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The Little Prayers Trilogy

Chip Taylor


Behind an Iron Door (Disc 1)

  1. He's A Good Guy (as well you know)
  2. Sleep With Open Windows
  3. Solitary
  4. I' ll Only Be Me Once
  5. Czechoslovakian Heaven
  6. Used To Be A White Boy
  7. Nine Soldiers in Baltimore
  8. Ontario Crimes
  9. Merry F'n Christmas
  10. Ted Williams
  11. Reprise (Elmer's White Boy)

Love & Pain (Disc 2)

  1. Hold It Right There
  2. Bardot
  3. Track 224
  4. The Same Way
  5. Nothin' Comin' Out Of Me That I Like
  6. Girl & Boy Thing
  7. Joan's Song
  8. Reprise (Joan’s Song)

Little Prayers (Disc 3)

  1. Tryin' To Let The Angels Know
  2. Solitary
  3. Czechoslovakian Heaven
  4. Martha, Martha
  5. Queen of the World
  6. Lord What Are You Giving Me Now
  7. He's A Good Guy (As Well You Know)
  8. The Supreme Court
  9. Little Prayers
  10. spoken intro to last song
  11. Wish I Could Die Just One More Time

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