIVE ON THE AIR.. talk & a bunch of songs with friend Ray – THE best singer/ songwriter radio host in the business.. Ray is a Texas legend .. & well known world wide .. for great reason.. he was on the cutting edge of outlaw country back in the 70s & remains one of the best at present. And Mattson changed the face of music with his station KNBT here in New Braunfels - the home of the oldest dance hall on the planet – GRUENE HALL .. Mattson's support has made me a part of the Texas singer/songwriter landscape in these parts.. & the fact that I could play Gruene Hall to a packed crowd .. then later, Carrie & I would become favorites of these great folks .. was totally his doing.. Big Thanks Mattson.. GREAT SEEING YOU AGAIN RAY … LOVED THIS

BY THE WAY…. KENDEL… as usual … WAS AWESOME!!! The folks LOVED her!!

We played stuff mainly from Kendel's album - her last album did very well here -.. so folks know her a bit .. but the chatter went all over the place .. as it always does with Ray … just a great damned show!!! … big thanks to all who stopped by


Ran into old Ft Worth friends Carter & Regina in town .. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! Thanks for stopping by!! .. Hi to old friends from Holland/Germany, Rudiger & Birgit… so surprised you were here.. see you in YOUR homeland in October.. so many kind-nice folks said hello – can't find my notes … I'll keep looking

But for now… great to see you all… thanks for the kind words!!

JULY 14 – 8:00, New Braunfels TX

Hi to WYATT & dad, JEFF!!!! - sorry we didn't have longer to talk. Look forward to seeing you next time


Big thanks to TRAIN WRECK VP, Heinz Geissler, for setting up several very cool radio/TV on air promo shows – Kendel's album is bulleting up the charts.. with "BELT BUCKLE" (tons of phone response!) having all the earmarks of a genuine hit.. & with phones lighting up for other tracks as well.. "SEVEN SHADOWS ON MY GOLDEN ROSES", "JESSE JAMES", "LADY K" & "OH BABY LIE DOWN" leading the way… come to think of it… phones for MERCEDES BENZ & TEN LOST MEN as well… this album is knee deep in radio-friendly tracks.

So it's great to say hi & thanks to all who are on the cutting edge of Kendel's success.

KGSR – 9:30 AM – With BRYAN BECK & ANDY LANGER.. what a fun show this was, with now great old friends. One of the surprises for me was – since this is a relatively new morning team – was how well these guys work together. They seem to genuinely like each other.. & their questions & chatter are interesting & to the point & VERY ENTERTAINING.. great job guys!!

Kendel & I played 3 songs .. OH BABY LIE DOWN, BELT BUCKLE & TEN LOST MEN.. lots of good conversation.. I know when it's really good when I'm learning a bit from Kendel's responses … & that was the case here… again… great stuff!!



KUT has a special place in my heart.. here's why. I had given up music from 1982 to 1996.. replacing it with a gambling "jones" – horse race handicapping & black-jack card counting was my thing .. I worked hard to be good at that stuff.. but that's not the story here… you can read about that elsewhere.

The point is, I came back to making music full time in 1996, releasing an acoustic album of new songs on a minor label. I was on the road hoping to promote it to some stations here & there.

Just before midnight on a Thursday in 1997, the here & there placed me 60 or so miles outside of Austin… I'm not sure where.. & I was LOVING listening to this one station.. the DJ was playing Townes, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, Willie… all the most inspired stuff on the planet. At first the signal was feint.. but the show was so good so I didn't dare change the dial… then the signal got a bit clearer.. & I finally heard the call letters…. KUT .. from AUSTIN TEXAS.

I dialed up information on the phone.. & got the number for the station. I called expecting to get a switchboard "message". Instead a voice answered… it sounded like the DJ that was playing all the cool stuff…. It was… his name was LARRRY MONROE…

I told him I was a listener from parts unknown.. & that his show was awesome.. & helping me through the night. Larry asked my name.. I said "It's Chip… Chip Taylor.." He said, "The singer/songwriter Chip Taylor??"… I said, "Oh my God… you know me??!!"

Larry said, " I've got your new album right here!! I love it!!! Could you find your way to Austin & stop by the station??" I said I'd get there as soon as possible.

By 1:00 AM I was there at KUT, on air with Larry!!

THIS WAS THE CROWNING MOMENT OF MY RETURN TO MUSIC!! This great, awesome station.. Larry Monroe, John Aielli & the rest has always had it's honest, great mix of great DJ's & inspired music of all different shapes – what a blessing to be associated with that sort of thing

Here's another treasured KUT memory for me – involving John Aielli - John's GREAT SHOW, "Eklektikos" landed Carrie Rodriguez & me our first recording contract.. when a secretary from a local record company advised her bosses that there was some "magic" duet sound coming through her radio speaker – her bosses acted quickly & one (Heinz Geissler) was waiting for us at the station at shows end – a contract was signed weeks later. And so, without John Aielli & KUT, there would be no CHIP TAYLOR & CARRIE RODRIGUEZ duets.. no "Sweet Tequila Blues", no "The Trouble With Humans", no "Red Dog Tracks" & all the rest of those chilling (to my ears) C&C things – it's as simple as that.

Anyway.. this all leads to one thing. There is no radio station on the planet closer to my heart than this one. What a great place for me to call a sort of home, and from time to time.. to stop by and say hello!


KUT – on air with host MATT REILLY

Since friend Jay Tracktenberg was on vacation… PD, Jeff McCord assigned assistant PD, Matt, to host this show. This is the first time I've met &/or done a show with Matt. Let me be clear. He is the real deal. A spontaneous interviewer who cut his teeth on Philadelphia's KUT's brother-in-spirit cutting edge station WXPN (home of World Café).

Kendel & I loved this. We played 5 songs & had some great back & forth with our new friend. Again, I learned some more about Kendel just listening – so well done Matt! Hope to see you soon.

Big thanks to Walter Morgan for the great sound.. great to see you again & again.. & special thanks to friend John Aielli for stopping by at shows end to say hi. Happy vacation John.. see you soon.

July 14 – GOOD DAY AUSTIN 7:00 to 8:30 AM

Kendel & I get up at just after 5:00 AM, arriving at the FOX studios at 6:30.

I LOVE doing this show. The folks are always so welcoming from the minute you enter the building… from guard, Steve, to soundman, friend & soon to be dad again, Darren.. to hosts & now friends, Joe Bicket & Katherine Kisiel.

Kendel & I do several small excerpts of songs in between news breaks & commercials. Then comes a friendly interview with Joe before blasting into BELT BUCKLE.. then we end the morning show with a brief excerpt from OH BABY LIE DOWN… great TV… we loved this.. big thanks to all … & GREAT to get a chance to say hi to those behind the wall… running this ship. GREAT STUFF!! … see you soon!

July 14 – 10:00 AM

BREAKFAST WITH A FRIEND (at THE GALAXY.. a very cool breakfast place)

So great to see old friend Jody Denberg.. GM & top DJ of KGSR & a legend – for all the right reasons - in this business! Loved this Jody!! .. Big love to Barbara. See you soon!


Great to see John & Tony this morning .. breakfast.. some good conversation… a good walk .. a brief rehearsal…. we're ready

8:00 SHOW

We were pleasantly surprised that there were so many folks here.. pretty much a full house.. & what a great bunch!!

We did a couple from my '74 album Last Chance, which was an underground hit in these parts back in the day… & we did some hits.. ANGEL OF THE MORNING, WILD THING & a requested I CAN'T LET GO..

But the big focus was on Kendel & her new album.. we did a bunch from that.. the band rocked!! It was a total connect with this great audience from start to finish!!.. We are now in the process of booking a show at the NEW location (a few blocks away) in October – can't wait to come back!!!

Thanks to Brian for the good sound… JC .. thanks for the harmonica!!

Said hi to several including:

Karen & Carlo.. Paul… Joanne & Bob.. thanks to all of you for the kind words!.. hi Mary & Harlan..big hi to the kds Ariela & Elon… don't forget.. let me know when you get here next time!!

Hi to Linda,.. thanks for the lovely words said… & printed … all the best to mom, Marion.. tell her I sent big love & hope she's feeling a bit better!

Hi Soo, great to see you again.. thanks for patiently waiting.. HI TIM & ALICE.. thanks for all you're your volunteer stuff you do here.. greatly appreciated.. HI SUSAN.. see you next time!!… and big hello to handicapper Tom & lovely wife, Pam.. nice talking to you.. here's to Philadelphia Phil & the rest!! May the horse be with you!!


We're staying at a GREAT (reasonably priced) hotel in Beverly Hills, THE CROWN PLAZA


Kendel & I are picked up by limo at 7:30 AM

Before show time it was so good to see old friends, BJ, Jonathan, Jimmy.. the welcoming crew at the door.. &, Anthony & Joe.. who handle the Internet video/ interview clip done after the show (as well as other chores) ..also great to see make up friend, Robin.. and hairstylist, Pam & the rest

Then, just before air time… great to see old friend & producer, Josh.. we'll look forward to seeing him later

SHOW TIME – 8:45

we love this.. it's a sit down & chat with now old friends & hosts, Dorothy, Jillian & great friend & music lover, STEVE EDWARDS…. An honest, unprepared back & forth.. great graphics on the screen (THANKS JOSH!!).. & Kendel & I play BELT BUCKLE "live"… too cool to be forgotten!!!.. as Lucinda says!!

Then after the show we do a Fox TV Internet session.. great to sit around with great friend & GM, Kevin Hale.. & Steve & Josh.. & talk music.. including stuff about the new LA rage, Killer Hale & The BLOOD MT BOYS.. we've been invited to visit these boys at their rehearsal .. quite an honor.. as they have refused to let press & fans know of their whereabouts at these secluded sessions.

Fox GM, Kevin Hale is kind enough to drive us to the valley for our "on air" FOLKSCENE interview/performance which begins shortly.


This continues to be one of the great folk syndicated shows in the world.. recorded at singer/songwriter Wendy Walman's house

The show is hosted by dear friend Roz Larman, who's been doing this since the 70's.. up until two years ago with her loving late husband.
Roz is extremely knowledgeable, has great taste & creates a warm honest atmosphere .. so this is a wonderfully spontaneous interview with 7 or eight songs.. leaning on material from Kendel's album.. with a few hits thrown in.. Roz was way into Kendel & her album & that came across in spades. I loved just listening to the back & forth with Roz & Kendel.. just great stuff!
Big thanks Roz.. I always look forward to this….see you soon!


Wow!!! Kendel & I were sooo honored to be allowed to experience this.. It's like seeing THE BEATLES just before they took over the world!! .. Man.. these boys are something!!

Garage folk/punk/country/rock… kind of the Waco Bros meet THE VELVET UNDERGROUND… The boys plan to stay in rehearsal mode for a month or so. Then record in a an analog/garage-chamber studio, the details of which they are keeping secret.

JUL 12 – McCABES - Santa Monica, CA

McCabe's Guitar Shop.. the best gtr shop on the planet .. & one of the coolest venues on the planet as well… couldn't wait to get back here…

Again it's a big, warm, cool gtr store that miraculously turns into a venue – here's how:
they shift the racks of guitars in one big room & add 100 plus chairs…so, with a built in high stage in the back, this becomes the cool venue mentioned. EVERYONE WANTS TO PLAY MCCABES!! (Lucinda, Springsteen etc have all stood on this stage).. we're glad to now be part of that elite group

My friend Lincoln Myerson is host.. GREAT TO SEE YOU LINCOLN!!.. & Julian .. & Ricardo.. & JESSICA… thanks from all of us for the warm welcome

Wayne .. great sound man & another old friend is ready for us.. I forgot my harmonicas.. but no worries .. I needed new ones & this place is loaded with great selections.. so I'm ready in minutes .. & the sound check is smooth as usual

The Show –
Thanks to GOOD DAY LA & good vibes from the past, it's another full house tonight. And what great folks to play for!!!! This show was absolutely like playing in our living room.

It's hard to explain what this night was about & what made it so special. But I'll give it a try. Sure… it was a lot about the music… it hit us & the audience from all different directions. For example.. from the start.. I was in the middle of THE REAL THING.. when something else came into my brain.. so we went there.. & the audience went right with us… & that's the way it was the whole night.
Kendel's star shone bright tonight … the audience absolutely loved her/the songs/ & her honest off-the-cuff chatter.. but that being said, everybody that was on the stage tonight was a star.. Tony Mercadante on bass, the soulful Mr. John Platania on guitar… & those in the audience were all stars as well.. it was that kind of night… we were totally in it together from beginning to end

First, my brother Jon (Voight) was supposed to join us tonight. He was bed ridden with a bad cold.. So, in the middle of the second set, I called him from my cell phone. Luckily he answered. .. & when I held the cell phone against the mike, Jon said hi to the folks & then led us in a couple of therapeutic chants
say "EETSA" … said Jon.. so, at the count of three .. we all said "EETSA"… then we did the same with "LONG-A-WAY"… shortly after the second response…. we "got it!!" … resulting in
"EETSA LONG-A-WAY TO TIPPERARY".. Jon's cold improved immediately!!

I was told that Killer Hale & Chester, from the BLOOD MOUNTAIN BOYS were in the audience. They've been told by their high-powered backers never to do "guest" appearances. But when I invited them up .. their attitude was.. "screw management".. WE'RE THERE!!!

So there we were - me & The Killer singing the BLOOD MOUNTAIN BOYS underground hit, the murder ballad, "YELLOWSTONE THYME'.. with Kendel & the boys chilling back-up. Then lead guitarist for the BM BOYS, CHESTER.. joined us with The Killer & this GREAT AUDIENCE singing along.. in an awesome, nuts version of WILD THING - that would have made Lou Reed proud!!


Big thanks to Blood Mt. Boy's drummer, Steve "Honey Boy" Edwards for the kind, "wish I coulda been there" email. Steve was delayed in Copenhagen.. where he was a judge for the Miss Rock-N-Roll Denmark Pageant.. see you next time . my friend.. rock on!! (BMB has an enormous underground following in Scandinavian countries!)

We dedicated the final chorus to my son Kris' & wife Anna's soon to be twin boys.. for fun/for now named "Chester & Fester"
We encored with a wild version of "I Wasn't Born In Tennessee"..


Said hi to many after the show, including:
The Killer's lovely wife Paula.. talented guitarist singer/songwriter son Ty & terrific girlfriend Lindsey.. Josh ("Chester") & great daughter Emily.. THANKS FOR GETTING HIM UP ON STAGE EMILY!!! Hope to see you soon! Hi Jonathan… big thanks for coming!! ..

Hi Darlene (Kris' friend) .. great to see you again!! Big Thanks for coming!!!
Hi Gabe (from Romania) – who's been to most all my shows in LA.. & friend Steve .. thanks for coming boys!.. hi to Mike.. who saw Carrie & me last in the sweltering heat of THE KATE WOLF Festival two years ago… hi to Kendel's old friends, John & Helen..great to see you both

Hi to old friend Chris Cassone .. daughter Sara (great to meet you!!).. & new friend Melonie.. see you next time! Hi Jennifer (& friend Jackie) .. hope dad Pete enjoys the CD .. tell him we sent our regards… Hi Rick (a C&C fan – now a big KC fan as well) .. nice talking to you Rick.. thanks for the kind words

Hi Gerry & wife Marty.. nice talking with you guys .. hope to see you next time..

MARCO!!!!!! – great to see you!! Thanks for bringing your brother Pablo.. hope to see you guys next time!!! (for those of you who'd like to brighten your day the next time you land in LA.. look for the guy that works for the TAXI authority that directs folks to the proper cab.. if the guy makes you feel great just going through the process .. that's probably Marco!!)

Hi Helen & Noah & lovely daughter Lisa.. great to see you first thing when I came downstairs after the show.. nice talking with you.. hope to see you next time. A BIG HELLO TO ALICIA – who worked for the airline.. Carrie & I met heading for Scotland (& friend FRANCESCA)… GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! .. hope to see you next time!!

Big hello to John (Whitiker).. here's hoping & praying that the little new grandkids are OK.. much love to you & daughter Kathy & your family with all that.. let me know please.. Hi Sheri & Duane .. & IAN.., Kendel reminded me your mom & dad suggested you come .. AND YOU DID!!! – big hi & THANKS to your folks… Big hi to DAVID & PAT.. whoe were at FREIGHT & SALVAGE as well a few days ago!!


1:00 PM LIVE on the air show

Great to see old friend & legendary DJ, Bill Bowker – this is a cutting edge station with great ties to its listeners. And Bill is a major reason why. He's a great on air personality – warm & friendly as well as a total professional at what he does. He was extremely instrumental in the success Carrie Rodriguez & I had in the San Fran area. So, for me it's always a great thing to look forward to stopping here. And this time it's particularly nice – since Kendel is getting to see the cool KRSH thing first hand.

We arrived just in time to tune up and start the show. Bill requested "SEVEN SHADOWS ON MY GOLDEN ROSES", which we heard is starting to get great radio response. Fortunately Kendel & I rehearsed it this morning – so we were ready to do it. And it rocked big time … as did Bill's second request, "BELT BUCKLE"!

We finished up with another Bill request, "Angel Of The Morning", which totally gave me chills. With great off-the-cuff conversation mixed in this was a special show for Kendel & me. Great stuff Bill – thanks for having us!

Big hello & thanks to MD/PD Nate – thanks so much for your support… sorry we missed you. Hope to see next time through. Also, great to meet Katie, who handles the promo for KRSH & the production MGR, Joe… and Brandon at the front desk, who helped steer us in the right direction…great to see you all .. hope we're back soon for a Back Yard Concert.


SHOW at 5:30

Drove (Kendel at the helm) from Santa Rosa to Point Reyes Station, much of it along the breathtakingly beautiful along Point Reyes Petaluma Road.

Got there a bit early - greeted by PD Lyons Filmer & friend from last trip here, Adrian – then soon by old "phone" friend Kay Clemons. This small wattage station has a great "Rocky-like" brief history. Kay & friends, none of whom had any radio experience, started it 10 years ago in competition with big 100,000 watt heavyweights. With community service and cool music at the forefront, they gained respect of the community and have been honored with special awards including some $ grants to keep them in business for years to come – way to go, KAY & FRIENDS! Nice stuff!


Kay did a terrific job hosting an inspiring half hour plus show… wonderful honest questions focusing on Kendel's album (which Kay obviously liked) & her history.. with a bit of my history in the mix. We played "Oh Baby Lie Down, "TEN LOST MEN", MERCEDES BENZ" and "ANGEL OF THE MORNING".. Kendel was awesome as usual .. and the same goes for Kay!… just a damned good interview by my friend. THANKS SO MUCH!

Hi and thanks to Adrian (so good to see you again), Lyons.. great to meet you.. and sound expert, Greg as well… hope to see you all soon!


On the winding Route 1 .. along the ocean.. heading back to SAN FRAN… scary-beautiful! AWESOME!

Brilliant guitarist, JOHN PLATANIA, should be waiting at the hotel.. looking forward to a great dinner and conversation with my old friend… Then our buddy and bass player - THE MERC MAN (Tony Mercadante) – arrives at midnight!

THE FREIGHT & SALVAGE tomorrow night! CAN'T WAIT… this should be one to remember!

July 5 - 6, 2009 - California



Our Jet Blue flight (with TV) was a good one.. not a huge tennis fan, but enough of one to stay interested in the WIMBLEDON finals and watch start to finish… Kendel did as well.

We landed in time to get to this legendary station (KPFA - the first cool, listener supported station in the U.S)…. just in time for our “live” on air with GREAT host, MARY TILSON. Mary has this great way of interviewing - sounds like she’s talking to you over coffee in your living room… she’s a GREAT one! THANKS MARY! – see you at the show.

A few songs and some good, warm interesting talk and we’re off for our San Fran hotel… the 50’s motel-like R&R place, The Phoenix.. we love this place.


Recommended by our great hotel friends, Luke & Miller… this place is AWESOME! Classic American fare but prepared in simple, elegant ways .. and tasting soooo good.. I had the pork chop and steamed veggies. Kendel ahd a great pasta… Fabio .. owner/mgr served us ***** .. a must if you’re in the area!


Scotch lovers – DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE!

I allow myself one scotch a night. Again, Luke recommended this neighborhood-like bar. No frills.. 10 bar stools and a pool table - but the best damned scotch selection you’ll find. Tonight, it was a rare SPRINGBANK 10 year-old that caught my eye.. thanks Pablo & Simone.. see you soon (tomorrow night!)


Since they were KPHAT in the early 70’s, this legendary station plays the coolest music on the planet. Proud that THE REAL THING from Last Chance was a sort of theme song for the station.. and is still treated with that reverence from what I hear. I’m so proud to be part of all that.

Big thanks to GM Frank Caprista – husband of the late legendary MD/PD/DJ Laura Hopper – for having us today. Great to see terrific & lovely DJ & friend, Ellie May.. Laura Ellen’s daughter.. & big thanks to DJ Warren .. 23 year old .. who did a hell of a job with our segment.. who asked good honest questions and guided us for a few of Kendel’s and a cool LIVE “The Real Thing”… Loved this..

Hi to Anthony .. sorry we missed him… and of course.. big hello to my old buddy, John Sandage (AKA “Sleepy John”) & lovely wife Betty.

Big Thanks to all. See you all soon.


We head back to San Fran on Route 1 .. along the coast.. nothing more breathtaking.. back in town in time for a shower.. then head to dinner at NOB HILL GRILL again.. I think it will be chicken for me tonight!


July 1 – 10:30 AM - BETTER TV

– this is the leading on-line film channel – hosted by a terrific lady, Rebecca - filmed by a great guy named Marty … with lovely assistant Kaylee (was that it??)- (filming at my apartment) –

Along with Andy, from SHORE FIRE PUBLICITY, this was a warm, very "real" thing… with good questions & answers & a one-song performance – we liked this a lot & the folks were great!!! What a nice way to start the day!!..

Jul 1 – WEXT – TROY, New York

Kendel had picked up the rent-a-car earlier so we'd be ready to go before noon. We arrived in Troy at 3:15 .. just in time for taping.

This is a very cool new AAA station.. with connections to a venue called THE LINDA, which we hope to be playing soon.

A very nice (& informed) guy, Chris Weink was our host. VERY GOOD STUFF.. we played several songs from Kendel's new album. (Kendel was magic, as usual!) . & Chris did a VG interview.. nice to see cohort, Dave & front desk new friend, Starrr… we'll look forward to coming back here soon!



Back "home" again.. this is the town where we do our recording these days.. arrived at 6:30 .. great to see John Platania… John will be playing with us tomorrow & for our California trip starting next week. Good dinner at the great hotel restaurant w/ good conversation with JP, friend/bartender Larry & new friend, Ed.. back to bed down with the GOLF CHANNEL… always like that


- this is always a favorite stop… Barbara & Will, the folks that own/run this great station, are the ones that ran THE RIVER in Western Mass, which was the coolest station on the planet until corporate clear-chanel America took over – The "corporate" RIVER is still OK, as it still has some of the great DJ folks from the past.. .. but it's just not local/ fan-friendly - like it was 5 years plus ago.. then, Will, Barb & all those great DJs made it one-of-a-kind

Now Barb & Will are molding WKZE in that same fan-friendly image .. & it is awesome!!..

The cool apartment-like studio (with great posters & LIVE shots – some of us .."THANKS"!!) is located in the basement of a building just off a quiet main road in RED HOOK … VERY WARM & FRIENDLY .. ALL the folks that work there feel like family … just a great feeling

Did a half hour interview w/ song with terrific DJ friend Kevin … GREAT TO BE PLAYING WITH JP again!!! – KENDEL WAS AWESOME!! - LOVED THIS!!!

KENDEL'S NEW HOT MONTHS CALENDAR (July 1 – through June 30) IS HERE!!!!!!

GREAT TO SEE FRIEND & QUARTERBACK OF KENDEL'S PROMO, the one & only BRAD HUNT .. who brought KENDEL'S NEW "HOT MONTHS CALENDAR"!! – hot off the presses … IT IS AWESOME.. one of the coolest Pin-up-like calendars you'll ever see .. ALL FANS will want one of these!!!!! – THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON the TRAIN WRECK & KENDEL CARSON WEB-SITES IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.


Another favorite stop off – this is a legendary station.. the best of the best in this area.. the station is just up the block from the town & adjacent to the famous BEARSVILLE venue – BRIGHT EYES is playing tonight

Great to see old friends, DJ Justin Foy .. Jimmy – new dad & sound expert.. & our host for today, DAVE DOUD & friend & GREAT photog, Susan (LOTS OF HER GREAT PHOTOS ON THE WALL!!.. including us!!! … thanks!!). .. all folks that were sooo great to us when we stopped by last time with my duet partner, Carrie.. & hosted our show in town.. loved being back here with friends.. hope to get back to do a show in this area soon

Thanks Dave.. great job as usual.. blasted 4 songs w/ Dave's cool interview.. then off for home - New York City – here we come

June 29, 2009 - Pennsylvania

Kendel & I are ready to continue our radio promo tour promoting her new GREAT album, ALRIGHT DYNAMITE. Heading for far reaching parts of Pennsylvania today.

6:30 AM… I'm awake… only an hour or so sleep last night…. Got caught up watching some old cool footage of The Yardbirds & Eric Clapton. Interesting stuff.

7:45 AM – Kendel & I pick up the rental car at 43rd street.. get just short of the Lincoln Tunnel at 8:00 .. then it happened .. or didn't happen… however you want to say it. We didn't budge for one hour.. that's NEW YORK for you.. but you take the bad with the good.. and for Kendel & me, there's plenty more good!

We finally get through the tunnel at 9:15.

WXLV – Schnecksville, PA

We arrive at 11:20.. a bit late.. but no big deal. Great to see old friend Fred Boenig and one of Americana's true innovators Burr Beard.. as well as DJ Dawn.. and Terry (DJ Helen's mom) who is BIG help with many station activities.

Legendary DJ, Tom Druckenmiller (and great musician in his own right), does a terrific job hosting our "live" 20 minute show.. a few live songs and good talk .. great stuff Tom! .. much appreciated.. we loved this!

PS.. thanks to caller Leroy who asked what inspired "Belt Buckle".. which I wrote mostly in my sleep.. part of a Fellini-like dream.

Kendel & I hit the road at 12:30 .. it's a 3 hour ride to our next station.

WQBR – McElhatten PA (Close to State College.. home of my volcanologist brother Barry.)

I keep calling Barry on the way to the station.. hoping he can stop by.. no answer.. he doesn't own a cell phone.. neurotic bastard!

Arrive at 3:30 - Great to see old "phone" friend Dave Stratton, wife Karyn and DJ son Ryan .. nine years old.. already interviewed Obama!!.. Heard it was a great one!! .. well done Ryan

also great to see Rick.. a fan and new friend who just stopped by to say hello.. as well as artist/ new friend Phil.. and station staffers Patty & Hannah.. GREAT TO TALK TO YOU ALL!

Dave does a great pro job hosting.. good music talk mixed with some off-the-wall personal stuff. After a few songs, including a requested "I LIKE TRUCKS", we end with a killer WILD THING.. Kendel rocked out on this – awesome fiddle stuff! (Dave, save a copy of this for me)

After some warm goodbyes.. we're on the road … hopefully we'll arrive back in NEW YORK for a late, late dinner!

But despite the sometimes difficult schedule, these trips are all worth it.. great to say hi and thanks to wonderful folks who play the music for the love of it – often (most of the time) with little other reward.




For the next few days we'll say hello to a bunch of my old radio friends. The focus on will be Kendel's new album - & we'll play several of those songs. The interviewers like to get a bit of my history in the mix.. so, most likely we'll perform some of the hits as well.

So far, this has been an extremely fun thing for Kendel & me to do. I love seeing & saying thanks to these friends who have been so supportive of my music over these last several years.. & Kendel loves meeting these folks mostly for the first time - & her genuine thing is quickly evident – so she's making new friends at every turn. This is a win/win tour if there ever was one.

JUNE 23 Johnson City TENN - WETS (on the campus of E. Tennessee ST. University) - 1:00 PM live - radio show

Starting from our base at the Hilton Hotel in Knoxville - with Kendel at the helm - we headed north east on highway 26 to see friend GM WAYNE WINKLER & cohorts at WETS.. got a bit lost.. arrived just before show time .. on air

We picked up a few copies of USA TODAY where Kendel's album was the top pick of the week.. with some crazy, provocative comments - nice stuff!!

Great to see Wayne & cohorts Mike, Dan & Bob.. GREAT GUYS!! - warm, fun, GREAT interview with songs .. mostly from Kendel's album.. absolutely loved this!! I remember getting such a chill performing ANGEL OF THE MORNING w/ Kendel.. thought a lot of this might be good for a LIVE compilation down the road

on a side note - Wayne is an author of a book about MELUNGEONS, "Walking Toward The Sunset"..according to Wayne, they were a mixture of African indentured slaves with English, native Americans.. whatever folks were around back in the day (one theory).. persecuted badly back then.. Wayne is a descendant...

Again.. just Loved this stop!! .. thanks Wayne, Mike, Dan, Bob & Sandy (was that it? - at the front desk?).. see you soon

JUNE 23 - WDVX - stopped by to talk & play a few songs with friend & Gm..

TONY LAWSON.. he's responsible for all this great music stuff going on here in KNOXVILLE.. great fun

June 23 - 7:00 Rehearsal with TENNESSEE SHINES house band folks at a rehearsal
space on the outskirts of town.. w/ leader guitarist DAVE NICHOLS, Ben (Keys), Bethany (fiddle) & cellist, ALEXIAS.. what nice, talented folks.. we'll do a brief check with the entire band before the show

JUNE 24 - KNOXVILLE- TENNESSEE SHINES - (at the historic Bijou Theater) ..
Knoxville's answer to the GRAND OL OPRE.. the coolest of it's kind on the planet!! .. hosted by AMAZING host.. & friend, JIM LAUDERDALE.. a brilliant artist in his own right!


THE SHOW – one of my favorite shows EVER!! There was such a camaraderie between Kendel & me - this AWESOME band & this warm, AMAZING audience. .

Kendel was awesome!! ..

I can't say enough about the house band – About a week ago, I had sent leader/ guitarist (& great guy), Dave Nichols MP3's of the songs we would perform – we had a brief rehearsal with a few band members the night previous.. when we arrived at the theater we only had time for FEW MINUTES rehearsal with the entire band – and when the show kicked in, they were sooo ready & played sooo inspired!!!!.. … Dave, Ben, Alonzo, Bethany,Dave & Alexias!!!!!! – what a team!!!! .. what a blessing for Kendel & me!! .. we will definitely do this again!!

We did a seven song set, featuring 5 songs from Kendel's amazing "ALL RIGHT DYNAMITE" album.. plus "ANGEL OF THE MORNING" & "WILD THING'…

Kendel & I started "Oh Baby Lie Down" by ourselves.. & when the band kicked in at the start of the second verse.. I knew something special was about to happen.. the band followed the emotion of all the songs – which change from night to night – SO BEAUTIFULLY.. & the connection with the audience was so strong, it felt like they were on stage with us.

Certainly one of my favorites was "LADY K", which featured world-class cellist Alexia Pantanizoplois & pianist Ben Maney.. but the entire band was awesome on this & all the rockers & helped create absolute magic on "Angel Of The Morning".. & what fun we had on "Wild Thing".. with a great sing-along by all at the end

And again, Kendel shone all night.. I can just imagine what it was like in this town in the 50's when Chet Atkins hosted his little radio show .. that featured The Everly Brothers & The Brown Family amongst others.. it kicked off their careers. I'm quite sure that everybody that left this beautiful, legendary theater tonight knew they were watching a star in the making.. & they certainly let her know it.

It was wonderful meeting folks after the show – On stage, it was absolutely like we were playing for a bunch of friends – and that was totally confirmed in the lobby after the show.. I love my New York hometown.. I always felt Austin Texas was my second home.. now I've got another one – Knoxville Tennessee - … & I can't wait to get back here with these friends.. it will be like a homecoming!!..

Thanks to the great sound & production crew.. Asher, Joe, Doug, Kevin & all .. what an awesome job you did.. we felt right at home – SO FAST – thanks to your efforts - THANKS TONY. MANYA & ASHLEY, Fiona & all the folks at AC ENTERTAINMENT & all the others involved for having us!!.. what a night!!

We got a chance to say hi to many, including:

Our great courageous new friend Daniel & his mom & dad Lisa & Earl.. great to see you at the Blue Plate Special.. so glad you came back!! See you in September!!

Hi to Laura & lovely daughter Kelses y,, see you next time!.. hi Bob.. & hi Rufus.. hope to see you next time .. it was nice meeting your terrific daughter.. (note to Rufus' daughter .. called out to you as you left.. wanted to get your name & say hi from here.. hope to see you next time)… Hi to Robin & Sara.. & Jim.. Bob & Anhn.. (from NC) .. thanks for making the trip.. Hi Noah.. hope to see mom Priscilla next time.. hi Keith & J.R. & Peggy

Hi to Betty & Joan.. hi Ann.. ADAM, NATHAN & MOM MEG.. great to see you all .. get WILD THING ready.. I'll check you out next time!!.. Hi Amanda & Allen .. glad you listened to WETS.. yeah.. that was a wonderful interview .. hi Cherry Ann & Jeremy.. Terry & Andrea.. & Tom.. big hi to Hannah & nom Amanda.. hope to see you next time… Hi Kate.. & Rob.. hi Teresa

Hi to Tammy (is that right?).. & son, Jeremy who liked to sing "Wild Tang" as a kid… Hi Pete (Murphy) from Port Chester.. see you next time .. Hi Amie & Bill .. & Jim & friend Jack.. & house photog, Eric & wife Mickey.. so nice to see you both.. hi Carolyn & granddaughters Molly & Lila.. hope to see you all soon.. Hi Eric

Hi Hillary.. so glad you felt better .. Great to meet you!! – look forward to continuing our "diet-talk" etc.. next time.. again.. hi thanks to our new friends Ben, Dave & Dave, Bethany, Alonzo & Alexia

HI M.D. .. great to meet you & see old friend/ lovely RED together .. hi Ron .. great to meet you.. Grace.. thanks always


After a pleasant 2 hour drive through the mountains on this clear, warm day.. we arrived at this new AAA station at about 12:30.. very nice guys Craig & Tom greeted us.. we did a fun 15 minute taped "live" show with Tom as host.. to air later in the day.. Tom & Craig seemed way into Kendel's album.. great stuff!! – hope to see you soon.. when we come back to town to play! .. BIG THANKS


This is one of those amazing stations.. a huge signal.. that can be heard clearly hours away… GREAT, GREAT programming guided by great folks.. MD & old friend, MARTIN ANDERSON.. host ???? & awesome engineer.. again.. good friend, Dennis.

Wonderful to be here again.. we arrived early.. said hi to our friends.. had a bit of lunch.. on air at 4:06… this is one of those things that kind of always sneaks up & surprises you.. because the interview is simple .. but different (in a great way).. & in a very few minutes.. you're guided into some simple truth about who you are.. that's the way it was here.. Folks got a good glimpse of who Kendel was/is.. I loved this!

After the show, with Kendel at the helm, we drove 2 plus hours, through the mountains, back to our "new second home".. Knoxville. We'll miss this place.

May 27 – Morehead College

Our flight from New York to Lexington is canceled. Luckily we catch another flight & arrive in Lexington at 4:15 .. enough time to get our rental & drive to our first radio visit. We arrive in Morehead KY at around 6:15 – on air at 7:00.

WMKY – Americana Cross Roads (at Morehead State University) with host Sasha Colette.

Sorry we missed my old friend Paul Hitchcock, who has run the station here for several years. We'll forgive him as he was off babysitting his 3 girls. See you next time Paul.

It's great to see Sasha – she's a VG Americana supporter & host. She guides us through a VERY enjoyable hour show - featuring Kendel's new album. Kendel is awesome, as usual. And Sasha's seems way into that .. she's a musician in her own right .. taking a break from radio to do her own thing in September. Best of luck with that Sasha. Thanks for having us! GREAT JOB!!

Saha gets us on our way by 8:30 so we can catch a little daylight on our 3 & 1/2 hour journey to Knoxville. With Kendel at the helm, with one stop - we arrive at the Hilton in Knoxville at 12:30. Nice folks here.


Our home base for the next 2 days is Knoxville. We're on the road at 10:00 AM & begin our 3 hour drive to Boiling Springs. We arrive just after 1:00 for our 2:00 show.

WGWG RADIO (2:00 PM – live on the air)

It's great to see my friends, host Jeff Powell & GM Noel Manning & old friend & DJ Cuz again!!

This great station is part of a very viby small campus at Gardner-Webb College –

Here's the Wikipedia info:

"a private university located 40 miles west of Charlotte in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, USA. The school has a total of 14 academic departments offering 45 major fields of study. Among the most popular of the school's 39 undergraduate majors are those in business (33%), education (29%), and the social sciences (15%). The main campus is situated on nearly 200 acres, and there are an additional 16 satellite campuses located throughout North Carolina. Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programs are offered through the university."

What a nice visit. - just loved it! We played & talked for a while. Again… introducing several from Kendel's album. The boys twisted my arm to give an advance live "YONKERS NEW YORK" – the title track from my upcoming (September release) album.

Big hi to Scott for doing a great job w/ the sound. And big hi to Helen who has been a great supporter for a while. Hi to Matt, Mary Catherine, Sheila & Kevin & the rest.

Great to see you all!!!! Thanks for making us so welcome. It's wonderful to be with friends.. this certainly doesn't feel like work!

We head back to Knoxville for a nice dinner with old friend Tony Lawson. Aside from dinner, Tony gives us a walking tour of this great town & some insight into the great musical things going on here.


My friend Tony Lawson used to have a small camper & bounced his radio signal off the mountain top. Now the station has a home in town & like WGWG & a few others has become one of THE MOST IMPORTANT MUSIC STATIONS ON THE PLANET!!

WDVX IS the town now - with FULL fan support - lots of venues etc.. it's an amazing thing - nothing like it.. like WWVA was for me growing up, this station is influencing lots of young folks & all the rest in the area


WE (& 2 other VG artists) PLAYED FOR MORE THAN 200 PEOPLE AT A GREAT VENUE (also live on the radio) AT NOON!!!!!!!!! - Just a 25 minute show .. me introducing Kendel.. 4 from her album .. then WILD THING .. what a WONDERFUL CONNECTION!!! It was like playing for friends I've known all my life!!

later.. on the street - lots of folks stopped for autographs.. & just to say hi.. what a nice thing. Big thanks to all!

We're coming back for Tony's big "TENNESSEE SHINES" show June 24. We can't wait for that!!

Big hello to old DJ friends & NOW "CELEBRITY" DJ's Red & Grace (don't forget us small folks now that you're making the big bucks!!) – GREAT SEEING YOU GUYS!!!...

Hi to Jenny, Gina, Jack? (photos).. hi & thanks to Matt Morelock, our terrific host & sound man for the BLUEPLATE SPECIAL show. Hi to the folks from the other bands, The Lonetones and Miss Tess – Hi Tess Alec, Matt.. just great .. hope to see you soon

Big hi to Tony's better half, Fiona, who books the big Friday night shows in town – Hi to Ashley from AC entertainment and his assistant Laura.... what a great job you've all done here!!

Hi to Marvelle and Lila.. hope to see you both soon.. congrats for all your good work as well … and hi George, Bridgette, Laura? & the rest.. so good seeing you all next month!!

Jan 14, 2009 – Borders Westbury



Big thanks to John Platania for coming down from Woodstock on this FREEZING night, fresh from his LA rehearsals with Van Morrison to accompany me playing for these folks.

I liked this informal living-room like show - talked about the book, played a few songs from it’s accompanying CD. One of the highlights was playing some of my old R&B hits .. WELCOME HOME & ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME - audience requests.

Big thanks to store manager Glenn & regional manager Tom – Hi to Timothy .. hope to see you down the road.

Big hello & thanks to long time fan, Jill… Hi Ken… I’ll send regards to Kelly … Hi Victoria & Bill.. thanks for the R&B requests.. I loved that… Hi Claire .. nice to see you… Hi Ioda.. hope to see you soon.. Thanks for the WILD THING Tijuana story!! –

It’s so nice playing for friends. That’s certainly what it was like tonight. Again… what a blessing for me & the folks to hear John Platania’s brilliant understated playing! THANKS JOHN!!

Jan 16, 2009 – Borders – Columbus Circle (New York City)

Another freezing night – AGAIN, JOHN PLATANIA drives down from WOODSTOCK to join me. We were both surprised so many folks showed up, considering the weather.

We LOVED this one. Told lots of stories & played a few songs from the book/CD plus some hits.. plus a new one about my brothers convincing my folks to take away my SCREECHING fiddle when I was 6 years old – and replace it with a UKULELE.

Agaion, theses were very nice folks to play for.

Hi to friends Alden & Jerry from my New York neighborhood.. so great of you guys to come. See you both soon. Don’t screw up!!

Hi Phil & Mark … big thanks for being there & the kind words!!

Great to see old friend & wonderful writer Jim Bessman –… let’s talk more.. soon.

Hi MARI – so nice talking with you.. glad you were at Merlefest.. loved that. Also nice to hear that your dad has Anne Murray’s album with Brian Ahern’s production of SON OF A ROTTEN GAMBLER – as I said, it’s one of my favorite versions of ANY of my songs – and LOVED the comments about John’s playing… SO TRUE!! ..Hi to your dad.. wish him the best with HIS music. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN, MARI.

Hi Mary.. so good to see you front & center.. hope to see you again as well. Next time let’s talk more. Hi Theadora & daughter Laurie .. GREAT TO SEE YOU GUYS with your warm smiles! … sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk after

Hi Marvin!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING BY & REPPING THE FAMILY!!! .. AND…GREAT TO SEE MY AUSTIN FRIEND, KATE… see you soon!! – tell your dad, Rick, I sent my big regards

Big hello to Marcia & Keith.. & BRUCE… thanks for the kind words… see you soon


DARYL – THANKS FOR HAVING US!! – Nick – thanks for the intro & the setup help. Samantha (from the Cat Manzi lineage) .. great to talk to you guys!! Bog thanks for being so cordial!! And Ismael… so nice to see you at the end. S

John & I hope to see you all soon!!



Dec 9 – LEAVING N.Y.

It’s just Kendel & me for this combination small venue/book tour as Van Morrison has called on John Platania for a rehearsal in LA.

We leave JFK at 5:30 PM –


DEC 10 – the plane arrives in Amsterdam at 7:30 AM - Kendel slept for 4 plus hours on the fairly empty flight – no sleep for me – I’m crashing as we arrive – I do a quick interview with old friend Peter from Haarlem. The newspaper has sent a photographer – not happy with my no-sleep look – but I guess they want a picture on their soil.. and the picture taker is a nice guy (Hans) … so onward


We stop by here to pick up the books & CDs Old friend Bert Pijpers runs this place – always has. It was originally CRS back 7 years ago… then ROUNDER RECORDS partnered up – now they backed out and it’s CRS again.. not an easy business as retailers and middle men are dropping like flies and distributors like Bert are caught in the middle.

We say hi to Bert & old friend Arno (Bert’s assistant for years) & Rein, another friend/assistant. We pick up 240 books and a bunch of CDs of past releases .. including Kendel’s last CD. We manufactured a hundred plus copies of a “bootleg CD” – a 10 song sample of Kendel’s next release – scheduled for April. Fans will LOVE this bootleg – this stuff is so cool!


Dear friend Leanne & boyfriend Francois has invited us to stay at their beautiful place for the evening.. as it’s only 20 minutes from the venue and it’s a chance for us to spend some time together.

I’m horribly jet lagged when we arrive at 4:00 .. but rest is out of the question – I’m just too wired from no sleep & concerned as to how to negotiate the show.. as for the first time I’m promoting a BOOK (with CD attached) .. the songs on the CD were all written during the Oct 07 CHIP TAYLOR/ CARRIE RODRIGUEZ Dutch Tour. I’m sure many of the fans will not know about the book.. so I’ll have to explain it’s contents briefly.. and then set up the songs from the book so they get an idea of why they were written and who inspired them.

Kendel & I have rehearsed a bit in New York & I am TOTALLY confident of her assisting me in getting the emotion of the songs across. She is always ready for any twists & turns I might take. That leaves me with a lot of freedom to shift the direction of the show at any time.

Our plan is to insert a couple of her songs (new & old) into the set. We’re totally ready for that.


SOUND CHECK – a nice young lady named Sylvia greeted us with another manager ? - Ronald (house) & Raymond (monitors) did a great job with the sound. The venue is a cool small room – with a bar in the back.. the sound system is quite good.

We were back at Leanne’s by 6:30 .. tried to rest .. but again.. I was wired. We arrived back at the venue at 8:30 .. on stage at 9:00.


As I walked on stage I recognized several of the folks in the audience. Several had been fans/friends for years and several were at shows on the Chip/Carrie tour that inspired the book.

I told these friendly folks that I have a new book out – some knew .. most were surprised. I took a few minutes to inform them that the book has three major themes.

1) An autobiography of my early years.- stuff about growing up, writing hits, recording solo albums & GAMBLING - culminating in my 1975 tour in Holland and my #2 hit single there “SAME OLD STORY”


3) The songs written on the 2007 C&C DUTCH TOUR – Why they were written & who inspired them.

This last theme becomes the theme of the show whereby I mix stories of the inspirations with each song.

This was a fun show for me. It totally eased my mind to see that the format of the show worked. The folks seemed to take to the stories.. some serious .. some quite humorous – such as the DORINE story in Maastricht.. The DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE story (time spent at Willie’s dance Club in GOUDA) .. they all were laughing like crazy when I talked about the stories surrounding RED SIDEWALK.. fearing bicycles & “doing” mushrooms with musicians Hans & Kyle..

But the serious songs got wonderful response as well. DOWN BY LAW, TESS, SONG FOR A GERMAN GIRL (LISA), ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN, MEMA I MISS YOU FROM HERE & JACK OF DIAMONDS/ QUEEN OF HEARTS were all extremely well received and felt so good & warm from the stage.

And the audience just LOVED Kendel – both with the way she caressed the songs mentioned above, but also with songs from her last album, I LIKE TRUCKS & RIBBONS & BOWS and “ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE” from her new BOOTLEG CD. Kendel is definitely a star-in-the-making and they sure let her know that tonight!


We played it once before in Texas. Both times it brought down the house! – And both times several wanted to know if it was recorded and if they can get a copy. Well, the good news is we HAVE recorded it.. we’ll see if JP approves it’s release. Hope so… it is soooo funny! If so, it will be out on an album called Rock & Roll Joe.. with an interactive web-site dedicated to all those musicians who never got the credit they deserved! – stay tuned!

Thanks to all for a terrific night!!


Said hi to several folks after the show, including:

Hi to Wim, Willem who were at the last C&C show in Enschede – great talking to you guys & friend Peter. Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you soon again. Willem, next time I see you, bring me a copy of the Texas Bootleg with JP.

Hi COBIE (Leanne’s friend) .. so nice to meet you! Anke… thanks so much for your kindness & the good food!! – hope to see you soon. Big hello to Minie & Gerard.. I think you said we’ll see you at another show this week.. hope so!

Hi to Thomas & Memmo… Jacquelene & Bert.. Marianne. Hi Art & Alie .. hi to Haigo.. big thanks!! Hi Jan & Dini … thanks for the kind words.. hope to see you soon!!


It took about 3 plus hours to get from Leanne’s place to our next BED & BREAKFAST. We took a turn off a main street in a modest Belgium neighborhood, following signs for our B&B. We thought the B&B would be immediately on our right but it wasn’t … we continued on this tiny winding road into the forest a few football fields in distance away from the main road. And there it was – A BEAUTIFUL NEW LUXURIOUS B&B in the forest.

The B&B is called DE METEN. It is in the town of Longdorp. And it is an absolute paradise!!

A kind young fellow named Frank greeted us and showed us to our rooms which were just off a huge glass enclosed living room where sat 5 or 6 large leather chairs with blankets folded on their respective ottomans with small coffee tables close by. Adjacent was a large dining room with 6 or so small dining tables, shelves for glasses of all dimensions for wine, beer, water.. whatever. Alongside was a cooler containing wine, great Belgium beer & sodas. Frank explained they were there for the taking on an honor system.

In effect, all of this seemed like one warm beautiful space overlooking the forest –all rooms were kind of Scandinavian in design – spare, but beautifully elegant. There were only three bedrooms in the area, so – in essence – this area, for this night, was totally ours! AGAIN…ABSOLUTE PARADISE!!

Just before leaving for sound check we met Frank’s lovely wife Greet. They live in the rear of the place with their 2 young children.


Note: Milan tells us that “Klinker” has several meanings – in this setting – A ROCK MUSIC VENUE – it probably means “sounding thing”


We arrived at 6:00 and were greeted by a nice guy named Bruno, one of the promoters of our show. Another nice guy named Daniel did our sound check. We were checked in minutes and ready to return to the hotel to relax before show time at 9:30.

I was concerned about a couple of things. First, this seemed more like a rock/blues venue than a listening room. I wasn’t sure a duo – Kendel & me – would fit so well here. Second, they had advertised that John Platania would be here. There was a large poster of JP, Kendel & me in the entrance. I was sure that whoever came would be quite disappointed that John – due to a commitment with Van Morrison – would not be there. And Bruno seemed concerned about that the turnout might be small. The venue never sells tickets in advance so he had no way of knowing what would happen, but he was concerned and therefore so was I as well.

We rested in “paradise” for a bit, met Greet’s dad Paul, who would join Frank to see our show while Greet stayed home with the kids … then we headed for the club. Bruno met us at the door & escorted us inside. I was SHOCKED! THE PLACE WAS PACKED!!
A talented/nice young guy named Kris was finishing his opening slot. Minutes later Kendel & I were on stage.


SIMPLY PUT – THIS RANKS AS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOWS!! The connection between Kendel & me and the audience was evident from the start. You could hear a pin drop as I told the stories and as we played the emotional quiet songs. On the up-tempo ones we laughed & partied together. Kendel was brilliant in all ways & the fans let her know it.

Highlights are far too numerous to mention…. The book songs with their accompanying stories including RED SIDEWALK, DOREEN, MEMA I MISS YOU FROM HERE, JACK OF DIAMONDS totally connected.. as did all of Kendel’s… BIG TRUCKS, RIBBONS & BOWS, ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE.. and a first ever performance from her Bootleg CD, BELT BUCKLE.

But for the second time in 2 nights, the ABSOLUTE KILLER HIGHLIGHT was the song that talks about John Platania being with Van Morrison instead of us. “THE VAN SONG” brought the house down!!

Thanks to all for this night. Kendel & I won’t forget it!


Old fans Herman & Tejo – who brought the entire Chip Taylor vinyl collection for signing. Thanks boys!! – Hi Teo & Els .. so good to see you… Hi to Geert & Anita.. thanks for the kind words!

Hi to trucker Luc & An - good luck with that hand Luc! Hi Rene .. nice talking with you – sorry Peter could not attend. Please send him my regards. Hi Urban .. great to see you!

Leo – I’ll tell John Platania that you & Dianne said hello and about your kind words. Hi to Geert, Jack & Tom. Hi Michel ..memories from ten years past - good to see you at the end of the night.

Great to see actor/singer Wim Oprouck. I’m extremely flattered about the influence “FALL” & “The Trouble With Humans” stuff in general has had with your work. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. It was GREAT talking with you. I’m looking forward to listening to the CD… & count me in with the documentary. I love the idea! Please send my regards to Steph .. & tell Els I’ll look forward to meeting her. See you soon.

Hi Koen – Nice talking with you at the end of the night. Damn, that beer tasted so good!!

BIG THANKS TO BRUNO, TOM & BART FOR BOOKING THIS .. & TO STEVE the club promoter .. thanks for the great sound, Daniel..HI VIV (VIVIENE) .. big thanks for the GREAT MEAL!!.. again, congratulations to you & Bruno.. Hi Betty (Boop!).. hope to see you all soon.

DEC 12, 2008 – Eeklo Belgium

We said our goodbyes to Frank, Greet & Paul & headed west to Eeklo less than 2 hours away. We arrived at the RINGHOTEL, a modest, comfortable place along a main road. We were greeted by Annette & her lovely daughter Stephanie. After doing a bit of computer work and resting for a few hours we headed to the venue for sound check.


N9 is a little folk/jazz listening room. Carrie & I played here two years ago. We were greeted by Patrick & Carl, the same nice guys that greeted Carrie & me 2 years back. We did a rather quick sound check, then were served a terrific meal upstairs. We went back to the hotel for an hour's rest and were back on stage at 9:10.


There were a bunch of wonderful fans here tonight. Many who have been supporters since the early 70’s. We interspersed stories & songs from the book/CD. Again adding a few of Kendels both old & new. It felt like we were in someone’s living room rather then a venue.

Highlights were far too many to mention, but the RED SIDEWALK story and song brought full smiles from all.. the song for MEMA has been a favorite for all these shows. It touches a strong chord in folks.

The Van song again was a fan favorite, as was a rousing version of my ’75 hit, SAME OLD STORY –another fan favorite was a song I had never performed but had written recently as a Christmas present for my brothers Jon & Barry called BASTARD BROTHERS

But the thing I’ll remember most about this show was a fan requested, GETTING OLDER, LOOKING BACK with several singing along. Big thanks for that request – emotionally, that one really got to me.

Kendel was awesome again – she wins over everyone at every show and rightfully so. And she’s right there for every twist I take. So far no show has been the same as I’m just going with my instincts. But one thing is clear. The basic format of the stories from the book setting up the songs definitely works and I’m enjoying that.

This was a warm, wonderful night with very nice folks. Big thanks to all.

HI to:

Got a chance to say hi to several at the signing table where many fans not only purchased the book &/or recent CDs but brought CDs from the early years for signing.

Hi Ronny, Filip, Willy – hello Francois, Guido.. hi Peter & Barbara #2 – at Barbara’s request, I signed for her on the page opposite the dedication page to mom --- Hi to Lisa & Karin (country singer/songwriter booker) & husband Antoine (thanks for the compilation CDs – we’’’ play them on tour.

Hi Johan .. hope your BASTARD BROTHER RICK enjoys the look/listen..Hi Jan & Eric… & another Antoine & Yvan… hi Koen.. & Rony.. & Tine ( see, I finally spelled it correctly!) … Hi Fred & Paul & Bart

Again.. thanks to hosts / sound folks Patrick & Carl & a nice bartender Lieve who we met earlier.

Big thanks to Willy, who works with terrific Dutch company that publishes this book. Great to meet friend Johan.. thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you next time!

Big thanks also To Jan who books the venue and will soon be it’s sole proprietor!! – congrats!! Best regards to Burnadette … congratulations regarding your grandson.. that was a hell of a story!!

It was so good winding down with lovely Rebecca & (DR) Stephon at the bar. Loved talking with you guys!


PS. I started writing this at 6:30 AM we are on the way to Amsterdam to do a 9:30 live radio show .. soon after we do a book store show in Haarlem.. then a full show there tonight. I’m running a bit on empty now – one hour of sleep last night. That’s it from here.

DEC 13, 2008 – 9:30 AM – Radio show RTV NORD HOLLAND (taped – to be played at noon)

A nice lady named Margo greeted us at reception – said she was a big fan – a nice start to a good morning

The hosts are Karin Douma & Joes Heeremans very professional & very nice. As is the sound engineer Raymond. It’s a one hour show featuring 3 authors discussing their current book releases. I am one (sounds so weird). Kendel & I are set up to play music as well. The other authors talk in Dutch. I am interviewed in English then translated. Nice stuff!

The other guests are lovely Hanna – who’s written a novel about love – “girl tries to rescue a musician with an addiction” .. something like that – the other author is Earshwing??? – a great guy who’s written a humorous-at-times book about sex. I couldn’t understand it.. but now I know that male Turkeys are attracted to puppet-like (imitation) females who only have their head on a stick! The rest of the body is not needed!

In between interviews, Kendel & I play RED SIDEWALK – ANGEL OF THE MORNING & ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN (which has become a fan favorite).

This was good fun with good folks.


We are greeted by the owner ANNA, a very nice lady & two of her staff, Jesse & Cohen – all good folks. TO MY PLEASANT SURPRISE, HAYE, MY BOOK PUBLISHER IS THERE!

There is a big article in the regional paper posted at the entrance written by Peter who met us ar the airport when we arrived from New York a few days ago – photo by Hans, who met us there as well. It seemed quite impressive!

There is quite a large turnout - 50 or more.

There is one microphone set up – I give a brief summary of what the book (Songs From A Dutch Tour) is about – then play a few songs, telling of their inspiration. After about a half hour, I sign autographs & talk to the fans –


So nice to see so many old fans. Hi to Frederik, Paul, Alex, Martha, John, Frank .. hope Steven enjoys the read. Great to see Carla & Willem again…. & Edith & Martin who asked me to sign for son Jelle who plays in a rock band RAM (song is “LOVE COMPUTER”.. all the best with that

Hi to Michiel .. hope to see your boy, Rein one of these days.. HI JOCE!! … & all my friends in OLDENZAAL at The Cobblestone Club.. Hi Rob & Francis.. AND, OF COURSE, OLD TIME FANS, PAUL & YVONNE .. great to see you always!


DEC 13, 2008 – 5:00 PM - HEADING FOR HOORN

This is a first for me. I liked it a lot – now off to HOORN – it’s too bad we can’t stay for an extra day – Hoorn is a lovely seacoast town with lots of history.

HOTEL – we check into the **** PETITE NORD – run by Chinese folks – LOVE THIS PLACE!!



Promoter Peter & soundman Tim are ready for us when we arrive. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE PLACE!! – A simple little hall with a small stage – but lots of character – It holds max 150. We’re sold out tonight!! – After a quick check & good meal with Peter, Tim & owner Chris, we’re back to the hotel – running on empty – one hour sleep last night.


IT WAS SO GREAT TO HEAD FOR THE STAGE HERE. SURROUNDED BY OLD FAN/FRIENDS!! – PETER DE VOSS, the Warner Brothers rep responsible for my first coming to Holland in ’75 was here. IT WAS SOOO GREAT TO SEE HIM FROM THE STAGE!!

There was such a warm connection from beginning to end! – lots of intimate moments & when Kendel & I rocked it reminded me of the energy of the WHITE STRIPES – that’s a great new thing!! – I loved it – AGAIN.. KENDEL WAS MAGIC TONIGHT!!

Highlights far too numerous to mention.. lots of the new ones. DOWN BY LAW and MEMA I MISS YOU FROM HERE were so chilling & brought over-the-top response but stuff like THE REAL THING, JOHN TUCKER’S ON THE WAGON AGAIN, SAME OLD STORY, BIG RIVER (All songs we had not done on this tour ‘till tonight).. .. and ANGEL OF THE MORNING and WILD THING were high on the connection list!!

THIS WAS ANOTHER VERY SPECIAL NIGHT – ONE I WON’T FORGET. Big thanks too all – hope to see you soon!!


Again.. great to see Peter De Voss & his better half tonight… see what you’ve done, my friend!! BIG THANKS!!!

GREAT TO SEE MY FRIENDS KRISSY, ANNE & KEES.. was KIM there??!! – I was hoping you all would be there – sorry I didn’t take more time with you all.. next time you show up, come to our private area. You are always welcome.

Hi Ben.. good to see you as walking in & later.. hi Ria & Marja.. & Ben…. & old friends, JOOST & WERNER… always good to see you… Hi Emiel.. thanks for the South By South WEST memories!! .. hi SAM … big hello to old friends Glenda & Francis.. always great to see you both.. I think you said you’re coming to the Paradiso… hope so. Hi Wobbo .. good to see you here!

Hi Ria & Ton… nice talking with you .. hope Nico enjoys the gift.. tell him I sent my regards … Hi Declan (from Galway).. & Gerard.. another from Ireland.. not sure if you came together – nice talking with you both. Thanks for the kind words & support.

Peter.. hope Greet enjoys the gift .. nice talking with you… hi Gerard & Minie – Great to see you always .. thanks for coming to two shows .. glad you’re in the book!!

AGAIN .. THANKS PETER FOR BOOKING US HERE!! Big thanks to you, Tim, Chris, Tinie…for your kindness… hi to Milco..


DECEMBER 14, 2008 – heading for AMSTERDAM for a most prestigious event –

We check into an amazing hotel on one of the canals – called The AMBASSADE. My room is more like a mini presidential suite. I have to walk up 6 steps to get to the bedroom area!!! – BIG THANKS TO THE FOLKS THE JOHN ADAMS INSTITUTE for these beautiful, most comfortable accommodations. Good to see clerks, Martin & Eelske & all – thanks for your kindness.

THE EVENT - The JOHN ADAMS INSTITUTE – a non-profit American culture center is hosting an afternoon event – featuring a lecture by me about my book, SONGS FROM A DUTCH TOUR, and an interview of me by famous Dutch author/music historian, Leo Blokhuis – with a mini concert to follow.

In the past they’ve hosted Al Gore, Sal Bellow, Norman Mailer, Madeline Albright etc… the only other music related author featured was Steve Earle. This is high brow stuff so to speak .. I’m quite honored, but a bit nervous - just hoping my low-brow ways will fit in.



The place is sold out!! The institute folks are pleasantly surprised – me too!! Several have been turned away. I feel badly about that. The audience is comprised not only my old fans, but newcomers to my music as well – several college age folks are here. FROM THE MINUTE I TOOK THE STAGE, I KNEW I WAS THERE WITH FRIENDS – my worries subsided completely.

I loved every minute of this – Russell Shorto, brilliant author & director of the institute introduces the program .. then introduces Leo Blokhuis, who gives an insightful 5 minute intro of me.


I talked about the book in broad strokes – dividing it into three main parts .. all with a connection to the Netherlands. I prepared my lecture in a most general way leaving me lots of room to go with my instincts.


This was SO much fun – Leo asked great questions, each giving me plenty of room to expand on details of all aspects of my history & my work. Lots of humorous stuff here – everything unprepared. THANKS LEO - loved every minute.


What great questions.. like “do I compare myself to Kris Kristofferson”.. “was there covers of your songs that you really didn’t like at all”.. to these I had detailed answers in the affirmative – Kris is/has been a sort of hero for me – since his first album. And we’ve been friends for years. Regarding the covers question - I’ve been so fortunate to have brilliant recordings of my songs - but there were exceptions .. I spoke about one.


Kendel joined me – we played several songs from the book, then added two from Kendel’s album… ending with “ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN”, “WILD THING” and “I WASN”T BORN IN TENNESSEE” – what an afternoon!!


Signed several books for folks including:

ISIS… great to see you & mom(Gerda) .. you have a healthy glow – glad to see that, sorry I didn’t have more time

Hans & Heather… thanks for the kind words .. same thanks to Erik & Monique… Piet.. good to see you.. Hi Rosemary.. Hans & Jannie.. hi Ruud .. good to see you again, Donald.. hi Peter & Anne Mary… and Anneke .. GREAT TO SEE YOU UP FRONT, TAMME.. hope to see you soon again…

Hi Greetje – thanks for helping me with the spelling – great to see you. Hi ERWIN.. GEERT .. hope Donald enjoys the read… Hi ARJAN,,, & EMIEL!! .. nice talking with you… hi Gerrrit - & Wim .. hope Annelies enjoys the book… Hi Laura (so good to see you) & Ruud .. hope to see you again.. Hi EEF..

HI ERIK & JOHAN.. & lovely girls AVA (from ARNHEM) & JUDITH from I’m not sure where. GREAT TO SEE YOU!! – I hope to see you all again!

A WARM HELLO TO NEW FRIEND, NOVELIST HANNAH BUENTING .. so glad you came!! I’ll try to find a copy of your book before I leave.

BIG THANKS TO LEO BLOKHUIS for hosting this – It’s nice to know we’ll be doing it again on Tuesday!

THIS EVENT CAME ABOUT MAINLY THROUGH THE EFFORT’S OF OUR PUBLISHER REP AT ATHOS PUBLISHING, HAYE KONINGSFELD and the folks from The John Adams Institute, author Russell Shorto & musicologist Martin – Big thanks!

HAYE, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS & YOUR KINDNESS. I appreciate all you’ve done – and thanks for the lovely dinner!! SEE YOU SOON!!



We arrive at about 5:00 - after a bit of delay in Amsterdam (had to return as I forgot to leave my key at the hotel…… again!!) – we're staying in the town center with a loud ice skating rink – my room is OK, but Kendel's faces the center so it's loud & she can't rest.


We meet venue owner, Kees, promoter Bert, radio host Jos & soundman Kees – all nice guys – Kees does a fine job checking us.. we're finished in 20 minutes and back for a rest.


Just before the show I see old friend ARIE ( Carrie Rodriguez' dad's good friend) – two weeks ago he had a heart attack – the DRs fixed him up (cleaned out his arteries) & he feels better than he has in years!!! - so good to see you Arie!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!

Also saw old friend Francis & the family Pia & daughter Jesse & soon to be mom-in-law Irma.. Jesse's future husband is fighting for us in Afghanistan .. THANKS SAMMIE!! – see you soon!


What a great bunch of friends to play for .. I loved this!! Kendel was awesome again.. lots of emotional moments tonight. It's very hard to pick a highlight – as half of the special moments was the talking and laughing together –

But regarding the songs – I loved SONG FOR A DUTCH GIRL,TESS, ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN, BIG RIVER… GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK, JACK OF DIAMONDS, SAME OLD STORY maybe on top of the list was MEMA, I MISS YOU FROM HERE (a fan favorite at every show) ….. But there was lots of inspiration from this great bunch for the entire show & I'm kind of reaching for straws to pick favorites! THANKS TO ALL - THIS WAS A SPECIAL NIGHT!


Hi to: Jola & mom Anna Marie.. hi Jap… good to see you Jap .. Hi Arje Jeannette .. Jan.. & Rob.. Hi Ard & Marina.. & Gerrit .. Hi Giel .. nice to see you all –

Again.. great to see Jesse, Pia, Francis & Jesse's future mom-in-law, Irma .. hope to see you all soon

Arie – thanks so much for your note – it was much appreciated – it's always GREAT to see you!! What an inspiring story – heart attack two weeks ago – now better than ever!! I hope some people reading this learn from it! I'm proud you are in the book, my friend .. we'll get the spelling right next time!! See you soon!!

DEC 16, 2008 – VPRO RADIO
(NPS) Hilversum (2 shows)

FIRST SHOW (Live on the air)

We arrive at 1:00 – substituting for friend Jaap, who was home sick, is legendary DJ, Marjoke Roorda. We do a very inspired half hour set.. promoting the book. Leo Blokhuis stopped by so we played "That's It From Here" in his honor. I couldn't believe Marjoke knew my history so well .. stuff like the song Willie recorded of mine from 1959, "He Sits At My Table".. & my hit from the '63, "HERE I AM" – nice to reflect on those. Thanks Marjoke!! Nice interaction & insight with stuff regarding Kendel & Kendel & me. I loved this.

SECOND SHOW (taped for airing on Friday)

Old friend Paul Harvey does a great job interviewing regarding the book & the tour again with some emphasis on the interaction between Kendel & me. At Paul's request we play DOWN BY LAW & DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE. We end with ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN & a rockin' DORINE, DORINE. Thanks Paul – great to see you again & again!!!!

Hello to other friends at the station, Paul, Dave, Hubert, Misja, & Vincent – so good to see you all!



This is a little Jazz club situated in the charming town square. Our lovely hotel, De Daaper is in the square as well, yards away. How nice for us. We arrived at sound check at 6:45. New friend Willem has us ready in minutes & dinner is waiting shortly thereafter. We are joined for dinner by Leo Blokuis, who just arrived, Eric & Manon .. reps (nice folks) from the bookstore, Veenendaal.. his friend Andrew. My old friend Wim Bloomendaal & his wife Sharon joined us as well (a nice surprise). It was Wim's NASHVILLE RADIO SHOW that helped jump-started my career in 1975

BIG thanks to the bookstore folks, Eric, Manon & publisher rep Annoesjka.. for sponsoring this magical event – one of my favorite of all time. I Love this format – Leo retracing some of my songwriting footsteps & me responding to his insightful inquiries. It is spontaneous & so much fun. Often I'm remembering things I had until now, forgotten. THANKS LEO for taking the time to host/ interview .. SUCH HONEST BRILLIANT STUFF YOU BRING TO THE TABLE!!.. hope we can do it soon again!

Regards to ALL the family & Ricky.


Similar to the Paradiso.. store rep Erik introduces Leo who does a 5 minute or so intro of me. I then took the stage and talked about the three general themes of the book and their connection to The Netherlands.

Then Leo asked me GREAT questions about my songs .. why… when… etc.

I had my guitar in hand and spoke to & performed some of the "answers" to Leo's questions. After about 45 minutes Kendel & I performed several songs from the book .. plus a couple of songs from her album. Again, Kendel was so well received – folks love her performance & her down to earth charm.

Several Highlights – somehow Leo asked a question that inspired me to tell how I wrote


Here's the story. I had just written a ballad TRY with Jerry Ragavoy for Garnet Mimms. Jerry called asking if could put it in an up-tempo groove for an immediate Loraine Ellison session. He needed it in the morning. I had to be at the racetrack by 1:00 PM to make a bet on a long shot that I thought would win. I quickly stole a groove from another song of mine.. ON MY WORD.. & got the new TRY, JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER to Jerry by 11:00 AM. Jerry loved it & after we adjusted it a bit he banged it out on the piano & we recorded it to his reel to reel recorder. By noon I was heading to the track. – as I remember the horse won – a win/win day for me!

Later in the year, Janis Joplin heard Loraine's recording & loved it. Soon after, she recorded it herself.

Other Highlights

Certainly RED SIDEWALK, MEMA I MISS YOU FROM HERE & all the others from the CD in the book .. as well as ANGEL OF THE MORNING, WILD THING, I WASN'T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. & Kendel's BIG TRUCKS & RIBBON'S AND BOWS.

But the absolute highlight for me was the tribute to Leo, THAT'S IT FROM HERE .. with Leo's terrific daughter Charlotte in the audience with friends Eline & Irene

In part, the words go:

"send regards to that kick-ass band
tell Charlotte it was so good to see her again
that's it from here!"

It was special to sing those words watching the smiles coming from Charlotte & her friends.

WHAT A MAGICAL NIGHT! Thanks to all who attended!



CHARLOTTE … all best wishes to the new kittens!! Hope they bring you lots of smiles!!

Book store folks… ERIK & Manon … GREAT TO MEET YOU!!!.. what a blessing for me that you go back so far with my music, Erik!! HI TON (bookstore owner…. Thanks for supporting all of this!!

Hi ANNOESJKA.. so good to see you… thanks for the kind words!!

Hi Erna & John.. .. hi Tim .. from dad Willem… Hi Henk!!… nice talking with you.. Hi Henk .. good to see you.. Hi Gerard (again) .. nice talking with you!.. HI GERJAN!!!… nice talking with you!!… Hi Ivo!!.. nice talking with you as well!

Hi BERT JAN … & & Chris… & IVO… & DONALD - Thanks for the GASOLINE memories.. etc… nice to talk to you… Hi Jos & Ruud… hi Simon.. thanks for the kind words re: UNGLORIOUS HALLELUJAH… Hi Rob & Erna… hope Gerard likes the book/CD… hello Marianna. & ANDREW… Hi ET… hope Liset enjoys the book…

Hi Luisa & Fedor… so good to see you at the end of the night .. hope to see you soon… Hi Ruut .. & Willem.. & Jan & Johan… & another Johan… .. Hi Gerjan!!! – nice talking with you!! ..

AT THE BAR – AT THE END OF THE NIGHT - Big hello to … LOVELY MARLYN… Linda & Robert - GREAT SHARING STORIES WITH YOU!! … Linda .. you're in charge of what goes on the site .. don't worry about it … just do it! .. Big thanks to Willem .. see you soon, my friend!!!.. Theo… THANKS FOR THE GREAT, GREAT WHISKEY & GOOD WORDS.. Hi ARTHUR .. thanks for stopping by

Here we go MILAN – two more days!! – it will be over far too soon!..


1:30 PM

what a cool thing – a school totally devoted to all aspects of Rock & roll – the playing of it – the business of it – so good to see friends Leanne & Martin, who stopped by to lend their support.


due to school scheduling problems, there is some classes there running at the same time, so the turnout is small in numbers – but certainly not in spirit

For almost two hours I took those in attendance on a journey of my history as a songwriter & singer songwriter – with blasts of lots of songs & stories of why & how I wrote them. Every so often I'd play a complete song with Kendel backing.

From my first recording contract with King Records.. to a song recorded by Willie Nelson just as I started to make my mark as a country writer… to other country recordings by Johnny Cash & Waylon.. to the hits TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER, I CAN'T LET GO, ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING & more.

I loved this journey with these great folks.


A big hello to first year students Lennart & Sean & teachers Erik (who played bass on a recording I did with known Dutch singer Ruud Hermons), Tom, songwriting teacher, Koen, the band (& drum) teacher .. a big hello to the students who came in a bit late & whose names I don't know.

I was honored to meet & tell you my story. Thanks for the warm reception. I wish you all the best. Remember – once you listen & learn a bit from the masters - do whatever you do from your heart & YOUR OWN WAY!!

Thanks for the escort & the kind words Norman. Hope to see you soon.

(head of the distribution company (CRS) that releases our records – I was kind of surprised to see Leanne's car when we parked on the street outside Bert's house. I didn't know she & Martin were coming to dinner. MMMM.. I thought … something is funny here. Then I found out!


Thanks Bert – great to see you boys – Jo, John & Thys!!! Best regards to Andre & Bert. Hope to see them soon. GREAT TALKING TO YOU & WILLY (Jo's wife of 40 plus years).

SO GOOD TO SEE FORMER WARNER BROS RECORD'S HEAD, PETER DE VOSS –who made the long trip down from the north to see us for the second time this week. Thanks a lot Peter.

Good to see Jos & Lotte who book our shows in town, our friend from Heaven.. a serious music magazine.


This is the first time we're playing here. It's a little theater with new interior, & a new sound system – almost like the one's I played on the 2007 tour & Kendel played on her recent tour. It feels good.

SOUNDCHECK – John Willem/ sound & Anneloes/lighting & assistant Erik, have us ready in minutes & we're heading to check into our amazing B&B!

B&B - De Oude Pastorie

This is a former home for the priests of the parish, now & B&B with wonderful displays of old & new sculptures & paintings. It's almost like a beautifully kept museum. But it's not so precious that you can't live in it. There are only 4 rooms in the place. Milan, Kendel & I have three. They are all unique, with old Cape Cod-like furniture & VERY comfortable beds.


It was great to tell about one of the key parts of the book tonight –Warner's exec Peter De Voss inviting me to Holland in 1975, going to Martin's store where my album, THIIS SIDE OF THE BIG RIVER was selected RECORD OF THE MONTH by then assistant to Martin, Leanne - & playing that legendary show with WILDWOOD FLOWER in Einthoven - & THEN INTRODUCING ALL OF THESE FOLKS TO THE AUDIENCE. It felt so good to introduce them & the audience showed them big appreciation.

As the show went on, Kendel & I caught fire.. rockin' out on the up tempo ones & chilling on the ballads. This became such a passionate show, with many tributes to our hero special guests.


KENDEL just kicked ass tonight – WHATAMAZING INSPIRED SOLOS!!! - & for the last several shows, when we explode.. just the two of sound like a 5 piece band! GREAT JOB KENDEL!!!

Loved tonight!! – what a great reunion!! Thanks to all who attended.


Hi Berna & Wim – good to see you again! (Good to see you in the AM as well, Berna – thanks for the kind words!) … Hi Paul.. very nice talking with you – I'll tell EVIE you sent your regardsa… Hi Mia.. Doret… Hi Marijke.. good to see you all… Hi Herman & Konstantyn.. all the best…. Hello Tom & Anita .. nice talking with you!! .

Great to see Peet & Peter – TROGGS fans ..please send Jacqueline my best regards.. JAN & DINI!!! – great to see you again & again.. so glade yo9u're in the book!!

Hi Joop & Mike & Dennis… Hi BOY (That's a new name for me.. glad to sign your poster… Hi Jan.. nice to sign your poster! .. & Aaldrik & Will & another Joost… so good to see you all..

Again big thanks to Jos & Lotte for booking us .. so good to see you both again…what great kids (Errik & Peter) – hop[e to see Niek next time…


BERT, big thanks for putting this together!!! Thanks Rietje for the great dinner – much appreciated!!! – OK TON…hope the dentist was kind to you & your dad – NOW YOU BETTER KNOW WILD THING NEXT TIME THROUGH!! – see you soon, my friend!!

DEC 18, 2008– HEADING FOR WEERT in the south. This will be the last show.


We arrive at this modest, warm place at about 1:30 – very kind folks run this place. Shower & sink in the room, toilette in the hall. I usually would never stay at a place without a toilette in the room. But if you were going to forgive that luxury, you'd do it here. A very nice lady, Anna Miek, greets us when we arrive.

Milan & I go to Weert about 5 miles away. I buy 2 Tom Waits CDs that I heard a few nights back at the Theater Café in Amersfoort. Back at the hotel I meet the "fix everything guy", Jergan ( AnnaMiek's husband). I think he's the cook as well!! Great, smiling, humble guy. I'll rest now – in about 1&1/2 hours we'll go to sound check.

VENUE – De Bosuil – this is a cool venue – a small rock & roll place.. but I think it will be a comfortable, living room-like place for us.

SOUND CHECK- quick & easy – a very nice guy. Bart handles that. Then we're off to an amazing dinner with Bart & the guys that booked this venue, Johan & Rob. They book 6 or 7 venues a year. They do it for the love of the music – it is absolutely not a money thing. We are very honored!

THE MEAL IS UNBELIEVABLE!! – What an amazing warm vibe.. the best meal we've had & the music… hand picked by ROB is awesome.. John Prine, Lucinda, Hank Williams, The Louvin Bros, Johnny Cash etc… THANKS BOYS!!



What a warm bunch of folks to play for… highlights again were far too many .. let's go with BIG RIVER, THE REAL THING, RED SIDEWALK, MEMA's SONG, Kendel's RIBBONS AND BOWS & ONE BLUE DRESS ON THE LINE.. a rockin WILD THING… a Martin requested, FADED BLUE (the first song I wrote), AND OF COURSE… "ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN" .. I loved singing that for Roos tonight!!

Again… KENDEL WAS AWESOME – folks love her!!

Said hi to many, including:

Nico, Frans, Ton & Mary, Peter… thanks for the kind words… hi to Luc.. hope you enjoy the LIVE album.. it's one of my favorites…

A big hello to Peter (writer for a German magazine) & wife Claudia.. thanks for support & the copies… hope to see you in Germany soon!!

Hi to the nice folks working at the place – Rolf (hope you enjoy the CDs), Leon & wife Marleen & Barbara.. so good to see you all

Hi to old friends, Martin-Paul and mom, Marja .. so good to see you again.. Rudiger & Birget.. so good to see you.. sorry we didn't say hello .. was your car broken into???

Thys (from WILDWOOD FLOWER) .. great to see you again!!! – look forward to next time.

HERRMAN & FERRIS from the local radio show.. big thanks!! –

MARTIN & Gerdianne & Leanne.. love you guys … & GREAT TO FINALLY MEET Leanne's brother Rolf.. thank you for doing your penance, Rolf … all good deeds shall be rewarded!! God Bless

"JAN & ANTOINETTE & ALL THE TEACHERS THAT I MET (Willem & Toon)" … so glad you were here!! - & Steve .. great to meet you!!

& ROOS ( "ROSE OF ARNHEM TOWN") … you made my night!!!!!

Hope to see you soon!



(Reminder for me: Roos will be spending 6 months in Spain doing anthropology studies, then taking her masters courses here)

Dec 1 - 3, 2008 - New York

RECORDING MY NEW ALBUM, “YONKERS, NEW YORK” in Rhinebeck N.Y. at a studio called The Clubhouse.

Kendel Carson (fiddle) flew in from Canada – Greg from LA … Seth Farber, Tony Leone & Tony Mercadante drove up from NYC and John Platania is from this area

I wrote the bulk of these songs in a one week period a few months ago – based on my growing up years with family & friends in my home town Yonkers.

There is a lot of narrative stuff within the framework of the ten or 11 songs .. almost like an old-time radio show. The boys & girl were so into this project & played GREAT!

I LOVE this album. Not sure when we’ll release it… maybe within the cluster of months surrounding the release of ROCK & ROLL JOE (Kendel, John Platania & I share vocals on this tribute to musicians who never got their just acclaim) – AND THE RELEASE OF KENDEL’S NEXT ALBUM, ALRIGHT DYNAMITE





Note: John & I have been good friends – since the early 70’s – he also happens to be my favorite singer/ songwriter – and John’s fans & I seem to always make a warm connection - and his musician buddies, Dave Jacques (bass) & Jason Wilber guitar)… aside from being so talented are great guys - so… simply put – these are my favorite shows to do

THE SHOW – The fans hustled to take their seats when the lights went down in this cool theater and from the enthusiastic reaction to the opening song “The Real Thing” .. we knew this was going to be a great night. We played mostly NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM songs.. we rocked with DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE & DANCE WITH JESUS…and chilled with FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER & BLACK & BLUE AMERICA.. a beautiful connection was made with the folks with these.

And the fans seemed to love the duets with Kendel on ANGEL OF THE MORNING and a wild WILD THING.. which had the fans singing along… thanks to all .. a night to remember.


We all stood in the back and watched John’s amazing show – I remember when John released his first album – some critics said he was the new Bob Dylan. They were wrong .. Dylan’s great for sure… but he’s no JOHN PRINE .. John is light years better.. simply because he’s more honest/heartfelt/human. There’s no “poser” in John Prine.

My band & I were so proud to join John on his encore, “PARADISE” – thanks John!


At intermission and at the end of John’s show I said hi to several including:

Howard … thanks for being there always!! … Ed … so good to see you again… good luck with all those nice works you do… see you soon..Hi Kahn.. thanks for the support always!!.. Keith, Delaney & Quinn.. Brett & son Joe.. see you next time Joe…Hi to Jerry & Joe… Clyde from McCabes (in LA) … good to see you again… the 4 or 5 brothers (& friend) who said hi at thye end… great to see you guys!!…. Hi Dawn.. nice seeing you… Hi Kurt .. in the back .. a big hello from Kendel & me.


HI CINDY & DAVE … who were at a C&C show in Dallas… great to be “seen” … thanks for the kind words… hope to see you in TEXAS!!



Again, LOVED this show – The folks made us feel appreciated from the start – long, loud applause, especially for FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER and B&B AMERICA added one more song to the set – “DOWN BY LAW” from the new book/ CD, SONGS FROM A DUTCH TOUR - which met with over-the-top reaction.

We had brought 15 of the new books for sale and by the time I left my signing post – all the books were gone.


I met the following folks at the signing table. Most bought my book, SONGS FROM A DUTCH TOUR … to those that did, thanks… hope you enjoy the read.

Gary & Betty..who saw Carrie & I with John Prine in DC a few years back. Thanks for the kind words … nice to see you again. Hi to nurse Betty & husband Bill …again.. thanks for the nice words… Hi to Jay & Denise… great to see you agai n.. Hi Leo .. send regards to Florence & Garth .. nice talking with you…. Hi to Mary & Kathie… & Andy… & Julia & Gordon.. so nice to see you both.. big hi to Teri & Butch.. & Larry & Debbie… nice to see you again before we left

Nice to see usher Olga .. thanks so much for the kind words…yikes.. I can’t read my writing … starts with “J” (Jason??)… with Erin….met at the bar in the hotel…. nice folks… good to see you both!!… Hi Mike… nice to meet you… you as well Dan .. thank your kind wife for opening the hotel door for me… hi Rebecca & friend…


Hi to David Jacques former college roommate Ian & wife Katie.. & big hello to Leanne & preacher Ed.. great talking with you… back to work ED!!!

My duet partner for the past several years, the lovely & most talented Carrie Rodriguez was in the next town doing a show – she & her band members .. Kyle & Hans (great friends of mine)… stopped by …, it was a GREAT HANG!!… John Prine's band and crew.. my band & Carrie & the guys.. IT WAS A HELL OF A NIGHT!!


Aug 14, 2008 – arrive in Chicago

Note: - waited on the runway for 3 hours in New York (LGA),, due to thunder storms – not so bad as the plane had good ventilation & I had prep work to do for Saturdays SONGWRITERS WORKSHOP at OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF FOLK MUSIC - arrive at a very cool hotel, The City Suites (933 West Belmont – Lincoln park area??) – at about 10:00 PM – thank God for 24 hr. restaurant across the street (bar till 3:00AM)

Aug 15, 2008 – FOX TV – GOOD DAY CHICAGO – 9:45 AM – Very nice folks at this place

Thanks to PETE for the welcome the escort – THANKS TIFFANY .. nice to meet you.. HI TO EDIE at the front desk (I sill picture your smile) – and lovely Demitria (wish I could spell it correctly) - Hi to Andrew (a producer) … HI MELONY – thanks for the water & the nice comments about ANGEL OF THE MORNING later.. ROGER .. great talking with you later

Note: also big thanks to Kevin Hale (from Good Day LA) & Heinz Geissler for their efforts in securing this cool thing

THE SHOW – This was fun – very loose & natural – with pro hosts, Mike, Jan & Cory .. a few plugs for NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM & tomorrows concert at The Old Town School of Folk Music.. ended up singing a bit of Angel Of The Morning to end the show. Thanks VERY MUCH you guys!

Note: Audrey Martels, Hans Holzen & Kyle Keggereis fly in to join me – but again.. thunderstorms in N.Y. keep them on the runway for a couple of hours they arrive close to 10:00 PM.

Aug 16, 2008– 12:15 PM - WLUW ON AIR INTERVIEW
with great friend & legendary folk DJ, Tom Jackson (Loyola University radio) – loved this.. We spoke about the new album & Tom played several track from it. I was hoping to hook up with Tom & wife Belle later, but our show would last longer than expected.

Tom’s a bank mgr during the week - lovely wife Belle works for an animal clinic- they’re a great team!!.. Tom lives for his roots radio show – he does an awesome job & listeners & artists really appreciate his love for the music. – THANKS my friend – see you soon!

2:15 – head for The Old Town School Of Folk Music… what an awesome place this is!!! – LOVE PLAYING HERE.. it is the Rolls Royce of folk schools in the world!! – everything re: folk music/ Chicago flows through this place… lessons.. work.. festivals.. kids shows .. kids lessons .. lessons on any folk instrument you can think of!! Want to play claw-hammer style banjo .. no problem!! – just sign up!!!

And the volunteers & staff are the kindest & most nurturing folks .. and you can tell.. THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO!! AND THEY’RE SOO PROUD BEING PART OF THIS AMAZING PLACE … AND THE FANS THAT COME TO THESE CONCERTS ARE SECOND TO NONE!! … they are so informed and so, so appreciative!!

A great guy named Owen greets Hans & me.. he helps us set up & we’re ready for our “class”

AUG 16 – 3:00 - SONGWRITER’S WORKSHOP – I just loved this! - I mixed stories about how I got into the business, with my writing methods & a bunch of snippets of songs. The interaction with the group made this so warm. I told stories I hadn’t planned to tell… simply because the interaction was so great, spirited & fun – Again…LOVED THIS!!!!

Big hello Diane (lyricist), Julie (good luck with your writing.. hope the songs sound good on Garage Band!) Alisa (so nice talking to you later..thanks for the kind words.. all best wishes), Bob (the horse race handicapper – uses Ragison’s high tech sheets.. great talking to you!.. CECE .. best with book/with songs, Lyndsey .. (soon to be star.. I think!!.. bring the YOU out!!!!) , Robert (songwriter .. performs at open mikes) .. thanks for coming to the show.. & the kind words, & Rosanne.. so glad you were there.. sorry you had to leave a bit early.. you missed stuff about THE CHURCH OF THE TREAIN WRECK!!! .. check it out on my site..

Aug 16 – 5:30 – Sound checked with Rob.. great guy to work with – BIG THANKS!!! After sound check a terrific staffer, Alissa, drove me back to the hotel to retrieve forgotten CDs. Big Thanks for that!!!!

Opening Act – a friend (fiddler for Alehandro Escoveda) opened with her interesting group. Nice Susan!!! See you soon!

Note: I was surprised at the nice turnout – about 200 – as I was told the summer shows weren’t selling well.


What a great group to play for – this was as loose as I ever get. I think some of the workshop spilled over here .. I found myself telling more stories than usual. I felt like I was playing for family, so the interaction was like that.. saying whatever came to mind. We laughed a lot.. and we got serious a lot. It doesn’t get better for me than this. I flat out LOVED this show!

Way to many highlights to mention.. let’s go with.. BIG RIVER, FORMER AMERICAN SOLDIER, BLACK AND BLUE AMERICA.. Oh Yes… definitely DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE… ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. & an awesome WILD THING ending with one of the best group sings of “GROOVY” ever!!!!!

I paid tribute to my old friend Jerry Wexler .. who just passed away. I produced the Billy Vera / Judy Clay hit, STORYBOOK CHILDREN. for his label (Atlantic) – Jerry made the deal with me .. he loved that song & recording

So we encored with that song & I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. then said good night.

Hans & Kyle and Audrey were simply terrific!!! – and the audience let them know it!! THANKS TO ALL FOR A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!

HI to:

Hi Ed .. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! – thanks for the memories of my first time through (the 25 folks) - & The BILLY & JULIE CD - - GREAT TO SEE Kyle’s folks, SAM & KAREN.. your boy was great tonight!!! – HI WILL – THANKS FOR COMING..

A BIG HELLO TO BARBARA & ALBIN whose son ALBIN did a very in-depth & excellent piece about me in a cool underground music publication a few years ago.. great to see you both – a big hello to your boy!!

Hi Annette, & Mary & Joe & Lisa.. big hello to Sue-Z!!!.. nice talking with you.. Hi Alex.. hope you enjoy the CD .. hope to see you next time!… Hi Tony & Marcia (got it right!!) .. thanks for the kind words..

Hi to Han’s friends, SISA, Marissa & NATE (& Susan & was it Brandon?) – great to see you guys!!!!

& to all the rest.. thanks for a great night!!

HI & BIG THANKS TO THE “OLD TOWN” FOLKS… Owen (don’t worry, I love lawyers .. my daughter’s one!), Rob.. great sound!!! – big thanks!!.. Hi Darla.. great to see you.. COLLEEN.. so glad you were there .. thanks for coming downstairs & saying hi!! .. see you soon!! … Al, great to see you again.., thanks for the intro!!… Hi Steve, Anton (friend of Jerry Tracy) & Ray.. great to see you guys at the end.

June 18 – July 2, 2008 – California and Texas

6/18/08 – GOOD DAY L.A.

Good Day LA (huge morning TV show)

Great to be with now old friends, host Steve Edwards & producer Kevin Hale (huge music fans with a great knowledge of cool stuff).- along with other production friends Josh, BJ, Anthony, Lisa , terrific co-hosts, Jillian & Dorothy Lucy, make-up friend Robin & other tech folks that helped wire me up

The Show –

With about 15 minutes to go in the show, with guitar in hand, I joined Steve, Dorothy & Jillian at their table. We had some laughs - played a verse or so of Angel & Wild Thing & a bit of Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe interspersed with a bit of the cool video of New Song Of Freedom. The four of us closed the show chanting the chorus of DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE:



JUNE 21 – Santa Monica California – McCabes

Love this place!! It's an amazing guitar store that turns into a very cool music listening room in minutes. Thanks for having us Lincoln – so nice meeting your dad, Allan. Please send him my regards!

The Show

So great playing with my new "L.A. band" - Jennifer Condos on bass, Mark Goldenberg on guitar & Sebastian Aymans on drums. WHAT AN AMAZING JOB THEY DID!!!

This was a very special night for me as my brother Jon, son Kristian, his wife Anna, and a bunch of their friends (including lovely Kayla) were in the audience.

We played one long set starting with songs from my King Records years & ending with New Songs Of Freedom material. This was an amazing show for me as a listener because it was the first show I played with this band .. and they were SO READY!! So it was easy for me to keep it loose & personal. We ended with brother Jon performing the first song I ever wrote with me (Faded Blue) – nice stuff.

Hi to:

Kris & Anna & friends Heather & Mike, Kristen & Paul.. horn player Kyle ( a very good one, I hear).. & the rest… bro Jon.. well done!!! … hi to Lisa, Janet & Claire… & Russ.. Bernard & Mike.. Gerry & Susan from Cleveland.. David & Laura.. Hi Joan… hope George enjoys the CD… Hi Greg, Hi Jerre.. who saw us at Ulysses.. great to see you.. hope Shelley enjoys the listen!… Hi Bob (Maureen's friend) .. so glad you could be here!!… Hi Clyde .. see you next time through


WHAT A SHOW!!! – Gruesome, AWESOME!!

Here's the story:

The Killer & I have crossed paths several times in the last few years. He was known as Foxy Kane back then. About a year ago he asked me for some help with a song. He played me a couple of verses. The setting was western Wyoming. In the song he was courting a pretty girl there.

"Sounds good to me", I said. He replied, "Glad you like it. Now my problem is this - where do I go from here??. Everything I come up with sounds like more of the same – just damn boring stuff. You got any ideas?"

I thought about it for a few seconds – then I said, "Yeah… Kill Her!" With a shocked look on his face Foxy responded, "What did you say?!". I repeated, "Kill her!"

Then there was silence. Finally Foxy whispered, "I can't do that… in the song I love her" I came right back, "Fine – then I'll do it!"

The next day I wrote the bridge, killing her as promised. Shortly after, changing his name to "Killer", Foxy recorded it with his band, The Blood Mountain Boys (formerly The Hillbilly Hunters". The single, "Murder in Yellowstone Thyme" is an underground smash. His east LA shows are absolutely packed. Tattooed teenage girls and Hells Angel's are nuts about "The Killer". His new album, "Love, Sex and Destruction" is selling like hotcakes. And now, leather jackets with his picture and that title are the L.A. rage.

Stay tuned!

JUNE 29, 2008– heading for AUSTIN, Texas

June 30 – Two great radio shows

1)at KUT with friend & supporter Jay Trachtenberg .. Thanks Cory.. Walter (sound).. great stuff!! – loved this .. 45 minutes of good talk & songs from the new album.

2) Then off to New Brunfels .. with great friend Mattson.. an hour combining retrospective & new stuff … wonderful!!!! – thanks Mattson!!


Waterloo Records – In-store - June 30, 2008

LOVE THIS PLACE!!! -No record store on the planet is better than this one!! .

The Show

Owner/friend John gave a terrific intro.. paving the way for NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM… we did 4 of those.. mixing some serious stuff with a universal (on stage & in-audience) sense of humor.. The band & Audrey were awesome.

Great to see:

Beautiful Jennifer!!!!! .. so great to see you & mom! .. can't believe you're going to be a junior!! .. wow.. time flies.. big hello to Kyle & love to Kelly.. hope you all can be there tomorrow – thanks Bonnie!!! .. see you soon

Vincent .. thanks for being there again & again (posters).. great to see you always!!… V.. Terry (from Chicago) & Della … Eric from New Jersey whose friend Chris turned him on to C&C// thanks for being there… old friends/fans Kevin * Yolanda & Terry & Vickie… sorry.. can't read my notes. The first person that said hello.. her name started with V.. Vias?? – wish I knew .. thanks for the kind words

Thanks John, hope you & Kathy can make it tomorrow!

And all the rest .. thanks for coming.. hope to see you all soon.

JULY 1 – It's 6:10 AM .. heading for Fox TV.. "GOOD DAY AUSTIN: ..

GOOD DAY AUSTIN – Great friends & very professional. BIG THANKS to all

July 1, 2008– KGSR RADIO – always interesting radio interview with old friend &legendary DY, Jody Denberg – loved this .. much about my writing process & history - book-ended with DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE & NEW SONGS OF FREEDOM… Thanks Jody!! Great to see you!

VENUE - Cactus Café – Austin



Arrived at 6:00 – met by old friend & mgr/ bartender Chris & new sound-man Joe. After a fast check (GREAT JOB JOE), we had time to go back to the hotel, freshen up & get back for our 8:45 start time.


This set was a retrospective of my early years in the music business - with some mention of my gambling days. Songs from the King era through my country hits.. ending up with a couple of the pop/rock hits, I Can't Let Go & Angel Of The Morning

By the way – here's one of the highlights. I forgot to call Joan – my new "X" X-wife (as the NEW YORKER magazine put it this week) before I got on stage. So, after dedicating LITTLE JOAN to her (I wrote it for her in '57 – it was released on King Records back then), I called her from the stage to say good night. The audience loved that -giving her overwhelming applause!! – Thanks to all – that was nice


After a Hank Ballard medley tribute we ripped into THE REAL THING – then we got to the songs from NEW SONGS OF FREEEDOM… of course ending with a rocked-out WILD THING - & encoring with a dedication to Vietnam Vets & my tribute to them, THEME FOR AN AMERICAN HERO.

What arm audience to play for – THANKS TO ALL!!

Hi to:

Great friends Pat & Terry.. so good to see you again.. count me in for your War Hero's party in October .. John says to count him in too. If we're not on tour we'll be there!

Big Hi & thanks to Katy, Leslie John & Kathy … old fans Kate & John (Kate.. all the way back to GASOLINE .. 1970!!)… Hi Lauren.. great to see you again.. Fabi.. loved seeing you again.. so glad you came!!!..

Hi to bartender Jack (good luck with future stuff!). GREAT TO SEE YOU CHRIS!! Thanks again Joe … Special hello to old friend Griff, who books & runs this place. Thanks for having us!! Great to be back in Austin!!


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