September 24, 2004 - Turn Turn Turn

Chip and Carrie have just added a new concert in the New York City area - they will be playing The Turning Point in Piermont, NY on October 20.  If you want to hear a preview of the new songs they've been working on don't miss this one.  Also, in the current issue of Billboard magazine an article about Americana music's success in Europe mentions Chip as an example of a maverick country artist doing well overseas.


September 13, 2004 - Read All About It

Fans of Chip and Carrie will be very pleased to hear that the first recording sessions for their next album took place last week in New York City.  C & C are using different musicians on these recordings, but don't fret - the initial takes were great.  They brought in the absolutely incredible guitarist Bill Frisell to add his unique flavor.  The tentative release date for the new album is early in 2005.  If you can't wait to hear more from C & C, look to your left for info about their new single.  In other news, check out the the new notes in the Road Journal to see how the duo fared at a bluegrass festival recently.


August 4, 2004 - O Canada!

Our great neighbors to the north have given Chip and Carrie a great reception in their first few days in Canada this summer.  They sold out all the CDs on hand, got great feedback on their new songs (it won't be that long until the next album), and had a great celebration of Carrie's birthday.  All of the details are up in the Road Journal now, and if you're in the Edmonton area go see them this weekend.


July 26, 2004 - You May Ask Yourself

What have C & C been doing this summer?  Well, you can find out right now in Chip's tour notes.  He has the rundown on their UK summer tour (in full now) as well as information about his work with Paul Heaton (the Beautiful South), Carrie's fun time at fiddle camp and meeting Sun Records' Narvel Felts.  And don't forget, fans in Canada that Chip and Carrie are on their wa this week.  And if you are in New England, get your Newport Folk Festival tickets now.  In addition to Chip and Carrie there are a ton of great acts to see, including Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle (who was doing a cool cover of Wild Thing in his tour a few years ago).


June 30, 2004 - Just Call Them Angels

As we have mentioned here earlier, Chip and Carrie have recorded their version of "Angel of the Morning."  They did it with the same wonderful group of musicians who worked on their two albums and then the incredible Lloyd Maines added some steel guitar.  What is new is that this single will be released in July as part of a live mini-album.  There are six live tracks recorded both in Oslo, Norway and Austin, Texas.  Although the bands backing C and C were completely different they both rocked.  We'll report back as soon as we put up it up  for sale on our store.  Also, British fans get ready - their short run through England starts next week - check out the Tour Dates for details.


May 20, 2004 - Elvis Left the Building

Chip and Carrie are taking a well-deserved break during June - in the meantime you can read about their latest road exploits in Chip's tour notes - read about opening for John Prine in front of a drunken crowd, how they played on  the same stage that Elvis played on, and much more.


May 3, 2004 - Get Me Back to Austin, Again

The mutual appreciation between C & C and Texas continues this week as our duo return for several performances (some to be recorded for possible later release).  Check out Tour Dates for the details and also the Road Journal to hear about their concerts in Nashville and Kentucky last week.  The Kentucky performance was part of the Americana Crossroads radio show that should be available to hear soon.


April 7, 2004 - Back to the Sixties

Chip's old songwriting and producing efforts seem to always crop up in new places.  At the end of the month, Billy Vera's Storybook Children (with Judy Clay) and With Pen in Hand albums will appear for the first time on CD.  Both feature stellar songwriting and producing by Chip.  Also, viewers of the NBC show American Dreams (set in 1965) heard one of the characters playing the 45 of "I Can't Let Go" (written by Chip) in her room.  Another cool, power-pop version of "I Can't Let Go" from the early 80s by the band The Kick came out recently on a CD collection called Ready Steady Go: The Countdown Records Story.


March 30, 2004 - Looking For A New England

A very short tour of New England went very well for C & C, all the details are in the Road Journal.  Also, if you page down further on the RJ, you'll see that they made an earlier trip to Boston this month for a special recording session.  If you've seen Chip and Carrie in concert lately you know that they have been doing a wonderful version of Chip's old classic, Angel of the Morning.  Now, a studio version could be out soon as a special EP.


March 24, 2004 - Damn, I Love That Town

It was another outstanding trip to Austin for C & C this past weekend.  They performed for very receptive audiences and had a great time at South by Southwest.  Carrie got to see and meet one of her heroes, fiddle player Johnny Gimble who used to be part of Bob Wills Texas Playboys.  The Road Journal has all the details about all the people and musicians they met.  This article has a rundown of the festival and mentions offhand that C & C were one of the highlights.


March 10, 2004 - Euro Tour Ends, Get Me Back to Austin

The winter tour of Europe ended this past weekend with several sold-out shows in Norway.  Chip tells the whole story, including the details on an amazing and particularly memorable meal, at the Road Journal.  Next up is a quick stop in Colorado for ETown and then on to the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.  If you'd like to read a thoughtful review of Trouble, click here.


March 1, 2004 - ETown - National Public Radio

The NPR radio show ETown will be featuring Chip and Carrie on their show/broadcast in two weeks.  If you are in the Boulder, Colorado area, tickets are still available for March 14.  Even if you aren't, go to the ETown site to see what radio station in your area will have the performance on the air. 


February 25, 2004 - Tour News

Chip and Carrie have concluded their whirlwind tour of the UK and Ireland and it was a resounding success - playing nearly every day for three weeks, they sold out almost all the venues.  Chip's Road Journal has all the details.  Scandanavia is next as the duo hit Sweden, Norway and Denmark over the next two weeks.  In other news, The Trouble With Humans is down to number 4 on the Americana chart after a month at the top spot.  Also, more U.S. tour dates are coming - check back soon to see if they are coming your way this year.


February 4, 2004 - Rundown on the Latest News

While Chip and Carrie continue their extensive tour of the UK, their incredible chart run goes on - this is their 3rd straight week at Number 1 on the Americana Chart!  Also, in the latest issue of Texas Music, critic Andrew Dansby places Trouble at the top of the list of best Texas records of 2003.  For those of you in Texas, C & C will be back in March for the SXSW festival.


January 21, 2004 - Number One!

The Trouble With Humans has hit #1 on the Americana Chart - and by a wide margin so there is a good chance it will stay there next week.  Congratulations to Chip and Carrie.  Also, check out this interview with Chip in Dallas.


January 14, 2004 - Random Good News

After a great show opening for the Del McCoury Band in front of full house at BB King's in New York City, Chip and Carrie head to Texas for some shows.  This comes at a time when their latest CD has hit the #2 spot on the Americana Music Chart - maybe it will be #1 by next week!  And the crtic's survey by No Depression magazine has included Trouble in the top 40 CDs of 2003.  Not bad.


January 12, 2004 - No Trouble With Trouble

The Trouble With Humans has continued to receive an amazing reception from the critics and press.  The Denver Post picked it as the top Country CD of the yearRolling Stone magazine called it "back porch magic" (the issue with Dave Matthews on the cover).  Acoustic Guitar magazine gives it another strong review.  Check out the latest issues of Dirty Linen and Penguin Eggs for small features as well.  On the web, Puremusic has a great feature and review of Chip and Carrie.


January 9, 2004 - Old Chip Stuff

Chip's very first recorded efforts are now available for the first time in over 40 years.  On King Rock n Roll (Ace Records), Chip (then performing under his real name Wes Voight) has three songs from when he was only a teenager.  By his own description he sounded like a sped-up Ricky Nelson, but if you enjoy 50s rockabilly you should check it out.  Also, Wild Thing was picked as one of the 1001 best songs of all time in a Special Edition of Q Magazine, now on newstands.


January 8, 2004 - The Bottom Line

Chip and Carrie's performance was a real crowd pleaser last night and with any luck won't be one of the final concerts at the Bottom Line.  Chip has written a song dealing with the Bottom Line's troubles and he performed it on New Year's Eve when Buddy and Julie Miller were playing there.  He then went into the studio to record it with a little vocal assist from Rosanne Cash (who was absolutely wonderful according to Chip).  However, no word on if this song will see some sort of release.


December 21, 2003 - New York Times Feature

Today’s New York Times carries a feature article on Chip & Carrie. A couple of quotes from the article: “But there's no mistaking the seductive, cross-generational appeal of Mr. Taylor's work with Carrie Rodriguez, the stunning 25-year-old fiddler turned twangy chanteuse, work that has left both of them baffled and delighted. …. Sometimes his instincts are dead on, and ... the best of it, like a tribute to his mom, "Grandma's White LeBaron," the lyrics of which are spoken over finger-picked guitar, feels like Zen songwriting — so impeccable and true it's like a midlife version of "Wild Thing." Click here to read the whole article.

December 10, 2003 - Update

Chip and Carrie are taking a well deserved break in their touring schedule this holiday season (other than a single performance in Austin) but they will be hitting the road hard in 2004.  Check out the Tour Dates section for all the currently confirmed dates (and more will be coming soon).  And even better, their busy schedule hasn't kept them from writing - look for more songs to be released in the coming year.

November 25, 2003 - National TV and more

Chip and Carrie will be appearing on the CBS Early Morning Show on Saturday November, 29.  The show usually airs from 7-9 but check your local listings.  C and C will be performing three songs during the second hour of the broadcast and look for them coming in and out of the commercial breaks in the first half.  In other news, the two biggest music magazines in England, UnCut and Mojo disagree on whether Chip and Carrie are the new Gram and Emmylou but both gave very strong reviews to Trouble in their December issues, at newstands now.  In addition, both major Chicago papers, the Sun-Times and the Tribune, had very good things to say about the duo this past weekend.  Also, Trouble holds steady at #7 on the Americana chart, making six weeks in a row in the Top 10.

November 11, 2003 - Literally In Vogue

The current issue of Vogue magazine (with Uma Thurman on the cover) features Chip and Carrie on page 298.  Their two albums are described as "countrified amazing."  The duo have also hit the Top 10 on the Roots Music Report.  Check out this cool article as well.

November 5 , 2003 – Brand New News

The new album continues its stay in the Top 10, staying at # 8 on the Americana chart this week. Read a couple of recent reviews of The Trouble With Humans, here and here. Chip and Carrie had an excellent, but brief, Midwest trek in support of Rodney Crowell - check out what happened in the Road Journal. For those of you in the North Carolina area, check out the tour dates and catch the duo in action this week. Finally, no confirmed dates yet but Chip and Carrie will be in the U.K. and Ireland from late January through February.

October 15, 2003 - Chart Action and More

Chip and Carrie are already at #11 with a bullet on the Americana Music Chart.  Meanwhile, they just completed a short tour of the Netherlands, Chip's Road Journal has all the details.  And look for them tonight in London for a CD launch party and performance.  Also, new tour dates!

September 24, 2003 - The Latest News

The Trouble With Humans is in stores now!  And it is available at our well at an excellent price.  Take a listen - you won't be disappointed.  Chip and Carrie got a tremendous reception in both Canada and in Nashville at the Americana Music Conference - Chip's Road Journal has all the details.  Also, they just added a new show on Sept. 30 in New York City.  Check out the tour dates section for more information (and come back soon for more international tour info).


September 4, 2003 - Comings and Goings

The short tour of Sweden and Denmark was a spectacular success.  But there is little rest for Chip and Carrie - if you're in New York, go see them tonight at the Knitting Factory (benefit for Alejandro Escovedo) and then they're off to Canada.


August 22, 2003 - Country Music Television

Chip and Carrie are featured on the New Voices section of the Country Music Television site. Check out the cool live performance clips and vote for our excellent duo.


August 12, 2003 - Long List for the ShortList!

Let's Leave This Town was nominated for the Short List Music Prize.  About 80 albums were selected to be eligible for the award which is given to the coolest album of the Year.  It is the American version of the British Mercury Prize.  Cameron Crowe (writer/director of Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire and ex-Rolling Stone writer) was the judge who picked out Chip and Carrie for the Long List nomination. 

Other judges like Tom Waits, Tori Amos, Dave Matthews, Chris Martin (Coldplay) will be choosing ten finalists at the beginning of September.  The competition is very strong - Radiohead, Steve Earle and Beck among others - but it is definitely an honor to be included.


July 30, 2003 - The Trouble With Humans

There is an official release date for Chip and Carrie's new album! It will be out on September 22 in Europe and a day later in North America.  The cover photo will be posted here on the home page in a couple of weeks.  Right now we can give you the official track listing:

1. Don't Speak in English

2. Memphis, Texas

3. All the Rain

4.Curves and Things

5. The Trouble With Humans

6. Oh Ireland

7. Fall

8. Laredo

9. Dirty Little Texas Story

10. Confessions

11. I Need a Wall

12. We Come Up Shining

Chip and Carrie are taking a few weeks off after a very full month of July.  Click over to the Road Journal for Chip's account.  And if you are in Europe, go see the dynamic duo in Sweden or Denmark at the end of August and hear a preview of the new songs.  See you there.


July 1, 2003 - Update

Our intrepid duo, Chip and Carrie are back home briefly to put the finishing touches on their upcoming CD, The Trouble With Humans.  It looks like a September release is certain.  Only some mixing and the final selection of tracks is left.

They had a great time on the road in June and met some wonderful people.  Click over to the Road Journal to read a detailed account.

The Train Wreck Store is also finally back online.

June 10, 2003 - The Latest

Chip and Carrie have emerged from the studio and are back on the road this weekend and the rest of June. Check out the tour dates section to see if they are in your neck of the woods and then take a look at the Road Journal for a peek behind the scenes. 

Here at Train Wreck we are really enjoying the rough version of the upcoming new CD, The Trouble With Humans - if you loved Let's Leave This Town you are not going to be disappointed - the new songs may even be better.

May 1, 2003 - Update

Click over to the Road Journal section to get a report on Chip and Carrie's last minute whirlwind trip to Holland last weekend.  If  you missed the New York show last night you missed a good one.  Drummer Anton Fig joined Chip, Carrie, John and Tony and the new songs got a very enthusiastic reception.  Chip said that the first two days in the studio went very well.


April 23, 2003 - New Show in the Netherlands This Week!

Due to a cancellation by Billy Joe Shaver, Chip and Carrie are going to perform at the Blue Highway Festival in Utrecht, outside of Amsterdam, on Saturday Night April 26. John Platania won't be able to join them this time, but old friend and great bass player Tony Mercadante will be joining Chip and Carrie on their quick jaunt.


April 23, 2003 - BMI Private Show

Chip and Carrie played a short set for the executives and staff at BMI yesterday. They debuted several new songs, including "Memphis, Texas" and "Confessions from Newport News" to an enthusiastic reception at the publisher's New York City offices.


April 15, 2003 - Defective Artwork

A limited run of Let's Leave This Town CDs was manufactured with defective artwork. If you bought your CD within the last several months and the CD disk itself is not blue on top, click here for instructions on getting a correct version.


April 3, 2003 - The Latest

Chip and Carrie had a brief successful trip to California. Check out the Road Journal for a report. You can read some more about our duo from the left coast or check out this fine article that we haven't linked to before.


March 24, 2003 - Americana

Train Wreck is going to experiment with adding some more coverage of the Americana music scene. We're going to start adding reviews and news information along with an inside take from Chip and Carrie. To start, we've just added our Top Albums of 2002.


March 20, 2003 - Billboard

In the March 22 issue of Billboard magazine there's an article about Chip in the Songwriters column written by Jim Bessman. The article does not seem to be available online so we'll try to get the text up ourselves soon.


March 17, 2003 - Chip and Carrie On the Road

Our amazing duo, Chip and Carrie just finished a very busy week at South by Southwest in Austin after some previous shows in Oklahoma City and Dallas. Check out our new Road Journal section to read what they had to say about the shows, running into Lucinda at dinner, their quick trek to the Mucky Duck in Houston, the big names at the awards show and drinking some celebratory mescal.

And check out these new photos!


March 10, 2003 - The Real Thing

George Strait's version of "The Real Thing" is getting played on country radio. It is number 48 on the chart this week even though there has been no promotion from the record company. Call your local country station and request it.


February 28, 2003 - Recording New Album

Chip and Carrie will be returning to Boston at the end of April to record their new album. They will be working with the same group of musicians who created the wonderful sounds of Let's Leave This Town. They are also planning on recording at least one song in Texas with Redd Volkaert. If you've seen them play live this year, you may have heard a couple of the new tunes - they're great.


February 28, 2003 - Angel of the Morning

In the new book, Heartaches by the Number: Country Music's 500 Greatest Singles, Chip's song, "Angel of the Morning" is included. What is interesting is that it isn't Juice Newton's country chart topper that makes the list - it is the Merrilee Rush version from 1968. Not bad for a single that never even made the country charts. One other note: the single was produced by Chips Moman and Tommy Cogbill, the famed Muscle Shoals musicians. Did you know that Chip produced soul singer Judy Clay at Muscle Shoals in the late sixties? And that when Chip wrote and produced Billy Vera's "Bible Salesman" (a great but neglected track), Moman was the engineer and Cogbill played bass.


February 28, 2003 - After the Grammys

Chip was at the EMI Grammy celebration party on Sunday night and ran into big winner Norah Jones. Chip knew Norah back when she was unsigned and playing tiny NYC clubs. Not only was she happy to see Chip, she told him that she had heard Let's Leave This Town and loved it. Chip also talked with Arif Mardin, Norah's producer, who had worked with Chip back in the sixties.


February 19, 2003 - Chip and Carrie in Texas

Chip and Carrie played a sold out show (many were turned away) at the Cactus Cafe in Austin and a very well received show at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels last week. We will have some photos from the show up on the site soon. Casper Rawls filled in for John Platania on guitar and did a great job.

And if you missed Chip and Carrie, they'll be back in Texas (and Oklahoma City) in March. Tour dates will be posted any day now and if you are going to be at South by Southwest you won't be able to miss C & C - they will be performing at several events during the festival.


February 19, 2003 - Random Notes

Another week at #5 on the Roots Music Report chart (the link is available below) and Let's Leave This Town is also #15 on the Americana chart this week. A review of the record is available here.


February 12, 2003 - Critical Favorites

Let's Leave This Town placed 6th on the Best Albums of 2002 poll of Americana DJs in 3rd Coast Music Magazine. Chip also was #4 on the Best Songwriters of the Year. Click here to check out the whole list.


February 12, 2003 - Chart Action

Chip and Carrie finally fell from the top 10 on the Americana chart after more than three months there. They slipped to #11 this week, click here to check it out.  They're are still going as strong as ever on the Roots Country chart, coming in for the second straight week at #5 - see the whole list here.


February 12, 2003 - More Songs on the Way

Chip has already written most of the songs that will be recorded for Chip and Carrie's next album. And Carrie is giving songwriting a try herself - the next album, maybe appearing late summer or fall, could possibly have Carrie's first writing efforts. Also, Chip has a couple of unreleased albums that Train Wreck may make available only through this site for the fans. We'll let you know as soon as possible.


February 1, 2003 - Jonathan Ross Show on BBC

Chip and Carrie had a great time on the radio this past week in England. On Jonathan Ross's BBC Radio 2 show, they played Extra and Sweet Tequila Blues. They were also on Danny Baker's BBC London program, which can be heard here. With all the publicity, Let's Leave This Town is currently in the Top 100 on the site (it got as high as #33) - there is link to buy the CD there a few items down on this page.


February 1, 2003 - More Web Links

A review of Chip and Carrie's show November Borderline show can be found here. More album reviews are available here and here. If you'd like to read a good interview go here. For fans in the Netherlands, click here and here.


February 1, 2003 - Another Reason to Visit - Americana!

Look here in the very near future for coverage of Americana music - news, reviews and links to the cool stuff out there. Train Wreck will keep you up to date.


January 29, 2003 - Chip and Carrie on Sound of the City

Our favorite duet team, Chip and Carrie made an appearance on Charlie Gillett's Sound of the City show. It can be heard by clicking here or here. As Charlie said, they "performed sublime versions of my two favourite songs from their album." ("Do Your Part" and "Him Who Saved Me") As DJs, Chip chose to play Blaze Foley's "If I Could Only Fly" and Carrie played a song by her father David Rodriguez. Chip really enjoyed Charlie's show.


January 29, 2003 - BBC Radio

Chip and Carrie will be on Jonathan Ross's BBC show (which has a listening audience of 32 million) on BBC Radio 2 at 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., link here.


Jan. 29, 2003 - This Week's Charts

Let's Leave This Town remains in the top 10 (2nd week in a row at #7) on the U.S. Americana chart this week. This marks its 12th straight week in the top 10. It peaked at #3. Chip and Carrie are also at #5 on the Roots Country chart this week. Click on the bold names to directly ink to the sites.


Jan. 29, 2003 - Reviews and Photos on the Web

To read some new reviews of Let's Leave This Town, link here and here. As you can see, we aren't the only ones who think this is a wonderful album. Also, click here to see some photos from Chip and Carrie's appearance at the KGSR Anniversary Show in December.


Jan. 29, 2003 - Buying the album

Our store is still down, but will be back very soon.   We do take international orders. If you can't wait, the album is available here at Amazon and and at a store near you.


January 22, 2003 - Chip and Carrie on Television in the UK

Chip and Carrie appear tonight on Top of the Pops 2 on BBC television at 6:20. Chip and Carrie are joined by Reg Presley of the Troggs for a great take on Wild Thing and then return at the end of the show to perform "Sweet Tequila Blues."

January 22, 2003 - New Year's Eve in New York

Chip went to see uddy and Julie Miller at the Bottom Line in New York City to usher in 2003. When Buddy saw that Chip was there, he had to bring him on stage, along with wonderful singer/songwriter Kim Richey, for an encore of Wild Thing. Sounds like a great start to a new year.


Jan. 10, 2002 - No Grammy Nominations... This Year

Grammy nominations were announced yesterday. Although Carrie wasn't nominated for Best New Artist, she did play fiddle on the title track of Patty Griffin's 1000 Kisses, which was nominated as best contemporary folk album.

Dec. 16, 2002 - On The Charts

Let's Leave This Town slipped back to #5 from #3 this week on the U.S. Americana chart. Only six spins separates it from the #3 album, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 3. In any case, it looks like Buddy Miller and Delbert McClinton have a stranglehold on the top two spots. Chip and Carrie are also #13 on the latest Roots chart.

Dec. 15, 2002 - Grammy Voting

Any Grammy voters out there are encouraged to vote for Chip and Carrie. They are on the ballot for Best Country Album (Let's Leave This Town), Best Country Song ("Sweet Tequila Blues"), Best Instrumental, and Carrie is eligible for Best New Artist. Nominations will be announced in January.

Dec. 14, 2002 - Surprise Guests

Chip and Carrie appeared as the surprise guests at the annual KGSR Holiday show in Austin, Texas. The concert, also featuring the Jayhawks and the Flatlanders, took place at the studios of Austin City Limits.

December 13, 2002 - Holiday Breather

Chip and Carrie are taking a short break from their whirlwind world tour during the holidays. Both are welcoming the chance to see their families and relax for a little while. But knowing Chip he will be writing new songs for his next album with every spare minute he has.

December 12, 2002 - Get Ready For Platania in 2003

Chip and John Platania will be back in the studio putting the finishing touches on John's solo album in early 2003. Due to their other commitments the album, which had been expected to be released late this year, will probably be out in the summer.

December 5, 2002 - Another Chance for Last Chance

Two songs from Chip's Last Chance album are due to appear on a compilation called Country Outlaws. "The Real Thing" and "Son of a Rotten Gambler" will be on the Union Square Music (U.K.) release expected in February 2003. Also on the double-CD are classic cuts from the Flatlanders, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and John Prine.

November 25, 2002 - Angelic Debut

Chip and Carrie debuted three brand new songs for the first time in the U.S. at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia at the end of October. Chip plans to include the songs on their next duet album, which could be out as early as Summer 2003. The songs sounded great by the way.

November 20, 2002 - Who Says There's Nothing Good on TV?

The video for Chip and Carrie's "Sweet Tequila Blues" appeared on the Great American Country video channel. The cable channel is available mainly in the South and Western U.S. It was directed by Alan Messer, who did the wonderful photography for the Let's Leave This Town album. There is no word yet on whether the video clip will be added to the regular playlist. Train Wreck has a very limited supply of videotapes with this video and one for "Him Who Saved Me." If you have any interest in buying one, send an email to The videotapes are U.S. compatible (NTSC).

November 15, 2002 - Chip Pays Tribute

Chip has a song on the new Kris Kristofferson tribute album, Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down. Chip, with help from star Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers) tackles "Help Me Make It Through the Night." Chip has always been a fan of Kristofferson's songs and welcomed the opportunity to record this classic tune. If you have heard Chip's London Sessions CD, you may remember that one of the hidden tracks was inspired by a dream in which Kris appeared.

November 10, 2002 - Kissing in Spanish

Carrie plays fiddle on the final track of Patty Griffin's acclaimed new album, 1000 Kisses (It just appeared on's Best of 2002 list). The track, the only Spanish language song on the album, is called "Mil Bezos" and is very good, as is the entire record.

November 5, 2002 - The Great Reviews Keep Rolling In

Let's Leave This Town was favorably reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine. Writer Pat Blashill gave the album three stars and pegged Carrie as a new star. The issue features Eminem on the cover. The review, as well as others of Chip's records, can also be found at

Other great reviews of the album can be found at and (which also features an excellent -- and lengthy -- interview with Chip).

November 4, 2002 - Platania Gets The Blues

John Platania produced the new album by blues star Guy Davis (who also appens to be the son of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee). Entitled Give in Kind and released on Red House records, it is the second collaboration of John and Guy, following the wonderful Butt Naked Free, which was released in 2000. John plays guitar on both although his playing is featured more on Butt Naked Free (where you can also hear ex-Band member Levon Helm on drums).

November 3, 2002 - Chip and Carrie Get Wild with Reg Presley In Europe

Chip and Carrie made several national TV appearances this fall in Europe including on Top of the Pops 2. They performed "Sweet Tequila Blues" and then were joined by Reg Presley of the Troggs for a raucous version of "Wild Thing." Chip has remained friends with Reg in the years since the Troggs took "Wild Thing" to #1. The Troggs also had a hit with Chip's "Any Way That You Want Me," and even did one of Chip's songs when they made their comeback album with R.E.M. in

October 25, 2002 - Real Thing Goes Strait To The Top

George Strait's The Road Less Traveled album, which includes Chip's "The Real Thing" has remained in top 40 for over a year now. It will be certified platinum any day now and has was a nominee for album of the year from the Country Music Association. Now if they'll just release "The Real Thing" as a single, the album might really hit it big.

October 15, 2002 - Evie Sands Records I Can't Let Go

Evie Sand's original recording of Chip and Al Gorgoni's song "I Can't Let Go" is included on the new compilation, American Roots of the British Invasion. The album features songs done by American recording artists that were later turned into hits by British bands. "I Can't Let Go" was later done by the Hollies. Evie's version is also on a compilation of girl group songs on the Red Bird label that is worth checking out.

October 10, 2002 - The Train Wreck Seals of Approval for October

Receiving the Train Wreck seal of approval are the latest albums by Buddy Miller, Solomon Burke, Kelly Willis and the Dixie Chicks. The new ive album by Alison Krauss is also winner and is heartily recommended.

October 5, 2002 - Black and Blue America Theater Experience To Return in 2003

Looking ahead to 2003, Chip will be performing again in the theater version of Black and Blue America. This is a concert that features extended stories by Chip and audio/visual additions telling the story of music and politics in the last 50 years. Chip experimented with this new concert form in Texas last spring and will soon be ready to bring it to more areas. There are also discussions about filming Black and Blue America for an eventual DVD release. Look here for more information as it becomes available.


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