If you've snapped some great photos at one of our shows,
let us know at info@trainwreckrecords.com
and maybe we'll post 'em
right here on this page!


November 2009 - Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY

Click here for photos from Chip and Kendel's show at the Howland Cultural Center by Susan Fino.




November 2009 - Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV

Photos from Chip and Kendel's recent Mountain Stage show by John Kurc (click here ) and Brian Blauser (click here ).



August 2003 - New press release quality photos of Chip & Carrie

New print quality images of Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez by Todd Wolfson are now available for download.


July 2003 - From Green River Festival in Massachusetts

Thanks to Lisa Smith for these photos from the Green River Festival at Greenfield, MA.

A second group of photos from the Green River Festival were submitted by Noel Rodriguez. Thanks Noel.


March 2003 - The Gang at Cheapos in Austin

Chip and Carrie celebrate the two-year anniversary of when Chip first saw Carrie play, at the scene of the crime at Cheapo Discs in Austin, Texas. Special thanks to Terry Tammadge for the great photos!


December 2002 - Chip and Carrie in Holland

Some beautiful shots sent in by Joseph Voncken of Chip, Carrie and the band rockin' in Holland.



February 1999 - A Day in Scotland With Belle and Sebastian

Evie, Chip, Al Gorgoni, and John Platania spend the day rehearsing and performing with Belle & Sebastian in Glasgow.




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